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Meet Jamye Price

Hello Powerful Light…

There was a time where I had no insight into what my soul journey on earth was meant to be. I felt called to something more, but frozen on the path. I spent years working on myself and with my non-physical Guides to develop the skills I now teach and use with others.

At first this journey of spiritual awakening was overwhelming, but it also compelled me. I felt a great courage and passion growing within me, and I knew I could no longer hold back my Light.

As an intuitive empath, I opened to a deep connection with my cosmic lineage. I had offworld memories of being a Lyran and Sirian Starseed—which is when I began to receive and transmit messages from cosmic beings.

I know that my calling is to guide people to the awareness of who they truly are –

Cherished. Powerful. Brilliant.

I want them to know on a deep, soul level that they are Divine and interconnected
with All Life. I call this Ascension. It is your inner knowing, unleashed.

I have been blessed

to teach healers and seekers around the world for more than a decade.

In all these years of teaching, I’ve learned that what people thirst for most of all is clarity and courage. You may feel this yearning, too. I love teaching and nurturing sensitive and service-oriented people so this world can benefit from their Light.

I will help you gain the empowerment, and ultimately the peace, that you seek. I work with and teach people from all walks of life. Each one of us is a creative spirit. We all bring a unique gift to this world. The depth and quality of the souls that are intuitively drawn to this work never ceases to amaze me. Often it feels like we’ve all known each other in another place and time.

Over the years, I have learned that clarity is the recognition of the sacred force within you.

It’s something you discover, not something you start with.
Life is calling you to live it boldly.

Can you feel the pull?

Here’s a glimpse

Into my own path of discovery
and what led me to where I am today…

1987. My Psychic Opening

Even in the surprise and upheaval of my first psychic moment, I felt deeply supported. A strong thought appeared in my head that a friend I hadn’t seen in years would be at my house when I got home. And there he was. Similar things began to happen from time to time—I’d be driving and get a message that someone specific would be where I was going. These were clear and provable clairaudient messages.

1996. The Big Push

This was a big wave in the expansion of my psychic senses. I began seeing auras and the lines of connection between people. I had impressions of ghosts. I developed Spiritual Awareness, which for me was initially the process of zoning out and focusing on unfamiliar things, such as the healing properties of the color green. Eventually, I became aware that my Guides were communicating with me in a theta brainwave state.

1998. Healing

I began healing myself of colds and flus. I started secretly healing friends and family. As the next few years passed, I became more and more drawn to this energy, expanding my healing work and consciously practicing on others.

2002. Light Language

Following an Axiatonal Alignment (a light body activation), Light Language began coming through my hands during healing sessions, then later verbally.  

2003. Crystalline Soul Healing

I created this modality because I wanted to help people as much as possible in our time together. I was seeing core issues and patterns in the people I was healing and my Guides were teaching me to develop and work with the Crystalline Soul Healing template.

2005. Channeling

I began channeling publicly, for groups, in both English and in Light Language, which was obscure at the time. This long, formative journey of exposing my weirdness to a group of people in my living room was a vital step in building my courage to express myself and teach others. In the following years I began teaching Crystalline Soul Healing to others.

2010. I Moved to Sedona

Sedona is a strong energetic. The iron in the rock creates an intensified spin, stirring up healing and evolution. It keeps me on my toes as change is sped up within the serene beauty of Sedona.

2011. Todd Arrives

Days after 11/11/11, my life partner Todd walked through the doorway. His aura lit up and I knew something was different. He has been my greatest teacher, support and sometimes my biggest challenge as the depth of Love calls me to more. He is the gifted artist behind the camera on every video…and so much more.

2012. Channeling Areon, the Lyran Council of Time

After working with these entities as part of my Guide Team for years, I began channeling them directly. My cosmic connection has been a profound support, helping me become more grounded and courageous as my human experience expands into a divine being—that which we are all meant to be.

2014. Teaching Light Language

My Guides spent 18 months preparing me to teach this healing modality. We are all capable of this sacred communication, but it can be an unusual and confusing path. My favorite part of class is seeing people open within a loving community of support that helps them shine in many more ways than just Light Language.

2018. Crystalline Soul Healing Expands

After a few years break, I resumed teaching Crystalline Soul Healing; first in Japan, then in the US. It was interesting to watch this modality be so ahead of its time, then begin to become more accessible as we’ve evolved. My Guides have always engineered simplicity into deep complexity, and this modality is the epitome of this universal truth.

2022. Community Builds

After teaching for years all over the world, I’m amazed at the beautiful souls I’ve met and the communities we’ve built. These modalities just keep growing, and it has been one of the greatest gifts of my life to watch people transform and help others. The Light keeps building.


I will never stop learning and growing. Our current times challenge us to find new depths of courage for new heights of clarity. I hope you see the magnificent and sacred gift you are to Life.

Let’s begin