Challenges Flow into Changes

Challenges Flow Into Changes by Jamye Price

The physical realm is the realm of change. Change is constant. As you flow with it, you are utilizing the natural laws that create. As you resist change, you are creating friction with those natural laws.

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

In fact, in this realm of duality, friction is also part of the flow of creation. Here we blend the two into one natural flow.

You are duality in human form. You observe and interact with life within the conditions of the physical realm. The unconditional is for the subtle realm. How you interact with life internally (your subtle realm) is your sovereign domain.

Your internal realm is where you determine how you are flowing with life. Release resistance and you flow more easily. Sometimes that means allowing the resistance to be perfect for the moment of progress.

Resistance is Fertile

If you observe how water (and air, but we’re going to focus on water) shapes Earth, water reshapes it with constant flow and friction. The hardest of rock is smoothed and reformed with water’s natural flow of least resistance, yet resistance all the same.

The path of least resistance creates more ease and peace in your life.

As you are observing and experiencing, it is helpful to maintain that flexibility of water as you flow with life. You are a powerful force of change, even if the external experience seems hard as a rock.

Time is the gift of progress in the physical as you observe and direct your flow to reshape life. Resistance is merely a moment that is calling you to readjust so that your flow can continue. Perhaps it is time to rest and wait. Maybe its time to refocus your direction of flow. You may feel compelled to continue moving forward, just a little more slowly for the time being.

Resistance is just as natural of flow as fast movement forward.

Rock n Flow

Are you the rock being reshaped, or are you the water reshaping life? It’s a trick question, because in this realm of duality you are both.

True resistance is the rock trying to pretend that it is not vulnerable to the gentlest of water flow. Humans often do this through staying unconscious to the effects of their emotions and thoughts. Suppressed emotions, patterns of abuse or control—these are the equivalent of the rock pretending that the water is not slowly wearing it away with friction.

The water is merely finding it’s path of least resistance. It’s flexible, yet direct. It’s adjustable, yet consistent. It’s being water. It’s just flowing.

Dealing with Challenge

How do you deal with challenge? Do you react, resist or flow with the progress of it?

Perhaps you are flowing with it like water—twisting, turning, rolling downhill, pooling your resources until there is critical mass and then overflowing. Such majesty in the waterfalls!

Perhaps you are the rock—knowing your strength yet understanding the greater flow of Life shaping you. Or are you the rock “pretending” that you aren’t affected by the ever-flowing waters of Life?

We all have those moments of fearing or resenting change. Those emotions are best served by the conscious allowance of their flow. Video recommendation: I Surrender my Human Will to my Divine Will.

As you allow that flow, you are assisting challenges to flow into changes.

Your power to change life is in-built into your consciousness. As you honor your powerful flow, you are reshaping life.

Life wants to be reshaped by you. You are Life in human form. As you flow, Life flows.

It is the flow of Love that supports you, even in the midst of resistance. The hardest of rocks is susceptible to the slightest of water flow. Flow some Love to yourself; you are magnificent.

Flow some Love to your challenges, for they are reshaping you into improvement—the natural flow of Life. Flow some Love into the human experience. Humanity is learning to flow with Love instead of fear. You’re leading the way.

Gratitude Isn’t Just a Platitude

Gratitude is not just a Platitude by Jamye Price

I had a funny experience with gratitude. One day I decided that I wanted to flow gratitude to my (non-physical) Guides—just a moment of deep appreciation for them. As I did that, I started feeling so much Love flowing to me that it was beginning to overwhelm me. I actually said to them, “Hey! I’m sending you gratitude!”

I received a loving response, “You cannot send gratitude without receiving it. You are in such a space of Love flow, acknowledging receipt, that you cannot stop that flow of receiving.”

Gratitude is Love Continued

Gratitude is a powerful frequency, it is an aspect of Love. It is important for humanity at this time because we are opening to more of a sacred frequency of Love—a more conscious connection with the power of our Love.

Gratitude activates a sacred flow of Love because it creates a full circuit of connection—give and receive. This full circuit of connection is what helps you transcend duality. As you give and receive with Love, you are connecting directly with your divine nature, creating a conscious trinity. Your merkaba responds.

A current challenge for humanity is getting into a full flow of energy that creates a replenished, empowered sovereign interacting with Life. This exciting point of Ascension is opening us to fuller flow with the subtle realms, in addition to the physical focus that has been so obvious and concrete.

In order to interact effectively with the subtle realms, we must be able to let go of control and domination, and do the inner work to change our personal resonance. Gratitude is a powerful doorway for this.

The Amplitude of Gratitude

When you emit gratitude, you are opening to receiving. You are vibrating, “Thank you, I acknowledge receiving with Love and appreciation,” into the field of Life.

Receiving, like inhaling, is necessary for physical survival. Receiving with Love enhances thriving. When you appreciate with Love, you are flowing healing and empowering energy into this world.

Love is Like Oxygen by Jamye Price

When you receive gratitude, it opens you to honoring and loving yourself more. Self-love is a powerful flow that shifts your inner realm so that you are interacting with the world from Love. Self-love is very different than an imbalanced ego that just seeks domination and external fulfillment.

Self-love creates a wellspring of Love flow within you that filters all that you experience with Love. It changes how you interact, because you are no longer needing fulfillment from the outside, yet you are receiving it fully when it comes. This changes your relationships, your creativity, your obligations—everything flows with more Love.

Gratitude can be Misconstrued

Gratitude isn’t always appropriate. When you need to transform your inner resonance, gratitude can either help you or harm you.

Gratitude may not feel like blissful joy in every moment. Sometimes it feels like disappointment along with understanding, the courage to say no, or appreciating challenges for the growth, even if you’re annoyed in the moment. Sometimes the best gratitude I can access in a moment is, “This, too, shall pass!” “Thank you for making me stronger!” or something similar.

One of the challenges I see for some is trying to get to gratitude before the inner healing has happened.

They intellectualize the gratitude by imposing the attitude of gratitude upon themselves.

They “understand” that a harmful situation was caused by a hurt person and impose the attitude of, “I understand, therefore I already am.”

They create a mental experience without healing, or even honoring, their emotional pain. It is a pattern of avoidance.

The tricky part? When it is truly healed, that is the experience—there is no emotional charge on a situation, the one who was harmed does “understand.” To determine this, a clear connection with your inner authenticity and courage is beneficial. Otherwise you can skip the healing process in the moment and other areas in your life will eventually start to show the effects of repression.

Your Aptitude with Gratitude

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, repeats constantly: observe your initial, authentic reaction to something, because that is generally where you aren’t censoring yourself yet. Then remind yourself—this is just information! It doesn’t define who you are, it defines how you feel about something in a moment. This is how you discover what to shift.

