Shed Your Skin

Shed Your Skin Article by Jamye Price

These energies are intense! I have been hearing from quite a few people about the intensity of release that is going on, or the intensity of the collective energies. I even mentioned when Areon showed me September energies were Joyful Heart, my initial reaction wasn’t joyful. :o)

But this is the work.

What has been surfacing recently is a review of the year’s vision and a merging with the energy of Ophiuchus/Asclepius. First a review: 2020 was the year of Following Your Heart, where we had to learn to protect the inner realm with wisdom and courage (not fear) so that our unique focus is supported.

Otherwise, your powerful Light is dispersed because of other people’s agendas.

We’ve Been Preparing

This preparation began so long ago, but it has been culminating lately. The 2021 energies of Freeing Your Heart move that powerful Love that was nurtured within the self, out into this changing world. It’s the work in Lightwork; maintaining a counterpoint to the rampant fear and control.

For 2021 I was shown a dragon on Earth erupting fire upwards. Then a dragon in the sky erupting clouds outwards. I heard “release the poison” and I knew the sacral, heart and throat chakras were especially important.

Fire and water. Earth and Air. The dragon represents integration of all the elements, including ether. We could call that our consciousness, and focus is the vehicle of movement for our consciousness. Areon said the January energies represent an important energy throughout the year. Ugh. So true.

We are constantly in a duality-transforming phase of release or activation. They occur simultaneously, it’s just a matter of what is manifest or visible in your experience.

Change is Here

Now to the recent message of, “now we can return to the lady moon,” connected with Ophiuchus, the serpent-bearer. There is more brewing about this, but the basis of scorpion/snake energy is transformation (rebirth, deep change, initiation) and wisdom.

I found this at my house a few days ago.

Snake Shed its Skin by Jamye Price

It’s time to shed your skin.

What “skin” (outer-focus, old idea, expectation, presentation) do you need to release (remember that directive in the 2021 vision) so that your Joyful Heart can abide your power to transform this world. You don’t control the outer world, only how your focus within. Unless YOU focus your energy, someone else will.

News, advertisers, click-baiters (they are one and many) will.

Free your Joyful Heart

It’s not because everything here is already joyful. It’s because (being the cause) YOU know that Life is Love. It comes from Love and returns to Love. This dissonance is a compelling to more harmony. For the bold dragons.

Sometimes I don’t feel that. But this universe is that. And you are part of that broader flow of Life. Focus your heart/mind on the transformation that you want to experience here.

Don’t give your power away, dragon. Change is here.

Movement, sound, creative expression. Buzz like a bee. Twist like a snake. Release the poison that creates dissonance within so that healing occurs more easily.

Let go of the old skin, powerful one. You’ve outgrown it.

They won’t tell you that. You have to follow YOUR instincts. What do you know deep within?

The Truth of Your Heart

Card Reading Third Quarter

Enjoy this card reading for the third quarter – though the information is applicable beyond that time frame, of course. This deck is an Ascension tool to help you navigate your ever-increasing empowered creativity, so the information will support more Heart Truth (less hard truths ;o)

Leave a comment below about what Heart Truth you are focusing on. <3

Empowered New Foundation Card Reading

Second Quarter Card Reading with Jamye Price

What an amazing card reading for the second quarter of 2021 (April through June)! I was blown away by the flow of information. And of course, this information applies beyond the timeframe because the Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck supports your mental and emotional evolution for Ascension.

I hope you enjoy!

2021 Card Reading

2021 Card Reading by jamye Price

I had so much fun doing this card reading for 2021. I chose five cards, but then I was guided to arrange them in a certain way and Areon gave me clear direction as the meaning of the new card spread.

It also turned into an exercise that you can download HERE. (It will ask for your email so I can send you the download, if you’re already on my list it won’t change anything)

Gabriel’s Horn

Gabriel's Horn by Jamye Price

For those of you that have been on my newsletter, reading my posts and watching my videos, there will be a little review and something new. :o)

At the beginning of the year, I was shown a vision of Gabriel’s Horn. I heard a loud tone and saw the throat chakra opening. I first assumed it only referred to Archangel Gabriel; known as the messenger. A visit often heralds an unexpected gift, or more clarity and understanding, even if much is still unknown—especially “how” something will manifest.

