Weekly LightBlast

Forging a New Path

Forging a New Path LightBlast by Jamye Price

Life is supporting your progress. It is strengthening you and Loving you into each new moment. Your choice is a powerful vehicle of movement, for indeed it is the only way you ever travel. Each step is a choice.

As you choose your direction, Life begins to support you by the nature of momentum.

Your creation is the continuance of Life. As you move in a direction, creation is formed; each step gives you a new perspective of creation. Are you closer, farther, needing to shift direction? Life will show you with clues of creation forming, yet you must make the step. As you choose, you Forge a New Path, creating movement toward creation.

Choice is always internal, any external action is a result of choice. Choice is the cause, action is the effect; your steps and your choice are entwined. Each step along your path is important, for it teaches, elevates, redirects or halts. All of this is for you, supporting your creation.

Whatever your direction, you are Loved and supported. The Love flowing to you is infinite and invisible, yet it is palpable to those that are open to receive it. Do you see the beauty in your Path? For it has been divinely inspired, supported and appreciated as you walk this Earth.

As we sit to Blast Forging a New Path, we are walking the path of least resistance, where even challenge is a gift of Love moving us forward. We are choosing boldly and wisely as we allow Life to show us where momentum flows. We are diligent in creating our world as we take back our power from fear. We are moving ahead as the forerunners of change, taking a leap of faith when the path seems unknown. We are astute to the path of Love, for it quietly offers hope in a warm embrace; fueling our future. Blast on!

Seeking Support

You are connected to the totality of God, Universe and Love.  It is in your nature, it is in your cells, it is in your desires.  Within all desire is a seeking of Love and connection.  The seeking of Love is in-built into your beingness, for you are of Source energy – Love. 
As you are awake or asleep, you are supported and surrounded by Love.  It is the core of Life, calling you into your power through support or opposition.  As you move beyond resistance to opposition and integrate its powerful potential, you are empowering the self into the peace that passes all understanding.
As you seek support, you discover your power within.  Those experiences and people that are kind and generous, increase your inner appreciation.  Those experiences and people that challenge or oppose you, encourage your inner strength.  This empowers you to choose anew – will you repeat the pattern of challenge or will you choose kindness and generosity?  True power is both Love and strength, for it takes strength to choose Love in the face of opposition.  Whatever you decide, Life supports you; for your choice creates desire and desire is saturated with Love.  The cycle continues.
As we sit to Blast Seeking Support, we are reaching powerfully into Life and appreciating the cycles of creation.  We are becoming strong enough to experience a fuller scope of Life and bring profound healing onto Earth.  We are releasing resistance to opposition and finding strength within as we navigate an unforeseen future into form.  We are finding Love’s quiet presence beneath pain, the gift of vulnerability.  We are the new warrior, battling pain with the strength and courage of surrendering to Love.  Blast on!

Creating the New World

Creating the New World by Jamye Price

Blessed Being, your Love is the Light that creates the change that sets a new foundation of potential for the future.  You now have a momentum of support that is the natural flow of your current timeframe.  Your focus determines the pace and direction.

Love is calling you to look into challenge and see potential.  It is calling you to your empowerment and divine birthright to become the power that creates.  You can see the suffering around you and understand that empowered Love has not been a dominant creative force for humanity.  That changes with your choice, your focus and your persistence to Love Life.  You determine the Future.   

Love is always a choice.  It is the catalyst that determines the next creation’s forming.  It will never force, for Love is a vehicle of empowerment.  It Love’s you so, that it would embrace you in a moment of anger or sorrow.  Love is in service to you, for you are its director of form.  As you forgive, you offer new growth of Love.  As you hold healthy boundaries, you offer new strength of Love.  You are Love’s vehicle of flow.  Flow it into all human experience, challenge and triumph alike. 