Hating something does not make you a hateful person, it is a moment of clarity that you can use to refine your inner vibrational experience. Loving something doesn’t make you a loving person, it is a reaction to something external that may not be sustainable if your inner integrity is dependent on pleasant circumstances.

Hear your heart clearly with Jamye Price

Being authentic offers opportunities for internal growth that creates a more flexible and strong being. Areon says when you find something you don’t like (such as hating something) celebrate it! You’ve just begun a healing process

The process of healing often comes in steps and layers. Sometimes it reaches plateaus that feel like completion. I have a personal example of this. I bit my fingernails since I had teeth. I tried everything to stop through the years. About a year after I left home, I suddenly stopped. No deep healing focus, no trauma, just stopped.

When I was out of the stressful environment of my family, my body responded differently. Now I had other issues that came up, but the nail biting stopped and I began to grow gorgeous fingernails. Nail polish became my newbestfriend.

23 years later…yes, 23 YEARS LATER—I suddenly started biting them again. Painful, deep, compulsive nail biting. I could not stop. Nothing in my life had changed so drastically or suddenly to warrant the nail biting.

I knew a layer of something was up, but I didn’t know what it was. So I created a Light Language healing audio to stop biting my nails. I sat in the same room with it for over a month, but I couldn’t make myself listen to it. I knew I was in a pattern of avoidance.

Finally, I committed to listening. Within days I stopped biting and could see nail growth. Within a week, my issues started coming up. It wasn’t completely easy, but overall it was incredibly easy. It was way easier than the physical pain of my fingers. I’m still benefiting today from emotional and mental changes; not only in myself, but in how others interact with me.

The Latitude of Gratitude

When you reach a plateau and the issue isn’t there, relax and enjoy the progress. Because you’re aware of the situation, don’t worry. If it comes up, you’ll be able to deal with it and you’ll be supported to deal with it.

I see in sessions (and my own life) that it varies. Sometimes it’s obvious that it’s complete, or it’s obvious that it is not complete. Other times it seems complete because it is complete for now.

Language of the Heart by Jamye Price

How do you really know when it’s complete? Drumroll please…it never comes up again. I know you wanted better news than that! But sometimes Life is growing you into trusting the process and progress of Life.

Perhaps you have found yourself saying, “I already worked on that/healed that.” I’ve seen that shut down someone’s healing many times because they won’t allow the healing to continue. You’ll know it’s done because that issue, area of your life, or what it effects is running smoothly and has no emotional charge on it. In fact, you may even have a modicum of feeling appreciation that it occurred. 

As you relax into the flow of Life you are assisting your healing, you are opening to change, and you are allowing new information to flow to you.

Your Gratitude Altitude

Sit and activate the frequency of gratitude and see how that feels. Send some gratitude to yourself for being the amazing you that you are. Send some gratitude to Gaia for providing such a beautiful Earth. Send some gratitude to animals, friends and family. If you notice any unpleasant emotional/mental or physical reaction, it’s an area to look at healing.

Can you send gratitude to some tougher things? Can you send gratitude to your government for playing its part in this game of life? Can you send gratitude to your own lessons that throw your ego out of balance? Remember, from a space of gratitude you are in that pyramid of Source Love and the government begins to align with Source energy—Love. 

Can you send gratitude to gratitude itself and augment its scope and effect? I’m sending you some gratitude for spending a few moments to make a HUGE difference in this world. Shine your beautiful Divine Light! You are magnificent.

The Inherent Pull of Life

Love is the Inherent Pull of Life by Jamye Price

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time, gave me a teaching using the subatomic structure as a deep metaphor for Life. Within this metaphor the reflection of so much of our world is clear. The laws of nature reflect deep truths that guide form, function and our interactions.

The Inherent Pull of Life is Improvement

It’s not always easy to see in a moment, but it becomes clearer as we develop a perspective of seeing beyond the moment. This conscious focus and interaction is a core aspect of Ascension.

As we explore the metaphor below, we begin to see the core structure of this inherent pull of Life towards improvement. Areon says, “Life is fail-safed toward Love.” When there is so much chaos and harm in the world, that seems like an avoidance of reality. But beneath that chaos is a new foundation birthing.

The Subatomic Model

This very basic overview, using linear words, will detail many layers of metaphor within the physics of our world.

An atom, a basic building block of form, is composed of protons, neutrons and electrons. The nucleus is the center of the atom. It contains the proton which is positively charged, and is stabilized by the neutron (neutral charge). The positive charge of the proton attracts it’s opposite, the negatively charged electron. The electrons move around the nucleus in an electron cloud.

The Importance of Neutrality

The neutron is the largest of the 3 particles and the electron is the smallest. This signifies the importance of neutrality, and even the “power” of negativity.  When neutrality is insufficient (when there are less neutrons than protons in the nucleus) the positive charge of the nucleus is not stable. This creates a ‘radioactive’ or unstable experience.

Have you ever met those positive people that aren’t really stable? They are all about Love until triggered, then they start emitting alpha particles all over you! We all may have some things that throw us off balance, but the overall experience will be more consistent when you are authentically stable rather than avoiding reality to create the illusion of love and light.

Neutrality is the Release of Suffering by Jamye Price

As we remain neutral and focusing on the positive we are stably creating new structure.  When your neutrality is equal to your positivity, you are powerfully creative. It may take time to manifest, but it is forming. Your neutrality also helps you to enjoy the path of creation as it is smoother and calmer, even though it still has ups and downs.

The Negative Illusion

The positive pull of the proton attracts its completion, the oppositely charged electron. The most stable atom has an equal amount of protons, electrons and neutrons. The neutrality allows for an easy connection of the proton and electron. Positive and negative aren’t just good or bad, they are the full spectrum that creates in this realm.

What if anything negative in your life wasn’t a punishment, but a completion?

The electron seems to be pulling away from its oppositely-charged proton (centrifugal force), but that is actually an illusion caused by straight-line inertia—movement forward is the natural flow of Life.

The centripetal force is the strongest force acting within the atom, because without the pull of the positive proton, the electron would just continue forward. The electron does not ‘pull away’ as the illusion of centrifugal force would suggest.

Furthermore, the electron is not always a particle, it behaves as a wave until it is ‘pulled’ into form by the proton. The stability of the nucleus and the completion of the electrons creates a stable new structure, though too small to see, that is building new form. (We’ll discuss the pull of the proton in more detail as we talk about the spiral in a later post).

It is the pull of the positive that is shaping life.

