There is a cycle to life that is written in nature. These cycles reflect into your everyday life and offer you a chance to embrace the full potential of any experience. Some experiences are pleasant, others challenge you to your depths; however, each experience presents the possibility of growth and enhancement as you traverse the Circle of Life.

The Earth experience is a reality of duality; the inner/outer, the self/others, good/bad, etc.

Two points, in opposition, realize the invisible line of connection between them and duality expands beyond the previous experience. This line, from one perspective is still a single point. This line from another perspective is straight, with a beginning and an end. This line from yet another perspective curves seeming to disappear, yet with a mere perspective shift, it is a Circle. One more shift of perspective and it is a sphere, encompassing many points, lines, Circles and angles (angels) of interaction/relationship.

One important aspect of The Circle of Life is Mother Earth. The Earth is the physical representation of the Circle of Life. It is Mother Earth that provides food, shelter and the experience of the seasons of growth. As we understand our interaction with Mother Earth, we resolve our past hurts that felt as if she abandoned us. Never was that so. Yet sometimes weather shifts have necessitated ingenuity and sometimes human control has siphoned availability; but Mother Earth has always provided.

We resolve our own past choices where we would now choose a different angle of interaction with the physical, tangible aspect of Life.

Another important aspect of The Circle of Life is the connection of All in the cosmos; Father Sky. It is a weighty concept to resolve our importance within the fabric of the universe, for we seem so small in comparison. It is a fine line of balance to understand the importance of All, for better or for worse, and to recognize equality in all experiences, in all people. The Universal Continuance assures us that we are a vital part of an unseen pattern.

Foundation of Strength by jamye Price


It is a cycle so large that we must step out of what is known and seen to encompass the perfect enigma. That we, too, become that enigma; understood and yet awed, forgiving and yet deliberate, strong and yet vulnerable. The full expanse of all Earthly cycles within the scope of our interaction is our Universal gift of inclusion.

As you observe the physical (Mother Earth) and the intangible (Father Sky), you are aligning your own experience of life to the understanding of the connection of duality; birth/death, time/eternity, courage/vulnerability, patience/action, freedom/ cooperation. These opposites are not so opposite, merely a different, vital and collaborative point on the Circle of Life.

For it is the invisible influence of Father Sky that shapes the seasons of Mother Earth. While the sun still rises and sets, it takes a keen observance to see the cycle. It takes all points to complete the circle. Each point is just as loved and appreciated as all others, for it serves the expansion of the circle.

You are that Circle of Life expanding.

As we sit to blast The Circle of Life, we are opening to the support of the cycles of Mother Earth and Father Sky. We are uniting the defined physical realm with the vast subtle realm, relating conditionality and unconditionality within. We are resolving resistance to our points of contention and joining our hearts and minds to the potentials of new choice. We are finding a new perspective in order to see the connection and direction available in Life. We are understanding our courage and priceless value in the Circle of Life, for we are all part of the breath that continues life. Blast on!

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