Some also associate Gabriel’s horn with judgment day. 2020 certainly had the dynamic of bringing many things to bear that may have been in the background, suppressed or just not had such a pressing need to be dealt with yet. The shutdowns due to the virus made people deal with their loneliness, separation (or being “stuck” with family) and find new ways to connect, both with the self and others.

Finite and Infinite

I soon discovered Gabriel’s Horn also referred to a math problem that seeks to solve the funnel of the spiral. Of course, Areon speaks often of the spiral. It is the internal movement and mechanism of the sphere and the toroid—it is the movement that builds form in our spiral galaxy and throughout our cellular structure.

The math problem of Gabriel’s Horn is a paradox of finite volume having an infinite surface area. This touches the metaphor of our own multidimensional nature; we are that living paradox of seemingly undefinable infinite that is just at the surface of a finite form.

We move through space and time at this density, with the loud and obvious senses yelling that only form is real, that only tangible has value, and that the safe path is what has been done before. Yet we can not help but live our infinite within the finite, as divine diversity calls us to create.

When I shared my Gabriel’s Horn vision at the beginning of 2020, I received two synchronistic experiences. One I’ve already shared, a beautiful painting by Suzanne Siroka. She emailed me this photo of her painting that began in October and finished days before my newsletter. She felt it was Gabriel and the blue sphere (throat chakra!?) was the Tone of Awakening.

Gabriels Horn by Suzanne Siroka

Gabriels Horn by Suzanne Siroka

The 2’s in 2020 are facing each other, in a reflection that creates a heart within a container of the Tone of Awakening. Areon has overviewed 2020 as the year of Following Your Heart. I also love how it seems to be in a hall of mirrors, as we have certainly been faced more clearly with the reflections and illusions around us in 2020!

Infinite and Finite Time

The second synchronicity I wasn’t guided to share yet. I kept checking in to see if it was time, but it wasn’t until now, in the month of eleven, that the time was right. An architect that had worked on a project reached out in early January to say that a physical tower, built with a modified version of Gabriel’s Horn formula of y=1/x was recently completed.

The tower was guided to be constructed by Meher Baba in December of 1944. It was completed and dedicated on December 23, 2019, 75 years later to the day (the synchronicity of timing again, infinite is not bound by time or space). The modification of the formula required shifting the rate of change of the spiral (indicated in the constant “1” in the formula) to 11. From the architect, Ty Provosty:

“I also want to share how I modified the formula to create the exact form of the marble clad tower. The original formula is written y=1/x. But I found that by using the constant of 1 the curve formed was too tight. We needed a more gentle transition from X to Y.  I finally settled on the constant of 11 to achieve this more gentle transition from the horizontal to the vertical. So the actual formula used was y=11/x.”

This triggered a few loose connections in my mind. The first is that as string theory began, physicists stated there was at least 11 dimensions (M-theory), because that was what they could quantify. The second is that Areon has often channeled about our “speed” in this density, and that if we were at a different speed/frequency, then different rules would apply. Ty had a beautiful response to that:

Meher Baba Tower“It became apparent during the refinement of the design that the rate of change from the horizontal (symbolically physically grounded and also actually structurally grounded relative to the technics of building) to the vertical, (the symbolic journey to ascension – to the light), had to be made more gradual.

That is what the change of the constant from 1 to 11 represents. So, the rate of change needed to be more gradual.

It is said that to move in the timetable of God or, (as Meher Baba gave), Infinite Intelligence, is a more pleasant and “heavenly” journey to Self Realization. It possesses a sweet quality.

To be insistent about this timetable (which can be done) makes the journey as if in a desert without water. To make stern demands (which can also be done) about the shortening of this timetable is tantamount to traversing a path strewn with excruciating suffering.

So, this divine “rate of change” is the pace that Infinite Intelligence has ordained. Better to learn this pace in our walk to the Divine (only found within). This walk to the Divine is, as you readily share, our birthright.

The symbolism of this form also shares the idea that to reach the heights of ascension, one must be grounded in life. I relate that to my journey into my own darkness with eyes wide open and a softening of my heart.

This softening sometimes takes a while to embrace. It took me decades.”

