Weekly LightBlast

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Forbearance

Forbearance is patience, endurance, allowing an agreement or debt to be reworked or forgiven.  It first came through as a LightBlast topic in December of 2012.  I didn’t know what it meant, and although as a conscious channel I can access words I don’t know, in general, my vocabulary is what my guides have to work with.  I looked up the word and was excited about how the LightBlast would proceed.  Here we are again at a beautiful tipping point of Forbearance.  (more…)

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Fortitude

We are in a grand time of much change available.  Ascension is merely rapid evolution and it is a natural part of life.  Lightworkers are the forerunners of implementing internal change, or change within the subtle realm of Self; which in turn creates new new NEW form, not just a new façade on the old package.  As you change from within, you are affecting the vibration that forms, and at first it is invisible.  (more…)

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Movement and Grace

Blessed Being, you are the graceful form of human moving through time to bring form to earth.  Your focus of these past years has been learning the truth of how you create.  The power of your mind to focus, distract or discount and the power of your heart to allow, connect and believe (be live, be living) is part of the paradox of truth that you are refining in order to embody your creative power.  (more…)

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Forcing Change

Change is a natural part of Life and being well with it becomes imperative to the ease of your growth, your Ascension.  Change is a result of a decision point, a choice.  Choice is made with the mind, though is best served with the mind and heart working together.  The mind creating change means that you must observe and weigh data, that which is known, and base your decision of the unknown on statistical data.  Even if the odds are with you, the discomfort of basing your unknown on data of the past or others is an indicator of the disconnect of the heart.  (more…)

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Knowing All is Well

Dear Being, as you create you change the vibrational balance upon Earth.  We hear the call of frustration, confusion and sometimes even defeat as the will of the collective, the will of the present does not seem to cooperate with the future you want to create now.  You are a vital part of Life; honored, cherished and respected as the Creator that you are.  (more…)

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Following the Mind

When wisdom leads, the mind is aligned with the heart, for these two parts of you in balance offer wholeness.  You choose with your mind, for it is your instrument of direction.   Your heart is your instrument of connection.  Your heart is connected through all time, not just one direction of time.  Your heart knows all directions as Love, as beneficial.  Your heart is connected to all potential and all perspectives and it is filtering all of this information to you through the information of emotion.  Emotion transduces the energy of all time into a feeling in the now and flows it toward the future.  Every emotion you feel is your heart speaking volumes of information to you about your past and your present building your future.   Your heart culminates the totality of human experience into that, for it is an instrument of connection.  This is the fail-safe of Love.  You are connected to all, though paths converge and diverge; and therefore, the direction of your choice has an effect on All Life, though the connection is invisible.

Your heart speaks to you of your past and your present building your future.  When you have an uncomfortable feeling, it is speaking to you of change that feels unreachable or frightful based on your observance or experience in the past and/or present.  It is for you to connect to your courage through forgiveness and appreciation of the past that strengthened and wizened you into your present state.  It is for you to connect with the clarity of your new direction that effects change for you and for Life, for you are connected to it and you are in the Service of sharing with it.  Here your heart and mind meet.  You recognize wisdom because it feels right to you, even in a moment of discomfort.  Humanity is moving past Servitude into a bold sharing of empowerment.  Humanity is moving into Freedom as they honor the rules of the present and learn to move past them through Loving empowerment.  Love is bold beyond a moment.

The mind is a magnificent information delineation station.  It takes data from the past and the present to analyze and categorize for choice.  This is a valuable part of your wholeness as your unique perspective allows you choice that creates diversity in this realm.  Your natural reflexes continue Life.  Your breathing, your hunger, your desire and your connective impulse all continue Life.  Your mind directs the choice.  As you look beyond the obvious of a moment, you find new choice.  Your intuitive senses give you information that is not necessarily heard, seen or felt by everyone.  You are learning to utilize them for empowerment and new choice.  This is a natural progression of the brain.  This is a natural progression of the heart/brain connection.  This is a natural path of humanity, it is Ascension.  Following your Mind is trusting your choices, because they resonate with your heart.  When your mind is connected to your heart, you are choosing with vast, Loving information – information that is beyond the moment.  Only the heart can connect you with new potential of the future, the mind merely builds from the past and present.  This becomes limitation if one does not connect with the heart.  And yet it is the mind that helps you choose to create the future.