As we sit to Blast Creating the New World, we are boldly Loving and healing the disdain that is causing desire for change. We are observing governments and businesses and amplifying the direction of Love’s flow into future form. We are taking the reins of the course of humanity, for we are it, and empowering change in Love’s direction. We are looking deep within at resentment, fear, anger or pain as we nurture its transformation into wisdom gained and cultivated to feed the future. We are emanating the power of Love in all experiences, for Angels do not fear to tread anywhere. We are the New World, Creating a foundation of Love that supports All Life. Blast on!

Foretelling Futures

As you embark on your year of creative power, you are focusing part of your energy from your now moment into your Future.  This has been a nebulous pursuit from the human perspective, for the functionality of your heart/mind has not been taught as valuable to the future beyond its ability to put action into order for creation. 
Even those that believe it to be powerful do not often fully trust the mechanism, for it is not as understood as action creating result.  To feed someone that is hungry is obviously valuable.  Yet for those that do not understand the power of the mind/heart complex – to Love that same person and see their beauty and capability is a lovely gesture, but ineffective for results. 
As you begin to honor the entire process of creation, from invisible vibration of thought and emotion, into visible participation of your choices and actions; you are utilizing your full creative potential.  Humanity does this automatically, for they observe, think, compare and choose.  Yet most are not taught the creative power of the thinking and feeling mechanism (intentionally singular because they work together).  Therefore, humanity does not control their thoughts or feelings as they control their actions, for the actions are seen as contributing to the final result.
In your recent years there has been much support for Lightworkers to cleanse, strengthen and focus the heart and mind.  This support has often felt like the wringing of a rag as you were squeezed free of vibration that blocked your Love flow.  This year of creative power will take you to another level of Self Love as you begin to focus your creation of Ascended Self into form. 
Your empowerment is your ability to not only maintain your inner world, but to choose its focus.  There is no other that can truly do this for you.  It is the domain of the individual and it is your work as you create.  Your future depends on it for manifestation. 
The Future is merely your past and your now focused through your perspective.  Your perspective is like a beam of light illuminating potential into form.  That is the nature of your holographic experience.  You Foretell your Future into form with your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.
Your work is to focus your perspective on creation for the Self, for each empowered individual must learn to do so.  It is yourFuture to Foretell.  With a moment of deep, empowered Love, visualize yourself empowered and creative.  No details, just empowered and creative.  As you are empowered and creative, you offer it to all you meet.  It is part of your service to the world.     

As we sit to Blast Foretelling Futures, we are focusing our potent beam of Love into the Loving future of humanity.  We are initializing a new holographic potential as we illuminate the positive potential of any negative experience.  We are letting go of the focus on the negative that dims the understanding of its wisdom.  We are becoming strong enough to handle the negative and wise enough to foster the positive.  We are seeing the Light of Love clearly, even as we choose a path of the unknown, for our power to create is becoming known within.Blast on!


Ownership is a powerful aspect of creatorship. To create, you direct your intent. You must own your own intent for the most powerful creation. You then Allow Change as Life responds to your direction and co-creates with you. Life is always co-creation, for you are within a collective, or better stated – a connection. Life is a balance of give/receive and self/all else. You must also own your power to allow, to be well with Life and allow it to flow with you.

What do you own? What you own is with-in, for all else is outside of self and having its own experience. Connected, absolutely; yet owning the self. You cannot think for another, but they can allow you to influence their thoughts. You cannot choose for another, but you can deceive them into giving up choice. Own your choice and your inner voice, for this inner ownership is your key to empowerment. It is the power that will change the world, for each being owning the self is connected to all else. Take back the power of your inner world and you begin a chain reaction of Love healing all wounds into wisdom.

As we sit to Blast Ownership, we are taking back our inner power and owning the power to create through choice. We are honoring the separation of human form and the unseen connection to All Life. We are holding the space for Love to form as Life flows through us in a timely fashion. We are appreciating the outside world, for it is the completion of a new connection of Love. We are unyielding in our ability to Love in any experience, for that power is owned within. We are the Light at the end of the tunnel of focus, illuminating the power of Love to create a new world. Blast on!

