Weekly LightBlast

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Following the Heart

Your heart is your center of flow, for it is Love’s circulation vehicle that feeds and fuels Life.  Love has many aspects and it threads through all of Life.  Some of its facets are easy to mistake for no Love, but in truth, they are merely calling for Love’s embrace.  You are that Love, embracing change, embracing opposites, merging duality into divinity.  As you Follow Your Heart with the wisdom of patience and peace, your forge the path of Love for other’s to follow in your wake.  It wakes them up, this current of Love gently rocking them or boldly compelling them to their own waves of change.  Choose Love, then choose interaction with Life.  Your Heart will always lead you to improvement, even if it is waking you from sleep.

As you choose Love, you are choosing the change that brings new solution, not just a new façade of suppression changed.  As you Follow Your Heart, you are opening to change may lead you down a winding, at times rocky, road; but the journey will be worth the trip.  Your patience opens you to the flow of wisdom, which at times must be established in a linear format to accommodate the best foundation for understanding and support.  You first choose Love and find patience, for humanity is learning not to resist the moment, but to allow the moment to direct the choice of wisdom.  Wisdom does not leap in fear, react in anger or rest in resentment.  The wisdom of your heart flows you to change, to open yourself and shine your truth naturally, to embrace the circulation of Love and Life.

As we sit to Blast Following the Heart, we are forgiving easily for the resistance of resentment blocks our own flow.  We are finding new ways to Love as a first step, for it is the movement that creates win/win solution and change.  We are patiently awaiting wisdom’s form, as we enjoy the pace of Life’s guidance.  We are open to change in times of joy or times of challenge, for Life is always improving through us.  We are the fractal part of the whole, circulating change through Love as we allow our electromagnetic flow to harmonize the chaos.  We are the eye of the storm, reigning Love as each sovereign being chooses to give and receive.  We are the path of progress, Loving Life, allowing our heart to direct the flow of grace forming.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Choosing Steps

Dear Lightworker, you are at an exciting point in your powerful work, and the work continues.  You are tasked to perceive Life through Love, though you will not like all that you see.  You are tasked to go into the dark places with your Light, spelunking new depths of exciting treasure.  You are tasked to Love when Love is not obvious, well-received or reflected back.  Yet you Love anyway.  For as a Lightworker, a masterful human ascending, you do not stop Loving because of another, you keep Loving for them, for yourself, for All Life.  Life changes through your Love.

To Love is a choice.  Many feel they do not have choice, they have lost hope.  It is easy to look at life around you, not like what you see, and not be able to foresee a future of improvement.  The Freedom and Empowerment of choice is not well taught, well known or well practiced.  It is your Love, Lightworker, that gives hope.  It is your Love that shows Freedom within, Empowerment with Life and hope for a future improved.  Your first step is always to choose Love.  This first step puts the mental and emotional electromagnetic resonance into an easy, flowing current that harmonizes your physical body, harmonizes your ability to think clearly and opens you to the broader perspective of your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self, your soul, your Source Beingness is within your vibration, thus your peaceful electromagnetic flow merely synchronizes your informational relay.  The peace that passes all understanding aligns the synchronicities that seem miraculous and next steps are easier to perceive.   Your action was finding Love within.  You then follow the clues of your Higher Self for next steps, inspired by Love.

For those that do not know the subtle connection of Life and the power of Love, it can seem as if choice offers right or wrong.  For those that know the Love of Life, choice is always right.  As you choose steps in Life, you are directing your energy flow.  Life harmonizes with you.  At times it will seem as if you lead or Life leads, that is why your first step is to Love, so that your information flow remains open to the clues of your Higher Self.  You recognize the movement by your emotional flow.  Choose Love, find peace within and watch the clues that Life presents.  Forced with a choice that seems less than desirable?  What will your lack of Love do?  Your process will lack the peace, the synchronicity and the new solution that is possible.  Yet it will continue.  Step one: choose Love.  Step two: observe the synchronicities that your Higher Self presents and choose a direction.  Every direction chosen with Love results in more harmony, more synchronicity, more miraculous alignment.  Do not stop your focus on what is merely in front of you.  Look beyond the moment with the knowledge of what Love can do.

