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Deep healing

for your soul.

Jamye is a loving guide through the journey of Ascension.

Learn Crystalline Soul Healing

Learn this profound Lyran-based modality with Jamye. This class begins with 3 days online, followed by  5 weeks of practice and certification. This technique is the new paradigm of integrated healing.

Join Jamye for deep transformation as you are initiated into powerful healing flow!

Begins online July 26, 2024!

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Learn with Jamye
Learn Light Language

Join Jamye for this in-depth and powerful online course to open and expand your channel. You’ll learn all forms of Light Language, build community, and transform deeply.

Crystalline Soul Healing Modality

Learn this Lyran-based modality with Jamye. This class begins with 3 days online, followed by  5 weeks of practice and certification. This technique is a profound process for the new paradigm.

Monthly Energies

Jamye teaches practical steps for the ascension energies that Areon offers. She provides Crystalline Soul Healing and Light Language transmissions to support your change.


A personal session with Jamye is deeply healing and also offers practical guidance to implement change.

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Powerful Light Language offerings
Opening to Light Language

Jamye’s Book, Opening to Light Language, is a groundbreaking, in-depth study of the Language of Light. Learn how Light Language deepens and enhances your multidimensional communication.

Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck

Accelerate your Ascension with the Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck. Receive a message from your galactic guides and heal with the power of Light Language. 

Light Language Audio

  • Sacred Relationship Light Language Healing by Jamye Price

    Sacred Relationship

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    This healing transmission brings you into alignment with Sacred Relationship and releases your wounds and misperceptions blocking access to balanced relationships and your innate Divine Wholeness.

    More information in the description below.

  • Mother's Milk Light Language Healing Jamye Price

    Mother’s Milk

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    Your Feminine/Masculine balance is your wholeness. This healing transmission assists your physical and emotional body with Divine Feminine Balance.

    More information in the description below.

  • Elven Codes and Faerie Light

    Elven Codes and Faerie Light

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    Activate your Elven and Faerie Akash! This healing tool utilizes Light Language, Crystalline Soul Healing and music to facilitate vibrational balancing.

    Details and a sample in the description below.

  • Aligning with Your True Power (LOVE)

    Aligning with Your True Power (LOVE)

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    As you embrace your True Power – Love, you align with the powerful unseen force that builds worlds, one atom at a time.

    More details and a sample in the description below.

  • It has just been such an expanding experience and I’m blown away by the power of our transactions/sharings /learnings/healings.

    I can say so far they have been potent, activating and aligning in ways that feel True and healing for me. I have been going slowly—-they are potent!

    I am so grateful I followed my heart and signed up. This helped me so much.

    I liked how the exercises rotated into different areas of possibilities.  This demonstrated the variety of the modality.

    Thank you for a WONDERFUL tele-seminar.  There was SO much power and healing & understanding that came thru.

    Together, we never stop expanding.

    Ascension is your spiritual awakening into a higher frequency vibration, where you can access and understand the connectedness and power of your life. It is a state of accelerated evolution and awareness.

    You are divine and destined to be fully empowered and creative.
    You are from the stars.

    Let’s begin