This is a powerful reminder of how form imitates the formless, yet there are differences. November’s Soul Love is about finding your self mastery (the energy of 11) and from that empowered inner structure—your Crystalline clarity and diamond strength; you build the bridge to heaven, you become the structure of finite meeting infinite.

Navigating Finite

Why is this message coming now? Why not when it was initially received in January of this year instead of November of this year? Wouldn’t it have been better to have this information before the tumultuous journey of 2020?

This is the pace of discovery through experience, to move with the timetable of Infinite Intelligence as Meher Baba put it. It is the seed of wisdom. It’s finite in this walk through timespace density, yet infinite is surrounding it, creating the container.

The finite seed grows through infinite support.

But the contained can’t see the infinite with the physical eyes, it’s invisible. It’s like looking into a hall of mirrors. Do you get mesmerized by the reflections, or do you Follow Your Heart? As the finite 2020 winds down, it is calling you. What is the Tone of your Awakening?

Gabriel’s Horn in its infinite forms— through paint, through sound, through towering ground—blasts the illusions as the mirrors break down.

Gabriel is the messenger of the infinite. 2020 has brought us to greater focus with our own infinite engine, breaking the sound barrier of the noisy external realm with the quiet stillness of the heart.

Sweet blessing, as two contrary speeds collide and the sonic boom reminds you that fast and slow are two opposites that you navigate continually; you find your divine glory. As you climb the ladder of resonance, the tower that you build is your bridge to the Divine. You are the tower, you are Divine.





This world is yours. Inherit it. You of Love know that inheritance is for All, because Love is for All. It is infinite. You are contained within it; boundless, for infinite is the sheath of finite form.

In Finite In Two In You

Here we are at the month of 11 in 2020. As your heart calls you to follow it, you are asked to weave your infinite divinity into the form of Life. As you do this, the spiral reaches higher and wider, deeper and wider, these two opposites reflected into four directions.

Yet that is what physical sees, for four is really All; 1+1+1+1  11:11 four in one, the tesseract inside and out. They are not separate, they are pulsing, pleasing, purging. Eleven and heaven are One reflected.

Read more about the Meher Tower here:

11:11 – The Four Pillars of Ascension

1111 Four Pillars of Ascension by Jamye Price


I always love it when synchronicities arise. It’s such a special communication with Life that it really adds to the unfolding. When I created the Cosmic Consciousness Ascension Deck, there were many synchronicities that occurred as I learned and transformed along with the process of creating them.

The synchronicity of 11:11 only became known to me when I was creating the web page for the cards. Areon had revealed the technical aspects of the information along the way, but it was never tied into 11:11 until I saw it on the web page. They began to speak to me about the four “suits” of the cards being four pillars.

A pillar is a support, often a beautiful, ornate support. This is what our cosmic heritage is to me, a beautiful support. Synchronicity makes this journey an exciting support of understanding the universe of support that Life is always flowing even if it’s not always easy.

11:11 Revealed

When I was creating the web page, I was shown to create a picture of four pillars to represent the four galactic races. When this picture was created, I saw the 11 11 clearly. It made such sense to me, because 11:11 has many representations to me.

Here are just a few:

  • Hello from Love
  • Mastery aligning
  • Celebrate
  • New beginnings
  • Support is here
  • Focus
  • Portal of focus
  • Open your heart
  • Strength of a column
  • Be a pillar of light
  • Four directions focus within you
  • Gateway is open and calling you
  • YAY! :o)

Receiving the Love

When this came up I felt such a flow of support, of course. It was a reminder that we are the column of Light that Life is flowing through. As you shine, illuminate and express your Light, you are allowing the divine within to support your experience. You are also letting your Light inform life through the vast invisible that connects all things.

The individual 1 + 1 is infinite. It is connected to the Oneness. 11:11 reminds you that you are separate, individual and unique: one. You are also connected, part of this vast cosmos: One. Life is always supporting you. You are the doorway that opens to reveal the Light within.

Happy 11:11! :o) It’s available every day, it’s within every moment.

Leave a comment below of what 11:11 reveals to you.