It All Matters

The atom is about 99% space and 1% matter. Areon says that same ratio applies to all life. 1% visible, 99% invisible. Your human self is 1% of you, your Higher Self, the invisible you; is 99% of you.

Your information, your boundaries, your DNA—it all applies. 1% matter, 99% invisible engine of Life. Even humans are 1% different form, 99% connected and reflective—meaning at our core we are more similar than different. Same stories, different details.

This exciting time of Ascension is about learning to consciously interact with the 99% aspect of Life. In this way, the physical part of you starts to utilize the non-physical more and this reduces effort.

There’s a catch though!

In order to use the momentum of the invisible aspect of self, you must become clearer within yourself. The 99% invisible is the subtle realm.

The subtle realm has different rules than the physical realm.

Subtle “speaks” directly to subtle. Your Subtle Bridge (as Areon defines it), your thoughts and emotions, are subtle and they “speak” directly to subtle. Your intent, including your thoughts and emotions as well as conscious and unconscious beliefs and desires, is the totality of your vibrational information.This is what emanates into the subtle realm, in-forming your creation.

Just saying words without meaning isn’t as effective. Doing action without momentum isn’t as effective. Feeling and thinking positively when you don’t really have the stability, neutrality and authenticity to support it isn’t as effective.

You are the 1%

How rich is that. We’re all the 1%.

But we’re also the 99%! When the 99% (subtle aspect of you) becomes empowered through your focus on your self healing, your loving nature, your balance and your clarity—that’s when the world changes. It’s time for the 1% of the 99% to wake up. The 99% aspect of you has always been there, you’ve been interacting through default.

Rather than living life by default, a core teaching of Areon is get YOUR energy into your life! As I’ve been implementing this over the years, I recognize that the first impulse is usually for action and controlling my experience. I have to settle down, observe and recognize the pattern of force repeating in sneaky ways.

Surrender Release Negative Control by Jamye Price

A good practice is repeating, “I surrender my will to (my) Divine Will.”

Surrender isn’t about your lack of value, it doesn’t mean no action ever. It is about releasing control that is holding you back so that you can blend more with your Divine nature.

Another way I’ve soothed this habit is by asking, “What is the gift (or opportunity) in this challenge?” It’s easy when things aren’t challenging, but once you honor the challenge, you open to the natural support of the 99% of you, and of Life.

You are going with the natural flow of improvement.

Holding Space

This is a popular term. What does it really mean when someone says, “I’m holding space for you (or for some creation)”? It is a reference to the space within, your subtle, inner realm. It is a reference to holding or containing a potential. In essence, it refers to the 99% aspect of you, but more clearly, your nucleus. The nucleus of an atom holds the positive proton and the neutral neutron.

It is the positive potential that you hold within the nucleus of you.

When you are patient, you are neutral. When you are focused on your potentials, your positivity creates a natural pull to completion. The electron is not just negative, it is opposite, the reflection that completes. The potentials that you are “holding space” for are too small to see yet, but form is building.

Your healthy boundaries create the space within you that allows the full flow of life, even the “negative” that completes flow. Your patient positivity creates a stable nucleus of potential, the space you hold, in order to create new form.

Love is the Inherent Pull

This realm is one of attraction. Like the nucleus of the atom, you are magnetizing life to you through your vibrational resonance. Your neutrality is imperative to stable creation. Your positivity pulls Life to form.

Positivity doesn’t just mean happy stuff; it’s desire, passion, excitement, want, need… Want and need aren’t bad, they are natural, you are creative and time is currently part of this physical structure that guides you forward.

When want and need are blended with desperation or lack, it causes suffering. Neutrality is the release of suffering, as it is the strength to surrender your human fears to the unknown, and trust your flow with Life.

Your intent, the 99% invisible aspect of you, carries the totality of your vibration. This is why Areon generally refers to the Law of Attraction as the Law of Resonance. Same thing, but it helps reinforce the understanding that you are NOT controlling the subtle realm into compliance with happy thoughts, your whole resonance is drawing creation into form based on your totality of vibrational information.

Life isn’t granting good to good people, it is unconditionally responding to flow.

You Are Love

Your Love flow creates a structure of Love. That builds a new future based in Love. It changes your experience to one that flows more easily with Life.

The inherent flow of Life is improvement.

Life is fail-safed toward Love.

Amplify your Love, and you begin to create a Life of Love that flows easily and ripples out to create a new world.

You’re atomic. You’re nuclear potential of Love. It seems small, but there is a profound and powerful force within you. Let it power this realm with your new-clarity of the awesome Love that is within you, interacting with all life.

Lemurian Love – You Are Beautiful

Lemurian Light Language Activation by Jamye Price

Visiting Mount Shasta is always a joy. The energy there is palpable as you are immersed in such beautiful nature. Yet there is a deeper pull there that has drawn many Lightworkers.

The city of Telos, a fifth dimensional city of Lemurian ancestry, has been guiding us through our own ascension in many ways. As channelers connect with information from Adama, or dreams and experiences inspire Lightworkers, the Lemurian connection is never lost.

You Are Beautiful

In the video I speak about a shared experience with a friend that was a message from Adama that we both received in different ways. The message is ultimately about seeing the beauty and Love within yourself. This is a deeply profound message that is not always easy to live in our world. Some have to heal through past pain, sift through misinformation about selfishness, and learn to nurture a deep courage to Love the self.

Self worth creates a wellspring of Love that flows out into the world. Sometimes we learn it by helping others, sometimes by receiving help from others, sometimes through opposition and sometimes through support.

As you embark on amplifying your Love within, honoring your uniqueness and honoring your connection with all of Life, you are assisting the ascension of humanity in profound ways.

It is the message of our Lemurian brothers and sisters that we are each beautiful, special and bringing Love to Life in human form. I hope this video helps you connect with your Lemurian heritage, as they are connecting with you through the connection of Love that Life shares.

Peace Eclipses Chaos

August Eclipse Energies by Jamye Price

The August eclipse has had an interesting flow. Now that it has occurred, the information I was receiving prior is much clearer. First a little background, so that we are aware of the opportunities and challenges as well. It was a powerfully positive energy!

Out with the Old Chaos

In the August monthly energies video and article, we were shown the amplification of connective, loving intent as our infinite Love ignites. We also covered some of the negatives that the eclipse has the possibility to help us reset. The Charlottesville protest and was a loud indicator of what is surfacing for healing. One facet.

When you look for the clues of improvement, you see that humanity is awakening into more peace. It won’t happen overnight and it won’t all be easy. But peace is igniting. It is the core of what the masses want, but the masses have not previously understood their power clearly.

