2021 Review

2021 had quite an energy to it. Deep and healing, intense and clarifying, sometimes confusing and frustrating. It shined a light in crevices that often felt like crevasses. It was a year of Freeing the Heart, according to Areon, yet it often felt like the heart was limited. How, in such a crazy world could freedom reign?

Yet the point of the Lightwork we do is to be in the present, but not of it. 2021 challenged and supported us to clarify and strengthen so the heart could flow more freely. It asked us to refine what worked in the past, to be clearer of our creation. It challenged us to Know and nurture our inner realm and protect it from the manipulation of others.

It was a time of finding the will to relax more, the will to love more, the will to say no more. And be neutral through it all. EASY! ;o) This paragraph from last year’s post that was foretelling 2021 into 2022 says it well:

From 4 to 5 (9), cycles 5 to 6 (11). Your future mastery awaits your passage from gauntlet to gate. Step forward with your heart and your sword at your hand. As you move from threshold to fate, Love is the future of (hu)man. Be, sweet dragon. The wand-ering is grand. Life was waiting for you to hold sword in hand. Release old definitions and wield the tone. Your Love is the power and your fire melts stone.

It was a gauntlet, strengthening you. We’re at the rainbow gate, powerful Light.


The energies of this year are Creative Harmonics. We will be tasked to hold the higher octave when the collective wants to sing the same song as before. Gabriel’s Horn is heralding change, but you hold the willingness to let the tone become more, adding depth to the change and resolution to the chaos.

Where your strength of last year was in clarifying the point of change, this year will ask you to relax within pressure because change is in flow.

Gravity is gracious when pressure is released. The ride becomes exciting as it whispers past. But in the present, can you hold excited vision as life whirls too fast? That is the Creative Harmonic. The sound of the present is the past in form. Can you hold the note that chords chaos reborn?

The gravity of last year will bring strength from fear. For the tides of life keep spinning, don’t just believe what you hear.

There is symphony so grand just beyond the ear. Conduct yourself and the music will appear.

This year will bring the clarity of necessity into view. The tone that you set will guide the path of rainbow hue. The colors are separate and connected in the circle of life, yet when drenched or dried they are hidden from you.

You must see the sacred when no one believes it’s true.

Harmony by Any Other Name

Harm and harmony are rooted in same because it is your perspective that determines what comes of challenge. Where 2021 stirred changed deep in the tesseract’s flow, 2022 will ask you to balance that change into the next step forward.

The 3 into 1 is the symphonic chord. Let your inner life become richer and safer and clearer. It’s yours.

Harm only remains harm-ful when the poison saturates. Will you wield your power to protect your sacred inner realm, no matter what chaos seeks to sink your sound?

Life rebalances as the Fibonacci breaks down, spiral out from the old into the cosmic crown. Humanity is either crowning or drowning. Don’t let the fear and control hold the water within. Release the poison of past trauma, release the pleasure of passed drama. Release the power of your love to be born on Earth again.

The false warrior’s power-over is coming to an end.

We don’t just see the picture of king on throne and accept that was deserved because it was another that was overthrown. We begin to see the narcissist harms generations to come.

What is becoming clearer for the harmed is there is another way. What seemed insurmountable, life balances one day. You are the one that life flows it’s Love through. It’s unconditional, so you decide what to do. You can continue the harm that feeds the false warrior’s plans, or you can create new harmony that seeds the true power of symphony’s grand.

The rainbow is becoming clearer as you balance your movement through gravity’s spiral. Not all let the spiral break into new leaf. It takes the courageous to know that growing pains are sometimes expansion’s flow.

2022 is harmony’s creative glow.

Sing your song louder, dear Love, and let gravity go. The ride can be blissful for courageous warrior’s that don’t fight the tides.

Life’s flow is you. Create new harmony within. Life see’s your rainbow. You are beautiful. You glow.

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