As we sit to Blast Choosing Steps, we are allowing and directing Life with an adept curiosity that opens our flow to benevolent change.  We are embracing the inner power of Love and allowing our divine nature to saturate the physical world.  We are maintaining hope in a situation that seems to counter Love, for we know that as we choose Love within, time has greater flow to heal a wound.  We are standing strong in our Love in the face of adversity, for humanity is learning by example.  We are remembering our strength, foreseeing our growth and enjoying the anticipation of the blooming.  We are the sovereign within, forging Love’s grace through our courageous choices.  We are the outsiders, looking within, Loving so fiercely that pain wields to our strength.  We are the path of Light that Loves another home.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Freedom And Empowerment

You are at a turning point in your Ascension. Turning points are choice points. Ascension is a process that begins within you and emanates out into your world. It begins with your Freedom, becomes your Empowerment and then All Life is changed by your interaction through its own choice point.

Have heart, mighty Lightworker, for the system that humanity built is changing and just as your Freedom begins within you, so does the Freedom from the system begin within the system. Do not despise it, for it has continually offered the perfect amount of Freedom and oppression to continue its inevitable downfall and your inevitable Empowerment. Begin to transform the system with the Freedom of your inner world and the Empowerment of your emotional and mental focus.

Freedom begins within as you interact with what you want to change from a peaceful state of knowing change. There is no permanent situation, as time interacts with your subtle information flow, it does not stop. Your Freedom from the pace of time is within. Have patience, mighty Lightworker, for patience is your Freedom from the pressure of time and your patience opens you to powerful flow. With this Freedom from the outside pressure of life, you find your Empowerment to interact, your Empowerment with choice and change. The system of Life around you responds. When you are not feeling Free, find your powerful emotional and mental focus to Free yourself within. Find your heart and your patience, mighty Lightworker, and your Empowerment begins to grow.

As we sit to Blast Freedom and Empowerment, we are opening our hearts and minds to the perfection of the moment as we perceive Life through unconditional Love. We are understanding the pace of time, the limitation of form and foreseeing the future of Life improving through Love. We are standing strong in our knowing of the power of Love as we forgive our pain to transform it into the wisdom of bold, new choice. We are interacting with Life with the vigor and excitement of an artist with a blank canvas, realizing our capability to exponentially effect change as we unite through Love. We are appreciating the challenges for they call us to Freedom and Empowerment, where true change begins. Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Knowing is Real

As you learn to follow your heart, your mind first resists.  You are not taught to value the mind in many ways, merely a portion of its capabilities.  The heart naturally Knows.  The mind naturally interprets, meaning it is faced with data and supports with data, the learned.  That data is often a question, seeking answers.  Why this?  How can I that?  Beautiful Being, your mind is how you connect the known with the unknown.  Celebrate its perfection and stretch beyond its present limitations.  You do this with the heart.  You do this with Love.  You do this with the peace that passes all understanding, into what has not yet been understood.  You are the channel for the unknown birthing into Life.  New Life, through you.

As you interact with people you know well, you expect certain behaviors, certain responses.  You are not often surprised.  Do you know their full potential or do you know their limitation?  Not giving word to the expectation within you, you do not even know that you can call their potential into form.  Your mind, when it follows the heart, will Know the truth of their loving potential.  You will bring forth their most loving behavior into form.  See the Sacred within them and allow its expression into the moment.  You will Know their glory and experience it with your heart and mind.  In that moment, their potential becomes Real.  From the formless, the unknown, into form, into life on earth.  Your heart, your instrument of Knowing, brings forth the potential of Love into form.  You, Lightworker, are weaving the new world into form through your brilliant Knowing of what can be.  Look past the data of what has been, look past the data of what is expected.  Look into the heart of humanity and Know that Love is Real.  Your Knowing, your focus, your fortitude brings it into form.

