Aligning with Your True Power (LOVE)


Love is the key of Life. You are Divinity in human form embarking on a path of remembering your powerful ability to Create. Your life is meant to be a joyful expression of your unique Light. As you embrace your True Power – Love, you align with the powerful unseen force that builds worlds, one atom at a time.

This particular Light Language transmission is the foundation for creating your most perfect life. It is a wonderful accompaniment to everything else, as we often need a specific path for some issues. This provides a core healing, while other products provide a more specific healing.

This vibrational healing tool utilizes profound Light Language, Crystalline Soul Healing frequencies and music to facilitate vibrational balancing towards a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life of Love. This recording contains a 20 minute Light Language transmission and 20 minute channeled guided meditation in English.

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Listen to a Guided MeditationSample: 

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