Analyze – from the root chakra word ‘anal eyes’ meaning to see things ass-backwards, or trying to see through a tight opening that doesn’t see Light often. ;0)

Ascension – In its simplest form, Ascension is the integration of the Higher Self (soul) with the physical. We are integrating more of our Divinity and living that on Earth. I would also use it interchangeably with Descension – its still the Higher Self integrating with the physical, but people tend to think of that as less lofty! Ascension is a journey of becoming free within yourself by recognizing your inherent Divinity and deliberately creating your world from that perspective. It is an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual journey. It is one traversed alone and yet by interacting intimately and openly with All life. It can be as simple as loving more and as challenging as loving more!

Axiatonal Alignment – Our body has a grid system within it known as the meridian system that flows energy (eastern medicine). Our body also has a grid system within the auric field known as the axiatonal system that flows energy. The axiatonal system connects us to an intricate and interdimensional grid system that is universal in nature. Activating this system will bring you into alignment with your universal purpose and revitalize your connection with the entirety of you. While an esoteric process that doesn’t always result in a definable outcome, it tends to help put you on your path, expand your psychic senses and progress your Ascension. Tashira Tachi Ren was instrumental in bringing much of the work forward regarding the axiatonal system and Ascension. Her book, “What is Lightbody” is recommended. Other people do Axiatonal Alignments and call it different names. They will all work. Follow your heart. The version that I do is a mix of Tashira Tachi Ren’s work, channeled information from my friend and amazing healer Margaret Dellinger and information that I have channeled. I highly recommend getting an Axiatonal Alignment done if you have the desire to move forward into the wholeness of your journey or if you are a healer. This can be done via distance and is done in one session. To schedule an Axiatonal Alignment session, visit Services.

Auric Field – The auric field is the space around your body that contains your Aura. This is an electromagnetic field and is truly an extension of our physical body in another range of frequency. People call this many things and differentiate it by many different levels – causal body, Ka body, energetic field, etc. It is a wonderful indicator of many different things about a person – health, disposition, integrity. The aura changes frequently.

Chakras – Chakra is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’ and refers to the energetic system of the body that processes frequencies in and out of your physical and energetic system. In other words, chakras are the transducers for your reality. They receive and emit signals based on what information is coming in and going out. We are constantly processing frequential information.

For instance, if I feel like a victim, the frequency of ‘victim’ is emitted. Depending on my own interpretation and perception of my victimness, my chakras will emit and receive information accordingly and ‘victimhood’ will come into my experience. If I feel like a victim within relationship, those frequencies will emit and their like vibration will respond. I will recreate victimhood in relationship until I change that vibration. I can emit victimhood in relationship, but no victimhood around money. So perhaps I could be a very successful business person because my vibration with money and career is positive, but relationship would be an issue because my resonance may be, ‘Men abuse women,’ ‘I must give up myself to please a man,’ or ‘If I am not perfect a man will leave me with children to care for by myself.’ Most likely these will not be conscious thoughts, but silent programs running in the background.

There are far more chakras than pictured. These are the seven main chakras, and we have moved mostly into a 12 or 13 (depending on the person) main chakra system. We have minor chakras all over the body. Different chakras have a dominance for specific frequencies. Though we categorize and separate them, they are not as clearly defined as we tend to learn, they cross-over in function and work together. As shown in the picture, each chakra is defined by a color because the frequency of that color corresponds with the frequency of that chakra. Every thing is vibration/frequency so each chakra will also correspond with sound, smell, geometry, number, situation, organ, sensation, ad infinitum.