The astrological assistance has been pretty consistent for years of stirring up the power systems that have suppressed the soul of humanity from igniting more Love into the world. Those systems aren’t letting go easily, but change is inevitable. The current energies offer us a renewal of intent to focus the future. 

In with the New Peace

When the eclipse occurred, the energy was palpable. I was genuinely astonished at the difference in the energy. As it began, there was a stillness and peace. I listened to birds chirping, feeling that beautiful peace and I felt the collective call. It was interesting, because there has been quite a bit of turmoil in the collective energies leading up to it. The lunar eclipse surfaced what was beneath, and the solar eclipse brought Light deep within. The energy was crystal clear. Peace will prevail.

The inherent pull of Life is Love. When the masculine and feminine energy within is balanced, courageous compassion and inclusive protection lead choices. Unity consciousness becomes how you make choice. Deception and domination have no power in the empowered.

What does peace look like to you? As you allow your imagination to envision new potentials for humanity, you are adding information into the collective potentials. Change is a constant in the physical realm. In this year of The Empowered Sovereign, Life is asking you to flow your unique intent of a loving future into the physical realm. 

Question the Future

This eclipse anchored a powerful potential that is now our inner work to actualize. In the August monthly energies teleclass, there was a simple yet powerful question. What does my soul want? Ask yourself that and allow the answers to form gently through you as you Love Life. 

Anchor the Answer

It’s never been said better than, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” That deep truth is what creates the actual change. It’s not an eclipse, a Lion’s Gate or assistance from off-world beings. It’s you. 

As you allow your soul to lead, your potentials are Divine. 

Freedom Present, Past Released

Freedom Present Past Released by Jamye Price

Freedom Present

The Core of Ascension is adaptability. It is merely a time of rapid evolution as humanity shifts into a blended focus of the subtle and physical realms. This focus accompanies a physical shift as the cellular structure must flow and adapt to a higher frequency, or expanded bandwidth of interaction.

To accommodate this physical shift, your mental and emotional focus (your subtle bridge) must change into a more fluid openness. Rather than rigid dependence on facts, it is a blending of factual and intuitive data. One does not polarize toward the limitation of either/or, one balances factual observance with intuitive potentials.

Freedom is an internal state of being. It is a learned behavior of letting go of unhealthy control and opening to the flow of Life. Jesus spoke of this as “the peace that passes all understanding.” As you move past fear, you create a new safety in your data bank of understanding life. You become more open to new experiences, less imbalanced by criticism or opposition, more patient with timing, more loving with others and yourself—it is an evolved state of being. It begins within.

Past Released

Trauma is a relative term. It denotes a huge event, but to define trauma actually depends on one’s perspective and sensitivity. Children have the perspective of being smaller than most of those around them. Empaths have the sensitivity to deeply feel the emotions of others. What is traumatic to one person, may just be an annoyance to another, but the effect can be just as real.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an epidemic in my opinion. We are familiar with veterans or victims of war being diagnosed with this disability, yet I see this disorder affecting many.

Many adults have lived through a stressful emotional environment as a child and have developed life-long coping mechanisms to manage past trauma. Sometimes an adult will develop PTSD from a stressful relationship with a spouse, a co-worker/boss, an unstable neighbor or stranger. Trauma such as a home robbery, even where no harm was done or there was no interaction with the robber, can cause PTSD. The death of a loved one, divorce, financial loss—the list is endless.

The human psyche is prepared to deal with stress, some of it can even be useful. But in general, our societies have developed to create a constant stress of survival, competition, and fear. There is a foundation of domination/suppression that expresses in varying degrees throughout the world. This pattern of domination/suppression creates a vague (sometimes obvious!) stress that keeps humanity from their internal power. I’m seeing some deep patterns of domination/suppression beginning to shift in a new way. This is a powerful time of change.

Recognizing Trauma

The body has a natural mechanism of compartmentalization that can be helpful when one is not strong enough to deal with the truth, so honor your pace.

Begin by looking broadly at your response mechanisms. They may feel vague at first, they may feel as if they apply to something outside of you like the economy or societal norms. This process of observing will open you to allow healing and resolution.

Do you feel impending danger often?

Do you find yourself feeling held back, unsure, or incapable?

Do you find yourself afraid to speak up, worried often, or overwhelmed by “normal” things like being around a family member?

Digging Deeper

If you notice a response to a previous question, ask yourself why. Why do I feel [afraid to speak up]? Notice what thoughts surface. If you find nothing coming, let it go. Know that your answer will come at the appropriate time. It can be a subtle experience of someone popping into your mind.

Recognize and affirm your safety in the moment. If needed, seek help from someone that feels appropriate.

Let yourself express verbally—whether written in a journal, or shared with a counselor or friend—so that you can mentally understand yourself. Understanding is a bridge.

Let yourself express emotionally. Let your emotions evolve into strength instead of suppression. Emotional resolution/transformation is the “new shores” after you actively cross the bridge of understanding yourself. I often recommend having a variety of supports to release/resolve emotions. Some examples are friends/family, music, movies, nature, journaling, movement/dance, etc. Teach yourself that you are safe feeling an emotion.

To feel angry about something can be a healthy first step. It does not define your future, define your identity, or define your actions. It is merely allowing your human self to be loved and honored into a new wisdom. You will not stay there as you focus on changing yourself. You will merely learn to understand (mental body) and Love (emotional body) yourself into a new freedom and safety (physical body) on Earth. You are anchoring unconditional Love for yourself (spiritual body) and that will begin to shift how you interact with All Life.

Activate Your Divine Nature

Every time you release something, you activate something and vice versa. The invisible engine of life fills every space. As you release a trauma, you are slowly filling yourself with (activating) new information—the information of your safety, your capability, your strength, your freedom.

It is the work that creates a real change from within. It is the work that changes the human condition. A “trauma” can be a small thing, too. If you’re not feeling any connection to trauma (or fear, stress, etc.)—congratulations! The freer you are within, the freer Life will be to flow through you. You are so worth the effort. The rewards of internal freedom continue to expand—you and Life on Earth.

Recommended products:

The Peace that Passes All Understanding Teleclass

Release and Open Teleclass

Making Lightwork of the US Elections

A Future to Believe In by Jamye Price

Change is Afoot

We have had quite an election season in the United States. Much has been revealed that may seem to get pushed under the rug, but it will not go away. The external drama reflects the internal drama, so this is actually shedding Light on some inner pain within people that is seeking resolution. Don’t let the distraction of the drama deter you from your focus of Love.

