Weekly LightBlast

Subterfuge (Subletting Your Mind and Heart)

Subterfuge LightBlast by Areon and Jamye Price
Note from Jamye: The LightBlast is a channeled topic from Areon for self-healing for Lightworkers.  They stand alone as a single topic, though they are also in an order that builds upon each other as they are a response to the current collective energies of Ascension.  While they don’t apply to everyone in the same way, just understanding them and observing your own or others’ views and actions around the topic is valuable.  With great Love they are sometimes pointing out where we could benefit from strengthening in some uncomfortable areas.    
Subterfuge is defined as hiding something, lying or tricking to avoid a consequence.  That sounds negative, like it is something that only a bad person would do to harm another.  However, often in the pursuit of feeling good, many seek to avoid the challenges that would offer new solution and empowerment.  Our intent is to soften your definitions so that you are empowered to observe the duality in everything, connect it, and thereby release the polarization that separates the self.  We spoke about the benefit of balanced vulnerability, for it offers growth.  Without the opening that vulnerability provides, there is no ability to expand.
What has taken Subterfuge in your heart or mind?  What anger, fear or shame has yet to be illuminated by the Light of your Love?  What have you not entrusted to the unconditionality of the universe that Loves all that you have experienced, for it has brought greater Understanding to the Absolutes of the past.  In the silence of your forgiveness you offer hope and opportunity to the future.  This benefits you, for you are freer within.  It benefits others, for your compassion is a strength of connection rather than pity of inability. 
Blessed being, you have great power within.  Do not sublet your heart and mind to the suppression of shame that another in pain would use to bind you.  Misery doesn’t love company, for it does not love.  It feels safe in the reflection of lack of power.  Hold yours.  For you are the only one that truly can. 
In essence, the Subterfuge of your heart and mind is not a bad thing.  You are not weak because you have not solved every inkling of trauma, challenge or shame.  Seek resolution, but do not resist its pace.  It slows to strengthen you, for you to reach full understanding of your power to avoid, to confront, to await new form.  Observe what you avoid and assess if you are in a moment of strengthening or resisting a consequence.  Either one offers great potential.  New choice is available every moment, so ease your heart and mind.  
As you release the shame of perceived imperfections, you will find strength in every choice and every choice strengthening
This is an advanced topic for Lightworkers, as they no longer allow the power of their heart and mind to be subletted by the past or the potentials of the future.  Own yourself now.  You do not need any external circumstance to change for that to happen, for it is all internal.  The external will follow at the appropriate pace.
As we sit to Blast Subterfuge, we are healing hidden pain or misperception into wisdom.  We are allowing the Light of Love to illuminate the inner jewel of compassion within.  We are folding time into now as the past becomes the present gift of strength and the future becomes the form from now.  We are aware and accessing, becoming whole and empowered with each understanding and experience.  We are the path of potential, leading the self with the power of innate divinity embodied.  We are opening doors long closed, shining Light in all directions, and awakening the power of Love within.  Blast on!

Creating from the Human Mind

Creating from the Human Mind by Jamye Price

There are those that resent the “failings” of the human mind. That it can be distracted, fooled or controlled by another are not failings.

Do not let your power be distracted by those that focus on the lack or the problems. Live the solution.

The vulnerabilities of the human mind are part of the strengthening of the being.

Vulnerability is not a weakness unless you choose not to understand its value. Vulnerability is the valuable ability for one to be open enough to change.

Vulnerability is Valuable by Jamye Price

Change is a choice, a gift of the mind.

Do you choose to let your empathy become an understanding that connects you to another? Do you choose to let your absolute knowing of the power of Love bring change to your world? Do you choose to move forward on the path of progress that a powerful, connected mind creates?

Choose, blessed being, for your choice progresses you and Life.

You are such a being of powerful creative abilities, that there is no wrong choice, merely a direction. That direction is able to be shifted at any moment. Choice continues.

As we sit to Blast Creating from the Human Mind, we are expanding our brilliance and shining our electromagnetic grace into the darkest corners. We are embracing our ability to forgive and forget, remembering the freedom of Love within. We are perceiving new solution in old problems, understanding that not all are ready for the responsibility of their own power. We are nurturing change with the patience that allows direction to be found within. Blast on!