A short description of each:

Root chakra – red – connection to earth/physical life, survival (food, security)

Sacral chakra – orange – connection to relationship, sexuality and creativity

Solar Plexus chakra – yellow – connection to self, ego, power

Heart chakra – green – connection to community, love, compassion (Sacred heart is pink – unconditional love, I tend to see it a little above the heart chakra)

Throat chakra – blue – expression of self, manifestation of creativity

Third eye chakra – indigo – perception and interpretation

Crown chakra – violet – connection to Source/God/Universal Love energy

The additional five (or six) chakras deal more with Universal energy and connections. We have moved into a more unified chakra system. I will tend to see iridescence with many people’s chakras. I’ve seen chakra systems that run a unified energy, then expand a specific chakra to envelop the entire field to process a frequency faster and more completely. I’ve seen Adama download Rainbow Codes into people’s chakras for a cohesive effect that ties more cross-function into the chakra system and brings a faster integration into a vast array of experience. Beautiful things. We are changing so rapidly at this time, don’t get too tied into ‘this is the way it is.’ Exciting times indeed.

Channeling – As with any information that you are presented with, discern it with the feeling that you feel in YOUR heart. If it does not resonate, do not accept it as Truth, and remember that Truth changes for you as you change.

Channeling is a connection with Source that results in a transference of information that comes from a vibration other than the normal brain frequency used to formulate sentences by the channeler. There are essentially two types of channels: conscious and unconscious (aka trance channels). The conscious channels are awake and aware. The unconscious channels are just that, though the body is animated and the voice is speaking, the person is unaware of what is going on. The unconscious channel may be able to understand and speak any language. The conscious channel may be limited by their belief systems such as, “I do not speak Russian” which will prevent the channel from allowing that information to flow through easily. These definitions are too black and white to fully encompass what channeling really is, but it gives a general overview. Channeling has been used through the ages to access Divine Wisdom. The same way the Bible was written.

I am a conscious channel. As I channel, I step aside and allow Universal Wisdom to formulate the sentences. I also receive packets of information that are too vast to be linearly channeled in words. I often must discuss it soon after or the packets don’t get unearthed in the same context. It’s a fascinating process. It was a natural process for me, but the one I was most resistant to share in public. It began as I was working on clients. Sometimes as I was speaking to them in session, words would burst out of me. It would happen so fast that I couldn’t control it, my body would lunge forward with the force of it and I would laugh and say ‘that wasn’t me talking.’ I began to channel more for clients, although I only did that when Spirit specifically guided me to, as my focus in a session is clearing.

I channel many different energies based on what is most necessary to bring through the best information in the moment.

Clairsentience – This is the ability to perceive physical feelings beyond normally accepted senses. For instance, you may think of someone that lives on another continent and feel a pain in your stomach. This is what they are physically feeling and the pain is replicated in your body. If you find this naturally happens, make sure you become very clear in your intention that you will not use your own physical body to clear things for people. Sometimes it is used as a clue from Source as to what is wrong with them, even though they may not be feeling it. For instance, I may be working on a client and suddenly I feel pressure on my lungs and I have a little trouble breathing (annoying one, yes). This is my clue from Source that I am dealing with deep deep grief and I will know we are finished when I can breathe easily. I am not receiving inefficient oxygen, I am just getting a physical clue for interpretation.

Collective Consciousness – We are participating in this life experience with about 7 billion other people. We have certain beliefs that we create as a collective, such as money. It is important to relate to the world as it is, while maintaining your internal focus on improvement, even if others would think it impossible or worthless. You are not here to save the world, you’re here to imprint it with your special perspective. A perspective of Love changes everything for the better. Faster.

Crystalline Soul Healing – Crystalline Soul Healing is about Soul Progression. Rapid, deep, joyful change and ascension. After many years of utilizing my own natural way of working and exploring other modalities and teachings, I found my personal path as a channel. I work deeply with the soul. My goal is to remove anything in the field that is blocking the client from the clear perfection of who they are. We are all perfect, just in need of some balance at times. Sometimes an issue balances quickly, sometimes it takes more of a learning process for you. It’s always perfect. As I work I channel Light Language, tone, emote and sometimes sit quietly. While I am not a psychic predictor, we will discuss the psychic impressions that come up during the healing and how to move forward with the new energy. Now is a time of personal empowerment as we hold more of our divinity within our physcial body, so learning to create your life from within a space of Love is imperative. When Source gives a recommendation such as meditate, seek joy, go into nature more – it is a directive for your betterment.

