Weekly LightBlast


Innocence need never be lost, for you can always find it, or sense it, within you.  Like a buried treasure at times, it requires your quest for the vision to see what is buried deep.  Innocence is associated with youth, as if they do not know better (meaning worse) yet.  However, your young ones come in with a wisdom of the Love of life that the older ones have buried deep beneath fear, regret, trauma and pain.  The natural progression of life is that the old ones have the potential to become wise ones as they observe life, begin to make personal choices and find the wisdom in all that they have experienced, even the things that were denied or challenging. 
Your innocence is your ability to sense a loving potential within all experience and seek that treasure.  Innocence experiences a flower with the exciting play of senses mingling.  Innocence experiences anothers anger as confusion and fear being louder than their loving heart.  Innocence experiences challenge as a puzzle with solution available piece by piece.  Do you meet life with Innocence, dear one; extrapolating the treasure in every moment, even if it is past?  Perceiving the treasure in every aspect of Life even if it is buried deep beneath a façade of fear?  It is how your beloved jewels are formed, under great pressure, time and interaction with circumstances.  Strong bonds are formed with great strength, even in the lightness of a butterfly’s ability to fly.  It is the strength of the jewel that Innocently allows delicate light to illuminate its beauty.  Do you let your Light shine through? 
As we sit to Blast Innocence, we are perceiving Life in a new Light – that the pressure of opposition builds our strength and beauty, thus we are supported to interact with all aspects of life on Earth.  We are opening our hearts to the wisdom that is deep within as we see Love in the most unexpected places and faces.  We are quick to forgive and slow to anger as we see the brilliance of each jewel reflecting Light in various ways.  We are sensing solution within challenge, as life builds strong bonds that support Love’s beauty.  We are boldly childlike as we play without apology for not letting the challenges in life bury our Love.  Blast on!


Mastering the Moment
There can be a tendency to become complacent because of resistance to change.  As you observe human history, you can see evidence of that complacency as well as its opposite, a great drive to create.  The drive to create is natural, beneficial and spiritual; it is part of your nature – you are created in the image (imagination) of a Creator.  Through history you can observe much evidence of the drive to create causing harm to others as humanity moved into centuries of domination and suppression.  This fear of domination causes complacency out of balance. 
To be satisfied with your circumstances is a balance of the peace that passes all understanding, or knowing all is well in the midst of chaos; balanced with the knowing of your ability to create, respond, focus and change.  As domination became pervasive, humanity lost F.A.I.T.H. (Full Acceptance In The Heart) in its ability to create, for the visible world was louder than creation forming.  As the heart loses its power, the force of creation is lost.  The force of creation is Love, Love is invisible yet pervasive.  Love is a passive force within human experience.  That paradox is your work. 
The power of Love is not being passive and letting others consume you because of fear; it is the peace, the knowing, the complacent patience that understands its own inclusive force, its unconditional nature.  True unconditionality comes from such knowing, such power that nothing is resisted, it is included.  Humanity is learning to Love the Self with such unconditionality, with such power, that the Self becomes inclusive with Life, not separated and perceived as worthless, wrong or bad.  True Self Love becomes the power of Love that supports Life’s progression, rather than the domination or separation of another.  As you master Self Love, you Master the Moment of creation.  Imagine that.  Your Love so powerful that it flows out to reflect the beauty of All Life around you.  It is the way of it.

As we sit to Blast Mastering the Moment, we are opening our hearts to the presents [sic] within and giving the gift of our Love to our world.  We are forgiving mercilessly, for giving is the mechanism of receiving connective peace with All Life.  We are focused intently on the power of our hearts to create change in the world.  We are imagining all people happy, peaceful and creative – for the power of Love is indeed the only force that will conquer the love of power.  We are the reflection of Love knowing its worth, for all pain, domination and suppression is merely a call for Love’s embrace.  We are strong enough to embrace pain into new solution, new connection and a new Earth.  Blast on!