Absolute and Understanding

Utilizing your mind to understand is part of your evolution. It changes your experience in life. You observe this as you detail how the living conditions of humanity have changed through the centuries and most recently, the decades. This time of rapid change offers much choice and perspective shift; both functions of the mind.
However, the function of the mind is limited when it does not utilize the internal impulses of the heart, the connective nature of your being. As you Love, you connect – with the Self, with others, with God, with your True Power. The mind is expanded with this connection. It strengthens the Self. That strong Self then interacts with others, creating a new foundation of empowered, Loving beings.  A new humanity.
As your mind determines Absolutes, you strengthen. You are direct, decisive, determined and certain. This is a powerful place to be and it is a natural part of your existence. Some Absolutes may feel stronger than others, but anytime you are sure about something, you are moving forward, progressing.
Understanding, in this context, is opposite of an Absolute. Understanding is the space where an Absolute meets an incongruency and a new Absolute must form. It is paradox, and most importantly; it is new connection. Mind connection. Understanding is where the mind is functioning in concert with the heart. Where your full empowerment is utilized for your growth, your progress. That emanates out.
When Absolute and Understanding are both embraced, you are a being of growth and empowerment. You are able to both direct your life and allow Life to direct you. You are open to the wisdom of the Self, the wisdom of others and the wisdom of Life. You are clear in your ability to choose for yourself and patient when clear choice has not yet formed. You are as determined in your ability to Love as you are open in your ability to hold healthy boundaries. You are paradox in form, the peace that passes all understanding. Absolutely.
As we sit to Blast Absolute and Understanding, we are becoming the vehicle of progress that blazes a trail of Love’s power. We are both open and aware as we focus on creating a Loving life as we understand the Self more deeply. We are open to the paradox of Love as we remain determined to create real change on Earth, first from within. We are building the power of our hearts and minds; creating a symphony that soothes the soul when an absolute has hardened the heart and dimmed the brilliance of the mind. Blast on!

Freeing the Mind

Freeing the Mind LightBlast by Jamye Price
Blessed Being, you are a wonder of ability blooming.  Your heart and mind are beginning to connect in ways that grow the collective of humanity rapidly.  As your heart opens, you are feeling more Love, wonderment and bliss.  As your mind opens you are seeking, understanding and applying the new to the now. 
As you find yourself, you are discovering the bliss and the pain that flavors your perceptions.  It can be confusing, at times.  For it would seem that bliss would lead only to good and pain should be abolished.  Yet as you open, you discover that they are not so different, they are both beautiful teachers, both question and answer. 
The open mind seeks to discover.  Everything has its newness, its information, its sharing.  The open mind understands its ability and limitations and embraces both while stretching beyond.  The heart, the great powerhouse of connection, leads the mind to ever greater heights of Love. 
As you release thoughts of limitation, and shift them into thoughts of discovery; you expand. 
As you release thoughts of anger, and release them into thoughts of strength growing; you expand. 
As you release thoughts of wrong, and shift them into thoughts of opportunity; you expand. 
Release the frustration, and the mental clouds clear.  Know that Time is supporting your transformation.
As we sit to Blast Freeing the Mind, we are opening to our brilliance and discovering the Truth of our Divine Nature.  We are fine tuning our invisible emanation into a deluge of Loving the moment.  We are finding our capability in challenge and creating new win/win solutions that elevate Life.  We are holding healthy boundaries as we assist through exemplifying the strength that is possible with Love.  We are the bold and the believers, that foresee potentials and trust our ability to create a new world.  Blast on!

Forgetting the Self

Forgetting the Self LightBlast by Jamye Price

There is great potential of change to the human mind, yet it’s fuller function requires the opening of the heart. An open heart belongs to a courageous being that understands their capability.

This capability is an understanding of limitation, not from insecurity or immobilizing fear, but from the wisdom of the season of growth. You do not berate the fruit for not ripening faster, you honor the limitation and support growth with care.

Your understanding of your capability creates a moving beyond of previous limitations. All experience, both enjoyable and challenging, is supporting you to rise above previous limitations. Each season brings a new potential of expansion.

You are now in an unprecedented time of your potential.

Throughout your recent millennia, humanity has been growing into a collective adulthood. It is the natural progression and not unexpected in any way. It is not always an easy path as humanity learns to deal with earth conditions and each other.

Your history is fraught with war, domination and greed. Indeed your present experience offers that to many. They are steeped in the survival struggle of your seasons past, and it is you reading and hearing this that are bearing the fruit of the future in the now moment.

Part of the result of the survival struggle has been a forgetting of the Self as the influence of domination has attempted to separate you from your most powerful flow of creativity–Self Love. As you Love yourself, you are allowing the flow of Love to anchor here on earth. You are also anchoring Love when you Love others, for all forms of Love are effective.

