Finding your way through Life is an individual process within a collective of support. It does not always feel like support, and your mind can process much evidence to the contrary. Your heart, dear one, can find much Love within all experience. It Needs merely the freedom to flow into a new, expanded, connective perspective. Courage is the domain of the heart, though you say it takes ‘guts’ because your perspective of safety on Earth is important for the heart to flow freely. Courage has been associated with action in your world of seeing is believing. As a Lightworker, you are learning to believe before you see, otherwise you merely await the formation of Life then respond. As you become a creative participant in Life, you are giving and receiving the collective support.

Your forthcoming creations are formed first with your heart and mind. You feel them and you think them, mixing emotions and thoughts into a vibrational signature that emanates silently and invisibly from you. Life responds with synchronicity (alignment) that helps to focus you, redirect you, support you and strengthen you through opposition. You need not experience all of these, merely whatever best serves your creation. Life wants you to thrive. As part of the totality of Life, your thriving continues Life. Use any sort of opposition for its divine purpose, for your thriving. Life on Earth can seem difficult, though your heart knows the power of Love to heal, sustain and flourish. You are becoming living examples of this power. You are creating a new experience on Earth. Maintain your courageous focus on Love, on the Auspicious Creation of the new Earth you are creating.

As we sit to Blast Auspicious Creation, we are opening our hearts to the courage to Love the opposition into support. We are perceiving and feeling into our desires rather than the lack that has stirred them into focus. We are forging new ground that will support community based on cooperation as we allow the nature of Life to flourish in cycles that transform. We are resisting the fears that dim our Light and amplifying the Love that consumes them into exciting challenge. We are bold, observant and choosing wisely as we take the first action to shift our internal world and emanate new vibration of Loving solution into old problems. Blast on!

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