Allowing Change

Allowing Change LightBlast by Jamye Price

Blessed Being, you are in a constant state of Creation, it is the flow of Time. Time marks your progress and it continues to flow, undoing what you have done so that you keep doing.

As a seeker on a spiritual path, you are learning the power of the subtle, of Spirit—that which you are. You are learning and experiencing beyond the visible form, into Spirit forming. You are bringing your power back. It is within you, as you change the world through your heart/mind experience.

The heart/mind connection is the difference between doing or being.

When the mind is not connected to the heart, you are just doing. When they are connected, you are being – even as you do. Action, the doing of life, is either connected to Love—to the Hallowedness of Life, or it is mere force.

The heart understands the unseen power of Love. The mind, a brilliant mechanism for the progression of empowerment, knows only what is known. It has categorized it, analyzed it, demonized it or idolized it. All of it first separated from the power of the Self, and the power of the unseen of Life. The mind defines the external into the internal and vice versa. It is your mechanism of understanding and navigating duality.

When the mind is connected to the heart, it ‘sees’ the potential that is not yet seen. It ‘loves’ the perfection of the moment, for Love is forming. It Allows, an aspect of the peace of being and the joy of doing. The mind, connected to the heart, reads the clues of life forming. It sees Love in every experience and chooses next actions by the Light of Love.

When the mind is connected to the heart, it perceives All Life as sacred.

This perception then creates a paradox in the human mind. How do you see destruction as sacred? How do you own the power of life or death with Love? How do you maintain the reaction of atomic proportions that is within you? How do you choose?

Allow the heart and mind to nurture choice through Love. Even challenges offer opportunity for grace. What will you choose?

As you Allow Change, you are allowing Life to resolve pain into the wisdom of potential power, and create new ground for form. You are the ground, the grounded divinity that allows change, the improvement of life on Earth, to flow through you.

As we sit to Blast Allowing Change, we are using the heart to guide us through the unknown into treasure discovered. We are appreciating the mind and calming its fear of figuring out. We are supporting action with the new-clear reaction that Love offers to Life.

We are seeing the immense power within, for understanding it is the key to utilizing it wisely. We are celebrating the flow of Time, allowing it to guide us into a new world. We are owning our power and powering the growth of Love on Earth. It is a sacred place to be. Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Creating Hallowed Ground

Blessed Being, you begin a new year, amplifying your focus on the new.

Time will progress through this year, just as it always has. How will you progress with it? You will, for as Time moves, so do you. In your agreement with the collective of Life on Earth, you are subject to the cycles; the years, the seasons, the months, the days. Yet in Truth, you are not bound by them, only subjectively entwined. Your focus, your perspective regarding Time shapes its function with you. This is an important aspect of your Mastery, and it begins a basis of focus for your new year.

This year has the potential to be a creative wonder-ground for you. Isn’t it fun to wonder what you will create?

We ask you to begin with a perspective of the sacredness of Life. This entails a healing of what sacred is. It is you, it is Life itself. It is the worst of life and the best of life. In Truth, there is nothing that is not sacred, but in the pain of separation of the heart from the mind, it has been forgotten. The heart allows you to Know Love beyond the moment. A separated mind cannot easily see beyond the form.

As you allow your mind to ponder the wonders, you are giving space to the power of Time. Without realizing it, your mind asks, “When?” You have emotional reactions to the unformed answer; resistance to the future, fear that you will fail, or excitement at what will be. As you more fully realize your sacred nature, you allow the cycles of Time to support your growth and you enjoy the rooting, the strengthening, the blooming and the new creation.