Give and Take
You are a biomechanism of Life expanding through a progress of interaction and choice.  It is continual and valuable as you begin to perceive new choices that you didn’t feel were possible.  In truth, it is that you didn’t feel strong enough to endure.  To forgive another or an experience takes a strength of knowing that within you is the power to choose for yourself.  To confront life takes a power within.  This is the Give and Take of empowerment.  Give your pain to lesson learned and Take your power within.  For prior to that, you gave your power to the other or to the experience.  Know that you are strong enough to thrive.  Your choice Gives strength to potential to form.
The stories of your past are either supportive or depletive, you choose.  They are past, yet not complete until you Take the lesson learned and Give yourself the power to choose anew with new strength, new wisdom, new potential that is born from the past. Give and Take is an engine of duality merging into new form, you choose.  With every choice you Give and Take of Self and Life.  It is your work of empowerment to perceive the visible and invisible aspects of each.  As you do this, you find the mutually beneficial mergence that allows new form based in Love, supportive of Life, to emerge.  As you Take of Life, you Give it new form.  As you Take your power within, you Give Life new potential. 

As we sit to Blast Give and Take, we are opening to the natural engine of Life expanding as we choose with the power of Love.  We are giving to the Self so that the Self may give to Life as we take our power of peace within.  We are boldly choosing peace in the midst of chaos as we open to the constant flow of change.  We are well with what is, for it is giving platform to new choice as we take control of our internal focus.  We are taking deeply of the Love of Life, allowing it to renew us into new potential forming.  Blast on!


The paradox of self and others is a clue to the progress of Life.  You are a being of physical form.  With that comes a unique perspective from your point in the fractal space/time of Life.  You are separate and unique, you are valuable and precious.  Words could never describe your value or the complete nature of how unconditionally you are cherished.  Every aspect of you that you would deny, suppress or resist is cherished and valuable for Life.  Your uniqueness adds to the wholeness of Life.  Here again, the paradox and the clue to progress.
You are Cohabitating with Life.  It is a constant interaction with choice and change.  As you release resistance to all aspects of self and others, your uniqueness merges into the wholeness.  What does that really mean?  Your ego, which is merely a biomechanism of focus for choice, naturally resists giving up the self.  This is the perfection of limitation, for without it the strength of choice is not born.  Life seeks its strength, for this is an aspect of its continuance.  Humanity has learned strength through dominance, coercion, deception.  Indeed, even the self can deceive the self, dominating and coercing itself into change without full knowledge of what the change truly is.  Humanity has also learned the strength of Love, forgiveness, mutually beneficial choice.  You are in a time where you are opening to more of the Truth of connection, unity, empowered Love and abundance.  This is Cohabitating with Life, embracing the connective nature of all aspects of Life.  Your powerful, loving focus is what brings new experience into form. 
As we sit to Blast Cohabitating, we are opening our hearts to all aspects of Life, even those we resist, suppress or deny.  We are recognizing the potential in every experience as duality merges into a wholeness of opposites uniting into new form.  We are appreciating the current circumstances as we begin to see the whole picture of potential calling our empowerment into new boundaries of form.  We are living easily with challenge and triumph alike, for they are each as valuable and cherished as Life itself.  Blast on!     


Freedom Bound
Dear Ones, with great affection we ask the question: is your Freedom Bound or are you Freedom Bound?  As you hear the question in your mind, sense what your physical body says to you, what your emotional body says to you, what your mental body says to you, what your spirit says to you.  They speak in various ways, but they are communicating with you constantly.  Allow their impulses of wisdom to penetrate your consciousness, for they are ushering you to Freedom in all moments. 
Freedom is an expanse, it is potential available.  Feel the depth of your potential, human Angel, for you are potential in human form.  You have potential of heart and mind that you are learning to utilize for your expansion, for your Freedom.  You also have limits of physicality.  You are tasked to perceive the unseen potential within any limitation, for limitation is just a boundary of current form calling you to expansion.  Boundaries are important for your expansion.  They allow you to refine your focus, your strength, your sovereign power.  When you are sufficiently empowered, expansion calls.  As you direct your focus and open your heart, you are piercing the current boundaries of your Freedom with your Creative power.  You are Freedom Bound. 
As we sit to Blast Freedom Bound, we are appreciating our current limitations as we nurture growth through empowered Love and fierce determination.  We are maintaining our focus on the potential of Love within each challenge as humanity arises into the grace of Divinity in human form.  We are courageously anchoring the Freedom of Love into the boundaries of physical form.  We are taking responsibility for our focus on potential seeking form, as we hold the vision of Love’s grace leading the expansion of humanity.  We are living Love as we appreciate the present moment’s challenge and support leading us into a glorious future of empowerment for All Life.  We are Freedom Bound.  Blast on!