My passion is Ascension – stepping into the fullness of yourself so that you are living heaven on earth, and holding the power of Love within you so that you are emitting the Love frequency for yourself and those that need it. It’s a journey. Crystalline Soul Healing is about helping you along that journey.

Darshan – Darshan translates to “the seeing” and refers to being in the presence of the guru. I am not a guru. I do not want people to follow me. I have the desire to provide information and energetic clearing that will assist people in finding their path and wholeness. Your sovereignty and empowerment is my goal. When I began channeling Shiva, I was told that I would be doing ‘darshan’ without really knowing what that meant (I thought it meant to hug, because I had heard that before and I didn’t want to do that). When I do ‘darshan’ it is the presence of Source (or Shiva or your Higher Self, etc.) that you are experiencing. It happens every session, whether in person or on the phone, whether in a group or one-on-one.

Dharma – There are many different definitions for dharma. I use it as ‘your ultimate path of service.’ For instance, if someone is a wonderful nurturer, then becoming a mother, teacher, or doctor may be their dharma. “Path of Service” is a multifaceted statement that has to do with service to Self, which in turn provides service to Source, Earth, humanity, Love, ad infinitum, because you are Divinity in physcial form. People tend to think in ‘not little ol’ me’ terms and don’t realize how amazingly important and powerful they are. And when they think of being amazingly important and powerful many tend to associate it with fame, money and power such as that which a government can weild. I mean YOU ARE POWERFUL. Every thought, action, word, deed, emotion, expression IS POWERFUL. It’s an atomic quantum explosion every time you Love. Step into the full expression of your Love, and there you have dharma. If you love to paint, there is your dharma, let the fullness of you come through and you will find that painting has an effect on you, all those around you and all those that view your painting.

Divine Order – Your Higher Self (soul, oversoul, spirit) guides your life according to contracts and experiences that are perfect for your personal evolution, whether fun or not. Divine order is the path that follows. Surrendering to divine order is like taking the fast track to your evolution. Easier said than done, because we are accustomed to taking action for results, controlling things or having a desired outcome. You are still creating your reality with your focus. Allowing divine order is not resisting the how and when.

Ego – Too much, no good – too little, no good. Ego is a part of being human. We are experiencing separation and individualization and ego is the vehicle we use to journey back to Oneness. A balanced ego will recognize your strengths and weaknesses and will not have an attachment to either one. For example, if a fireman had too little ego, he/she would not have the courage to run into a burning building; however, too much ego and they wouldn’t respect the danger of the fire and may take outrageous risks that would result in more loss of life. We can be such a slave to our ego that we often don’t recognize it. Try convincing someone that is trying to control a situation that they are behaving out of fear, or try convincing a bully that they really just want to be loved because they don’t feel they deserve it. They will think you are crazy! Watching the emotional journey will help you to recognize ego. When you are feeling resistance that is the ego trying to hold onto power. It thinks it keeps you safe and alive. Cute little ego.

Emotional Guidance System – Your emotions are your best clue to tell you when you are in full alignment with the Divinity that you are and the wonderful life that you deserve. “Emotional guidance system” is a phrase I learned from reading “Ask and It is Given” by Abraham-Hicks. They state it beautifully and I highly recommend this book and The Vortex. They give you exercises that can change your vibration by becoming aware of your emotions. If something feels bad, that’s a clue that you have an issue in that area – it’s time to change your perspective. If something feels good, that’s a clue that you are in alignment with your Spirit. This is a wonderful tool for manifesting the life you desire, a perfect compliment to energy healing. It’s not about zapping everything bad out of you, it’s about bringing you into balance, that means changing your thought habits.