However, your flow is limited as you destroy the Self with lack, fear, depleting sacrifice and shame. Shaman, remember your power to merge the invisible and visible as you have new availability to Love a problem into new solution.

Biomechanism of Love by Jamye Price

You are powerful. Your biomechanism is wholly functional with the creative power of Love. As you find the courage within to choose to Love yourself, you are choosing to allow Love to flow to you, through you and from you. This changes you. It changes your life. It changes your world.

The fruits of your labor of Love are a gift indeed. You give it to All Life. You receive it infinitely as well. The flow continues.

As we sit to Blast Forgetting the Self, we are releasing the fear of survival and opening our hearts and minds to the beauty within that changes the world. We are remembering the power of Love to transform fear into understanding. We are blazing a trail of triumph as we gaze into every eye (I) we meet, beaming the Truth of Love with laser precision and unwavering determination.

We are the fruit of the future, seeding Love’s power in every heart that we meet. We are becoming the dominant force in our lives, choosing Love’s courageous new solution that survival fear has previously suppressed. We are creating change by being changed; Loving the Self so fully that the waters of our Love overflow and nourish Life. Blast on!

Creating Problems (and Solutions)

As you begin to Allow more, you are opening to your powerful heart.  Your biomechanism is complete in its ability, though ever changing in its details of availability.  Humanity is moving from mind focus to heart integration – a profound change in the availability of new solution.  Any nature of problem that is in your Earth experience has available solution. It is merely your ability to connect to it that changes.
Your ability to problem solve is in-built into your functionality. As all things, it is a balancing.  Through Time, you move from imbalance to balance, the seeking such a compelling that it is natural to you and often unnoticed.  Whether you seek peace, excitement or any other sensation, you are on a path of Life progressing that is honored by your willingness to consume it into new experience. 
Your brain naturally forms habits and patterns of understanding that become so natural, you hardly notice them.  This is part of the mechanism of creation, for it requires new data to progress.  New data is available through the timeless connection of the heart, the vast connector of Life.  As you open to the power of your heart, you are allowing new information into the details of the brain and new solution is formed.  As you love yourself more, you change the experience of your life and all those around you.  As you love life more, as you love challenges more as you open to the potentials of yourself more, Life and Love flow through.  That is Allowing new solution to flow into Earth experience.
As we sit to Blast Creating Problems and Solutions, we are reminded that we are a brilliant diamond that has formed within an alchemy of experience through Time.  We are appreciating the challenges as opportunities.  We are recognizing that a problem is merely the past meeting the present vibration that is no longer compatible, thus the future is calling for benevolent change.  We are open to the imbalances that occur, for we hold solution in the heart, the great potential of Love awaiting form through our allowing grace.  We are bravely shining brightly, illuminating the Light of Love from within.  Blast on!

Allowing and Adjusting

Your freedom is within your ability to respond to Life in a way that keeps you open, strong, focused and aware.  At first, as you learn to actively create your internal experience, it seems a lot to focus upon.  It can feel overwhelming as you determine, “Am I open in this moment or strong?”  Only to eventually discover that it must be both, though they feel so different at first. 
It can seem disruptive to your peace as you must observe every detail and shape your choices based on a changing, sometimes chaotic, vibration.  There is so much data coming at you and from you as you smooth your vibration into the flow of creation you are desiring.  The lag time of manifestation often clouds the clarity of which thoughts and feelings led to which creation.
There are open, yet focused, avenues of creation that will assist the overwhelm and allow you to adjust with greater ease.  You are part of the engine of Life.  In human form, your physical brain structure disrupted the full understanding.  Thus it becomes a path of experience as you learn from a new vantage point.  Do you see the loving process in that?  You created it, for you are of creation and powerful beyond the physical form.  As you open to the deep knowing that Life is leading you toward your potential of thriving, you ease the tension of the mental responsibility and open to your natural ability of response – adjusting.  Allowing is a loving state, and adjusting is a courageous choice.
As you open to trusting that the engine of Life is working with you, you begin to align with the synchronicity of information that shows you creation’s clues.  You must be open and aware to focus upon the data that is first invisible, malleable and merely an indicator of potential.  Is it time to move forward, rest and allow new information to form, or release and change direction?  You have this ability.  It is merely your allowing and adjusting that shows you direction’s path.
As we sit to Blast Allowing and Adjusting, we are open to the information of Life forming and we are choosing boldly for the progress of Love.  We are appreciating the positive and negative experiences, for they provide a platform of focus for strengthening Love’s determination.  We are protecting the inner world until it is strong enough to open to the full scope of Life.  We are learning the experience of polar opposites meeting in the heart of courage, for it is within that resistance meets forgiveness and new direction begins.  We are the powerful electromagnetic force of creation in our own lives, emanating so strongly that opposition releases its direction to the progress of Love.  Blast on!

