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Jamye Price Light Language Healer

Jamye Price is an energy healer, channel, author, and teacher. Her work is practical, esoteric, and grounded so that it is applicable into life. Jamye teaches loving empowerment for Lightworkers and empaths on a path of Ascension. She developed a healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing, which is a powerful alchemical template of Soul Progression.

She also channels healing energies in the form of Light Language, which are transformational Creation Codes that further align you with your Soul. She teaches others to access this profound form of channeling.

Jamye also channels Areon, The Lyran Council of Time. These loving Lyran messages are focused on humanity’s Ascension and connecting you with your timeless nature as you move into fourth and fifth dimensional expression.

Jamye’s book, Opening to Light Language: Humanity’s Evolution into Multidimensional Communication, is an in-depth study of Light Language and its implication for the evolution and Ascension of humanity. It mixes the science and the practical experience of the effects of Light Language on the human biological system and the human experience on Earth.

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She has been facilitating healing sessions professionally since 2003, teaching since 2004, and voice channeling publicly since 2006.

Jamye’s work assists with transmuting physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks into wisdom, compassion, and empowerment. She teaches self-love, forgiveness, and finding a perspective of Love in any situation to provide people with practical tools for Soul Progression and creating a joyful life.

Jamye’s psychic opening was gradual for many years then quite rapid beginning in late 2002 after an Axiotonal Alignment. This has helped her integrate unusual spiritual and psychic experience into realistic application for people from all walks of life.

Her passion is Ascension – bringing people to the understanding of the truth of who they are; cherished, powerful, and brilliant Divine Humans, interconnected with All Life. She feels humbled and blessed to be able to experience people in the truth of their glory, and to share her path and perspective of reconciling the old way of being human with Divine Human Being.


Jamye Price Light Language Healer and ChannelMy spiritual journey was understated in my youth, but somehow always there. I had an innate love for animals and nature, but I didn’t have glaring healing or psychic “powers.” I also had a love of observing people.

I had my first healing experience without even recognizing it at the time. My cat was incredibly sick with a high fever from vaccinations. I was so upset that evening that I touched her and said, “I don’t want you to be sick. I would rather be sick.” Within hours I was feeling badly and went to sleep. I woke up sick and she was fine. I thought that was just an amazing coincidence, I had no knowledge of the old shamanic traditions.

In my early adult years I started experiencing psychic flashes that I could not control. They began with infrequent, but incredibly clear, claircognizant flashes that would be proven within hours. When I went to visit a gifted psychic years later, I realized that while I didn’t have her ability of sight-on-command (yet), I could feel when she was using hers when I wasn’t even in the same room.

That was my first introduction to my clairsentient capabilities. When I left her, the inside of my head would itch and tingle. My senses were opening, though I did not realize it at the time. I had other physical symptoms, such as occasional severe headaches as my channeling abilities were opening. I do not typically have headaches.

About the same time I began to notice psychic flashes, I also began to notice depression that had no rhyme or reason and was growing in frequency. Over a period of years, what started as a day or two of malaise grew into weeks of suicidal depression. As I sought healing, which I thought would have to take the route of a lifetime of pills, a friend recommended a reflexologist. With weekly treatments for about three months and herbal supplements, I was depression free.


Psychic Opening Jamye PriceIn the late 1990’s, my psychic senses were increasing. As they began to open up, I was accessing nearly all forms of intuitive senses, all of which are now accessible to me. I was seeing auras around people in my mind’s eye and streams of energy connecting them to others.

I would have odd thoughts rolling through my head and I would wonder why I was thinking about the healing properties of the color green and how I knew so much detail about it. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I was clairaudiently receiving thought impulses from my Guide Team.

I was starting to see and experience ghosts. I was getting a broad range of lessons about energy!

I also found a resonance with Native American spiritual philosophy. The undertone of balance, honor, and respect felt natural to me. A deep love of crystals began growing as well.

One day I woke up sick and I felt the impetus to slowly run my hand about an inch above my body. I had never been exposed to any form of energy healing at this point. To my surprise certain areas were hot when I went over them. In my mind, I saw a grayness leaving my body and going into my hand, which I “emptied” periodically. I napped for two hours and woke up feeling great. I found other imagery scenarios that brought results, even for friends. This was my first introduction to healing and my Guides would show me many different imagery scenarios and teach me different ways of working.

One day I sat to meditate (as a recovering Type A personality I had never really tried before!) and within minutes I saw silver lines running over my body and extending out into space. I now know this to be the axiatonal system, but at that time I had not been exposed to any healing modalities or methodologies. During this meditation I saw the energy imprint of what felt like an angel. I enjoyed the bliss of the experience. I can still remember the sound, feeling, and Love of that Angelic Light.

The next step was massage therapy school. I went to a rather technical massage school that did not teach about the energy field. While I no longer do massage, it was a powerful lesson in reading the story of the emotional body tactilely through the physical body. It was also a rude awakening into my empathic abilities. I didn’t realize how much energy I was taking from others and eventually began having anxiety attacks. After a long path of discovering the depths of my empathy, I began paying better attention to protecting and clearing my energy field.

Massage therapy was a valuable teacher of the Divine Connection between our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. After a few years of massage, I started exploring different modalities and learning more about energy healing. Once I began to pursue it, doors flew open and my life changed drastically.


Jamye Price signing Light LanguageAfter I had an axiotonal alignment in 2002, I started noticing that my body would twitch when I was running energy. I wasn’t around any other healers having that experience and had never been exposed to Light Language. I had nothing to compare it to, nor anyone to talk to about it, so I just accepted it as the way energy runs through me. I observed it getting bigger and bigger as my hands would fly around rapidly in all different ways without me moving them.