The Law of Resonance

The Law of Resonance by Jamye Price

Resonance is merely a vibrational oscillation that has a specific dominant frequency range in a moment. Each being, object and collective has a dominant frequential resonance. That frequency is emanating constantly, and anything else with the same or similar frequency also starts to vibrate. This may be in physical range, like the pendulums in a room of clocks synching, or it may be via distance through entanglement.

Generally fundamental resonance is determined by the lowest frequency, yet we each have multiple frequencies within us. In essence, your fundamental resonance is determined by your lower chakras. This is why it is important to clear and strengthen your flow of safety, connection and will to a strong resonance with Love. This bridges the flow of your upper and lower chakras through the heart, creating a more unified energy field.

The Law of Resonance is the communication system of Life, the feedback of harmony or disharmony activating and amplifying information. Feedback is another way of saying connection, and connection is the core of all Life.

Where there is similarity in vibration, there is direct frequency impact, creating movement that strengthens flow. Like attracts like. The more loving you are, the more Love is.

Attraction or Resonance

Essentially, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonance are the same thing. Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, prefers to call it the Law of Resonance so that we are more focused on our own vibration rather than the action of attraction.

When you focus on your vibrational information, you don’t suppress uncomfortable experiences like hatred or anger, you allow them to transform (the motion of emotion) into a deeper strength and new choice. This changes your resonance.

Focusing your subtle bridge (your thoughts and emotions) toward your desires is what we would generally consider the Law of Attraction. It is valid and true (when taught well, like by Abraham-Hicks), it’s just the semantics of refocusing you toward your inner vibrational information more directly (which Abraham-Hicks does).

The Law of Resonance shows us that like attracts like, or frequencies that are the same or similar respond to resonant oscillations. This speaks to the power of your intent to shape your experience.

Your resonance is the totality of your vibrational information.

In other words, the universe speaks the totality of your vibration. If your lack of trust in yourself and life is stronger than your trust, then creating your reality seems out of reach.

Similarly, if your focus is not sustained enough, or if the fear of lack is leading unconsciously, conscious creation is more difficult. Hence the importance of dealing with negativity rather than just suppressing or avoiding.

This is leaning into what seems opposite and finding connection.

Opposite or Same?

So which is it, do opposites attract or does like attract like? In essence it is both – the riddles of duality! When we say opposites attract, we often think of things like a relationship of two dissimilar people (an introvert and extrovert, for example) or even the positive proton and negative electron.

It is both opposite and same because it is truly about completion and wholeness.

What if that which seemed so opposite from you was more similar than you can experience with physical senses alone? This was shown to me many years ago when my non-physical guides showed me that our DNA is only .0000000000000000001% different (that’s 18 zeros. They say it is actually 19 zeros now as we multiply, it changes).

We seem so much more different than that, but in truth we are more similar. We just have to observe beyond the physical. What seems opposite is your completion or wholeness in a moment.

Opposites Connect with Love by Jamye Price

For example, it requires the opposites of male and female to create a baby. That baby has both energies within it, no matter which gender expresses. What seems opposite is part of the completion of the new.

This perception helps you integrate whatever seems opposite so that your resonance becomes complete and whole to your growth, rather than resisting the “opposite.”

This shifts your resonance into Love rather than fear. Love is a connective energy, fear is a separative energy (helpful when needed).

The Resonance of Love and Connection

The Law of Resonance helps you to understand that you are connected and interacting constantly with life. You are impacting and impacted by the oscillations around you and connecting with you.

Where is the true power? Areon says Love is the most powerful force. It is powerful because connection is in-built into it. It’s a passive force, meaning its impact is strongest in the subtle realm; it magnetizes rather than overpowers. It’s effect first impacts the subtle realm rather than the physical. The subtle realm is the 99% invisible engine that builds worlds.

Shifting your resonance always begins within. Shift your own resonance into more harmony, shift the totality of your information into more empowered Love leading life. As you utilize your powerful force of Love, you are amplifying your own energetic structure with the resonance of conscious creation.

Love sometimes means saying no, letting someone or something go, releasing unhealthy control when it feels safer to cling to the familiar, or creating disappointment or discomfort rather than depletion. But Love always means consciously creating an empowered future. Since the information of Life is flowing directly into you, your powerful resonance of Love influences all life.

Love. Resonate. Propagate. It’s a natural flow of the passive force magnetizing more Love. It’s in you. Let it flow.