EmpathicPeople often commingle this with clairsentience, and truly they are so very similar that it may just be a matter of semantics. I think of an empath as someone that feels the emotional feelings of others and a clairsentient as someone that feels physical feelings such as a pain in the side corresponding to someone that has a liver malady. Empaths are also often thought of as someone that clears other people’s feelings by taking them on for others. This is possible and you should be very clear about your intentions as you do not need to clear people’s issues through your body. I find that people with depression, addictions and many emotional issues are often highly empathic and unaware of it. I get in the habit of asking, “is this mine or someone else’s” and the answer always comes. I have a funny story about being in line at a rock concert and suddenly feeling anxiety. I thought to myself, what’s going on, am I developing some weird fear of crowds?! Later in the concert you could see and smell people smoking pot and I realized I was picking up their fear of whatever they were sneaking past the guards that patted us down before entering. That prompted me to start asking, is this my feeling or someone else’s? If I hadn’t become aware of it, I may have convinced myself that crowds are dangerous. When people are opening their psychic senses, it can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes limiting exposure to crowds for a bit may be beneficial. However, if you stay in that “I’m too sensitive for crowds (or life)” or “I’m allergic to everything” space too long, you are not allowing yourself to step into the fullness of your experience. We are meant to be strong enough to experience anything, so take care of yourself when you need to and then get out there and shine! Sufi masters can drink poison and transmute it (DO NOT TRY IT!), so you can eventually deal with some perfume here and there. Children are often highly empathic and are especially sensitive to their family dynamic.

F.O.C.U.S. – acronym meaning Forced Outlook Creating Unlimited Success. I believe it is important to stay focused on improvement, even when the circumstances are less than ideal. If you are able to maintain a vibration of a realistic positive outlook, not only does life become more enjoyable, but you begin to magnetize new solution, new interaction and teach yourself that you are capable and life is amazing. You need not be ecstatically happy in each moment, you just want to aim your thoughts and feelings toward improvement while being honest with what you are experiencing. A moment of feeling anger doesn’t undo all the positive thinking and feeling you were doing – it signals an authentic feeling that can be honored and healed with a little examination and release. ‘Forcing’ your outlook is a bit strong of a word, but many are so habitual in looking at all the negative possibility and blame, that it often takes a consistent awareness until a new habit of realizing the availability of positive solution is learned.

Hierarchy of Angels – consider this a transduction and direction of energy rather than a hierarchy of ‘one better than the other’ sort. As the Brotherhood of Light (which has nothing to do with being masculine, but the energy action indicates masculine function of energy, thus a ‘brotherhood’) rearranges the energy alignment in your field, information is dealt with according to the resonance of each person and angel. So depending on the specifics of the needs of the person, different ‘angels’ will do the actual healing based on their frequency. This is the way of energy in general as each wave of frequency will seek it’s homeostasis and balance so exposure to the balancing range results in healing. When you learn how intimately tied to ALL that you are, you will balance far easier. It is the way of it that emotion, sound, touch, smell, visual stimuli…all sensory information cognizant and subconscious, even that instigated by the cells and mitochondria in the cell (every part of the cell) is a piece of the melodic frequency that you represent. The Hierarchy of Angels are the overseers that balance frequency throughout all time and space. And so it is.

Higher Self – Your Higher Self is sometimes called the soul, the oversoul, the piece of you that remains with God as you experience being human, the omniscient part of you, the part of you that resides in the Ark of the Covenant and on and on. All are correct. I think of it as a part of you that is in a different quantum state, but it resides within, around and without. It is not separate from God or you. It is unbound by human nature and serves to guide you back to your Divinity because your Higher Self “sees” with a different perspective and clearly knows your true nature.

Holograph – A holograph is a 3-D picture that can be viewed from any angle and still remain the same. I use it as an offshoot of the holographic model of the Universe in quantum science that every piece contains the whole; we are all one, interconnected and separation is a grand illusion. Whew! Sorry I am not a scientist that can explain this in great depth, but sometimes I see the universe as huge with all this space in between, and other times it all fits on the head of a pin (well, I see it about as big as a baseball, but that’s just so I can differentiate for my understanding) It’s a little mind-boggling for me, but it comes with this understanding from deep inside that the illusion is my expectation that I am thousands of miles from Asia.

