Dear Lightworker, you incarnated at this exciting time because you have not only been here before and amassed great experience of the positives and negatives of life on Earth, but you have the capability to change the vibrational patterning of it.  This was not always so.  At times, long times in Earth years, there was a densification of the energy that made it difficult to change easily.  This is a time of easier change as the electromagnetic patterns of humanity are ripe for change and many of you are already changing rapidly.

All Life is seeking balance or homeostasis.  Life is expansion, continual movement; it progresses through natural and beneficial stages of development.  As a Lightworker, you have experienced a variety of give/take energy out-of-balance and you now reside in a time of awakening that offers you great potential to bring this into a new, expanded balance.  You do this by observing your inner experience, balancing it from polarity and expanding yourself through interaction with life on earth.  You are a Wayshower, one that ignites change on Earth rather than allowing the unspoken or unseen to remain hidden.  A deep pattern of Servitude does not empower all involved, and yet service in the context of sharing and mutual benefit is wisdom in form.  It takes many forms.

Humanity will continue to evolve into empowerment, it is the way of it.  You may have some experiences that are unpleasant to you and other experiences in which you are able to shift your perspective into exciting challenges or easy transitions.  Be well with the process, for it will continue to progress.  Your free will choice is your pace as you interact with Life.  As you observe and balance your inner experience and choose, you then observe and balance your outer experience.  The cycle begins again.  Your power is growing, Lightworker.  It is growing from within and exuding out into the world, instigating change.  Find balance in your service so that it becomes a sharing that empowers all involved.  Observe the path of empowerment and take it.  Take your power, for you will give it in the next moment of inevitable sharing.  The difference is you will not give it up, you will share it with Love.  This brings Servitude into the balance of give and take.  For what you take is shared in a new way.  Observe it and honor it, for it is not always obvious.

As we sit to Blast Servitude, we are releasing the binds of powerlessness, choicelessness and the manipulation of our natural desire to Love and be Loved.  We are understanding the future potential as we interact in the moment, choosing Love and empowerment over fear and domination.  We are making bold new choices to change what we are experiencing, as we choose to say yes, say no or say nothing to serve the greater good, not just the ease of a moment.  We are exemplifying the courage to empower the self and another, as we find the patience and wisdom to act in the best moment and in the best way to benefit all.  We are forging a new path of empowered humanity, Loving and choosing to change the future now.  We are the path, sharing our power with others as we honor ourselves and others as the divine beings we are (becoming).  Blast on!

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