Ownership is a powerful aspect of creatorship. To create, you direct your intent. You must own your own intent for the most powerful creation. You then Allow Change as Life responds to your direction and co-creates with you. Life is always co-creation, for you are within a collective, or better stated – a connection. Life is a balance of give/receive and self/all else. You must also own your power to allow, to be well with Life and allow it to flow with you.

What do you own? What you own is with-in, for all else is outside of self and having its own experience. Connected, absolutely; yet owning the self. You cannot think for another, but they can allow you to influence their thoughts. You cannot choose for another, but you can deceive them into giving up choice. Own your choice and your inner voice, for this inner ownership is your key to empowerment. It is the power that will change the world, for each being owning the self is connected to all else. Take back the power of your inner world and you begin a chain reaction of Love healing all wounds into wisdom.

As we sit to Blast Ownership, we are taking back our inner power and owning the power to create through choice. We are honoring the separation of human form and the unseen connection to All Life. We are holding the space for Love to form as Life flows through us in a timely fashion. We are appreciating the outside world, for it is the completion of a new connection of Love. We are unyielding in our ability to Love in any experience, for that power is owned within. We are the Light at the end of the tunnel of focus, illuminating the power of Love to create a new world. Blast on!

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Jamye Price is an author, energy healer, channel, and teacher. Her unique energy healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing, along with Light Language—are a powerful transformational experience.

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