Using Your Power

Using your True Power by Jamye Price

There is a connection to all things. It may be invisible, and therefore seem theoretical, but many scientific studies are continually reaffirming this.  The benefit of the physical realm of separation is the details become reflected and choice becomes projected.

When we observe, we are creating a shift in our own energy field and the energy field of whatever we are observing. Areon speaks to this when they channel and they say, “Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.” This means (summarized) “We receive you, we love you, we bring your love forward/life is forever changed by this interaction.”  Areon continually reminds us that we never really just hear or see something, we take it into our vibration.

Observe adn Interact with Life by Jamye Price

One layer of this powerful statement, “Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah”  is showing that interaction shifts the potentials of all involved. The Law of Resonance is the mechanism through which the interaction takes place. There is an exchange of information that has an effect on all energetic structure; creating a push/pull that bends, breaks and shapes form.

Creation is Constant

The stronger the force, the farther the reach. Anger is a strong force and one way to create. But it becomes part of the full information of what has been created, so being clear about it’s totality is important to deal with along the way.

Anger used properly, without harm, can create movement as choice is made to move the energy of injustice. It can also be used to harm or suppress, so having the courage to be clear about motivation is imperative for your own vibration, whether you are on the giving or receiving end of anger.

The experience of anger, especially to sensitive empaths, is often difficult. That may be their own anger, or the anger of another. Yet there is nothing bad about anger itself, it’s what’s done with it that determines separation or a layer of new, empowered connection.

According to Areon, Love is the strongest force because deep in its nature is connection.

We return where we began – there is a connection to all things. The strongest force, Love, is naturally connective. Even to say goodbye to someone and yet hold a powerful Love continues connection, even though it’s now invisible and experienced less directly or concretely.

Using or Abusing Power

What is the difference between using power or abusing power? Ab-using power creates disconnection and is externally focused. Using power (your true power of Love) creates connection.

Abusing power can sometimes be sneaky, and even be an internal sabotage mechanism. But observance will always serve you as you neutralize to the push/pull of experiences. For example, someone that says, “I love you” but really means “do something for me” is abusing power, even if it takes time to see that manipulation. It may not seem that detrimental, but it has layers of information that erode the connection of Love. It erodes your true power—Love.

What’s most important is that you realize your own choices within your interactions to create connection—especially inner connection. As you align your information with more clarity and Love, you are amplifying the flow of your energy into your life. Synchronicities abound.

Using your true power—Love—creates more connection and more Love on Earth.

You use your power when you make choices that align you with more Love. You use your power when you show others how Love interacts—even when you’re saying no, goodbye or disappointing another. Using your power counteracts the impact of abusing power.

When you meet manipulation with self-love, your true power—Love—impacts your interactions. That is what really changes the world.

We are constantly communicating with our 99% invisible energy. What comes into your consciousness is what is directly related to your focus. As you focus on using the power of Love to lead your life, you start to experience the impact of Love more directly.

When more people are using this power instead of abusing it, the world will change. Use it wisely. :o)

The Spiral Function

The Function of the Spiral by Jamye Price

According to Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, the spiral is the core of creation in our experience. We live in a spiral galaxy, and its shape is the macrocosm of the microcosm we live in within it. The spiral movement guides all form, and it is within the spherical form upon which we reside (Earth).

As we understand the spiraling movement and how it applies to form, we are able to go with the flow of creation and utilize the laws that govern our form better. We will blend the metaphor of the spiral into our experience to help understand the natural movement of life.

The spiral is what creates our experience of gravity as the spiraling movement pulls. It is the engine of what some term the Law of Attraction (Areon prefers the Law of Resonance which is the same thing but connects your understanding of your overall vibration creating attraction). The spiraling movement creates the magnetism that attracts. Yet it also creates the repelling…

The Centrifuge

In a lab, the centrifuge is an apparatus that spins a solution to create one of two effects: create stronger bonds or ultimately separate weak bonds that differ in density. The spinning naturally excites the bonding of atoms that go well together, and it naturally releases weak bonds.

This same function is propelling our own changes, as life compels us to bond or release in accordance with our energetic structure and physical structure. The energetic structure begins the process and the physical structure shows where it is manifesting currently.