In an unprecedented election devisiveness—Clinton won the popular vote by over 1.3 million, Trump won the electoral vote by quite a margin. The outcome didn’t really matter from a larger perspective, because either of these candidates was just there to expose the change that needs to occur. That change must ultimately occur from within the people first. Right after the election, protests started. For the most part, it was peaceful. Even those in high school wanted their voices heard.

Bernie Sanders represented the authenticity and balance that the governing system lacks if it is to work “for the people.” Clinton represented smooth suppression still remaining. Trump represents drastic change and people beginning to deal with the suppressed fears that erupt as racism and misogyny. None of these people is the savior or the satan that determines our future. They are just a figurehead. You are the change. Trump is a signal of change.

The governing system (worldwide) must change to align with humanity. Control is not a sustainable system, and continuing Life ultimately requires sustainable systems. You’re on an Ascension path, so you know there is a better way. This is a clarion call for more focus on improvement through balance and Love. It’s in you.

Evolving Past Polarization

As a species, we are moving into connection. This is the core of Ascension. We are beginning to work consciously with the subtle realms. We are at the beginning stages of embodying this. It is about balance, integrating duality/polarity.

With rare exception, US politics has presented an either/or choice. We are offered two ideologies (Republican/conservative versus Democrat/liberal) that seem like they are opposite, creating an “us versus them” division that separates the self from connecting and feeling safe.

It creates a consistent enemy that is trying to obliterate you, your family, your country, and your freedom…Divide and Conquer. The core of the division isn’t even between citizens, it’s within the citizens. Effective. It distracts from the real issue of control that is going on behind the US political system.

Both sides have some well-meaning people within them, but neither side is what they say they are. This video explains them well. :o)

Polarization in this sense is an extreme, or polarizing away from the balance of the middle road. The middle road is the connection between two opposites, and it continues to expand to connect more and more, creating greater wholeness.

I saw clues of this toward the end of the election. First, someone asked the two candidates to say something nice about each other at the final debate. Then there were multiple news pieces on everyday citizens of opposing viewpoints talking calmly with each other. There is hope. Don’t forget that!

Rome Is Burning

This is the message I got repeatedly the day of the election and the day after. It is a figurative reference (not literal at all) to the destruction of a corrupt system. I feel deeply that the system is beginning a drastic change. Change is always good, though it is not always easy.

Fire represents rapid and deep change. The phoenix rises from the ashes, reborn. In the “Rome is Burning” message, this is the destruction of the control system that is separating humanity. It is a reckoning of the separation from your royalty within. Your Divinity, your creative power, is what is rising from the flames of the destruction of a corrupt system.

It takes a catalyst to start a fire. The catalyst in numerology is the 3. The trinity. It is the 2 becoming 1, it is the 1 + 1 = 3. The triangle, the dimension of form (3rd dimensional expression). The birthing of the new from the old (moving beyond 3rd dimensional expression). Some catalysts are delightful, some aren’t, but the change is needed. Fuel the catalyst of your Light into the world!

Message of Hope

A message of hope and courage has been building. This is typically the way of it, it doesn’t always happen overnight, though fast change can occur. There is so much good happening in the world, but it is quieter than the loud fear. For example, a few years ago, Marianne Williamson ran for congress. Lightworkers will start getting into the system to change it. It wasn’t time for her, but she is an indicator of change brewing.

About a year ago I mentioned a shift in the animal kingdom—that we were actually moving into more responsibility and they were moving into a higher teaching role. We’ve seen some amazing examples of their messages lately. 

The first amazing harbinger was the wild bird on Bernie Sander’s podium. His response was, “this bird (symbolizes) a dove asking us for world peace. No more war!” No political staging here (notice the people spanning generations crying tears of joy in the background), just a wild bird behaving uncharacteristically to show us something special. Though it wasn’t time for Bernie to be president, the structures will not be able to continue to abuse power. It is just the way of it. 

In Standing Rock, as the Native Americans stand against a potentially dangerous oil pipeline that can harm the water of 5 states, buffalo and a golden eagle showed up. This protest has much deeper meaning behind it than just the water, of course, the water is extremely important, too. This huge gathering of multiple tribes coming together for the greater good (not just their own, 5 states) represents the ways of balance coming into the view of many people. They represent remaining balanced with the environment, considering the future generations in your actions of today.

The day after the US election, two interlocked bald eagles fell to the ground and got caught in a sewer grate. That just speaks volumes for itself. The national bird, in a battle over territory, falls into the sewer. Good news, recovery is expected for the injured bird.

Time for ACTION

All year (2016, the Year of Clarity according to Areon), the information has been about getting YOUR loving energy into your world. Pray often. Prayer, meditation, and imagining is your first action step. Pray for the healing of the anger and fear of humanity. Pray for your own healing. Pray for the healing of governments/leadership that at its core is to connect us, not separate us.

Areon is calling 2017 The Year of the Empowered Sovereign. Love yourself, love others, love the human experience. Do your inner healing, build your peace, your courage, your strength, and emanate Love. Make a concerted effort to connect and participate with life in ways that feel appropriate to you. Get involved and take external action in things that make your heart stir and sing. Take actions that support your creative flow. Follow your inspiration toward a focus on your path of feeling freedom within and thriving within the human condition. That helps it change.

There is such hope for the future. Let this be fuel for you in positive ways. Don’t lose hope because of the drama that is being skillfully crafted for distraction. Stay focused on YOUR LOVE. This change has just begun. Keep your momentum flowing in a positive direction. You are the future. Own it. :o)

The Nature of Fear

The Nature of Fear by Jamye Price
Fear is louder than Love because it knows it’s not as strong.

Fear has seemed more prevalent than ever in our world today. The level of fear propaganda has reached a 24-hour-news-cycle pitch. It can be disheartening to see politicians that are inept, insecure, and ill-equipped to lead, using fear to control people into giving them attention and votes. It is not easy to watch wars that kill people become a slogan with passionate music and thrilling graphics. Or an issue that needs some real attention become a ratings bonanza rather than any care to create resolution. Fear is a money making machine for news media. At least a scary movie is clear about its motive. Fear is louder than Love because it knows it’s not as strong.

Fear knows it is weak, that is why it is loud.
Fear knows there is power in numbers, that is why it is loud.
Fear knows it needs your attention to feel power, that is why it is loud.

But you can actually shift your energy from fear to empowerment with some focus. In this way, the media becomes an opportunity for you to enhance your choice, your focus, and your loving energy. That is the opportunity of any challenging emotion or experience. Fear is a powerful one, but you are much more powerful.

What is Fear?

Fear is a survival mechanism that is a response to an unknown. That is all it is. It has served a vital function throughout evolution as our “fight or flight” response helped us survive in dangerous outdoor conditions. As with all life, humanity continues to develop new ways of ensuring safety and survival.