As we sit to Blast Knowing is Real, we are present in the now moment reading data and Knowing that change is possible.  We are the vehicle of change with our strength of Knowing that Life inevitably evolves to improvement.  We are reminding a world that has forgotten its potential that progress is not only possible, but the engine of Life.  We are open to the present moment of Life, not resisting what has manifested into form because we Know that this moment is the platform of choice to form the future.  We are actualizing the power of free will, which is the open heart choosing Love for true change.  We are the peaceful one that Knows that Love is Real.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Asking for Answers

Sweet Blessed Being, you have within the information around you, the core truths of your experience.  You have written them, remembered them, forgotten them and are rewriting them.  You are created in the image of God because that is what a Creator does, create within the scope of creation itself, expanding.  That is you.  You see this truth in the stars around you, for you are elementally same though your form and function are different.  You see this truth within the reactions around you for you respond with gravity and resistance, shaping movement.  You see around you Life in all forms; from other people, to animals, to plants, to planets and you assume the separation to be real.  And it is.  What is real?  What is true to you and your biological creative mechanism is real.  The now moment is ‘real.’  Your biomechanism touches form, sees form and it becomes real.  You think form and it also becomes real, as when you think the past or future, your body has a chemical response.  What has been forgotten is the forming.  What has been forgotten is the formless form.  The Asking For Answers begins again.  And you create anew.

Separation in your human form, on your earth plane is real, for it is real to this plane of form.  You know there is more to the story – the unity, but you must connect through the separation that is real to your form.  Asking begins inside the self.  There is an observance of the outer, an unknown or ‘disconnect’ on the inner and the connection, the Answer is sought.  The question?  It is you, Creator, connecting the separation.  How deep is your willingness to connect?  Surrender the question to the depths of your core, and your truth responds.  Surrender your truth to the core of Life and the yet unknown, invisible truth responds.  The truth beyond what is known.  The surrender is the Asking, Answer yet unknown.  How often do you Ask, expecting that you already know the answer?  In these instances, you do not fully Ask, nor do you fully open to the Answer.  You merely challenge Life to meet you in the same place.  Your surrender, your openness is part of connecting to the invisible, the unknown, the Answer.  That is moving beyond the circle, spiraling to ever greater expansion.

Connection, or Answer, or form, is invisible at first.  It is unknown.  Its infinitesimal form speaks to the particles in you that are congruent with its size.  It speaks with your emotions, for they are as minute in form and vast in function as the answer itself.  It speaks to your thoughts, standing just outside the reach of what has already been.  As you open the heart and mind, you expand into new answers.  You create new solution.  You expand Life into brilliant Love.

As we sit to Blast Asking for Answers, we are aligning our hearts with the pulse of the universe, racing to the passion of creation and the stillness of embrace.  We are freeing our minds of the burdens of the past and opening to the presence of mind that connects Self with Source.  We are reaching beyond the moment into the form of the future as it spins into the catalyst of our Light.  We are the bright beacons of remembrance that uphold grace in the reflection of humanity learning to thrive.  We are the future in the now, evolving past into present creativity, realizing the beauty in the challenges and delights, as we shine ever brighter in Love.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Sacred View

When the world is clamoring for your attention in negative ways, it is hard to remember that you are seeing God in human form.  When traumatic events are unfolding, it is hard to remember that you are seeing God in action.  When you observe actions and words that you would Never do or say, it is hard to remember that the Sacred is before you.  And yet it is easy when things feel good.  To look at a joyful child, an innocent animal or a sweet flower, you may easily see the beauty of Life.  There is perfection in the opposites which are merely two parts of the Whole.  Humanity is learning to stretch into new levels of empowerment and compassion, you are a forerunner of this.  In order to find empowerment, you must look within the Self and then interact with the outside world from what is empowering within you.  It is the same with compassion.  True compassion is an empowering act for all.  It is an empathy that requires the strength of knowing when to say yes, when to say no and when to say nothing.  It is a strength of vision that sees another as capable, yet learning – viewing another as Sacred.