As we sit to Blast Following the Mind, we are honoring all aspects of Life as a valuable part of the whole, even those parts that challenge us to greater clarity and courage.  We are living the change we create and creating new change in each moment through choice.  We are balancing our give and take with life as we choose the path that serves Love’s expansion.  We are appreciating challenge and support as two sides of the same coin.  We are boldly following the heart to connection and the mind to a new direction of Love manifest on Earth.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Freedom

Dear Lightworker, your Freedom grows from within.  It is the nature of unconditional Love to allow all experience, and that is the nature of God.  It is the unconditional Love of God/Source/The Universe that creates Freedom.  Understand this on a deep level.  Unconditional Love begets Freedom.  How do unconditional Love and Freedom apply to Earth, to humanity?  Human life, earthly life is a life of conditions, or rules.  Even the orbit of the Earth is bound to rules that limit its Freedom to fly through space on a path of its making.  When you live in this dimensional expression of Earth, you live with rules and conditions.  Yet there is Freedom within these rules, and this Freedom helps you move beyond the rules.  For this unconditionally Loving reason, you are Free to observe the positives and negatives of life around you.  From this point of observation, you make choice.  Your choice is the engine of life continuing.  Not just you, for you are bound into a collective on earth.  The paradox of Freedom.

Your Freedom is within your internal reaction to Life, and even that has its limits!  You have an internal, instinctual reaction to Life.  This should be honored. This internal, instinctual reaction is not your choice, it is your truth.  When you find your internal, instinctual reaction is anger, honor your anger.  It is a valuable language of Life and it is your Freedom speaking to you from unconditional Love.  Unconditional Love does not play favorites.  It does not Love the pious one more than the deleterious one.  It merely Loves.  The pious one is as Free to choose and behave as the deleterious one, there are no conditions upon that choice, but there are consequences.  Not consequences of punishment because one chose correctly and one did not (that is manipulation, not Freedom), but consequences of reaction to action.  Your Freedom creates, you are created in the image of a Creator.  What you create is then part of the experience of Life and will be experienced, it is a consequence of creation.  It is the unconditional Love of Time, form and Life on Earth.

Your work, Lightworker, is to become astutely aware of what you are creating.  Saying yes in one experience creates flow.  Saying yes in another experience creates stagnation.  Saying yes in one experience is sharing and bold.  Saying yes in another experience is taking and manipulative.  There is not one right answer that applies to everything, because Love is continually expanding.  There is only choice.  Choice creates and creation causes new choice – within the conditions of Earth and within the Freedom of your will.  An internal, instinctual reaction of anger is showing you where your Freedom is calling you to new courage, to new strength, to new empowerment.  Your choice is what you ‘do’ with it.  Your first action is internal, your next action is external and creates form in this realm.  As you choose to honor yourself and balance your give/take with Life, you are allowing the truth of your Freedom to expand.  This expansion grows in you.  Those that are still growing their courage, strength and empowerment have an example to observe and emulate.  You change, humanity changes and the experience on Earth changes.  It is a progression that occurs with each moment of choice.  That is the nature of unconditional Love; you are applying it into the conditions of Earthly life and the conditions expand along with you. 

As we sit to Blast Freedom, we are moving beyond resistance into change and implementing courageous Love into every challenge and every triumph.  We are compassionate and excited about the progress that is available to each human.  We are embracing those we disagree with, even as we disagree; for they are offering a reflection that calls us to greater empowerment, greater Love and bolder choice.  We are being the change we want to see in the world by creating change with the power of choice and the power of voice as we direct our focus into form.  We are Loving the limitations of life on Earth, for there is no greater Love than a rule that calls you to find Freedom within it.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Servitude

Dear Lightworker, you incarnated at this exciting time because you have not only been here before and amassed great experience of the positives and negatives of life on Earth, but you have the capability to change the vibrational patterning of it.  This was not always so.  At times, long times in Earth years, there was a densification of the energy that made it difficult to change easily.  This is a time of easier change as the electromagnetic patterns of humanity are ripe for change and many of you are already changing rapidly.

All Life is seeking balance or homeostasis.  Life is expansion, continual movement; it progresses through natural and beneficial stages of development.  As a Lightworker, you have experienced a variety of give/take energy out-of-balance and you now reside in a time of awakening that offers you great potential to bring this into a new, expanded balance.  You do this by observing your inner experience, balancing it from polarity and expanding yourself through interaction with life on earth.  You are a Wayshower, one that ignites change on Earth rather than allowing the unspoken or unseen to remain hidden.  A deep pattern of Servitude does not empower all involved, and yet service in the context of sharing and mutual benefit is wisdom in form.  It takes many forms.

Humanity will continue to evolve into empowerment, it is the way of it.  You may have some experiences that are unpleasant to you and other experiences in which you are able to shift your perspective into exciting challenges or easy transitions.  Be well with the process, for it will continue to progress.  Your free will choice is your pace as you interact with Life.  As you observe and balance your inner experience and choose, you then observe and balance your outer experience.  The cycle begins again.  Your power is growing, Lightworker.  It is growing from within and exuding out into the world, instigating change.  Find balance in your service so that it becomes a sharing that empowers all involved.  Observe the path of empowerment and take it.  Take your power, for you will give it in the next moment of inevitable sharing.  The difference is you will not give it up, you will share it with Love.  This brings Servitude into the balance of give and take.  For what you take is shared in a new way.  Observe it and honor it, for it is not always obvious.

