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What is Light Language?

Light Language is a multidimensional form of non-linear communication.

It is channeled, dynamic frequencies of sound and light.

The Language of Light is vast, natural and challenging to explain until experienced.

It has been called many names and referenced in sacred texts from around the world.
Like the metaphysical journey, it resides at the bridge of paradox—where two seemingly
opposite truths meet and beckon transformation.

Light codes are a catalyst of your deep change and evolution.

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Light Language is mysterious. It seems magical, but that is the nature of the mystical.

Both known and unknown. Ancient and future. Simple and complex.

It changes you. If you’re willing to open to the mystery that is both outside of you and within you. Because it is you.

Light Language is a natural form of non-linear communication that initiates your inherent wisdom and healing. But as we expand into this sacred communion with Life, it reveals hidden threads of information within the DNA of humanity that have been waiting to awaken and help you remember you are divine.

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How to Translate Light Language

Light Language translation is varied, and yet there can be connective threads for those that are able to interpret its meaning, when applicable.

There is no singular Light Language alphabet. This universal and non-linear Language is most often not translated word-for-word – it is a deeply layered alchemical transmission of consciousness and healing information.

Light Language is best described as an experience.

You feel it.

Something stirs deep within and you know you didn’t just hear babbling or see scribbles. Often it initiates spontaneous tears, a recognition. It’s understood, but not consciously.

It feels like home. So familiar. So compelling.

Because the Language of Light is non-linear, it’s not bound by time or space. It’s not the same as memorized, contextualized language. It uses a different part of the brain, bypassing mental limitations. This is why it’s often experienced as a feeling.

Every human is capable of accessing Light Language. Some open to it spontaneously, especially children. Others can cultivate the capability.

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Some Light Language is closer to our languages and can be translated into linear information that we can understand.

Sometimes it is too non-linear and deep to be translated word-for-word, or even into a broader meaning. But the body feels it, feels the catalyst of change.

Light Language speaks the connective language of the heart rather than the known language of the mind.

The ability to translate the Language of Light is active for some and for others it can be nurtured into expansion.

Where does Light Language Come From?

Light Language is similar to speaking-in-tongues, merely a different nomenclature that broadens the definition into a connection with the quantum nature of light.

It may originate from within you, connected to your soul signature. This is generally where it begins for most, with the closest resonance to the self.

It is a communion with and through the Higher Self.

For those that can channel, they may also access angelic Languages, Earth-based Languages or elemental Languages like fairy or elven Language.

Some galactic Languages may be channeled from different cosmic species like Arcturian Light Language or Pleiadian Light Language. You can access a variety of star Languages, either based on your soul signature, or just the energy that is appropriate in the moment.

We are all channels, as explained deeply in Opening to Light Language.

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Different Forms of Light Language

There are many forms of Light Language. Whether you are receiving or transmitting, it is always bridged through your higher self, the non-linear aspect of you.

Your body receives the Light codes and responds to the saturation of love and evolution that is inherent to the Language of Light.

Light Language can be spoken, written, sung or signed through your hands and body.

All forms are equal in value, and yet they can have a varying effect due to the nature of the form.

Speaking Light Language

It invokes a conversation, teaching or learning effect because of our expectations with the spoken word. It conveys vast information beyond mere words.

Singing the Language of Light

This awakens ancient memory and nurturing, while signing it through the hands or body is generally experienced as a more visceral, less linear form.

Written Light Codes

They’re sometimes referred to as sigils or asemic writing, and can be similar to earthly languages, or may seem much more symbolic, frequential or artistic.

Light Language is a Powerful Energy Healing Modality

The Language of Light is rich with the information of Love and healing that is inherent to Life. The beauty of Light Language is that it is exactly what you need, when you need it.

It is a powerful energy healing modality because each time you interact with it, you
receive a new healing since your energy field is constantly changing.

Light Language:
Expands your Heart

  • Releases energetic blockages
  • Increases your intuition
  • Inspires creativity
Cleanses your Mind

  • Bypasses your mental limitations
  • Clarifies higher self communication
  • Accesses your innate wisdom
Heals your Body

  • Activates your pineal gland
  • Repairs DNA
  • Accelerates Ascension

Light Language reminds you that connection is inherent to life, and YOU are capable of ever-increasing expansion.

Interacting with Light Language develops your full telepathic channels, opening your clairsenses for deeper communication. It expands your ability to interpret the multidimensional streams of information that surround you constantly.

DNA Activation and Ascension with Light Language

Light Language speaks directly to your DNA, activating and recoding
your personal vibrational signature.

Your Higher Self initiates the Light Language codes to release and activate for your highest good.

It releases past information of trauma or pain that blocks your progress.

It activates dormant gifts and capabilities that are part of your soul stream.

The Language of Light entrains your linear and non-linear aspects to communicate more freely, thus the healing of Light Language continues to activate your higher potentials throughout your DNA.

Light Language comes forth more now because
it is a powerful catalyst for the Ascension of humanity.

Christ said that we can do all that he can do and more. DNA Activation opens and accelerates your inherent capabilities.
It creates an ever-greater resonance of Love within you, changing the information of your DNA.

Light Language is a powerful catalyst that realigns your heart, mind and body into the Light of your soul.

The Quantum Nature of Light Language

Light is a carrier vehicle of consciousness and a base unit of creational information.

It is quantum in nature because it exhibits both wave and particle properties, bridging Newtonian rules and quantum malleability.

As the wave-like vastness of Light Language channels into the physical realm, it is the interaction with an observer/receiver that creates specific information from the dynamic potential of Light Language. This is the metaphoric rainbow from the prism. It’s why Light Language translation is not just a single rule that applies uniformly.

The Language of Light helps you find your own quantum nature, indelibly connected to all life.

Light Language creates a connection beyond time, allowing the subtle past and future to be touched by present intent, and the linear to be woven with new information.

As detailed in Jamye’s book, Opening to Light Language, there are many scientific experiments that echo what sacred texts have revealed and what has been known to many shamans and healers—that we are capable of greater connection that elevates and heals the human experience.

This is what Light Language does.

As you interact with Light Language, it illuminates your divine nature and weaves your loving intention into your life. You connect your quantum nature—your vast, subtle self—and your human self. It accelerates your creativity and improves life on Earth.

From the human experience of separation, Light Language builds a bridge of access into the depths of Self and Life – a vastness beyond space and time.

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