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Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck

The healing encodements in the Light Language on each card help you heal,
expand and reveal your inner wisdom.

Discover today’s message from your galactic guides


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About the Deck

This unique 72-card deck and 125-page guidebook offers deep healing and support on your path of empowerment and Ascension, using the Language of Light to accelerate activation and release through your higher self.

These cards are an exceptional tool to facilitate readings and healing for yourself and others.

Receive a powerful new card spread with purchase that opens the gateway of your heart. This exercise can be used to heal specific issues or just help you shine!

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Guided Meditation

Use this intentional guided meditation to deepen your healing the Light Language initiates. Jamye uses Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies and Light Language to guide your expansion.

Journal Template

Journaling is helpful to track your progress and recognize the healing that the Light Language is creating through your higher self. Seeing your wisdom unfold is such a valuable gift.

How-to Video

Get some ideas and guidance on how to work with your healing Light Language deck. These are just suggestions for you to begin to explore. You can’t get it wrong, so have fun with it!

Galactic Support through the 4 Pillars of Ascension

Pillar 1: Awareness

Healing the duality of separation is embedded into all that the Lyrans represent. The lessons they offer you are a deep seed of Awareness that connect the physical to pure potential. 

Pillar 2: Initiation

The Sirians have evolved into a mental and emotional balance that does not lose equilibrium from emotional turbulence. The Sirian cards support your pliability with change, reminding you the present moment is merely a catalyst that Initiates new creation. 

Pillar 3: Releasing

The Orion energy is a powerful catalyst of change, helping you become a clear vessel for the creation of your life. Releasing is a vital part of the creation formula, allowing your divine nature to blossom forth from fertile soil. 

Pillar 4: Expansion

The Pleiadian energy supports the Expansion of your potential, creating an empowered individual that is ready to fly free. You are divine and fully capable of Expanding your human potential into the life of your dreams.

I do love your cards!! They are so powerful!! I started to use them for my customers for astrology and tarot!! Unbelievable results!! It summarizes everything what we talked about!!

I was so excited to get my deck and I’m using it daily. I have felt directly guided and supported by the information and I feel the Light Language working within me.

I can say so far they have been potent, activating and aligning in ways that feel True and healing for me. I have been going slowly—-they are potent!

I have found them to be very powerful in that they have their own consciousness. Each card I draw tells a story in a simple yet profound way that helps clarify questions I have.

I work with my cards every day. They are an invaluable resource for learning about myself and understanding others. Thank you so much. Light language is changing my life.

Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck

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