With this perspective of reverence for the self, for Life, for the flow of Time, for the push and pull of support and opposition; you find the power of the creative within you. You open to the flow of a Universe of Love, you find the unseen engine of creation flowing through you and mystifying your inherent nature. You are the sacredness that Life Rejoices as Time illustrates anew.

In this moment, decide that you are sacred and see what veneration Life flows to you and most importantly, Lightworker – through you into form. Your Life becomes the mystical wonder-ground your heart knew was possible. Each cycle becomes a celebration of Time flowing. Each creation becomes a celebration of the presence of Time and your presence of mind to focus form. Rejoice more, for you are celebrated endlessly by Life. It is Time that you receive the celebration.

Your focus on the sacred will form a blessed basis for your life and your world. You have the power to create. You were formed in the image-ination of a Creator, and you were gifted with the power of word to create as well. Speak in song, in celebration, in the sacredness of Life. Let your wonder-ground of creation be hallowed in your heart, for as you amplify the sacredness of Life, you envelop the formed and unformed in the potentials that Love seeds. Blessed Being, you are that sacred. Every step you take Creates Hallowed Ground, magnified by your focus on the sacredness of Life. Are you perceiving the sacred in each experience? Seek its flow of Love and allow it form on Earth.

As we sit to Blast Creating Hallowed Ground, we are appreciating the past as the catalyst for change and understanding of strength. We are observing Time as the magnanimous amplifying of focus that it is. We are celebrating Life in the reverence of the heart, a gaze that penetrates the boldest of fears. We are supporting ourselves and others in the silence of sacred knowing, that Time heals all wounds and choice makes them stronger. We are finding the sweetness in any experience, for humanity is reconnecting the heart and the mind. We are leading the way – on hallowed ground. Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Rejoicing (Reforming in Joy)

Blessed Beings, your calendars mark a culmination as your year 2014 comes to a close. Yet as Time flows, this is not a time of ending, but an overlap of endings and beginnings. It is the way of form and the perfection of Time that you have a linear marker point for reference. Think back on your year and assess how you have grown. Observe with Detached Compassionate Awareness. It is the human condition to be in a moment of Time with the understanding of past and future mixed with desire. Desire is the foundation of new form. Your moments are always blessed with the promptings of change. Are you able to find the joy in form and reforming? For you constantly do so, even in your moments of stillness.

2014 was a year of focus on personal empowerment. This is vital to the Ascension of humanity and yet attained individually. That you each become empowered within as a sovereign expressions of Life is fundamental to your own progression and that of Life on Earth. This requires the healing of vibration (the invisible) that blocks your easy flow with Life – releasing control, releasing sorrow, emphasizing capability and the Joy of Life. As you become an empowered sovereign, you are enhancing your own Creatorship – your divine birthright as a Creator in human form. You are effecting the overall vibration of Life on Earth and beginning a change that is not clearly visible at first.

Your work in 2014 caused much change, often invisible at first, though perhaps felt. As change occurs it waves through Time and you may experience a lift, then a drop as you integrate and release at a pace that supports rejuvenation and a new vigor for Creation. You are supported in ways not easily seen for many, but the promptings of change are constantly revered and Rejoiced by Life as you create. You now embark on a Time of Creativity (2015) that will be shaped by your empowerment and supported by your desire for change. As you bring your year 2014 to a close, Rejoice in all that you released and achieved, for you are reforming Life on Earth.

Rejoicing is a powerful aspect of Life and creation. As you Rejoice, you are amplifying focus, which nourishes Life. The energy of Rejoicing is joyous, celebratory and Loving. As you nourish your marriages, your graduations, your accomplishments, your lessons learned – you are amplifying the energy of Love. You amplify this in connection with the focus, which flows out into other areas of Life. Just as you Rejoice a child into not giving up on walking when he or she falls, so too, do you deserve the same encouragement in life continuously. In your past (mostly), Rejoicing was lost to grim obedience. Reclaim this powerful magnifier of Love and celebrate Life. In the smallest aspects and the most challenging aspects, Rejoicing will begin to Reform any experience into a Loving flow of Life.

