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Learn Light Language

Join Jamye for this in-depth and powerful online course to open and expand your channel. You’ll learn all forms of Light Language, build community, and transform deeply.

Crystalline Soul Healing

Learn this Lyran-based modality with Jamye. This class begins with 3 days online, followed by  5 weeks of practice and certification. This technique is a profound process for the new paradigm.

Egypt Retreat

Join Jamye and 4 other amazing luminaries as they co-lead a unique trip through temples in Egypt September 25 – October 2, 2024.  This special trip will be full of activation and initiation into the Akashic history that our forbearers left for our evolution.  More information HERE.

Speaking Event

Jamye will join other speakers to inspire and ignite your Lemurian connection June 20 – 24, 2024 at this illuminating event. This ancient and powerful time in humanity’s history holds Akashic wisdom to support your empowerment now. More info HERE.

Speaking Event

Join jamye in Sedona September as she presents about Light Language and guides a tour at the Sedona Transcendence Retreat. Enter code JamyeinSedona for savings!  More info HERE.

Speaking Event

Join jamye in Sedona January 3 -5, 2025 with many other amazing channels! Rob Gauthier has gathered an unbelievable lineup of channelers to bring you an incredible event. More information HERE.

All live calls were informative, pumped with energy and love. All parts of the structure of LL Accelerator were simple, easy to navigate and homework was manageable. I am grateful for your teaching and sharing this, Jamye.

I can never completely express how deeply I was moved by the overall class design and experience, it was more than I ever expected.

I felt like the order and structure were done in a very mindful way where optimum building and growth could occur.

I liked how the exercises rotated into different areas of possibilities.  This demonstrated the variety of the modality.

I really liked all the media and organic teaching Jamye offered. I loved every minute of it.

Jamye’s teaching style, enthusiasm, content mastery and approach is unbelievably effective.

It has just been such an expanding experience and I’m blown away by the power of our transactions/ sharings/ learnings/ healings.  BEST.  COURSE.  EVVVVERRRRR

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