In our time, our survival leans more toward health and financial security, rather than predators in nature. Yet, your body still has very specific and automatic fear reactions—like fast and shallow breathing, lack of blood to the digestive system and intensified blood flow to extremities, heightened sight and hearing.

Fear Knows its Weak by Jamye Price

Our world today has a lot of stimulation that pushes our fear buttons, but mainly without the immediate threat of survival. Fight or flight will trigger when it is needed, but what occurs most often is people stay in a vague sense of danger that becomes a normal mental and emotional state. Job security, terrorism, social acceptance, relationship, or ego fulfilment; these all get pushed into our psyche through news, media, or society. This keeps the body in a constant state of slight fear-response. Therefore health issues, coping mechanisms, and trigger tempers become prevalent, rather than self-soothing, relaxation, or comradery and self-observation.

Fear is now mainly a survival mechanism of the ego.

Fear and Ego

The ego itself is not a bad thing. We tend to think it is bad because our societies have been led by out-of-balance ego that conquers for power and control. The ego is merely an instrument of identity, something that is necessary for the physical experience and even its evolution into greater connection. For societies to change, empowered individuals must grow within and balance their own ego, then reach out and connect with wisdom, strength, and compassion.

The ego utilizes fear to keep the physicality safe. Oddly enough, whatever is occurring, you have survived, so it’s best not to change anything according to the ego. We are maturing into a species that recognizes the futility of this. Because people are at different levels of ego balance, some will feel more comfortable with change. An imbalanced ego and fear of change blocks progress and slows evolution, especially as the larger systems of society are not pliable to change.

Fear-based Personalities

When the ego is balanced, a person has a healthy understanding of their identity and care (Love) for the self. They understand their value, their capability, and even their limitations. With this self-love, the balanced ego does not feel the need to dominate others, be better than others, or maintain power over others. The balanced ego sees all others as similar to the self—unique, valuable, and also on a path of discovering the self.

If one is too controlled by fear, it manifests in two extremes; push outward or pull inward.

Some respond to fear by pushing outward (too much). It has the emotional identity of, “I’m better, I earned through my power, weaker deserves to be conquered.” These people use anger, control, give/then take away to manipulate the world around them and therefore not feel their fear as readily. It feels like such a different energy than we associate with fear, that we usually assume they aren’t fearful, they are strong. In essence, they are so weak that they consistently overcompensate in order to not deal with their own vulnerabilities.

To pull inward (too much) will stagnate and separate one from participation with life. It takes on the emotional identity of, “I’m not good enough, I’m not ready, I’m not capable.” The overwhelming fear of failure creates mental patterning that assumes the worst for the self. It’s the same general fears of the pusher, but it manifests into the ‘conquered.’

The pull inward fear response justifies lack of action, while the push outward fear response justifies all actions.

Fear and Progress

Fear is like a governor on your energy field, your mental state, and your emotional state. Fear slows you down or speeds you up based on impulse. This is why humanity becomes steeped in “fight” (push outward – dominate/control) or “flight” (pull inward – run away from life), rather than seeking new resolution with wisdom over impulse.

This dynamic of the pusher and the puller is the duality experience that humanity has been living for centuries upon centuries. It is ultimately a natural experience in the world of physical focus. You must conquer your environment to survive. Merely finding shelter and safety is conquering your environment, and it is necessary for the next step from surviving into thriving.

This same mechanism of fear can lead to progress. Fear in and of itself is not a bad thing. It’s how you choose to interact with it. It can lead you to new solutions that result in thriving with Life.

This is the path of Ascension.

This reality and all that it offers is the perfect platform for progression. To move beyond the limitations of duality, you integrate the two sides of fear—when to push outward or pull inward to integrate wisdom. This creates vibrational coherence within you and with your environment, even that with which you disagree. This coherence offers you a strength within that is not overwhelmed by the outside. Your vibrational coherence within and “with” the environment around you (people, governments, systems like money or religions) anchors a new frequency within the environment because your energy field is always interacting with the environment. Eventually the 100th monkey begins to see a new way.

Ego and Ascension

Balancing the ego is necessary for enlightenment. This inclusive universe does not obliterate, it consumes into transformation for progress. A balanced ego integrates the human experience into a divine human experience.

The path of Ascension is merely the natural evolution of humanity into a conscious connection with the subtle realm, rather than sole focus on the physical realm. The subtle realm has always been there and we’ve always been interacting with it. We are still going to interact with the physical realm. But we are moving into more conscious interaction in all ways—within the self, with others, and with life.

Ascending Fear

Fear has its positive and negative, just like everything in this perfect experience of duality. If you live by impulse, then fear will continue to lead your experience. If you make some effort to observe your impulses and nurture yourself into wisdom, then you will transcend fear, consuming it as fuel for your changes into more of yourself, more empowerment, and more conscious connection with life. You transform.

You actually use the mechanism of the negative aspects of fear, and balance them.

Is this a moment to pull inward and reflect on choices, look at motivations, find a new perspective?

Is this a moment to push outward and take a chance, learn from practice, experience your potential?

Fear Knot

Fear is a mind game, so first, use your mind.

To begin the untangling of fears, use your mind to observe, compare, analyze, and build potential choices. Your mind is a divine mechanism of information flow. Your beautiful mind is meant to define, deconstruct, and detail information (left-brain flow). It is also meant to conceptualize, connect, and create (right-brain flow).

These dual brain functions, when utilized, provide you the platform to transcend fear, integrate information (in-form-ation) into choice, action, and new creation. Your divine, creative nature flows from all experiences.

Potential is within everything. Most especially, you.

I’d like to offer you a personal example and show you how to soothe your ego into progress. Years ago I was watching some show about Hollywood, maybe something like up-and-coming actors or something. It showed this beautiful woman, and all of a sudden I thought emphatically, “If she walked in my boyfriend would want her instead of me!” I wasn’t even in a relationship! This wasn’t anything close to a reality, this was an impulse.

I was shocked by the experience—that my mind would think that so quickly and emphatically. I wasn’t completely surprised to discover that fear was within me, but I was a little surprised because I would have thought I would only react like that if it was a real danger. But I had a fear in me that was now coming to light.

Step One: Gratitude

Be grateful that it has come up. It doesn’t matter if you’ve “worked on it before.” Here it is now. Be grateful that it has come up. Be grateful to yourself, it shows you have an intent to heal. It shows you have courage to change within. Be grateful to yourself.

Be grateful to your ego. That sweet little ego of yours is trying to help you survive. That is all it is trying to do. It’s not blocking your enlightenment, it is actually a key to your enlightenment. It’s not fooling you, it’s informing you. It’s doing a great job at helping you to survive. “Thank you, sweet ego. I appreciate your help.” That is your right-brain flow that creates connection.

