Blessed Being, you are in a constant state of Creation, it is the flow of Time. Time marks your progress and it continues to flow, undoing what you have done so that you keep doing.

As a seeker on a spiritual path, you are learning the power of the subtle, of Spirit—that which you are.

You are learning and experiencing beyond the visible form, into Spirit forming.

You are bringing your creative power back.

Changing Minds

It is within you, as you change the world through your heart/mind experience.

The heart/mind connection is the difference between doing or being.

When the mind is not connected to the heart, you are just doing. When they are connected, you are being – even as you do.

Action, the doing of life; is either connected to Love—to the Hallowedness of Life, or it is mere force.

The heart understands the unseen power of Love.

The mind, a brilliant mechanism for the progression of empowerment, knows only what is known.

The mind has categorized it, analyzed it, demonized it or idolized it.

All of it first separated from the power of the Self, and the power of the unseen of Life. The mind defines the external into the internal and vice versa.

It is your mechanism of understanding and navigating duality.

Allowing Connection

When the mind is connected to the heart, it sees the potential that is not yet seen. It loves the perfection of the moment, for Love is forming.

It Allows, an aspect of the peace of being and the joy of doing.

The mind, connected to the heart, reads the clues of life forming. It sees Love in every experience and chooses next actions by the Light of Love.

When the mind is connected to the heart, it perceives All Life as sacred.

This perception then creates a paradox in the human mind. How do you see destruction as sacred? How do you own the power of life or death with Love? How do you maintain the reaction of atomic proportions that is within you? How do you choose?

Allow the heart and mind to nurture choice through Love. Even challenges offer opportunity for grace. What will you choose?

As you Allow Change, you are allowing Life to resolve pain into the wisdom of potential power, and create new ground for form.

You are the ground, the grounded divinity that allows change, the improvement of life on Earth; to flow through you.

As we sit to Blast Allowing Change, we are using the heart to guide us through the unknown into treasure discovered. We are appreciating the mind and calming its fear of figuring out.

We are supporting action with the new-clear reaction that Love offers to Life.

We are seeing the immense power within, for understanding it is the key to utilizing it wisely. We are celebrating the flow of Time, allowing it to guide us into a new world. We are owning our power and powering the growth of Love on Earth.

It is a sacred place to be.

Blast on!

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