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How to Learn

Light Language

Light Language is

a powerful journey.

It changes you.

Light Language expands your creativity, tuning you into your higher-frequency potentials.

You develop a greater capacity to heal yourself and others.

You become a powerful catalyst for change.

I’m Ready

Anyone can learn how to channel Light Language.

It just takes a system of practice and support, because truly, this capability is built into your biomechanism.

Some, like Jamye, access Light Language spontaneously. If you’ve already begun to channel it, she can help you expand your channel and deepen your understanding.

Others have not yet been able to access Light Language, but feel drawn to it. Jamye’s detailed teaching from her non-physical Guide Team prepared her to nurture and guide others through this experience.

Jamye’s passion is to help others activate and expand their gift of Light Language.

Over two decades ago, Light Language spontaneously started coming through me. Back then, not many people knew what it was. Some even told me that I should stop, which felt really confusing.

But I knew it was something special— a sacred gift.

It opened communication with my non-physical Guides, my higher self and Life itself. It helped me learn I’m not alone and I have so much support.

As my Light Language developed, I evolved in truly amazing ways. My life purpose became increasingly clear. I had a dream. My calling was to help others open to Light Language and expand their own communication with Life.

I felt a deep drive to create a system of support so no one would ever have to try to understand and develop this sacred gift alone, like I did at first.

My non-physical Guides created a detailed class through me as a channel, a conduit, as a human guide.

A program of connection and community developed into a system that brings countless amazing souls together to learn, grow and share their beautiful light—to fulfill their own dreams and desires.

Light Language is just one of countless ways to heal, expand and to serve the evolution of humanity. But it’s such an amazing, magical way—a true expression of your heart.

If you’re feeling called to this beautiful journey of Light Language, you’re not alone.

We’re here together, and together we can change the world.

I’m Ready

Learning Light Language with an experienced teacher makes the journey easier, faster and more fun.

Light Language is a powerful energy healing modality. As more and more people become awakened to its potential, Light Language is growing exponentially in popularity.
Whether you are interested in your own personal journey of expansion, or helping others, Light Language is a profound support.

The best way to learn this transformative tool is with a teacher who can guide you through the questions and doubts that arise.

Join the Light Language Accelerator

don’t miss Jamye’s premier class:

Light Language Accelerator Program

In this 9-week program, Jamye will activate and enhance your Light Language channel.

If you’ve never channeled before, or if you’ve already begun and want to amplify your channel, this class is for you.

Jamye will guide you through specific exercises to build your confidence and consistency with Light Language. You’ll expand rapidly with Jamye’s methodology, refined through teaching Light Language around the world for more than a decade.

The Light Language Accelerator Program includes:

3 weekends of Light Language Foundations

  • LIVE ONLY Zoom calls for 3 weekends
  • LIVE teaching, activation and Q & A with Jamye
  • Exercises speaking, writing, singing and signing Light Language
  • Homework during the week
  • Optional mid-week Lab exercises with Jamye and team
6 weeks of Light Language Practice and Expansion

  • Weekly LIVE teaching, Q&A and practice with Jamye (calls are recorded in case you can’t attend them)
  • Video lessons to deepen your knowledge
  • Exercises to amplify your growth
  • Expansion of translating Light Language
  • Many other topics like speaking to others, structuring sessions, working with animals and more

Class size is limited

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I’ve taken many other courses and yours has been the best so far!! you were meant to teach this. I got a lot more than what I was expecting (downloads, activations, soul integration and more!!!)

Such a glorious environment of trust, respect, support and openness was created that allowed the Light Beings to transmit and present through you and through us. Much healing occurred and will continue.

I was so drawn to Jamye’s grounded presence, her authenticity and her way of bringing to us such sacred and important learning in a way that is accessible. Jamye is the most genuine, real and truly gifted teacher I’ve encountered in a long while. It is a rare thing to see a teacher balance humility and purity of message.

This was a well-executed format.  Well organized and which enables the flow of the content. It is one of the best organized classes I have been a part of.

It has just been such an expanding experience and I’m blown away by the power of our transactions/ sharings/ learnings/ healings.  BEST.  COURSE.  EVVVVERRRRR

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t make every class, can I still take it?

This class is LIVE only. You must attend all live classes.

I’m not sure I can really do Light Language, will this really work?

Jamye has been teaching Light Language around the world for over a decade. This class was channeled to her, and it is a unique progression to help you open and expand your channel. While no guarantees can be made, there is no better opportunity than this class. Hundreds of students have felt the same and been able to access Light Language.

I don’t want to be on video, can I still take the class?

Being on video and participating in class is required. Jamye is passionate about supporting engaged students through this process. This is not an audit course.

What is the refund policy?

The specific refund policy for an in-person class is available on the purchase page. You will be offered a 95% refund within a specific timeframe before class. After that date has passed, no refunds will be given. You may choose to defer your attendance for a year.

Will Jamye tell me what I’m saying or who I’m channeling?

Jamye does spend some time in class offering feedback, but not unsustainable validation. She approaches class from a support to help you access Light Language and build confidence in your capability, especially with the Accelerator.

Is channeling Light Language safe?

Yes, it is. We are all channels and accessing information and energy constantly. Jamye works to provide a safe and nurturing environment for class, and instructs you on healthy boundaries and discernment with channeling.

What is the difference between the Foundations class and the Accelerator class?

The Foundations class is for your personal journey with Light Language and opens and expands your channel. The Accelerator is six weeks of ongoing practice with Jamye and the class with exercises and teaching designed to provide a powerful transformation with Light Language.