Blessed beings as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness, for it is your awareness that brings forth life into this physical realm. As we meet in your awareness, our energies merge and our energies are changed—both yours and ours. We recognize that we speak to the warriors who are remembering the truth of who they are.

The beauty of this time, in this in-form-ation age, is that you are touching information with your awareness and influencing your world more. You are bringing your information into experiences that you will physically never touch, but your awareness does. This is the power of your connective devices, and they portend what is inherent within you, birthing into your awareness. Your awareness touches life, shifts it, shapes it, changes it.

Your awareness is the core of creativity.

Your creativity begins in the internal realm. Your awareness of how you are influencing your world, how your world is influencing you and how you can make new choices that will begin to shape your experience. 

What you will first experience is your reaction. This is vital information. You receive information that may or may not feel good to you. As you bring that experience within and allow it to merge with your energy, you have a choice to shift and shape that experience with your energy.

As you consciously observe information you receive from your world and mix it with your vibration, you make a conscious choice. You release inhibitions to your creative force.

Focus Your Love by Jamye Price

Observe the information that you are receiving, and consciously mix its vibration with yours. Make a conscious choice to love more.


Create with Full Information

As you love yourself, forgive and release painful experiences, you become more connected to the vastness that you are. You become more connected to your limitless power and the infinite loving being that you are. You have more access to the flow of love, of energy, new information, and ideas as you love yourself more.

The information that you observe and respond to includes all the energies from the Earth and her inhabitants, the cosmos, the alignments of the planets, and the information that is within all the light around you.

You are in constant communication with all of life around you. You have been readjusting your own experience because of the intensification of these energies. You are at a time where the flow of information is becoming more conscious.

If you feel overwhelm, nurture yourself into more peace. Inner Peace increases your openness to flow easily with Life.


Create with Loving Focus

Facing the challenges of these readjustments of increased energetic flow is a form of creativity. You are dealing with changes to the collective as humanity is on a new track. All of this supports your creativity, for it is your creativity that leads the track of humanity.

As you observe your energy, you may notice that at times your creativity shifts and slows down as you react to humanity and the collective shifting in a new direction. At times you may find that you are having more of an emotional and mental focus, rather than what you are physically creating.

It is valuable to have time to focus upon your internal expression so that you begin your creations with much more clarity. As you free yourself from discordant information that you were holding within, you release unconscious vibrational information that was causing a lack of clarity. You are then able to choose your next steps with much more clarity.

Make a conscious choice to find an internal perspective that feels better, more loving, and authentic to you. As you Love your self and Life more, you are supporting your creativity to become a dominant resonance in your world. 

It is important to relax into your creativity and recognize what you are feeling internally as you are creating.

This will help you open to new information, alignments and synchronicities. It will help you ease into life more. Relax into life more. Everything that is occurring is supporting you into change.

Life is Loving you so dearly that it would bring forth change to propel you into creativity you did not feel comfortable with before.

Love is Like Oxygen by Jamye Price

Are you ready? Say YES! Life would not call you forth into that change and creativity if you could not handle it. Your creativity is coming to a new level. Relax into it. Open your heart, your mind and open to Life.

Everything that is occurring is Life loving you into new experience.

As you release perceptions of your inability to create, you enhance your internal flow of love. You find freedom, connection and ability to fly. It connects you, in this linear moment, with the future that you want to create.

Life is loving you into a new level of creativity. As you open, you allow that flow to fulfill you.

Your creativity then becomes less about the end result and more about the journey. As you integrate all of it, the exciting, boring and challenging parts; you ease into more creativity.

Your creativity helps keep you moving in a direction that supports your life. Your creativity supports the growth of the collective experience of humanity.  

It is time to relax into the experience of creating.

The more internal ease you have, you will find it easier to discover new creativity that may have not felt comfortable before. You are ready for it now. You are creating a new you. You are becoming clear on your ability to transform yourself and your world. You are creating a new human experience.

You are being called to a new level of creativity and empowerment.


Authenticity and Creativity

When you practice being authentic with your emotions, you allow both your positive and negative emotions. As you allow your emotions to inform you, you allow yourself to become very clear and therefore very potent creatively. When you recognize your clarity and observe your reactions, you see that you are growing into a new level of creativity.

When you feel a positive emotion rejoice and emanate that energy into your life more. When you feel a negative emotion rejoice because you are becoming more clear about what you like and dislike in this physical realm.

As you honor that “negative” feeling, you love it into transformation rather than suppressing it.

You begin to use your creative power more, the gift of Life that is within you with ever greater force as you enhance your clarity.

Sometimes it may feel that in the moment your clarity is elusive. You may not recognize what you are feeling and what you are wanting. This is time to relax into it more. There are layers of information that are unfolding at a pace that is appropriate for you. As you learn to calm the mind more, to feel and hear your heart emotions—your heart and mind will work together with much more unity.


Healing into Heart Mind Unity

Your heart and mind bring together the two strongest electromagnetic fields within you.

As you begin to seek the feeling before the understanding, you will be touching the depths of understanding available.

Your emotions have a vast amount of information within them. Your mind analyzes that which is a valuable gift as learn to apply them into your life. Your mental focus is only part of the picture. Your emotions, your heart and your love are a connective powerful force.

The simplicity of feeling your life more is more difficult than some people realize. Your biomechanism is created to naturally protect you. The emotional experience has not been properly protected, so it has been suppressed.

Your boundaries support your emotional experience. It requires that you honor yourself and what you can handle emotionally. Honor your needs; then let go, release, and forgive. As you do that, your mind relaxes into emotional availability.

When your mind is following your heart, you are limitless in your ability to love, connect with life, and to create change.

As you become more comfortable in that space of unknown (the heart), yet knowing you are creating (relaxing the mind), you will have more clarity and increase your flow.

Your clarity is an open mind that understands the brilliance of your heart.

Breathe into it. Life is supporting you. Embrace it. Connect to the future of the fulfillment that you are creating and that life is supporting you to create. Your awareness is a gift that shapes all of life around you. Your clarity is enhanced as you become peaceful in the moment and allow life to flow more easily.


Go With the Flow?

Your authenticity creates clarity within you. Your clarity creates profoundly with Life. Your energetic state is ripening for increased connectivity in ways that will shift the trajectory of the human experience. If you allow your clarity to evolve.

You are being compelled into movement, compelled into clarity, and compelled into sharing your Light more. As the frequency intensification of your atmosphere increases, it is stretching you into a new resonance of interactivity.

This spiraling increase is a natural mechanism of evolution.

Your balance of inward and outward focus, your balance of feminine and masculine energetics—your balance—is imperative for navigating current flow.

Life is quickening. Go with the flow. Direct your creativity inward first, then seek the external direction as Life compels you and supports you forward with desire. 

Your creativity begins where you are open to change. Internally connect, Love, and create anew. 

It is time to flow with the compelling of Life, and release unnecessary fears that confuse your clarity of direction.

You are creative by nature. Embrace your creativity. Every moment has creative potential. Feel deeply into your life and you will begin to entrain more clearly to the natural flow of Love that compels more Life. You are Life.   

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