Blessed Beings, March is a turning point, a shift in direction.

With your Awareness, that path is Connection.

While it twists and turns your head learns. Where it is straight you adjust your gait.

The balance you seek is not a guarantee, it is a journey of learning based on what you see.

When you allow Love to bloom before your eyes, mere sticks and dirt are beauty’s surprise.

It’s not what you see, it’s what you know. You, Blessing, feel the potential before the seeds grow.

Connecting Self

You are Life, walking tall and sitting to rest. You are Love, nurturing life for the future’s best.

Connecting to Love is your greatest gift. It gives and receives and gives again.

It twists and turns and ripples out. It straightens paths to lead the doubt.

You don’t just give, you always receive. It is Love that transforms, whether in joy or in grief.

It magnetizes with the passive force. It creates the new by integration’s choice.

You are the vision of Life seeing what has been wrought. You are the heart of Life feeling Love’s future brought.

Connecting Time

You are timeless within, Connecting Love to your time. Life supports your feet, your path infinitely sublime.

Connecting Love to hate is a warrior’s fate.

Connecting Love to fear is a blessing’s tear.

Connecting Love to life is a healer’s delight.

Connecting Love within is a healing’s Light.

You illuminate the path, Blessed Light, and the glow of potential calls others to Love.

Connecting Love connects more Love and continues growing through Life.

Receive it and you give it, both day and night.

It breathes easily through you, pulsing Love’s potential into Life.

You are the Love of Life, giving grace to night.

Love boldly.

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