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Your Spiritual Awakening is
a Path of Empowerment

What is Spiritual Awakening?

It’s the natural process of Ascension— evolving into a higher-frequency interaction—for more inner clarity, balance and empowerment.

It connects you more deeply to your life and your place in the universe, integrating universal law into the human experience more deliberately.

When you ascend, you forge a heart-mind balance and consciously become one with your own Divinity.

In its simplest form, spiritual awakening is the integration of the Higher Self with the human self. It’s a journey of becoming free within so you are experiencing and creating this world from an empowered perspective.

What is Ascension?

It’s an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual journey into balance and wholeness. You become more peaceful within, instead of just reacting to external experiences. It is human evolution.
And it begins with you.

Embrace your path to empowerment.

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Spiritual Awakening is happening naturally.

This has been revealed in the turning of the Yugas, the Mayan long calendar and many other ancient prophecies and texts.

Humanity is at an exciting point in their spiritual evolution. This time of empowerment is calling you to remember who you truly are—divine.

Ascension is an upgrade, yet it is also innate.

Spiritual Awakening is a more conscious connection with your subtle nature, using the vast and invisible engine that builds worlds.

This ability has always been within your DNA, within your biomechanism.

It’s why you have been focusing so much more on your thoughts and emotions—they are your subtle bridge. They help you communicate directly with the subtle realm, shifting the future, which is malleable because it is not yet formed.

Light Language empowers this rapid evolution.

There are many spiritual awakening signs that show you change is occurring. One fascinating gift is Light Language, the natural capability of multidimensional communication.

The expansion of Light Language indicates humanity’s growth into more connective and conceptual communication.

The Language of Light is a catalyst for Ascension because it naturally conveys information of connection, which unfolds within you, helping you discover your innate intelligence. It reflects your expansion into conscious non-linear communication.

Jamye’s Light Language audio recordings and online
courses help you heal with this profound communication. 

You will accelerate your Ascension and support your Spiritual Awakening. 

What does Ascension Feel Like?

With Spiritual Awakening, many aspects of your life begin to change.

Most often it is not a giant leap of extreme difference—it is a progression of change.

As the physical body adapts, daily activities like eating, exercising, resting, interacting with others, and even your sexual desires shift and transform.

Ascension feels different for everyone. Some Ascension symptoms are fascinating, others are annoying, and some can be scary.

Use all available resources to best serve your needs.
Honor when you need to cocoon away if the energies are too intense.
Rise into your power and strengthen yourself to deal with the earth plane.

Some Ascension symptoms indicate a block or weakness, while others are just reactions to an influx of solar or cosmic energies.

Let go of judgment and relax into change more.

Be strong, yet sensitive. Be compassionate, yet empowering – with yourself and others. I recommend soaking in water, being in nature, laughing a LOT, and crying, too. Nourish yourself, rest well, and play.

Ascension is always an upgrade into a new vibration.

Exciting Ascension Symptoms

These wonderful signs of spiritual awakening are life’s way of enticing you to keep changing and moving forward.

  • Increased creativity and inspiration
  • Vivid dreams, psychic flashes and intuitive openings
  • Feeling drawn to nature and a need for more peace
  • Increase in empathic sensitivities, changes in interests and relationships, and a desire to help others

Challenging Ascension Symptoms

As your body changes and your kundalini awakens, it can be uncomfortable. Seek appropriate support as needed.

  • Cold or flu symptoms (fever, body aches, sinus issues)
  • Ringing in the ears, tingling or buzzing in your body
  • Sleep or diet changes, sensitivity to perfumes or electronics
  • Temporary eyesight changes, lack of mental clarity and old memories resurfacing for healing

Whether you notice positive or negative Ascension symptoms , relax as much as possible so that the change can occur more easily.

Spiritual Awakening is natural.

Life is connected and benevolent. All negativity stirs a creative desire.

When you nurture your inner realm, where true change begins, you become the vessel for Life’s evolution on Earth.

Your empowered strength is valuable—to you and to humanity.

Build it from within. That is what sustains true change.

You came here to be part of this profound time of change.

Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Starseeds and Elemental Humans—we are awakening.
Evolution is inevitable.

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