Your awareness is a catalyst.  You have been learning this as, ‘your thoughts create,’ but take that deeper into awareness (thoughts, words, actions, inactions, words unsaid, collective agreements, etc.) as you recognize that your electromagnetic awareness is rippling the formless electromagnetic field into form.  You direct your focus to magnetize form.  Your awareness is shaping your experience, bringing form from formless. Your unconscious mind is part of this awareness, as it maintains your beliefs that silently structure your intent.  The electromagnetic field is within you and around you, pulsing constantly with the waves of your conscious and unconscious awareness; or thoughts, words and actions.  An action is an awareness because it is a focused choice.  To move the foot forward one step is a conscious choice.  Your inaction is a conscious choice in this same way.  Your internal choice is your free will.

When the boss says your work is inadequate, your have the free will to respond any way you choose.  There are consequences to any choice, some call this karma (what you give you receive), some call this physics (for every action/force, there is an equal and opposite reaction/force).  You have the free will to calmly agree, calmly disagree, scream, lie, blame, physically fight – you are free to choose.  Your non-response is a choice, too.  While it may seem as if nothing was transmitted from you, indeed it has been.  It speaks information into the electromagnetic field that is in constant communication, and forming your world.  Your non-response speaks your safety, your confidence, self-worth or the lack thereof.  There is no right or wrong answer to dealing with the boss, only the answer of what is empowering you in the moment and what is not.  If the response is disempowering, you are still going to be called to your empowerment in the next moment and the next and the next.  You are Life, and thus Loved.  You are being called to evolution because Love is always calling you to your greatest potential.  Love already views you as that, so that awareness magnetizes you into new form.  To Life, you are Sacred.  Your free will is Sacred.  Your choices are Sacred.  You are viewed as Sacred and you are the Sacred View through which Life renews on Earth.

As we sit to Blast Sacred View, we are forming Life through the power of our Love, offering change a vehicle to express with the ease of Knowing All is Well.  We are planting new seeds to nurture in the garden of the heart as we lovingly water the soil that sustains with the flow of our prayers.  We are blessing each challenge and each triumph with the gaze of our Knowing that Love is within All experience.  We are viewing All Life in the core of its perfection and simultaneously calling it to its evolution.  We are recognizing the beauty in each step of learning and choosing our thoughts, words and deeds in accordance with our Love of Self, and Love of others.  These two, seeming opposites, are both Sacred in separate form.  It is our view that unites them in Love.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Never

Your words have an energy to them that is specific to you and your moment.  For one, love is a word of delight, for another it is a word of pain.  Most will have a mix of feelings within.  Words will have a different vibrational signature each time they are spoken.  Not only is your intent different, but your vibration is changing constantly and being changed by the experiences you are encountering.  Much of this information resides in the unconscious mind, for you have been forming opinions and beliefs since you were born.  As you pursue your spiritual evolution, you are opening your connection to the unconditional Love of Source.  Part of this connection is the observance of what you are conveying into your world with your intent, your actions and your words.  Words are simply vibrational information, and their meaning is only specific to you.  What is said or heard is merely part of the story.  What in-form-ation does the word Never have to you?

Never has become a word that often blocks connection.  The word itself has no defined meaning as such, it can be used to convey connection, as in, “I will never stop loving, etc.” Take a moment to look at your ‘Nevers.’  Are they helping you connect, or are they stopping your Love flow?  What do you think you would or should Never do?  For instance does, “I would Never shoot up heroin,” stop your Love flow for those that do, or is it merely a choice for Self?  Are you able to disagree with the words and actions of another and still maintain your Love flow?

What do you project that others should Never do?  What are you observing that others are projecting that you should never do?  Are their projections stopping your heart flow, or are you seeking connection within it?  It can become a never-ending cycle of Nevers.  Who decides the correct Nevers?  You know it is not your governments, or you would Never drive a mile over the speed limit!  Do you decide Nevers for others?  If so, surely you allow others to decide your Nevers, too.