Inherent Pull of Life – as the subatomic basis of our world exhibits, the Inherent Pull of Life is toward IMPROVEMENT. In the nucleus of the atom, the proton (positive) is stabalized by the neutron (neutral). The positive charge of the proton attracts it’s opposite, the electron (negative). The neutron is the largest of the 3 particles (signifying the importance of neutrality) and the electron is the smallest. The electron seems to be pulling away from it’s oppositely-charged proton (centrifugal force), but that is actually an illusion caused by straight-line inertia (movement forward is the natural flow of Life). There is truly only centripetal force acting within the atom, because without the pull of the positive proton, the electron would just continue forward, it does not ‘pull away’ as the illusion of centrifugal force would suggest. Furthermore, the electron is not always a particle, it behaves as a wave until it is ‘pulled’ into form. This is an overly-simplified explanation. It is the pull of the positive that is shaping life. When neutrality is insufficient the positive charge of the nucleus is not stable. Thus as we remain neutral and focusing on the positive we are stably creating new structure. It may take time to manifest, but it is forming. For more information, read The Inherent Pull of Life

Karma – Karma is a term that is usually associated with Hindu traditions. Karma states that what you give you receive. This is correct in and of itself, in that like energy draws like energy. However, it is often used as a guilt mechanism to manipulate and control people. I was in line at the grocery store and someone wanted to go in front of me. At this time I said no. She proceeded to tell me “It’s your karma” as if I was going to pay some karmic price of something bad happening to me since I didn’t let her go in front of me. Given that line of thinking, isn’t her ‘cursing’ me and trying to manipulate me into doing what she wanted by fear of bad karma far more damaging to her?

My guides have told me to call Karma ‘Wealth of Experience.’ On a spiritual level we are here to experience it all, that is how we learn. Every single person on this beautiful Earth has been the perpetrator and the victim, the master and the slave, the beauty and the beast in one form or another. Certainly there are choices that progress your evolution and those that lead you on a greater search. Anything that is less than Love will search for its balance and reintegration. True wisdom, understanding and forgiveness will release ‘karma’ instantly. We are not beings in bondage unless we choose to remain so, either by choice or unrecognized collective guilt. We are now moving into the time where collectively we are moving past duality (opposites, me/us versus…) learning and into triality (integration through Love) learning.

When a child comes in with a severe handicap, it does not mean they did something really bad in a past life and they are now getting what they deserve. It means that they have done bad things and good things in their past lives and now they are choosing to experience this, courageous soul that they are. When you really look with your heart, you will find the gift in everything. Children are vast Beings of Light and powerful beyond the human body that you see. Love them deeply as they are and seek improvement of life with Love.

I heard (and paraphrase) a story of a healer that would choose some people to heal each day at the ashram. A follower asked, why do you not choose the sickest people to heal? The woman and her son in a wheelchair need it more than that person did, and they traveled so far and suffered so much just to come see you. The healer replied that he chooses who to heal by their karma and to heal them would be to deny their soul the karmic experience they seek. — That doesn’t mean they were awful in a past life and need to suffer in this one, that means this is a karmic attribute that they chose to experience and we look at it as bad and wrong because we see it from a human perspective. That mother and son may even be saying they want it gone, but until their souls have experienced all they want and need to, it will be so. I believe that anything we are experiencing can be changed as long as it is in Divine Order, and most often that means our acceptance of it. Perhaps that mother and son wanted to learn to love imperfections, perhaps they wanted to teach people that handicapped doesn’t mean unable to live a joyful life, perhaps they wanted to enhance other senses and to do that they chose to experience it this way, etc. Christopher Reeves had a karmic (actually dharmic) path with that horse. As painful as it was for his family and himself, he served humanity exponentially by stepping into his path of being handicapped. We don’t all need to become handicapped to do that, it was just the path that powerful Being chose.

