Reading the Clues of Life

Higher Self Communication

Life is always “speaking” to you, as is your Higher Self. I encounter people that are frustrated because they can’t hear their Higher Self. Since your Higher Self is you, the communication is so natural and continual that many miss it.

Depending on your dominant intuitive senses, your communication will vary. But the Higher Self is rarely a booming voice in your head telling you what to do and when to do it. It speaks to you through emotional and thought impulse (generally in that order), as well as your psychic senses like body clues (goosebumps, throat clearing).

It speaks to you through your desires, through your interactions. It will send you to a certain website, have you over-hear someone’s conversation or a song on the radio…it is communicating with you endlessly.

So is Life.

When you learn to read the clues of Life, you are opening to an enhanced communication and connection that helps guide and indicate (not force or direct) your path.

Your choice is not over-ridden, it is co-created with your Higher Self.

Connection, the middle road expanding out, is key to Ascension as humanity connects more consciously with the engine of creation—the subtle realm.

The Communication of Life

There are two main types of clues; internal clues and external clues.

First, your internal clues speak to you of your intent, your current vibration and belief structures. As you identify it, you are aligning your communication with your Higher Self.

Secondly, there are the synchronistic clues of life from the outer world—the external clues. These will speak to you of impending manifestations, available choices and how balanced you are with your intent.

Reading the clues of Life is merely consistently observing the internal and external clues and readjusting accordingly.

The Most Important Communication

We begin with the inner world. Since your Higher Self easily speaks to you through emotions and thoughts (and intuitive senses), you can use these to help you to understand the language of the Higher Self. Areon calls your thoughts and emotions your subtle bridge. Subtle speaks directly to subtle.

Honoring your authentic feelings helps you to let them surface into your awareness. As you do this, you are letting them flow into healing. Your awareness is the catalyst that begins a healing process.

Emotions are merely a library of information packed into a feeling. Reading the internal clues is the observance of your emotions and your thoughts. Authenticity is important for your movement, otherwise you just avoid your own alignment.

When you are empowered within, the outer circumstances don’t control your inner world.

Change within and you change what Life interacts with. This is the Law of Resonance. The transformation of the emotion—through self-observance, healing (like forgiveness) and new choices of interaction; create a new vibration (YOU) that Life interacts with.

Here the external and internal clues meet—in the realm of choice.

Your Communication with Life

The external clues of Life are the circumstances around you. Do you have an oppositional boss or an inspiring co-worker? Did you observe something and have a strong emotional reaction to it? Does something stand out in an odd way, like maybe it gets “brighter” for a split second?

The people, experiences and things that stand out are life communicating with you. It is speaking to you of impending manifestation. These are your intuitive senses amplifying the clues of life for you.

Take note, observe your inner reaction, and keep moving toward the potential you want to create, balanced with what life is indicating to you.

Are you feeling empowered with the clue, even if it stirs a little doubt or fear? Carry on! It’s an unknown, there are no guarantees—but life is showing you an indicator and your inner reaction is showing you an indicator.

Strengthen Your Inner Realm for Expansion Areon Channeling by Jamye Price

Are you feeling disempowered with the clue? Go within and soothe the self into healing. Nurture yourself with compassion and allow the inner shift to readjust the external experience with some patience. Observe again. Take actions that move you toward your empowerment.

All that you are interacting with is a mutually responsive indicator towards your empowerment and creation.

This empowerment is what Ascension is all about. Humanity evolving into bold, loving beings that are balanced with their independence and interdependence with All Life.

As you live it, you vibrate it, you emanate it, you resonate it and others entrain—through their own sovereign choice. Otherwise it is just another mechanism of control and disempowerment.

Because the external clues of Life are responding to your vibration, your internal clues are the most important driver.

Communicate Love Within

The external clues give you the opportunity to observe your internal indications of your intent and re-balance yourself. You find balance with your intent by honoring your initial emotional reaction and then shifting yourself into internal empowerment and balance. From this state you then choose and participate with life through action and then the external world responds. The cycle begins again.

You are constantly discerning and choosing, directing and allowing. This balance is the active endowment of your natural Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy in equality. You direct (masculine energy) and you allow (feminine energy), you choose (masculine energy) and you observe (feminine energy). This external and internal reflection is part of you, it is part of life.

It is the independent and interdependent in balance, living through you.

You are entwined with the collective experience of life. Empower yourself, interact with life and change the world bit by bit, merely by living your life. It is your birthright as a human being. Life wants your empowerment, because Life expands through you.

The Spiral of Creation
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  • Nora Edith Acevedo
    Posted at 08:36h, 27 July Reply

    I see and feel the synchronicities and I am grateful for the light language! Thank you for a great article and Sharing your love with us!

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 12:48h, 31 July Reply

      I’m so glad you’re noticing the synchronicities and enjoying the Light Language, Nora!

  • Nora Edirh Acevedo
    Posted at 08:36h, 27 July Reply

    I see and feel the synchronicities and I am grateful for the light language! Thank you for a great article and Sharing your love with us!

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 12:48h, 31 July Reply

      Thank you, Nora! :o) Twice as nice!

    Posted at 02:36h, 20 April Reply

    Thanks for your synchronized letter, as I was thinking about what happened today I got it answered, thank you for your benevolence.

  • Angie
    Posted at 23:20h, 17 April Reply

    Thankyou Jamye, I had just prayed for guidance as to how I can listen better and within ten minutes found your message. Divine timing in-Deed. Deep bow of gratitude. Much Love and peaceful blessings to you 💚💞💚🕉

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 07:03h, 18 April Reply

      I love the synchronicity, Angie! Life is always listening and responding. Blessings!

  • laura black
    Posted at 13:51h, 12 April Reply

    This could not have come at a better time. I actually was just thinking about results that are showing up in my life, And how my intent drove those manifestations. Shifting now is the key. Those little shifts. Asking why do I keep seeing repeat patterns? I’m listening to the clues my body gives me. My emotions reveal.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 15:39h, 12 April Reply

      Excellent, Laura! Isn’t it (mostly) fun?! Happy shifting!

  • Andrea Garris
    Posted at 12:33h, 12 April Reply

    This is so beautiful. Your words are easy to understand yet hold the keys to the awakening of humanity! I started following you on YouTube about a month ago and it has been a blessing beyond words!!!
    Awakening and grateful.
    Light and Love!

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 15:43h, 12 April Reply

      Thank you so much, Andrea! I’m glad you found me!

  • Jessica
    Posted at 09:38h, 12 April Reply

    Thank you for this gracious and clear writing Jamye, doing the best to hold the inner balance-light in this physical dimension 🙏🌈💚🌹 love, light and miracles from the ONE Heart of Glastonbury ✡️

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 15:58h, 12 April Reply

      Thank you, Jessica! Thank you for spreading the Glastonbury Love!

  • Brandon Olivares
    Posted at 09:14h, 12 April Reply

    I love the part about the divine masculine and feminine. It really is a balance of both, as you said. Too much allowing/observing leads to boredom and stagnation, and too much directing/choosing leads to forcefulness and pushing against the flow of life. I like this way of thinking about it.

    • Jamye Price
      Posted at 15:59h, 12 April Reply

      Thank you, Brandon! I agree – balance is key!

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