Blessed Being, you are at a time of great creative power as humanity begins the collective realization of their true beingness.  You are learning that you are unique and sovereign, and to deny or suppress that results in less flow.  You are learning that you are united with All Life, all aspects of Life.  You are finding that unity within the paradox of duality, as you merge the self with all parts that you have cast into shadow, cast into the dungeon of self, cast into the cell of shame.  You are brave indeed, for you must find that sovereignty and that unity within the self, within all experience.  No book can give you the definitive steps, only reminders of the brilliance within you to discover. 
Your biology is a mechanism of Life, it has consciousness within it, it lives the paradox of self and others, need and fulfillment continually.  At times it struggles to communicate to you, and yet always it surrenders to your choice, for all aspects of Life are engines of continuance, and choice is your vehicle of movement.  You make choice in every moment, though most moments are subtle.  Observe your thoughts.  You are choosing to focus your thoughts in every moment.  Are you choosing thoughts that support what you are wanting to create?  Are you choosing thoughts that support your sovereignty and your unity with All Life, the continuance of Life, the expansion of Life?  The power to choose your internal focus is your first step to Creating.
As you focus your brilliant mind, you are tasked to open your powerful heart.  Are your thoughts distressing?  Open your heart to the Love of Life, for it is supporting your flourishing.  Life wants to expand, and you are a vehicle of expansion in form.  Your heart connects you to vast information and power.  It amplifies the unity to support your sovereignty.  As you focus your mind and open your heart, you simultaneously open your mind to new information.  It is the dual mechanism of directing your focus and allowing new information to flow.  This is creation.  Direction and allowing.  It is form and free will.  Choose to live it fully and powerfully.
As we sit to Blast Creating, we are boldly choosing to open our hearts in the most powerful of storms as we Light safe shores with empowered Love.  We are freeing our minds to find hope in all lost souls, for we know the power of Divinity hidden within each challenge.  We are fueling our own lives with the power of choice, creating the new earth with sovereign focus as we remember the forgotten unity.  We are directing our focus to the engine of duality merging into wholeness as we unite within and interact with Life.  Blast on!


Opening to Change
Change is a symptom of choice.  It is a consequence of empowerment.  Change is the effect of your cause.  You are changed by Life, for Time does not stop.  Life is changed by you, for you are part of Life.  The interwoven thread of consciousness is an engine of creativity that supports itself. 
Choice then, is your communication with the vastness of Life that is received and responded to.  You do not see this engine, for its enormity is beyond the spectrum of your perception; however the effect of the entirety of Life is visible to you through cause.  However, you must choose to see the whole story.  The courage to look within the shadows of the self illuminates your wisdom in a flurry of neural understanding.  You become the stability of the neutron that allows creation to form with greater ease.  Life itself is so neutral that it is unconditional in the purest sense.  There is no judgment of right or wrong, merely Life continuing.  For within that neutrality is such a complete knowing of Love, the binding force of Life; that Life freely gives to stability and instability alike.  It all leads to the expansion of Love.  Eventually.  Time does not stop, it is its nature.
You are part of the engine of Life, though a form of it that has conditions.  The condition of Time is that it does not stop flowing in this dimensional expression.  The condition of your physical body is that it requires physical chemicals – especially those as invisible to you as oxygen, for your vitality.  The condition of the emotional body is that it requires flow for your healthy interaction.  The condition of the mental body is that it requires internal strength and focus for your creativity.  The condition of the human experience is that it requires a balance of duality; self and all others, inner and outer, right and wrong.  This balance, the neutrality to honor it all, leads to your expansion, your growth, your elevation into a new level of connection and interaction.
As you become more unconditional with your change, you will find Life to be easier, you will find ‘being’ easier.  This is not to say that all that you will experience will be easy, it is a reflection of your empowerment to progress with the flow of Life, the continual motion of evolution.  As you Open to Change, you are stabilizing your own experience of Life.  Be well with what is, for it is Life’s Loving response to your quest for the beauty of Truth.  Look within the self and find the Truth of your beauty, Life will respond with the reflection of the beauty of all others.  Enjoy the process of Life, for it is an engine of response and continuance that will show you the effect of Love if you cause it.  Love the self, and it will reflect into Life around you.  Others will learn by observance, it is the beauty of a Free Mind, the ability to discern for self and choose.  Give that gift to yourself and Life.  It is the true Change. 