Law of Attraction/ Law of Resonance – Law of Attraction is taught very well by Abraham-Hicks, but to really understand it takes time. People will hear some about it and think they understand, but it is far more in-depth than just thinking positively to attract positive experiences. Areon, the Lyran Council of Time that I channel prefers to call it the Law of Resonance. It ultimately means the same thing. They prefer that term because it establishes a deeper understanding that you must change your own vibration then life readjusts to you. This is why they focus endlessly on your internal changes. 

Light Language – More information HERE. Light Language is Dynamic Frequency Encodings of Sound and Light that adjusts to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs in the moment; initiating clearing, balancing, activation and alignment with a new vibration of Wellbeing. Light Language is an interdimensional universal language that is understood by all on a soul level. Your heart speaks Light Language fluently. Some speak it, write it and/or sign it.  Sometimes I get the direct translation, other times just the gist, other times I have no clue, but it pours out anyway, healing appropriately as sound is wont to do.

Channeled from Archangel Metatron: The frequency of the Light Language creates the geometries that are needed spatially in the persons Lightbody. Like a solar flare, it is a powerful burst that bypasses all other Encodements or transductions because it immediately hits the energy field without having to be broken down into other formats – like an understanding or an emotion. It immediately interacts with the Light body.

You can see and hear Light Language HERE

Quantum Physics – The study of extremely small particles is quantum physics. While Newtonian (classic) physics describes how large objects behave (gravity, planets orbiting, etc.), Newtonian physics can not account for the behavior of small particles like electrons and smaller. Einstein was bringing this forward in the early 1900’s, but much of it was dismissed or not fully understood by those that disperse knowledge. Many confusing aspects of quantum physics result from the potential of probability that is inherent, the displacement of time, and the influence of other dimensions. Precognition and telepathy were previously unexplainable by classic science but quantum science is able to explain them with Super String Theory and the holographic model. While I love to study as much of this as I can comprehend because I find it interesting, I am by no means an expert and I am able to drive a car rather well without knowing all the inner workings of it. (some would disagree!)

Reflexology – An ancient eastern modality based on the premise that there are points in the feet, hands and ears that reflex to every organ and part of your body. It is often combined with herbology now to counteract the chemical buildup in our bodies from pollution and food additives. Reflexology is a wonderful compliment to energy healing and/or western medicine. Eastern reflexology is very hard foot massage, western is very light. I have experienced both and they both work, but Eastern saved my life from suicidal depression many years ago. I still like to go for a check-up periodically.

Shamanic Traditions – I use this term generally, often when I am speaking about taking people’s energy into your own body for transmutation. This is by no means an insult to shamanic traditions or to imply that this is the only aspect to them. Shamanism is a varied and beneficial study. Like all modalities you will find aspects you like, some you don’t, some you integrate with something else you know, some parts that are outdated, some that are ahead of their time, etc. Shaman tend to work with crystals and earth elements (which I love) and have a strong connection to seasons and Gaia. My opening of my spiritual path began with Native American traditions (shamanic traditions are found among indigenous peoples everywhere) so I have quite a fondness and respect for them.

Situational Issue – Sometimes we look at our issues through the situations that are manifested. I use this term because people often present things they want to work on via their experience, such as, ‘my boss is always putting me down.’ It is rooted into a deeper issue that we work on energetically as Source guides.

Soul Progression – Soul Progression is about stepping into Ascension and making a decision to move your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual evolution forward. It’s a pathway to enlightenment that is different for every person and will result in learning who you are on a soul level and bringing that into your physicality. It is a journey into your personality, responsibility, empowerment, love and lack there of and transmuting anything that is less-than into a gift that is greater-than. Crystalline Soul Healing came about because of my own desire for Soul Progression. As an interesting note, I channeled the term Soul Progression when I was writing my business cards. I put it on there as I was guided, but didn’t really know what it meant. About a year later I was reading The Keys of Enoch (I’m still not finished with that awesome book!) and it was written there in bold letters!

