Seeking Support

You are connected to the totality of God, Universe and Love.  It is in your nature, it is in your cells, it is in your desires.  Within all desire is a seeking of Love and connection.  The seeking of Love is in-built into your beingness, for you are of Source energy – Love. 
As you are awake or asleep, you are supported and surrounded by Love.  It is the core of Life, calling you into your power through support or opposition.  As you move beyond resistance to opposition and integrate its powerful potential, you are empowering the self into the peace that passes all understanding.
As you seek support, you discover your power within.  Those experiences and people that are kind and generous, increase your inner appreciation.  Those experiences and people that challenge or oppose you, encourage your inner strength.  This empowers you to choose anew – will you repeat the pattern of challenge or will you choose kindness and generosity?  True power is both Love and strength, for it takes strength to choose Love in the face of opposition.  Whatever you decide, Life supports you; for your choice creates desire and desire is saturated with Love.  The cycle continues.
As we sit to Blast Seeking Support, we are reaching powerfully into Life and appreciating the cycles of creation.  We are becoming strong enough to experience a fuller scope of Life and bring profound healing onto Earth.  We are releasing resistance to opposition and finding strength within as we navigate an unforeseen future into form.  We are finding Love’s quiet presence beneath pain, the gift of vulnerability.  We are the new warrior, battling pain with the strength and courage of surrendering to Love.  Blast on!
Forging a New Path
Creating the New World

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