Cosmic Consciousness Light Language Oracle Deck by Jamye Price

Amplify Your Empowerment with the Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck!

This unique 72-card deck and 125-page guidebook offers you deep healing and support on your path of empowerment and Ascension. The Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck utilizes the Language of Light to accelerate your activation and release through your higher self.

Each card is a Light Language healing transmission.

The healing encodements in the Light Language help you integrate healing and expansion around the card topics into everyday life as your wisdom unfolds from within. It is an exceptional tool for doing readings and healing for yourself and others.

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Healing the duality of separation is embedded into all that the Lyrans represent. The lessons they offer you are a deep seed of Awareness that connect the physical to pure potential. It may seem like you can resist or stay the same, but change is initiated, the next step in the process. Here, growth or decay occurs depending on your flow with the duality experience.

The Sirians have evolved into a mental and emotional balance that does not lose equilibrium from emotional turbulence. They know the present moment is merely a catalyst of new creation. This suit of cards is about Initiation as the Sirians help you initiate mental and emotional balance that maintains your focus on the potential that is birthing through you.

The Orion energy is a powerful catalyst of change, helping you become a clear vessel for the creation of your life. The Orion energy of Releasing (transforming) works profoundly with your empowerment, allowing your divine nature to blossom forth, expanding life’s potential. Expansion, the next step in the process of Ascension, is a result of your courage and clarity.

The Pleiadian energy represents the Expansion of your potential, creating an empowered individual that is ready to fly free. Your potential cannot be stopped, because time keeps flowing the physical journey toward the core of universal connection. The Pleiadians remind you that you are divine and fully capable of expanding into divine potential in human form.

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