Subtle Bridge – According to Areon, the Lyran Council of Time; our subtle bridge is our thoughts and emotions, as well as our intuitive senses. The subtle bridge is how we “speak” directly to the subtle realm. Subtle speaks to subtle, and eventually (whether seemingly immediate or not) effects the physical. Your thoughts and emotions are not physical, therefore they can be changed more easily. As you utilize your powerful subtle bridge, you work directly with the subtle realm to transform and create your future. The subtle realm is the vast 99% engine that builds form, the 1% of our experience. For more information, read The Inherent Pull of Life

Thinking Positively – Thinking positively does not mean you are oblivious to reality, it just means you look at things differently, thereby perceiving them differently, thereby having a different emotional reaction to it, thereby causing a different chemical reaction in your body, thereby reducing your stress, thereby increasing your health, vitality and QUALITY OF LIFE.

Type A Personality – Type A personalities tend to be impatient, fast talking/moving, critical and have a hard time relaxing. Type B Personalities are able to relax when it is appropriate and don’t have a need to push push push. Being a Type A can be dangerous physically because you are constantly releasing stress hormones into your body. Your body is made to deal with adrenaline in spurts, but prolonged exposure can result in cardiac problems, skin problems, digestive problems, etc. I was a classic Type A, and I call myself ‘a recovering Type A’ because I still have some tendencies that I am working through. When I was a massage therapist, I could tell the Type A’s by the way their muscles were so difficult to release. And since I was a Type A, I massaged the hell out of them to the detriment of my own body because I was thinking, “If I push harder I can fix this!” ;0) Seriously, it’s a problem. Work through it!

Does energy healing work on what I have? It doesn’t matter if you have something physical like cancer, something congenital like CP, something incurable, genetic or something caused by an accident; energy healing works. It doesn’t matter if you have something emotional like depression or anger, energy healing works. All that matters is you have the intention to heal and you accept that change can happen in a way that you may not expect. What is in Divine Order will occur.

Healing is not about a specific disease or behavior, it’s about a person. Case histories may look identical, but there may be many variances on an energetic level that cause a different outcome. This is why the placebo effect skews medical statistics. It’s not because medicine is ineffectual, it’s because the human is incredibly powerful. As with western medicine, there are no guarantees about what will transpire. As I’ve mentioned ad infinitum, healing can be instantaeous, transpire over time, come in layers, or in a different form than you expected. Healing always happens and it always unfolds perfectly.

I have a question for you, how can I contact you? I prefer that you contact me by email first at Sometimes it is hard to reach me by phone and I can often respond to email more quickly. Please glance through the FAQ’s first to see if your question is already answered. I’m happy to answer general questions. If you are wanting some sort of psychic information, you will need to book a session.

Where do you recommend I start with my healing process? I recommend that you examine your life a bit and see where you are creating what you want and where you are creating what you don’t want (i.e. great with relationship, bad with money). See if you can imagine your life without that restriction (i.e. when thinking about money do you feel hopeless or do you feel like change could happen you just don’t quite know how). Do you really want a change in your life? Are you willing to step into your joy? Are you willing to accept that change can happen quickly and easily? Are you willing to start thinking differently? Are you willing to take some action that may challenge you a bit? I recommend you start looking at your thought habits and see where they get out of control. Does a session feel right to you? Would you rather read a book? Follow your heart, you’ve got Universal Wisdom in there!