Never is a paradox.  It is within paradox that the mind melts and meets the heart.  It is within the heart that your Truth resides.  Never is a truth that stretches your ability to understand your timeless nature, your Loving, connective nature.  As you interact with the opposite of your eternal nature, you see the reflection of God in the mirror.  What happens when Never and Unconditional Love meet?  Can you perceive through Love and still choose for the Self?  Can you observe others and still choose for the Self?

As we sit to Blast Never, we are connecting with our unconditionally Loving Source nature and merging it with being human.  We are choosing how we perceive opposites and integrating them through an empowered heart.  We are teaching empowered boundaries to the world as we choose what we will allow in our lives from the balance of Love.  We are becoming ever brighter beacons of evolution through forgiveness, compassion and the inherent strength within one who Loves.  We are following our heart into the Neverland of eternal youth that sees the world with wonder, innocence and the maturity of discovery through experience.  We are allowing Never to show us the reflection of our empowered boundaries becoming a guidepost for Love.  In Love, Never becomes eternal.  Blast on!

Fresh Perspectives

Fresh Perspectives Lightblast by Jamye Price

Feeling Free is a perspective. It is within you. That is confusing sometimes as you look out into your world and feel confined. Blessed Being, this is a catalyst for you, your empowerment, your choice. All of this, within.

As you feel Free with your internal flow, you have available to you, Fresh Perspectives. Not what has been done before, not what created your present experience, but a Fresh Perspective. From this platform of hope, trust, faith and yes, even perhaps some degree of doubt; you are open to new potential and able to begin a new creation.

With your internal focus, you begin to form matter on the subtle planes. It coagulates and calls to form—though still unseen—new ideas and emotions that are the silent vehicles upon which your emanations flow. Freedom. You need not say a word, you need not emanate it from a mountain top.

It is boundless and silently flowing from you.

This is why your internal world is your Freedom. It speaks broadly, though not loudly. It travels through walls, through hearts and minds. It travels through the invisible portals of the chakras and speaks to energy.

The particle is first a wave as it summons friend and community to particulate into form. You can’t see it yet, but with your Fresh Perspective of hope, dreams and new solution; you are connecting dots (particles).

You are Loves Vehicle of Flow by Jamye Price

Forward your mind reaches as it feeds the seed of new Life. Your powerful perspective is the road less traveled becoming the in-form-ation superhighway. The high road becomes the middle road as Life is elevated through you and expands into a new balance (mid-point, center point, focal point) of Love.

As we sit to Blast Fresh Perspectives, we are allowing our minds to wander into new territories of Light, informing the field of response with our waves of Love. We are remembering the power of the Creators that we are, as the connection of Life becomes visible in our Love. We are holding our vision of improvement and allowing Life to respond, for it is the nature of Life to progress.

We are renewing our commitment to the Love of humanity’s Ascension, for it is the evolution of connection that we are perceiving into form. We are remembering our state of grace that connects all roads through the path of heart, as Love calls us to new ground. Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Remembering Oneness

Oneness is very different from sameness. Oneness speaks to the interconnected nature of All. This is the basis of the Age of Aquarius, the introduction and initiation to the fifth dimension; that All are connected. This is the vehicle of Love Flow, the interconnectedness of All. This connection extends from person, nature, idea, time – All is a very long list! Everything is everything! And yet there is separation. Each is in a separate physical body, having different experiences.

How are we One? We are One through the thread of Divinity of All Life. We are United through our Earth experience, and Unique through our singular perspective. What a beautiful Wholeness that is, creating a wonderful interplay of what seems to be polarity, but in Truth is the all-inclusive Circle of Life on Earth.

As we refine our brilliant heart/mind focus on the interconnectedness of All, we recognize the Wholeness of All interaction, whether it is a thought, word or deed within ourselves or with another. Wholeness contains the unspoken and spoken, the before and after, the cause and effect, the intention and perception. Each aspect has equal value, though often we focus only on one, perhaps because it is more visible or louder. While that may seem like polarity, one OR the other, from the broader perspective of Oneness, that is just part of the Whole. Begin to look at ‘both’ as part of something larger, therefore it becomes one AND the other. Less right and wrong, more a choice of experience.  As you Remember Oneness; your connected, Divine Nature – you remember your power to choose and Create.

