Blessed Beings, you are at a time of great change.

Even as you step on familiar soil, you step into new terrain.

What is different is invisible at this moment, yet restructuring the information of future form.

Just as a perfume can change the smell of a room as one walks through, so too are you changing the atmosphere you traverse.

It wasn’t a moment, an eclipse or an event that is the change. It was all and none.

It is here and now.

New Season

The season of Life is changing.

The long season is turning and you are preparing to bloom. What that means is layered, for it is not a simple path.

It is complex in that many factors support change. Change is unique, it is varied and perceived.  It twists and turns like the spiral.

Yet you are at a threshold of changes as Gaia begins a turn of Time.

You have nurtured the seed of self with soil and water. The stability and movement in constant dance.

You have received from Life the sun and moon. The action and rest in constant reflection.

You have given of self by being and doing. The knowing and becoming in constant forming.

The season of Life is changing. 

New Time

The clock of Life is turning.

It does not just turn one way, it always points in two directions.

Was and will be.

At the center now is you.

In your present moment you hold what was. You mold that clay into what will be.

Conditions are right. 

Whether right or wrong, Time has moved on. The soil below is bouldered with old.

It becomes solid ground under your standing.

Time moves swiftly through air.

Winds of change spiral possibilities. It tangles hair and sands the skin, but never touches what is seen within.

Hold light form of what was, not to deform but to define.

Hold light time of what will be, not to force but to find.

Hold light heart of what is, it illuminates new ground for the mind.

The clock of Life is turning.

New Ground

Blessed Being, you are a creation of Life. You breathe it and be it through triumph and strife.

You hold Life in your heart and mind. You hold the future trapped in Time.

As dawn breaks and dusk takes another day from the now, you glide with eternity steeped in your brow.

Foresee the future and Life breathes through.

You are the winds of change.

Love is Life’s glue.

Walk boldly on Earth with humble Love.

You either be it or belie it, but Love calls you home.

Return, sweet dove.

Home has always been and Love moves fast.

The path is your heart, where Time never passed.

Your mind is alight with potentials anew.

The future is forming on New Ground within you.

Love On.

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