It was embarrassing in public – it would always start up if I was somewhere energy was running like a channeling or a workshop. I was now sitting in the back of seminars so as not to disturb others and draw attention and often sitting on my hands.

I asked my Guides what was happening. They wouldn’t tell me directly. It was to be a journey of trust and courage for me, as it was not something I would normally be drawn to do. They would give me cryptic answers like, “There’s X-number of people that do this on Earth,” and that number would go up and down and up and down. I thought that was odd, until years later I had that validated in a very public and unmistakeable way. People could shut it down.

I was very, very embarrassed about it in public at this point, but I certainly wasn’t going to shut it down. I could feel the Love of God flowing through me and people on the table (eyes closed) were having amazing experiences.

Language of Light by Jamye PriceFinally I saw Light Language and I realized that my hands were ‘writing’ it (signing it) in the energetic field of my client. When I saw it written and heard it spoken, I thought, “I wonder if I can speak it,” and out it came!

Eventually I began to speak many versions and write Light Language and I realized I could also translate it from written or verbal form. It was a process of years of opening and understanding as I came to terms with this odd, yet exciting, new life.

Though 99.99% of my experiences have been positive, I have been laughed at and had people send me mean messages on my Youtube when a blogtalk radio duo made fun of me. This occurred after I spent years coming to terms with who I am. I understand. It looks weird, especially to someone that can not feel the energy.

Though I have no desire to convince someone of the validity of Light Language, I will absolutely share what I know to be True and Divine. Bless those angels that showed me how strong I am by making fun of me! May they find much joy and Love in their lives, as I do.

Learn more about the Language of Light here.

Jamye’s book, Opening to Light Language: Humanity’s Evolution into Multidimensional Communication is an in-depth study into Light Language and how you can begin to open your channel to this sacred communion with Life.


Jamye Price Light Language Channel and TeacherOver the same period of years that Light Language was emerging, I began to channel. I was a natural channel, which is why it was so easy for me to receive claircognizant and clairaudient impulses from my Guides. I began automatic writing without any instruction on the process. But letting an energy speak through me seemed too weird, so I avoided it.

Yet sometimes during sessions I would be about to speak and I would feel this energy RUSH into my crown chakra. The force of it was so fast and powerful that my body would lunge forward at the person and I would YELL information at them very rapidly. I would push my way back into my energy field, and the other energy would be pushed out. I would laugh from embarrassment and tell them, “Well, that wasn’t me speaking, but the information was good so you may want to listen to it!”

I was very drawn to the Kryon work through Lee Carroll, so I was not averse to channeling. I just didn’t really want to be the one sitting up there! Yet my Guides kept gently nudging me toward it. They asked me to do a public channeling, which I agreed to do. They also snuck in me doing Light Language at that event! It was such a supportive group and yet so very challenging for me.

A recurring client from that group booked a a session for a few days later. I found myself listening to the Light Language in my head, knowing I should allow it out of my mouth, but feeling too scared and embarrassed. My Guides said to me, “It’s ok.  You don’t have to make the sounds. It will just take the person longer to clear.”

Now that I was “out” publicly, I had different choices. My Guides honored my pace of growth, but here they were gently showing me that I was at a choice point of moving forward or stepping back.

There are many different, wonderful healing modalities out there. Not all of them utilize sound and they are very effective. But I wasn’t honoring the natural way that energy flowed through me, therefore, I was holding something back from a client. I just couldn’t live with knowing I could have done more if I wasn’t embarrassed.

I was slowly coming to terms with being a channel and how I run energy, but the work and experience were moving fast, even with me refusing to allow the full expression of it in the beginning. I began to meet soul family and like-minded people. I began to remember and recognize my path. I began to learn lessons around energy healing such as discernment, recognizing Truth, not taking energy into my body, not taking people’s healing personally, not allowing my ego to lead me. My guides have been teaching me about energy healing for over a decade.

It still continues to delight me.


I am a diligenthealer-jamye-price-light-language healer that is healing thyself!

Early on in my healing journey, after many years of my own pace, I had an experience of being told to “do my work” by my Guides, but I didn’t listen.

A few days later I got very sick with the flu. Though I had been taught to heal that, none of my healing would work!

I thought maybe I needed something stronger for this one, so I asked my Guides, “What should I do?!” They said, “Increase macrophages.” I didn’t know what those were (turns out they destroy toxins), but I did and it didn’t make it go away like I was used to.

The next day I finally asked the right question, “Why isn’t anything working?!” They said, “Because you’re not sick, you’re detoxing. We told you to do your work.” Yes, I got the “I told you so” Guides.  ;o) I am now familiar with the ‘flu symptoms’ of Ascension work.

I spent years doing work almost every day, sometimes for hours on end. Sometimes I worked alone, other times with healer friends, as both are important. It was my sole (soul) focus in life. Most of my previous friends were gone and new ones were coming in slowly that aligned with the new me. To this day, I am still doing my work, though not for hours each day.

As life is a continual growth process, I love the voyage of expanding even more as a healer and teacher. It is exponential. To me, it feels like I became alive when I began to open my scope of living to incorporate the Divine. That is what I want to share with others. It is my passion in life. I want to see change in this world. That happens from within you and within me. One loving quantum leap at a time.

I’m in! How about you?

Opening to Light Language is an in-depth study of the Language of Light. Learn how Light Language indicates and enhances your multidimensional communication. Discover how science is beginning to confirm the power of your subtle nature, and how you can begin to open your own ability to channel the Language of Light.

Jamye’s connection and courage that grew from Light Language has changed her life in magical ways. Will it change your life, too?

“Finally – a demystification of channeling! Jamye Price has pegged it!” —Lee Carroll Ph.D, original Channel for KRYON

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