Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – Freedom

Dear Lightworker, your Freedom grows from within.  It is the nature of unconditional Love to allow all experience, and that is the nature of God.  It is the unconditional Love of God/Source/The Universe that creates Freedom.  Understand this on a deep level.  Unconditional Love begets Freedom.  How do unconditional Love and Freedom apply to Earth, to humanity?  Human life, earthly life is a life of conditions, or rules.  Even the orbit of the Earth is bound to rules that limit its Freedom to fly through space on a path of its making.  When you live in this dimensional expression of Earth, you live with rules and conditions.  Yet there is Freedom within these rules, and this Freedom helps you move beyond the rules.  For this unconditionally Loving reason, you are Free to observe the positives and negatives of life around you.  From this point of observation, you make choice.  Your choice is the engine of life continuing.  Not just you, for you are bound into a collective on earth.  The paradox of Freedom.

Your Freedom is within your internal reaction to Life, and even that has its limits!  You have an internal, instinctual reaction to Life.  This should be honored. This internal, instinctual reaction is not your choice, it is your truth.  When you find your internal, instinctual reaction is anger, honor your anger.  It is a valuable language of Life and it is your Freedom speaking to you from unconditional Love.  Unconditional Love does not play favorites.  It does not Love the pious one more than the deleterious one.  It merely Loves.  The pious one is as Free to choose and behave as the deleterious one, there are no conditions upon that choice, but there are consequences.  Not consequences of punishment because one chose correctly and one did not (that is manipulation, not Freedom), but consequences of reaction to action.  Your Freedom creates, you are created in the image of a Creator.  What you create is then part of the experience of Life and will be experienced, it is a consequence of creation.  It is the unconditional Love of Time, form and Life on Earth.

Your work, Lightworker, is to become astutely aware of what you are creating.  Saying yes in one experience creates flow.  Saying yes in another experience creates stagnation.  Saying yes in one experience is sharing and bold.  Saying yes in another experience is taking and manipulative.  There is not one right answer that applies to everything, because Love is continually expanding.  There is only choice.  Choice creates and creation causes new choice – within the conditions of Earth and within the Freedom of your will.  An internal, instinctual reaction of anger is showing you where your Freedom is calling you to new courage, to new strength, to new empowerment.  Your choice is what you ‘do’ with it.  Your first action is internal, your next action is external and creates form in this realm.  As you choose to honor yourself and balance your give/take with Life, you are allowing the truth of your Freedom to expand.  This expansion grows in you.  Those that are still growing their courage, strength and empowerment have an example to observe and emulate.  You change, humanity changes and the experience on Earth changes.  It is a progression that occurs with each moment of choice.  That is the nature of unconditional Love; you are applying it into the conditions of Earthly life and the conditions expand along with you. 

As we sit to Blast Freedom, we are moving beyond resistance into change and implementing courageous Love into every challenge and every triumph.  We are compassionate and excited about the progress that is available to each human.  We are embracing those we disagree with, even as we disagree; for they are offering a reflection that calls us to greater empowerment, greater Love and bolder choice.  We are being the change we want to see in the world by creating change with the power of choice and the power of voice as we direct our focus into form.  We are Loving the limitations of life on Earth, for there is no greater Love than a rule that calls you to find Freedom within it.  Blast on!

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