Your energetic structure contains your desires, beliefs, thoughts and emotions, soul path and collective information. This structure is a lighter density than your physicality. As you go with the flow of your higher density changes more readily, you are reducing the effort of the physical experience.

Your energetic structure is much more malleable than the physical, so changes there do not require as much break down to build up. This is the proverbial quantum leap or butterfly effect.

Areon talks about the hourglass-shaped spiral, as the two opposing spins are reflective of our lightbody. Of course, we see tornado funnels that don’t have a visible opposing spiral, but observing the functionality of the hourglass spiral is helpful.

Dispersed Spiral Flow

They have said that if you were swirling around at the top of the spiral, the movement would feel slow and lovely. At this juncture, it feels like things are moving along congruently, meaning they don’t feel so much like changing to a different level, but more like moving along a connected path.

You can easily look around you and focus on whatever you want. It’s easy to initiate movement at this point in the spiraling. It is more languishing and creative, as the pace of change doesn’t push or pull too much.

Focus Your Love by Jamye Price

To utilize this type of flow, it is helpful to observe and take actions (based on inspiration and observation) without looking for definitive resolution. You are moving along a journey that may have some twists and turns ahead, so don’t get too set in your expectations.

It’s also important to not get reliant on this slower flow, or lack of change. This is the time for observing, learning and testing things to discover the next part of the path.

Increased Spiraling Flow

As the spiral spins faster, you are moving toward the center of the hourglass, but not quite there. This mid-point of the top or bottom of the spiral (not the center point) is increasing in speed, but still relatively manageable. You could shift directions if needed, but things are starting to speed up and there is a trajectory of flow that is moving you forward.

At this point, you are taking action, learning along the way and feeling the excitement of potential. Yet there is quite a bit of movement that is creating changes, so being open to change is still important. Yet it is a time for action and allowing things to “spin off” that aren’t serving the ultimate goal.

Release and Activation

At this point in the flow, there is a movement of creation building that supports the back-and-forth of release and activation. These two opposite sides of the same coin are always occurring with each other. When you release, you naturally activate. Just as when you activate you naturally release the “weak bonds” that are not congruent with that new vibration you have touched.

That vibration you have touched could be a powerful meditative experience, a healing, a desire/inspiration, a collective or astrological influence, a resonance from a parallel existence connected to you (i.e. past life experience), or more.

Accessing that new vibrational resonance creates a readjustment to your energy field. Your malleable subtle structure (less dense – hence the centrifuge reference) spins off weak bonds and strengthens strong bonds.

What is a weak bond? Fear.

Fear is a weakness to an unknown. Your core is a denser strength than that. Love is the binding force of all life. Fear is the weak link in the connection. Weak links break easily unless we keep reinforcing them or avoiding them.

Let Excitement Become Stronger than Fear by Jamye Price

At this point, as the acceleration is increasing but still somewhat manageable, there is a plasma excitation that keeps moving you along. The spin is starting to create an opposing pull that creates an internal clarification and stimulation of new creation. The amplification is creating a pull upwards within the spiral, just as there is a pull downwards toward the tight mid-point of the spiral.

Rapid Spiraling

As the spiral tightens and increases momentum at the mid-point, things are moving very fast. At this point, if you were spinning along, it would be hard to move your body (metaphorically) because the spin would be creating such a pull that resistance is difficult.

This is the equivalent of being in labor, about to birth a baby, and trying to hold it in or reverse direction. Resistance is ultimately futile.

Areon has given quite a few recommendations of dealing with this aspect of our creative movement. This time of rapid movement lends to going with the flow rather than trying to resist change. It is a time of inward focus, as the body would naturally be pulling in/contracting as the intense movement is compressing.

The toroidal flow is almost obvious, yet at this time the psyche would be resisting the inevitable change that is occurring unless it is guided otherwise. The old brain senses fear here, an unknown; but definitely impending transformation. The new brain can direct the focus through choice and higher wisdom beyond (valuable) instinct.

The buzz of opposites colliding is felt with the senses, as the intensified friction and compelling is palpable, the increase in vibrational concentration effecting the ears, skin and all organs. Perhaps it’s a ringing in the ears, a sense of unusual density in the spine, a tingling on the skin as the plasmatic bath oxidates (and reduces) the surface and pulls the interior forward.