Step Two: Deconstruct

You created a sense of safety when you appreciated your ego. You recognized its value and opened a door of connection. You are now connecting with yourself, connecting dots (of fear), and consuming a fear into progress. The deconstruction of it allows those dots to form a new picture. Here’s what I did in my specific example. After I thanked my ego, I detailed the information, as if I was having a conversation with my ego.

Your inner actions create beneficial interactions by Jamye Price

“It is scary to think that I could get dumped. That would hurt. I would cry, feel sad, and angry. There are women that are more beautiful than me, funnier, smarter, richer, sexier, etc. I’ve been dumped before, cheated on before, and it hurt. I did get over it though. Hmmm. I’ve even done that to other people. I did that to someone I loved when I was younger! I didn’t like that feeling, so I have never done it again. I made a choice not to treat people that way, so I know it is possible to find a mate that feels the same way. And if I do get dumped or cheated on, I can handle that. It is just a relationship ending that wasn’t meant to be. I’ll learn good things, I’ll have some challenges, but I’ll be fine. I am safe enough to risk the benefits of love, deal with the challenges, and keep moving, growing, and loving. Wow. I’m so glad this beautiful woman has shown me a fear that was lurking with me. What a gift. I secretly hope this all I’ll ever have to do with this! But if not, I’ll survive. Then I’ll thrive!”

This dialogue may have to happen many times. You may have emotions that surface. Let them flow into a release of pent up water that was damming your progress. Soothe the self through dialogue that is reasonable, respectful, and SOMETHING YOU BELIEVE. I didn’t try to convince myself I am the most beautiful woman in the world, and that one day I would find my twin-flame soul mate that never looked at another woman. I reasoned with myself in a loving way that accepts the reality that love is scary, exciting, an unknown, and yet entirely possible and wonderful! That puts you into a state of authentic neutrality where you feel safe to expand.

Step Three: Create

While the mind is a first step, it is not the only step. It never truly works alone, the heart is always flowing emotions and vast amounts of information. However, humanity has not often been taught to value the process of self-observation and soothing the self into balance. Because we have generally been taught to suppress emotions, we are not certain that they can flow through and transform. We are not certain that once the deluge is released that we will survive. We are not certain there is value in allowing them to flow.

We have also been taught that the mind is more valuable than the heart, and its great function is figuring out how to conquer! What we are learning is how to use the mind to work for us in many different ways, and integrating its full usage into connection with the heart.

The mind deals with information that is known. It pulls from the past and what has been “learned,” (sometimes consciously or unconsciously) and applies that information to the present and future. When the mind is connected with the heart, it finds potentials that are yet unknown.

Courage is in your heart, not in your logic. Where the two meet, wisdom begins to form.

To begin to create, you flow emotion into your mind – imagination. Your “i-magi-nation” is where the magic begins and you create a new world (nation). Positive thinking isn’t about avoiding reality, it is about neutralizing your sweet ego’s fear impulse into new potentials. The imagination is where you begin to create these potentials, then your actions are inspired from that new breath of Life you have breathed into your self.

Ease the Mind into Heart Connection Weekly lightBlast by Jamye Price

In my example above, I would begin by imagining relationship. I always recommend going vague if the details overwhelm you. I would sit with the intention of spending a few minutes gazing out a window and imagining relationship.

There’s one thing your mind will naturally want to do: go with what’s familiar. So the settings, people, and situations may feel familiar. That’s ok. Seek the emotion of the imagination, rather than the details of what you are creating. Go with happiness rather than ‘six feet tall, makes a great salary…’ You can have some preferences, but keep them general at first so that you allow your subconscious to come into your conscious mind.

Here’s what happened when I began this exercise diligently, I would end up in a highly dramatic situation and fight with my imaginary boyfriend! I would chide myself, “I’m not focusing! I’m not doing this right! I’m creating what I don’t want!” It would happen almost every time. The fight would change a little, though there were themes. Once I recognized a theme, I would delve into the gratitude and deconstruction steps.

I kept with it. Occasional and short times of focusing, then the fight would start. Gratitude. Deconstruction. Creating. Ugh, another fight! Gratitude. Deconstruction. Creating. Finally! I had a session of imagining without a fake fight! Progress. Ugh. Another fight. Gratitude. Deconstruction. Creating. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

It began to be fun. And I enjoyed the process of discovering more details within my subconscious mind. Do I fear something? Do I feel resentment, obligation, powerlessness, victimhood? Do I have a belief that is polarizing me to impulsive behavior rather than choice? It is important to self-observe with authenticity, rather than trying to only allow positive thoughts in. You’ll get there, don’t worry.

Just observe and let your subconscious mind have the freedom to flow truth to you, and your heart to have the courage to connect you to a new potential.

Fear Transformed

Where your heart and mind meet is where wisdom begins to form. Your imagination is their playground.

That bully, fear? He just wanted to feel safe and be accepted. She just wanted to feel safe and be respected. He just wanted to have fun and not be afraid of making a mistake. She just wanted to have fun and know that she is creative and valuable.

That is what fear can teach us, the amazing gift that we are. All it requires is that we soothe it into evolution through the safety of Love. That courage begins within. Your interactions with life change. Eventually, the world starts to change at a more rapid pace, because fear no longer has a grip on wisdom. It opened a door within you to your courage to Love.

The Animal Kingdom Shift

The Animal Kingdom Shift Article by Jamye Price
Did you feel it? Around mid-October there was a shift in the animal kingdomour powerful teachers. I mean the whole thing. All of them. I hope you are getting used to the way this works. Shift happens in the subtle realm first. The shifts are invisible, intangible, and unprovable. The outcome is unknown because form is not formed yet. But something is happening. I want to share this with you so you will have some context for what you may be experiencing.
In mid-October (2015) the animal kingdom shifted into a higher teaching role.

What it feels like is loss. What it really means is more personal responsibility.
The experience happened very quickly for me. I was walking through my house and I was side-swiped with a lightning strike of grief that all the animals were leaving. It was completely non-sequitur, and all the nature around me and my own cats were (and are) perfectly fine. Then I heard from some others that they were also experiencing something similar—intense grief and empathy for animals, followed by a need to take action that is in accordance with their life path.
The animals ARE NOT leaving Earth. That was just my immediate, unconscious reaction to the knowing that a shift occurred.

