Need is an engine of life on Earth. There is much resistance to Need, as if it is the cause of suffering. Need merely pulls you or pushes you in a direction of focus and action. Life is always changing, always moving, flowing, forming, destroying and forming anew. Perhaps the Pace is indiscernible from a perspective, yet All Life is always changing. Your choice is within you as to whether or not Need causes suffering.

As you assess your Need, you do so with the flow of emotion. Even that is discernible or not, based on your awareness. There are some Needs that stir fear, lack or resistance. Others stir creativity, cooperation and excitement. There is no mistake within the engine of Need, for the physical realm is a realm of Creation Forming. Time is merely your perspective marking movement, your emotion marking interaction. It is your flow or resistance exemplified before you.

Need creates movement within you. As you Need air, you breathe. As you Need food, you eat. As you Need connection with another, you reach out. As you Need, you create. It is a beautiful engine of creation. Observe your emotional flow with your Needs and seek your Detached Compassionate Awareness as you interact with Life. As you detach from outcomes and have compassion for your experience of Life, you open to a flow of Peace that eases Life’s movement. All are effected around you. For those of you that are sensitive, you know what it feels like to be hit by a wave of someone’s silent fear, lack or resistance. Be the Wave of Peace that soothes this world to feel free to flow. You are that powerful.

As we sit to Blast Need, we are opening to the flow of Time to ease us into a future of Love manifest. We are the beacons that Light the shore to support the beauty of Life’s ebb and flow. We are creating a new vibration on Earth that permeates the air, allowing the breath of Life its graceful dance. We are courageously opening our hearts to the Needs that propel new Life into form. We are releasing resistance into new creation, appreciating the progress of Life as it moves through each stage of understanding. Blast on!

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