Can you hear the rushing? Or is it a loud silence as you experience the rushing from your detached observation?

Training Your Focus

If you were in a speeding train, you wouldn’t hear the wind rushing but you would see things moving quickly. If you look directly outside the window, close to the train, it is hard to focus and see the details. You would likely make yourself dizzy trying to FOCUSFOCUSFOCUS so rapidly.

But look off into the distance at the landscape. It is quite clear and easy to focus on. It gives the illusion of slow movement. This is the time to focus within and ahead. Rather than so much physical movement of action, support the inner creation that is coming into the physical.

Within the metaphor it doesn’t mean no action in the physical, it means go with the natural flow of the impending new creation and transformation. How are you feeling about it, do you feel ready? Do you know that all is well even though you don’t know all the details? Surrender to the flow because it’s here.

Opposite Spirals Meet

There comes a point in the spiral that opposites meet. The implosion/explosion (depending on your perspective – it’s like release and activation) creates a stillness within the movement then a movement within the stillness. As the expansion becomes contraction, contraction becomes expansion and new flow is formed. The inevitable birthing occurs.

This is where neutrality resides, where the surrender into connection with the opposite creates new form. As the positive and negative collide, the opposites create a vector sum zero, the zero point in which potential dwells. This metaphoric Faraday effect completes the toroidal circle as it neutralizes opposing spin into multidirectional flow.

From the center, the spiral does not just move up and down, it now moves out invisibly offering Time new direction, crossing potentials and completing a circle of flow. This neutralizing new direction weaves opposites into a full circuit of creation.

Do you get pushed outward or pulled inward here? That is a matter of perspective, as any moment in Time may focus the dimension of flow you are experiencing.

Your work here is to embrace the change through the surrender into release as new flow shifts and transforms you. The cycle reverses direction and creation builds.

Cycles within Cyclones

Our complex concert is not just a simple flow of fast or slow spiraling. It is a blend of layers of choice within a moment. There are certainly times when it is more black-or-white opposites, yet most human experiences are a blend of choices and potentials. It is the steps that complete the journey in linear time. Yet as we blend our inner and outer interactions more consciously, we are better utilizing the laws of nature that guide us.

Through the twists and turns of life, you are releasing and activating in order to transform. As Areon says often, “Life is fail-safed toward Love.” When you feel spun-out, relax into the rapid flow. Get quiet, go within. When you feel like things are moving too slowly for you, observe what’s around you and take some actions without rigid expectations, knowing that it’s likely not time for immediate intense transformation—things are building.

As life spirals you into a new flow, surrender into your divine nature and know that Life is supporting your flow toward greater Love. Even the challenges are supporting you to release and activate in order to align with natural flow. The path of least resistance doesn’t mean there’s no resistance, it means you don’t resistance when its futile. Go with the flow, decisions and actions are woven into it naturally.

All that you are is divine. That is Life. It is spiraling you to a new level of you, a new flow of you, a new creation of you. It ripples out into dimensions unseen and creates a connection as life spirals onward and upward. You are magnificent. A fractal of the galaxy in human form spiraling Love forward into Life.

Shifting Chakras

Shfiting Chakras by Jamye Price

Your chakra system, part of your lightbody, exhibits the resonance of the electromagnetic field in which you live. It is a microcosmic expression of the macrocosmic environment. As you incarnate into the Earth experience, your capability of flow manifests in accordance with the information within this environment.

There is uniqueness and diversity, as well as cohesion and unity within the environment. You incarnate into a system with your uniqueness, yet the system also influences your unity. The two are reflexive. Our chakra system reflects this.

The chakra system has it’s uniqueness and unity, just as all life on Earth.

While the chakra system has similarities, there are also some differences in people’s chakra systems. For example, there are those that have “rainbow” chakras that hold a broader spectrum of resonance within each spin point (many of our plant foods have shifted in this way as well).

Some chakra systems react easily to information in a way that expands the flow of a singular chakra to encompass the whole system as necessary. That creates a faster processing through experiences. There are chakras beyond the seven main ones that are becoming more consciously accessible to our resonance. But I want to outline a specific change our chakras are experiencing at this time.