As we sit to Blast Servitude, we are releasing the binds of powerlessness, choicelessness and the manipulation of our natural desire to Love and be Loved.  We are understanding the future potential as we interact in the moment, choosing Love and empowerment over fear and domination.  We are making bold new choices to change what we are experiencing, as we choose to say yes, say no or say nothing to serve the greater good, not just the ease of a moment.  We are exemplifying the courage to empower the self and another, as we find the patience and wisdom to act in the best moment and in the best way to benefit all.  We are forging a new path of empowered humanity, Loving and choosing to change the future now.  We are the path, sharing our power with others as we honor ourselves and others as the divine beings we are (becoming).  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Being One in the Moment

You are becoming accustomed to a state of Being as you allow Life to flow with you and direct your creative focus toward your desires with a detached observance.  The magic of Life becomes more obvious to your human perspective as you interact with the perception of the beauty and grace of Life.  It is an engine of creation and movement that begets Life; therefore, all that you experience is to create the strength of Life to thrive.  What opposes you, strengthens you.  What supports you, strengthens you.  If you allow the perspective of it strengthening you and direct your focus toward manifestation with that same allowance.  For the butterfly, the cocoon is safety until the butterfly grows to such a moment that the cocoon becomes a hinderance that must be pushed past for the freedom flight to begin.  Do you lament your moments of challenge beyond the benefit of your desire for change?  As you direct your awareness into a focus of benevolent change opposing and supporting you into freedom, you relax more into Life improving.  It is the natural flow.  Unseen to most is the vast Love that is calling you to your Freedom and Empowerment.  Life is with you, living through you.

To allow the perspective of Oneness, is to direct your focus to the connection of Life.  That unseen Love is your Higher Self and the Source Beingness of all others.  In this non-physical form, Love is known so deeply that the human form of forgetting is its expansion.  You are that expansion in each moment, choosing with your inner free will.  You are that expansion as you forgive, as you perceive through Love, as you hold a boundary that empowers you, even as you oppose or support another.  You are the expansion of Love on Earth.  In each moment, as you are aware of the connection of Love that threads all Life, you are being the change you want to see in the world.  You are the moment offering hope, offering inspiration and offering a new way of being that benefits All Life.  You have the power of Love at your stead, which is consciousness living through you.

As we sit to Blast Being One in the Moment, we are appreciating how Life is presented to us as it is the platform for change and improvement.  We are allowing Life to flow around us, giving us fuel for focus.  We are seeing connection with all beings, even those we disagree with, as this connection is what brings true healing rather than a new form of domination.  We are calm and aware, which is a powerful state of being, we are connected and conscious, which amplifies the moment.  We are appreciating the flow of Life because we are that flow, resisting Love’s transformation for a time until forgiveness and empowerment rush in.  We are teaching others the power of Love, for it is the true transformer of Life.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Accessing Grace

Life has a delicate beauty that is often lost in the perceptions of the world around you.  When you look at Life, do you see beauty?  Do you see the potential of beauty within any experience or any choice?  It is not always evident in the moment.  You must seek the potential of Love that quietly awaits your awareness to be brought into form.  This is the unconditional Love that inspires the expansion of Love on Earth, rather than the judgment that inflames shame.  When you perceive yourself and others through the graceful beauty that Love creates, you give hope and healing to any situation.  Do you have the powerful knowing within that your Love is that strong?  When you choose to Love, you are taking the first step of action that creates the next moment.  It is a courageous choice to Love the ‘unlovable.’  It is your Love that breaks the chains of pain that bind humanity.  Love easily and abundantly.  You are that powerful.

Humanity is at an exciting point in Ascension that is quietly looming within the heart.  Do you have the courage to Love the new world into form?  Your Love weaves the fabric of Life, offering hope and new solution to life’s problems.  This Grace is the peaces that passes all understanding into the peace that offers all understanding.  As you perceive another through their pain seeking resolution within, you perceive their power to overcome challenge and begin to interact with Life in a different way.  Your Grace of seeing the Love within begins to ignite the flame of Love in another, rather than inflaming shame.  What a powerful gift to Life you have within you.

As we sit to Blast Accessing Grace, we are releasing the egos lazy need to dominate the world into acceptable behavior so that we can find peace within.  We are opening to the power that brings healing and change, not just a new façade of domination.  We are teaching the power of peace within, as all humans begin to discover their inner beauty through the reflection of Love abounding on Earth.  We are changing the past into wisdom, the present into a gift, and the future into a world of Love.  Thank you for being the Love that you are.  Blast on!

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