Can I schedule a session for you to work on someone else? If you would like to give someone a session as a gift, that is wonderful. Keep in mind that they will need to want it on some level for it to be more effective. If you gift it to someone that absolutely does not agree with this sort of thing, you will be wasting your money. If they are open-minded, it may be just what they need. I will not work on people that are not aware of what I am doing. While that can be effective if it is deemed appropriate by their Higher Self, it is not something that is as effective as a willing participant. No guarantees as to the outcome can ever be made. Sometimes healing is immediate, sometimes it comes later, sometimes it comes in layers, sometimes it comes in a form we don’t recognize as a healing. A healing always happens, whether or not it is what we expected is another story. Source works through me and guides the healing for the client’s highest good. It will not interfere with any medication, surgery or doctor’s orders. It will not cause any pain or ‘healing crisis.’ I am not a doctor and will never diagnose or prescribe or unprescribe. All changes in diet, exercise or anything else should be made with the supervision of your doctor.

I am having a problem with a broad issue (i.e. relationships) – does it work on that or do I need to be specific? You can approach the session anyway you like. If you are too vague and something else needs to come into your consciousness, your guides will lead us there. If you are specific and your guides and Source don’t deem working on that specifically to be appropriate, so it will be. We’ll know and communicate that along the way. Remember not to be tied to a specific outcome. You may come in thinking I need to work on my relationship with my mother and the entire session seems to be about your boss, trust that it is in Divine Order. Because it is.

I’m already a healer and I’d like to hone or enhance my skills. You may be drawn to an Axiatonal Alignment or a certain activation that will happen by our contact in a healing session. Follow your heart.

I feel like I want to be a healer, too – what do you recommend? If you are a beginner I recommend you find what interests you about healing. Do you like to experience things through the emotional aspect, the scientific aspect, or the spiritual aspect? Do you feel drawn to chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, massage therapy or working with hospice patients? Do you want to do this full time, or just work on friends and family? Answer a few of these questions and email me at and I will help you if I can. You may also want to get an Axiatonal Alignment.

I feel drawn to it, but I don’t really know what I want to work on.Since Source and your Higher Self guide the sessions, what is perfect for you will unfold. Healing always happens.

Can we work on more than one thing in a session? Sometimes people will come with a laundry list and that is fine. You may really want to do them in a certain order because one seems more important to you, but Source will guide the order and there is no point in fighting it! If we get through part of one, that’s perfect. If we get through seven, that’s perfect, too. It may take a few sessions just to get through one. There’s no way of knowing. We may do one session that takes care of one, then six months later, you’re dealing with something similar. This is just a deeper clearing that is now appropriate, though I also notice this with people that are avoiding their mastery or people that continue to live a toxic lifestyle (that can be emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually). We may do one session and I never need to see you again. I do promise you that we will work through them as quickly as possible. That’s how I would want to be treated.

For those of you that may not be familiar with sending your “Love & Light,” it’s like a prayer.  There is no specific way it should be done. You can do it so many ways, YOUR PURE INTENTION OF LOVE IS THE ONLY IMPORTANT FACTOR.   Some different ways:

State a prayer silently or aloud: “Source, Creator of All That Is, Mother/Father/God, Universal Love, Gaia, Jesus, Allah, Buddah…however you like to pray…I ask that Your Love envelope (Insert topic) for the highest good for all of Earth and beyond.  Thank you.  And so it is.”  Then sit quietly and feel the Love.  You may see things, feel things, know things, or just hear the silence. The important thing is your intention of sending Love.

If you are visual, you can imagine a tiny version of yourself on a massage table. State the healing prayer/intention, ‘Source (or Universal Love, Higher Self, etc.), I ask that your Love envelope me and heal (insert topic) for my highest good. Thank you. And so it is.

If the topic is a world event, imagine a small Earth with your hands around it, like the picture above from Daniel Holeman, and state the prayer. From your hands comes that Love & Light of Source that envelopes the topic of the week.  Visualize it surrounded in the white Light shooting from your hands.  If you need something physical, get a picture of the topic (or something close) or put your hand on your globe. No expected outcome, no ‘this side wins,’ just Love.

I merely ask to receive the healing, support everyone participating in the LightBlast (they’ve made a conscious choice) and then offer it out to the world for through the field that unites all humanity. Their Higher Self will determine what is best for them.

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