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What is Crystalline Soul Healing?

Crystalline Soul Healing® is an alchemical Lyran Template healing methodology.

It’s a unique and profound energy healing technique that reveals limiting patterns and heals the core issues that inhibit you. It’s a modality for the new paradigm of empowerment and healing, as it works through your Higher Self in co-creation with your inherent wisdom.

Humanity is evolving into a conscious connection with the subtle realm of creation. Our energy healing must reflect this truth.

I created this deep approach to healing based on ancient Lyran methodologies that were given to me by my non-physical Guide Team. This alchemical Template repairs your Crystalline DNA and releases blocks so that you can align with your Higher Self.

It initiates deep and lasting change because it unravels barriers to evolution that must be moved through rather than avoided. Your empowerment is your greatest healing.

As you heal within, your crystalline consciousness awakens. This transformation creates deep soul healing and activates latent gifts.

Crystalline Soul Healing can help to:

  • Release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks
  • Clear trauma, negative patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Assimilate soul fragments and separation
  • Activate your ascended crystalline DNA
  • Enhance the pineal gland and deeper understanding
  • Initiate the inherent wisdom of the human biomechanism
  • Transform your creative interaction with time
  • Unify the higher and human self into divine flow
It helps you blend your human and higher self into wholeness as you
evolve into your full divine potential with greater ease.

Embrace your Empowerment

Experience a Session

At your core, you are LOVE.

Now is a time of personal empowerment. To hold more of your divinity within your physical body, you must learn to create your life from empowered Love.

Crystalline Soul Healing clears distorted information from your energy field, helping you initiate your powerful creative flow. You naturally access the inherent wisdom of your soul’s journey, bringing your infinite nature into the finite realm.

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Sometimes an issue balances quickly.
Sometimes it requires changes or steps that
support your desire for improvement.

Yet healing always occurs when it comes from a place of true empowerment.

Crystalline Soul Healing supports a renewed perspective of life as your Soul Progression compels your evolution into more empowered Love.

As Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, channels:

“When the loving ones are living their lives boldly, that is when the world will truly change.”

Live Boldy