Forging a New Path

Life is supporting your progress.  It is strengthening you and Loving you into each new moment.  Your choice is a powerful vehicle of movement, for indeed it is the only way you ever travel.  Each step is a choice.  As you choose your direction, Life begins to support you by the nature of momentum.  Your creation is the continuance of Life. 
As you move in a direction, creation is formed; each step gives you a new perspective of creation.  Are you closer, farther, needing to shift direction?  Life will show you with clues of creation forming, yet you must make the step.  As you choose, you Forge a New Path, creating movement toward creation.
Choice is always internal, any external action is a result of choice.  Choice is the cause, action is the effect; your steps and your choice are entwined. Each step along your path is important, for it teaches, elevates, redirects or halts.  All of this is for you, supporting your creation.
Whatever your direction, you are Loved and supported.  The Love flowing to you is infinite and invisible, yet it is palpable to those that are open to receive it.  Do you see the beauty in your Path?  For it has been divinely inspired, supported and appreciated as you walk this Earth. 
As we sit to Blast Forging a New Path, we are walking the path of least resistance, where even challenge is a gift of Love moving us forward.  We are choosing boldly and wisely as we allow Life to show us where momentum flows.  We are diligent in creating our world as we take back our power from fear.  We are moving ahead as the forerunners of change, taking a leap of faith when the path seems unknown.  We are astute to the path of Love, for it quietly offers hope in a warm embrace; fueling our future. Blast on!

Seeking Support

You are connected to the totality of God, Universe and Love.  It is in your nature, it is in your cells, it is in your desires.  Within all desire is a seeking of Love and connection.  The seeking of Love is in-built into your beingness, for you are of Source energy – Love. 
As you are awake or asleep, you are supported and surrounded by Love.  It is the core of Life, calling you into your power through support or opposition.  As you move beyond resistance to opposition and integrate its powerful potential, you are empowering the self into the peace that passes all understanding.
As you seek support, you discover your power within.  Those experiences and people that are kind and generous, increase your inner appreciation.  Those experiences and people that challenge or oppose you, encourage your inner strength.  This empowers you to choose anew – will you repeat the pattern of challenge or will you choose kindness and generosity?  True power is both Love and strength, for it takes strength to choose Love in the face of opposition.  Whatever you decide, Life supports you; for your choice creates desire and desire is saturated with Love.  The cycle continues.
As we sit to Blast Seeking Support, we are reaching powerfully into Life and appreciating the cycles of creation.  We are becoming strong enough to experience a fuller scope of Life and bring profound healing onto Earth.  We are releasing resistance to opposition and finding strength within as we navigate an unforeseen future into form.  We are finding Love’s quiet presence beneath pain, the gift of vulnerability.  We are the new warrior, battling pain with the strength and courage of surrendering to Love.  Blast on!

Creating the New World

Creating the New World by Jamye Price

Blessed Being, your Love is the Light that creates the change that sets a new foundation of potential for the future.  You now have a momentum of support that is the natural flow of your current timeframe.  Your focus determines the pace and direction.

Love is calling you to look into challenge and see potential.  It is calling you to your empowerment and divine birthright to become the power that creates.  You can see the suffering around you and understand that empowered Love has not been a dominant creative force for humanity.  That changes with your choice, your focus and your persistence to Love Life.  You determine the Future.   

Love is always a choice.  It is the catalyst that determines the next creation’s forming.  It will never force, for Love is a vehicle of empowerment.  It Love’s you so, that it would embrace you in a moment of anger or sorrow.  Love is in service to you, for you are its director of form.  As you forgive, you offer new growth of Love.  As you hold healthy boundaries, you offer new strength of Love.  You are Love’s vehicle of flow.  Flow it into all human experience, challenge and triumph alike. 

As we sit to Blast Creating the New World, we are boldly Loving and healing the disdain that is causing desire for change. We are observing governments and businesses and amplifying the direction of Love’s flow into future form. We are taking the reins of the course of humanity, for we are it, and empowering change in Love’s direction. We are looking deep within at resentment, fear, anger or pain as we nurture its transformation into wisdom gained and cultivated to feed the future. We are emanating the power of Love in all experiences, for Angels do not fear to tread anywhere. We are the New World, Creating a foundation of Love that supports All Life. Blast on!