Blessed Being, you are the graceful form of human moving through time to bring form to earth.  Your focus of these past years has been learning the truth of how you create.  The power of your mind to focus, distract or discount and the power of your heart to allow, connect and believe (be live, be living) is part of the paradox of truth that you are refining in order to embody your creative power.  It is confusing at times as you connect dots that seem to have a line between, but what is missed is the invisible fulcrum point that led the path of form down another track.  It is valuable to appreciate all paths of form, for they inform you.  As you move through Life, your Grace is the ability to open the heart to the Self and to Life as you discern the path of challenge (that which is not your desired creation).

Your movement is in-built into the system of Life.  As you move with it, you are excited, learning, imagining, delighted at the synchronicities.  When you are in a state of graceful being in your movement with Life, even the challenges are pleasing for you know so well your ability to adapt and create anew.  Patience is not a burden, it is a respite that allows more time to utilize the subtle movement of form, your imagination – your heart singing a soundtrack to the montage in your mind.  That is your powerful movement, for your subtle nature speaks to the subtle vibration of Life, the malleable unformed form, awaiting your electromagnetic signature to form.  The dance of Life.  Your Graceful Movement twists, turns, dips, dazzles and takes flight as the music of Life moves through you.

As we sit to Blast Movement and Grace, we are opening our hearts to the grand symphony of Life, calling us to courage, focus and choice through opposition and support.  We are finding our natural rhythm as we move through change and become the dominant vibration in our individual lives.  We are appreciating the challenges and the ease of breathing our song into sound manifest.  We are becoming stronger with each opportunity to exert our power of Love into our lives.  We are the example of the Grace and Movement of time into the form of Love.  Blast on!

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