The Sagittal Shift

Body PlanesAround 2008, there was a shift in the heart chakra flow where it began strengthening flow along the sagittal plane. In late 2015, I started noticing that same flow with the throat chakra.

Back around 2008, I was doing healing work and was interrupted by my Guides. They began moving my hand in front of my heart chakra and told me that the heart chakra is shifting flow. It is moving into a resonance that flows outward (the sagittal plane). I had this corroborated by two people in odd ways within about a month.

What this shift signaled is a clearer resonance with connection.

Rather than the strength of the chakra flow being more internal the self, it flows outward more readily, connecting you with life. This is an evolution that creates more connectivity. It initiates clearing and activation in order for the species to evolve into fourth density. It is a gradual strengthening that occurs over time.

Hearts Connecting

The shift of the heart chakra coincides with evolution into fourth density. Density considers the resonance of the whole being and experience, dimensions consider the perspective of expression manifest—or how to define the density experience.

In terms of dimensional expression, we are shifting how we flow beyond just the physical timespace experience, into the depth of connection (heart chakra resonance).

Clarion Call to Love by Jamye Price

The application of this shift is that the individual becomes more heart centered, more interactive with love, the connective energy of the heart. As the heart chakra amplifies into a stronger transverse plane of flow, your heart resonance has clearer interaction with life, releasing the mind from the burden of leading your path solely from mental reliance.

The experience of this shift varies and has times of intensity. The Ascension symptoms most directly connected to it are shifting relationships, shifting passions and shifting empowerment.

Relationships that aren’t healthy become more intense as the heart chakra connects with a predominance of pain or pleasure.

Your heart begins to lead as the intensity of your heart flow magnetizes the clearing that will create the most empowered you. You are also activating those that are close to you whether in proximity like a coworker, or DNA and intimate relationship. This affects the overall flow of the collective over time.

Your passions may shift, even if they aren’t defined yet, as living without love connection to your life becomes less and less tolerable. For some, this will slow down their “productivity” as moving through life with control and actions can no longer dominate your experience. Mental force concedes to desire, which often begins by not desiring, confusion, resisting and finally surrendering into the flow of your own heart. The flow of the heart is amplifying.

The heart creates empowerment through the safety of love. Without that, the ego is constantly seeking to establish safety by control and domination of the external. When the heart leads, connection with life has no need of manipulation, domination or suppression to create.

This where the tipping point of leading by fear or leading by love asks for the ultimate surrender of the ego and mental control. Will you embrace the unknown, take a risk of not being satisfied in the moment or a creative risk of external judgment? The empowered heart loves life, it’s positives and negatives are no longer polarized into avoidance, they are traversed in the transverse wave functionality of love amplifying all directions of flow and connection.

Expressing Out

As the throat chakra intensifies its flow along the sagittal plane, we are becoming more connective with our communication and manifestation. The throat chakra holds our manifestation of time as we begin the process of linearizing the non-linear. Creation begins to form here.

Foundation of Strength by jamye Price

As this chakra readjusts, time becomes an erratic flow of excitement and depletion, peace and frenzy to varying degrees. The body changes sleep patterns, physical energy flow (fatigue or vigor) and a readjustment to the senses, both intuitive and physical. The patterns that felt comfortable may no longer work as the density of time becomes more intense before it relaxes into more freedom.

You may have times (;o) of dry unexplained cough, throat clearing, fear of expression or non-expression, feeling/experiencing the past or future. The throat changes are inspiring the self to express out, whether that is verbal or not. The shift in the throat chakra (strengthening in late 2015) becomes important, as the manifestation and expression of the species determines the future experience.

Go with the Flow

The heart flows within infinite time as the mind linearizes so the throat can express. The heart is patient, with a deep connection to the wisdom of life. The throat chakra offers linear expression to the heart and progression of manifestation to the mind, reflecting the balance between the two.

This timespace is supporting your progression through a stronger resonance that pulls the heart and throat chakras into more connective expression. Are you going with the flow?

This intensifying transverse wave flow creates a clearer polarization that then blends into a new creation. You are creating a new future as you allow your infinite heart chakra to express into this finite experience through the throat chakra. Let your love shine!

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