Utilizing your mind to understand is part of your evolution. It changes your experience in life. You observe this as you detail how the living conditions of humanity have changed through the centuries and most recently, the decades. This time of rapid change offers much choice and perspective shift; both functions of the mind.
However, the function of the mind is limited when it does not utilize the internal impulses of the heart, the connective nature of your being. As you Love, you connect – with the Self, with others, with God, with your True Power. The mind is expanded with this connection. It strengthens the Self. That strong Self then interacts with others, creating a new foundation of empowered, Loving beings.  A new humanity.
As your mind determines Absolutes, you strengthen. You are direct, decisive, determined and certain. This is a powerful place to be and it is a natural part of your existence. Some Absolutes may feel stronger than others, but anytime you are sure about something, you are moving forward, progressing.
Understanding, in this context, is opposite of an Absolute. Understanding is the space where an Absolute meets an incongruency and a new Absolute must form. It is paradox, and most importantly; it is new connection. Mind connection. Understanding is where the mind is functioning in concert with the heart. Where your full empowerment is utilized for your growth, your progress. That emanates out.
When Absolute and Understanding are both embraced, you are a being of growth and empowerment. You are able to both direct your life and allow Life to direct you. You are open to the wisdom of the Self, the wisdom of others and the wisdom of Life. You are clear in your ability to choose for yourself and patient when clear choice has not yet formed. You are as determined in your ability to Love as you are open in your ability to hold healthy boundaries. You are paradox in form, the peace that passes all understanding. Absolutely.
As we sit to Blast Absolute and Understanding, we are becoming the vehicle of progress that blazes a trail of Love’s power. We are both open and aware as we focus on creating a Loving life as we understand the Self more deeply. We are open to the paradox of Love as we remain determined to create real change on Earth, first from within. We are building the power of our hearts and minds; creating a symphony that soothes the soul when an absolute has hardened the heart and dimmed the brilliance of the mind. Blast on!

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