Forgetting Shame
Blessed being, you are a unique and magnificent form of Divinity on Earth.  You are rejoiced and cherished in ways that you can not always sense.  Yet there is Love continuously being transmitted to you.  It is a natural functionality of all that Life is.  Your sun, for example, could be reduced to a formula of chemicals and reactions that sustain your life.  These are visible and true, yet only part of the story.  Look deeper within the functionality to observe the Love manifest, for it sustains you.  It is within ALL aspects of Life.  It is manifest in chemicals, in reactions, in smells, thoughts, words, deeds, challenges and nurturance.  Love manifests into chemicals, intoexperiences, into ALL that Life is.  Be well with ALL aspects of Life, for it is Love manifest, it is changing constantly and your Free Will choice is the true catalyst of change.  Without your Free Will choice, Life will continue and eventually return to the Love it is.  Your Free Will choice, your focus, merely speed the Pace of the return to Love.  It is your work of Ascension, it is your work of being Divine human.  All other aspects of Life around you support and sustain this integration. 
You always were Divine, you always are Divine and you always will be Divine.  There is no earning it, merely being it, though to say ‘relearning or remembering it in the Earth plane’ is accurate.  In the allegory of your Adam and Eve story, and allegory it is; Eve eats from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, seduces Adam to eat also, the two become ashamed they are naked and are cast out from the garden of Eden.  This speaks to the feminine energies (the unseen, the connection of All Life) being ‘demonized,’ and humans activating their intelligence of recognition of the polarity/duality of life.  The energy of shame is the important part of this allegory that you are (potentially) at the final stages of releasing.  The energy of shame is a way of categorizing the broader topic of demoralizing Life.  Shame is one of the strongest disconnectors of human Divinity.  You put it upon yourself and others for the most heinous of crimes, or for mere power over.  Shame on you for this or that, I am ashamed of this or that.  Then it is worm as an invisible cloak of disconnection, unseen but for those that see into the truth of the heart.  Being ‘cast out’ of the garden of Eden, is merely allegory for the disconnection and the hint of Free Will.  Within allegory you must find the hidden gems, for it is a story that is rich with symbolism, not obvious conclusions.  Look to the ‘unseen’ for your greatest clues of Loving support.
There is nothing you have done; not to another, not to yourself, that is not forgiven by Source.  Everything is forgiven.  Everything is forgiven by the unseen force of Love.  But what about that which resides within you?  Have you forgiven?  Have you forgiven yourself and others for all that has been done?  Do you interact with news stories and personal stories and find forgiveness as soon as possible?  Look to the unseen, for as you shame yourself or another, you wear the invisible cloak of disconnection from your Divine flow.  You can never be completely disconnected, but you can be more completely connected.  Forgive yourself.  Lift your hands high into the air and proclaim, “I give this shame to the greater good of Life as lesson learned, it is wisdom now and available to all.  I recognize the misinterpretation of my Divinity and I now initiate my Divine Love to a greater degree.”  Do you know what that degree is, Dear One?  It is akin to a wider angle, a greater expanse of your Love flowing.  It is with your Free Will choice that you allow shame to become the wisdom of unconditional Love.  Release the disconnection that you hold within you, for the giving of shame actually puts the invisible cloak upon you.  It is the power of Free Will.  Release, dear Angel.  Life awaits your powerful Light to reflect its Truth.  In this way, a new sun is borne. 
As we sit to Blast Forgetting Shame, we are holding the power of Love high, like a beacon of Light, for all to remember.  We are allowing the past to become the support of wisdom, the pillar of strength that frames the present as perfect.  We are opening out hearts to new potential as we embark on the powerful journey of building the new earth from the courage of Love.  We are bringing new meaning to the allegory of the past as we understand the true power of the dual Divinity waves that are within us, coming to One True Power in the unity of our hearts.  We are the bold, releasing fear and understanding the unseen, for it tells of a future so bright – merely the reflection of our Light, no longer cloaked in shame, but amplified in the Truth of Love.  Blast on!

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