The animals have shifted into a higher teaching role with us because we are ready for it
Some people will understand and create change, some people will resist change. Others will not be involved much at all because the animal kingdom is not their focus in this life.
What does this mean for you?
Only you have the answer to that question. If you are feeling intense emotions around the way animals are being treated, let the emotions flow and take some actions toward change. Focus on some of the positive changes that have been happening and add your energy there. It can get overwhelming when you only focus on the negative. Your energy then becomes depleted and isn’t strong enough to be part of the solution. Maintain your balance even though it isn’t easy at times.
Some may want to volunteer at animal shelters, donate money or food, or petition politicians or companies. If you eat meat, put your money where animals are treated well. If you don’t eat meat, represent it with the loving kindness that opens people’s minds rather than shuts them down with shame and righteousness. Honor the diversity of path and pace that is part of Life and take inspired action that feels right for you.
Observe your animal totems more, what are they teaching you? If you find yourself afraid of an animal, look into what it represents and shift your internal feelings. If you’re afraid of spiders, no need to touch them to get over it. Just honor that they are part of the beauty of life and look into what webs you are weaving, what you are trying to bring into your web to feed you, what you can create when you allow the shapes of life to guide you, write (literally or figuratively) more and create/script your web of life.
This is actually a really exciting shift. I want to say again, the animals ARE NOT leaving Earth. They are not punishing the horrible humans. They have shifted the lessons that they are here to teach because we are ready for a new level of personal responsibility. Animals process much of our fear and insecurity. Fear and insecurities are why people abuse or disregard another as less valuable. It’s not an animal issue, it’s a human issue that we are still healing—and getting better at according to this shift! We know there is still work to be done. Follow your heart of what feels right for you. 
All animals are magnificent Source energy that come to Earth in different forms than us to reflect Love in its many different facets. They are powerful teachers. Are you seeing their reflection of the beauty of Life? 
Remember that Love is always the answer and it is what brings real change. You are ready for more creative responsibility in your life. As you focus on your internal empowered Love while experiencing this world of diversity—you are bringing valuable change that begins in the subtle realms. It is forming a new Loving experience here on Earth.
Love the animals and all that they are here to teach. Become well with the transient nature of the physical experience. Understand that as you embrace transformation in all its forms, you open to a new experience. It doesn’t happen through resistance to what-is, it happens through choices to Love that seem inconsequential at first. You don’t always get the immediate satisfaction from these choices because that teaches you to Love based on your inner choice, not outer approval. 
Thanks to the inner work of people all around the world, we have graduated to a new level of personal responsibility. These are powerful times of transformation. 

Avalon Ascending – The Keys to the Kingdom

Avalon Ascending The Kingdom Within Article by Jamye Price

There was an interesting timeline shift on 05-05-2015. When I sat to meditate in the morning, I was shown that a collective past pain experience has healed to a new level, for humanity has grown strong enough to create a new choice, a new timeline track.

This is a direct result of the changes that we went through in April (2015) related to the shifting of dominant brain waves (easier access to Alpha and Theta), as well as the releasing of shame and other experiences that we each healed. Because of our healing, we have opened a door into a new level of empowerment.

It was shown to me through the allegory of the Arthurian/Camelot storyline. The aspects of humanity that the Arthurian story represent are now beginning to complete for many. The Arthurian story has many layers of information; relationship, leadership, Avalon (dimensional overlap into sacred space), magic, dragons, and much more.

The weakness that has shifted is mind manipulation.

This effects relationship, leadership, your creativity, your ability to access your sacred space and higher dimensional frequencies. Because of the effort of many to heal within, to heal their kingdom, the manipulation of humanity no longer has the impact it had. Are there still those manipulating? Yes. Are there still those susceptible to it? Yes. Yet a critical mass has been reached that is affecting the viability of manipulating humanity out of their personal empowerment.

This short channeling came through on March 12, 2007 from the energy of the collective consciousness archetype of Lady Guinevere. It pops into my consciousness occasionally as we move into a new level of progress, such as with what I was shown on May 5, 2015.

It is the same battle for freedom waged centuries ago. There is always the One that resists. And when the hour seems darkest, the new Light emerges. Courage is the key, for there are those that need to be led to their freedom. And they wait for you to have their courage for them. It is the way of it, some hear the calling from within, and some do not.

It is a new battlefield, the battlefield of the inner worldThere are those that want the labor of many, the new serfs. It is not your destiny this serfdom. You know not why you toil for another. This freedom march has begun. It is a battle that is to be taught within. Speak the words. Live the courage. It is at hand. Prepare.

03-12-2007 Lady Guinevere

There has to be a keyhole of entry in, and a key that matches it. If you have an imbalance of need (more like desperation, not like we all ‘need’ air to breathe), you will be susceptible to the ‘key’ into your kingdom. Others are then able to manipulate or dominate you, though much of that will be unconscious at first.

Your kingdom is your heart and your mind. Your kingdom; your inner world, is your freedom.

When you are balanced, you are able to think clearly, wisely, and connectively—with your heart. Your mind is open and quick and you are able to find new solution. This is what the state of peace does for you.

This channeling came through on May 5, 2015.

The Mists of Avalon still sit heavy in the air, yet as you clear your brain fog you begin to see in a new way. You cannot brazenly force your way forward, you must feel with your sight and proceed with care. Are you being called forward, desiring to move, allowed and welcomed? Proceed. Your magic is within. It will Light your way and burn back the fog of forgotten magic so commonplace.

Honor the Life around you and recognize that it will give way to receive you, it will give readily to be taken if it is received with Love. As you honor the Life within you, All Life desires to share that sacred space. As you hold care for what you allow within, Life seeks its own resolution to earn access to the treasure you share with those that don’t squander your value. Choose more. For you choose what enters your heart and mind. You hold the keys to your inner kingdom. Wield them well.

These are the main ‘keys to the kingdom’ that are shifting because of this new level we have reached:

  • Getting embittered by loss—into maintaining empowerment and Love through challenge.
  • Seeking retribution instead of (internal) resolution—into finding a new win/win from challenge, always beginning from within.
  • Duty and obligation being external control mechanisms rather than internal choice—into compassionate, healthy boundaries of give/take.

What do you do with these?

You observe yourself, you focus your internal world, your kingdom, on healing, opportunity, new possibility, more connection, new choices, reaching out to receive and give in new ways, etc. You continue your work of healing yourself and interacting with Life from empowerment.

You start letting your heart lead you more, and let your mind follow your heart, your passion, your Love of Life and the human condition. You shine your light brightly because you do not need to hide yourself any longer. You let go of the past, you forgive easily and move into new creation, because you are limitless in your ability to create.

You become the spiritual warrior that knows life isn’t about fighting your way to the top, it’s about rising into being the best you that you can be.

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