As we sit to Blast Rejoicing, we are becoming the dominant vibration in our lives and entraining those that have lost their joy into new possibility. We are reclaiming our Divine birthright of Creatorship and flavoring all of Life with our powerful Love. We are recognizing the power of our focus to change the mundane into the mundance of Life as we change the beat of a tired old drum. We are celebrating the beauty of Life as we heal the challenge into wisdom gained. We are looking into the future of what this moment’s Love is creating, enjoying the Joy into form. Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Forming Anew

Following the heart is a skill that is self-taught for most. Many were taught through fear and limitation as a child, though in truth, that was the doorway of Love most parents were taught to access. You, as a Lightworker, are reworking the definition of following the heart and creating Life. You foresee the impact of the courage to forgive and the courage to stand your ground. You honor the courage to allow another to learn through their own ‘mistakes’ with loving compassion as you exemplify a new way of being. You are supporting the growth of new wisdom on Earth. This wisdom is the innate divinity within each being, the Love that allows Life to flourish, renew and flourish again.

As you follow your heart, you are honoring the uniqueness within you and you are learning the connectedness with All Life. Your heart allows you to understand on a deep level, to feel into painful and easy truths, to form new bonds and new boundaries that support the thriving of All Life. This heart connection is one that you move into slowly as you manage the pain that humanity has experienced. First, the connection feels overwhelming, yet Life will continue to call you to the courage to perceive others through their strengths, their capability, their Divinity. You grow this by perceiving the Self as strong, capable and utterly Divine. It is you thatyou are Forming Anew. All others are reflecting that to you.

As we sit to Blast Forming Anew, we are perceiving Life through the lens of Love, allowing it to illuminate the Light of Love that emanates from All Life. We are fearless in our ability to perceive the light at the end of the tunnel of Love. We are honoring each being as a unique individual and deeply connected to the Wholeness of Life, adding great measure to the sacred – sometimes through opposition/reflection. We are freeing the heart and mind to understand the invisible, the silent and the less obvious as we foresee potentials calling Love into form. Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Auspicious Creation

Finding your way through Life is an individual process within a collective of support. It does not always feel like support, and your mind can process much evidence to the contrary. Your heart, dear one, can find much Love within all experience. It Needs merely the freedom to flow into a new, expanded, connective perspective. Courage is the domain of the heart, though you say it takes ‘guts’ because your perspective of safety on Earth is important for the heart to flow freely. Courage has been associated with action in your world of seeing is believing. As a Lightworker, you are learning to believe before you see, otherwise you merely await the formation of Life then respond. As you become a creative participant in Life, you are giving and receiving the collective support.

Your forthcoming creations are formed first with your heart and mind. You feel them and you think them, mixing emotions and thoughts into a vibrational signature that emanates silently and invisibly from you. Life responds with synchronicity (alignment) that helps to focus you, redirect you, support you and strengthen you through opposition. You need not experience all of these, merely whatever best serves your creation. Life wants you to thrive. As part of the totality of Life, your thriving continues Life. Use any sort of opposition for its divine purpose, for your thriving. Life on Earth can seem difficult, though your heart knows the power of Love to heal, sustain and flourish. You are becoming living examples of this power. You are creating a new experience on Earth. Maintain your courageous focus on Love, on the Auspicious Creation of the new Earth you are creating.

As we sit to Blast Auspicious Creation, we are opening our hearts to the courage to Love the opposition into support. We are perceiving and feeling into our desires rather than the lack that has stirred them into focus. We are forging new ground that will support community based on cooperation as we allow the nature of Life to flourish in cycles that transform. We are resisting the fears that dim our Light and amplifying the Love that consumes them into exciting challenge. We are bold, observant and choosing wisely as we take the first action to shift our internal world and emanate new vibration of Loving solution into old problems. Blast on!

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