As we sit to Blast Opening to Change, we are bold enough to choose for the Self as we observe the win/win solution that Life’s potential is nurturing until we are ready.  We are becoming empowered enough to choose to cause change in this world, even in the midst of challenge.  We are unconditionally loving the challenges, for they are the experience of progress forming.  We are peaceful with the flow of Time, allowing its revealing to offer new solution previously unknown.  We are the bearers of Light, the creative hope that carries humanity when chaos consumes their courage.  We are the Truth of Power; Love never lost, only waiting the treasure seeker to find it within.  Blast on!


Freeing the Mind
The Mind is a beautiful biomechanism supporting your Earth journey.  It can be friend or foe.  While that changes based on your perspective, it is really a natural functionality that is assisting your growth, though you choose the Pace.  Its functionality supports your free will choice, your interaction with your current dimensional/vibrational resonance and your progress through growth into expansion.  With the brilliance of free will, you allow yourself to progress or stall based on your courage and conviction to grow.  Strength is a vital aspect of Life.  The flower exemplifies it in one way, humanity another.  Strength, empowerment, discernment, self-love; these are merely a few of the qualities of a Free Mind that progress your expansion. 
Many life forms have a challenge of choice, such as breaking free from a cocoon or shell.  This choice strengthens.  In your remembered history and current experience, humanity’s strength has mainly  been exemplified through dominance and suppression.  These qualities have generally come to be valued over the strength of vulnerability, the strength of allowing, the strength of truth and the strength of choice. 
As you interact with Life, you are using the Mind to discern and to choose.  You discern what a friend is saying and you choose your response with your conscious and your subconscious mind.  It is the role of the Lightworker to begin to work with the subconscious mind and become conscious of the invisible, the unspoken, the shadow of truth being hidden.  These need not be negative, yet the mechanism of the mind does allow one to hide from the self.  Without that, choice would not be possible.  There is no mistake in the engine of Life.  Your brain has been well thought out and is a vital part of your evolution.  Your choice is to become aware of your doorways to disempowerment and choose anew.  Observe the clues of Life, as it is working for your empowerment, showing you through example of your life, what your subconscious engine is creating. 
Free your Mind from the unknown into the understood and you will find progress matching your focus.  
Free your Mind from the fear of Self Love and you will find empowerment matching your clarity. 
Free your Mind from the avoided and you will find solution matching your courage.  
Free your Mind from the separation of self and you will find connection matching your inspiration.   
Accept your brilliance and allow your Freedom.  You won’t mind the side effects.  We just listed a few.
As we sit to Blast Freeing the Mind, we are riding a powerful wave of electromagnetic creativity onto the shores of new solution.  We are changing our mind about the self and perceiving others through their empowered potential.  We are imagining a new Earth and creating it with courageous focus.  We are facing the winds of change, hearing the whisper of humanity rising into the connection of awareness that Love fosters.  We are bravely Freeing the Mind from the separation of unconscious choice.  Blast on!


