Blessed Beings, as the cycle of a new year is upon you, your reflection backward and forward comes to view. It is a time of honoring cycles and honoring self, for the life that you are leading is a life within Life. Life Connected.

How you have learned of your innate power. How you have learned of the limitation of form. How you have learned of creative harmony and dissonance; the dance of tension, elevation, and evolution of resolution.

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Cycle Connection

It is a time of cycles spinning into cycles, the ending into the beginning. A year of discovering your Creative Harmonic; the higher potential overlaid upon a reality of Time that does not reveal its true form until it is birthed through you.

Until that Time of birthing, when ever it may come; it is a seed of potential within you, spinning through the cycles of Time, the eye of the hurricane in you.

The eye of a hurricane sustains a form, changing through Time’s moments.

The eye is the bonding space upon which life moves.

It has met a stabilizing force on Earth that will continue its form until there is enough resistance or momentum to change it. This denotes form changing form, and you see the cycles from your density perspective.

While you don’t know the details of the experience of the hurricane, you understand the probabilities, the timing, and the consequence. The spiraling of the hurricane shows you the movement of form on Earth, the innerworkings of form forming. The gravitational pull of moving through life.

Diamond Connection

We have said you are “entering the mouth of the dragon,” a process that spans years. Entering the mouth of the dragon is an indicator of change at another level. It is the cycles converging that determine this energy.

It is the spiral’s gravity culminating into its diamond compression, dragged into a new form, a new way, a new direction of flow.

Within the cave is a rebirth that has not been marked in Time until it bursts forth. What will really birth through?

Entering the mouth of the dragon is an inner energy first and foremost, for the spiral is an indicator of what is within the sphere. The momentum of the spiral is the harmonic of reach, creating a coherence of flow that stretches further into form than the eyes can see.

What pulls and releases as you tear through towns? What pulls and releases as you love through downs? What pulls and releases as Life proceeds? For the seed is the will that can’t doesn’t feed.

The spiral shows Connection, both within subtle and form.

There are many flows within a sphere, just as your cells show. Separate, working individually and together. Caught in Connection within the boundary conditions of the “spherical” cell. Supported, confronted, fulfilling function and sustaining the whole.

You, sweet cell, are same on Earth.

Spheres within spheres, Connected and unique. Pushing and pulling form, cycling through change, breathing in and out. Transforming diamonds.

It is the octagon of the mouth that the Egyptians knew.

What you open and release, you also move through.

What wider truth is silent in song, speaking truth to the ages that don’t know they’ve moved on.

It is the self, Connected and separate in Time. It is the Collective, Connected; spinning dragons tales to whine.

The alchemy is the chemical within [555]. As you enter the mouth of the dragon you begin again.

Cycle on, Cyclone.

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