A spiritual being having a human experience.  Are you embracing the human experience?  Are you open to the experience of life on Earth, this reality that is so real to your senses?  Are you embracing the reality that is not so real to your senses?  These questions will show you your balance.  Observe how you authentically feel and think about them.  Embrace your resistance and reverence as equal, a reflection of each other; and you see the point; balanced, open to expansion, willing to imbalance for a moment of movement.  Life continues.
The Line of Delineation from one perspective connects and from another perspective separates.  Which one are you looking at?  If one of those feels better, more spiritual than the other, then again go back to the equality of reflection seeming so opposite, yet being a mere reflection of the same.  If you find yourself separating, utilize the physical benefit of that separation as you strengthen the heart and mind to hold understanding in the midst of challenge.  If you find yourself connecting, appreciate your strength, for another moment may call you to a greater depth of connection that requires more fortitude than currently available. 
You are endowed with brain functionality that separates, categorizes, delineates, defines and refines.  This functionality of separating is in-built into half of your brain.  Equality in form.  Your brain is your vehicle of choice, allowing Life to expand out through your brilliant choice.  It both connects and separates.  It is merely for you to decide how you will balance the usage of your brain to have easy access to both.  Begin to seek more connection in things that seem so separate.  Begin to embrace your natural ability to discern the distinctions in Life around you.  From that Line of Delineation, choose.  It is your birthright.  Ultimately, the Line of Delineation is within you, for that is where choice resides.  You hold within you the keys to Life.  Life opens its doors to you.
As we sit to Blast Line of Delineation, we are opening our minds to our hearts, which bridges understanding and choice.  We are becoming strong in this reality on Earth, reclaiming our internal power from the misinformation of societies.  We are bold in the face of opposition, willing to see the Self reflected experiencing a moment of weakness or strength – Life growing.  We are expanding our definition of Self to include All Life, connecting invisible realms of Love to unite the separation within.  Blast on!

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