The energies that we are within are pushing and pulling our willingness to relax into evolution.

As our ancient memories integrate into the now, the opportunities to change or stay the same show us a path.

What path will you take?

The Middle Path

The heart is the middle point of the hourglass of sand flow.

What seems restricted is actually connection. What seems forced is actually flow. What seems small is limitless, if the mind will know.

The dispersed freedom of choice languishes until gravity grabs each grain and compels direction.

It is here that the sands of time flow in one direction based on perspective. The momentum spirals all into a funneling obligation.

The deeper truth is all direction.

It is here, where the sands move from one side to the other, a mere flip of perspective renews. Is it restriction or is it freedom?

All Directions

The back of the heart chakra is opening more. This influences the throat, the brain and stirs the unconscious. Deeper layers of resolution surface.

It signals the frontal lobe of new choice as the unconscious spirals into now (known).

What resides at the heart path is potential. Where your now greets the grip of the past.

How hearty a hand do you offer and receive?

It shakes up, shakes out and shakes snakes to curl more.

In the flow of time, your perspective is the restriction or freedom. The middle meets both and the future is folded into the past. What has passed through the glass to the next spiral flow?

Did you relax into connection or retract from direction?

Is the past a power to support new change? Or do you fold your future into a closet of shame and blame?

How strong is the heart to embrace connection and how strong is your mind to see unknown direction?

As the back of the heart opens, the winged ones fly free. The feathers a-light and the scales master three.

What spiraled before has been flipped inside out. Life offers opportunity to open the closet door. Let the light into dark places where dust has found shore.

No wind, no wear has moved it forward.

Feeling as if change has been controlled until gravity brings heir. Even Chronos fell victim and feared the flow, as reflection of choice was expected to sow.

Which head will win, what courage will grow?

The lion is waking, a light in the dark. The heart pushes open, a flame from a spark.

What path will you take as change is born free? The path of least resistance embraces gravity.

The flow of mind is Time’s to control. The direction of heart is your frequency untold. 444

As you open your wings you move heir apparent. As you balance the scales you prove Time coherent.

What roars is silent as sound is surpassed.

The middle is all and potential is grasped.

You clasp it close for a moment to know. Then let it go as you open your flow.

Give it to gravity, for chaos is born. But never a lighter freedom has ether known.

What seeds of future has your brilliant heart sown?

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