Allowing Pain to Heal
The progression of life is such that you are constantly evolving, for you are not just a human making choices, but Spirit in human form creating Life.  It can be easy to miss the communication of your Spirit Self as the loud data of life overrides the whisper of your Spirit and the unseen of potential within all experiences.  Pain, for example, is an indicator of possibility, for it is a culmination of vast time and information.  Certainly not all progress needs pain, but if pain is present, progress is also possible. 
Physical pain is an indicator of different choices available than those that have caused such.  It is an indicator of focus, for it points out a vulnerability calling forth your strength.  Emotional pain is the same.  It is but a calling of the Soul bringing your focus to that which you have overlooked, into a beautiful vulnerability calling your strength into form.  Do not worry that you have overlooked, the timing is just what you needed to build your strength.  This is the beauty in the biology, let the avoidance become a dance of timing and you Allow your Pain to Heal.  Allowing is an important lesson of wisdom growing, for you balance it with directing your focus, then opening to an expanse of allowing new information.  The cycle repeats.
Pain can be as obvious as physical challenge, as restricting as depression, or as igniting as desire unfulfilled.  Yet all of it is Spirit calling you to new focus, new choice, new growth, new strength, new information.  As you Allow, you open the self to the wisdom residing within you in soul form, Spirit form, subtle form – awaiting your open, relaxed focus (the paradox of opposites merging) to transform pain into wisdom manifest.   
You are aware that you are a holistic life form, needing balanced interplay between all aspects of self for greatest flow.  If you focus too rigidly in an area, holding rigid boundaries of right or wrong, you create an invisible barrier that blocks your flow.  As you Set Boundaries of focus, keeping your flow open yet focused for your benefit, you Allow your Pain to Heal into new form, new experience, new focus of progress.  The pain of birth or the pain of death are truly doorways into transformation. 
Relax into Life more, for it is supporting you at all times, in all ways.  Even challenges.
Focus into Life more, for it is calling you into an empowerment that serves you, serves others and serves Life itself.  The cycle continues.
As we sit to Blast Allowing Pain to Heal, we are breathing into Life more and observing the beautiful synchronicities unfolding before us.  We are accessing the wisdom within and bringing it into form as we allow life to support us into creative growth.  We are focusing through pain to allow solution.  We are reading the clues of life, even the painful ones, as we strengthen our sovereign birthright of choice.  We are setting boundaries of self care, so that we are supported through this path of sovereign evolution and unity.  We are the strong, shining Light in painful places and illuminating the wisdom within new choice.  Blast on!


Setting Boundaries
Freedom has many forms.  On earth, your freedom takes the form of internal choice over your internal experience.  It is elusive at times, yet available. For most it is a learned skill as you realign from a societal experience of domination.  Domination also takes many forms.  It is a doorway to internal freedom, though not the only entry.  One who masters their internal world becomes free, and that freedom speaks volumes to the vast unseen realm within which you reside.  Freedom is an expanse, invisible and undefined; yet you live within conditions upon earth.  Thus freedom is an expanse beyond limitation, though not limitless within form.
Here we are then, with Setting Boundaries.  How does this interplay with Freedom?  Boundaries are a refiner of form, and you are form, ever forming – the I Am becoming that which I Am becoming.  Movement is a constant, Freedom is an expanse within movement and Setting Boundaries refines the expansion in a way that supports the physical limitations.  Just as a plant grows roots before you see the sprout, so do you establish a foundation before physical form is seen.  Boundaries establish your strength to root deeply and expand.  It is an internal process that only you can choose for yourself.  Life will help you to strengthen if you do not resist the challenge of reaching deep into Life to seek your strength.
Setting Boundaries from a human standpoint is less black and white as a rooting plant, you must pull from the full spectrum of information to choose for your moment.  In one situation, wisdom is saying nothing.  In another, wisdom is speaking up.  In another situation it is waiting patiently for a gentle moment.  In another, erupting with quick response.  Any discomfort leads way to strength and freedom if you allow it to flow in the perfection of physical limitations giving way to the next physical expanse.  You are within a time, Lightworker, where the information and energy available to you is increased in such a way that you are supported for rapid growth should you so choose.  Just as a plant grows better in certain seasons, this is your season of growth, the Ascension of humanity – recognizing its sovereign power and its unified power, the paradox of duality merging within each. 
As you hold your Boundaries, saying yes to this or no to that, Life is supporting you.  With a perspective of Love that is broad beyond your vision, Life is supporting you.  You magnetize an Angel in human form to encourage you or oppose you, all of it support.  You magnetize experiences, information, ideas and solution.  As you hold your Boundaries, Lightworker, you are not only teaching through example, but anchoring information through focus.  Just as a plant anchors sunlight in blossom form, you anchor life force in creative form.  How many will you lead to the next expanse of freedom?  Freely they must come, for it is not your work to save them, but to show them what they may choose as they pull from the information of their spectrum of Life. 
As we sit to Blast Setting Boundaries, we are looking beyond the visible into the limitless information available to create.  We are appreciating the journey as each step leads to a new array of creative paths.  We are appreciating the strength growing as we each build a foundation of roots that nurture growth.  We are seeing the support in all experiences and taking the leap of evolution offered.  We are the wayshowers, being the change of personal empowerment supporting the empowerment of All Life.  Blast on!