Each choice of Love, each choice of Empowerment, each choice of Forgiveness has its effect on the Whole. You may not see it in the moment as the quantum seed begins to grow, but it is there. This emphasizes the importance of Choosing and Creating from a place of Love. Sometimes Love means saying no, dealing with something uncomfortable or stepping away from a situation. Each experience is unique in its ability to teach Love and Empowerment to All involved.

As we sit to Blast Remembering Oneness, we are seeking the thread of Divinity in All Life. We are Remembering our own Power and Creative ability to Choose Anew to infuse Love into Life. We are recognizing that All experience is a valuable and beloved interaction. We are sowing Empowerment for All, that the Divinity within may shine forth to catalyze a world flourishing in the Flow(er) of Love. That is how powerful you are, Divine One. Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Telling It Like It Is

Your words are a small part of your story – important for telling it, but a small part indeed.  Beneath the ripples of your words is a vast ocean of intent.  It contains the shells of the past discarded and disregarded, but yet still contained within.  The past and the present are one within your vibration, what ‘words’ does your past speak?  Does it tell a story of fear suppressing or does it tell a story of fear transformed into wisdom?  Do you speak of it with salt in the wound or do you speak solution into your powerful now?  It’s not just the words, though they do matter.  Yet the ocean underneath is vaster than any wave.  Your ocean of intent, your unseen vibration, is the whole story.   

Your subconscious mind is the ocean that contains your intent, it then speaks to you through your emotions.  Have you noticed that when you see a person who reminds you of another, your feelings stir from the container of the past?  If you have a good memory, positive emotions stir for a stranger.  Your subconscious mind contains the information of the facial patterns and all the experiences with that person of the past, and your feelings (information) are triggered into your conscious mind, into your present moment.  Awareness has intervened and pulled information from your subconscious mind.  Immediately you have feelings that show you what resides in the ocean of you.  What shell is contained within?  Joy at seeing this shadow of the past?  Regret?  Resentment?  Tell it like it is, for here is your doorway to the vast ocean within.  Don’t negate your true feelings, let them speak truth to you.  Their flow in another direction is for you to navigate.

It can seem as if emotions don’t matter, for matter is so solid and emotions are so nebulous.  We are aware that they can hurt or feel good, but humanity is only beginning to come into the awareness of the true connection of emotions.  They are subtle in form, informing life, and forming your future.  The subtle vibrational emanation of joy emits information into your auric field, into the energy field of earth and attracts like vibration.  It is the same process of taking a step forward and your body is moved.  You have moved energy in a direction.  The effect of joy is invisible in the moment, the effect of the step is visible.  It’s easy to track the cause and effect of, “I take a step and my body moves forward.”  However, it requires focus on the invisible, on the vast depths, to track the cause and effect of, “I emanate supportive thoughts and feelings and…” Yet as you tell the story of the positive effect, you are causing it.  As you view the past as the beneficial cause, you are effecting your present and your future.

Look at your emotions (the motion of your ocean!), honor them as they are and find the perspective of Love that nurtures your future.  This is Telling It Like It Is Love, not telling it like it was.  This is Telling It Like It has helped you grow, not avoiding pain.  This is Telling It Like It Is part of the solution, not part of the problem.  This is Telling the whole story, not just the visible part.  This is honoring the unseen power of Love.  It is the truth of 5th dimensional living.  Everything is connected – through the invisible.  Your past has invisible connections to your present and your future.  Observe and Love your present, accept and appreciate your past, choose and change your future.

As we sit to Blast Telling It Like It Is, we are choosing our words wisely after examining our intent clearly.  We are foreseeing the future of Love with the presence of our Knowing minds.  We are weaving the story of Life with Love through forgiveness, empowerment and new solution.  We are excited about the future, grateful for the past and presently aware of Love’s influence.  The flow of Life is boundless and free in the vast space of our loving hearts.  We are loudly loving in the silence of Knowing, seeing change as the benevolent gift it is.  Blast on!

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