Weekly LightBlast


Over the next few months, the LightBlast will be opening us to a balanced ego that understands our Sovereignty and Empowerment and interacts with the world from a space of Freedom, Love and Sharing Joy.  I capitalize these words when they have an expanded meaning that applies to living as a Divine Human, merging Source perspective with human perspective.  Thus Freedom isn’t just ‘I don’t have to’ or ‘I can if I want to;’ it becomes ‘Creativity is infinite and humanity’s unbounded capacity to create is unique and united.’  This space of balanced ego will be preparing us for the Unity that we will be expanding into.  We are ‘expanding into’ Unity because we were never un-united, we have been shutting down our full capacity due to lack of understanding of our Free nature, our powerful Love and our ability to Create.  With this, we shift the reality of humanity from opposition, polarity and duality to Understanding, Choice and Compassion. 
There are beliefs that are specific to our experiences, there are beliefs that are specific to our community/tribe (which can be local, country, race, peers, gender, religion), there are beliefs that are specific to humanity and life on Earth.  Any of these could be conscious or unconscious.  A belief is something that we accept as true.  A core belief is one that affects other beliefs, like when you pull a stone from a building foundation, the whole building falls.  Some beliefs are obvious, others are vague or only half-believed (I believe in the Law of Attraction but how did this happen?!) while still others are unconscious and not something we would consciously choose at this stage in our life.  I encounter this in individual sessions, beliefs that we took on when we were younger that are still affecting our life today, but that we do not logically believe at this age.  Beliefs can be supportive and Freeing (God is Love) or limiting and destructive (women are less valuable than men).  In the previous example (women are less valuable than men) I personally may not believe that, but I may have vague, undefined belief structures that are affecting it (i.e. women don’t get paid as well as men in corporate America).
The LightBlast is about healing the Self and in turn, shaping this world for the better.  We do this by living an Empowered life, by living a Joyful life and by dealing with challenge and change with as much Love and Compassion as available in the moment, and seeking to ever increase our quotient of Love and Compassion.  This begins with Love and Compassion for the Self, so that Love and Compassion are shared with others from a place of strength and teaching, not martyrdom or savior-dom.  This LightBlast in particular is asking us to reach deep into our collective wisdom and begin to address some core beliefs that are blocking humanity from Divine Love and Empowerment.  It begins within.  It begins with your courage to seek balance and seek a new perspective.  It then asks you to live in the awareness of new possibility, when perhaps it isn’t manifest in form yet, when perhaps it’s not reflected in the media, when perhaps it’s not the perspective of another who still resides in fear and lack, who does not understand their Divine Creative Power.  You need not convince anyone.  You need not voice it, you will know if that is applicable.  You are just seeking a new perspective that opens the door for new possibility of Love and Empowerment for yourself, which affects how you live your life and interact with others.  The world changes.
Allowing Access to Core Beliefs is the surrender to Divine Will from the basis of Empowered Sovereignty.  It’s not ‘Thy Will be done,’ it’s ‘Thy Will be One.’ It is the understanding that as an individual, we are each connected, responsive and Divinely dependent upon All our surroundings for Life.  It is the understanding that the beautiful game of Polarity that we live on this plane of duality calls forth Integration, the duality becoming triality; I am One, I am All, All is Love.  It is the Knowing that you are powerful enough to release the chains of limitation and open to expansion.  Allowing Access to Core Beliefs is opening the door to new possibility based in Love, releasing what does not serve Empowerment and becoming the Joyful Creator you were meant to Be.  That childlike wonderment and flow through Life that is possible while balancing the responsibilities of adulthood. 
What are these Core Beliefs we are Allowing Access to?  Some personal beliefs, some community/tribe beliefs and some collective beliefs will be transformed, so it is not really possible to list them all.  We are transforming beliefs that don’t serve Empowerment.  We will be releasing beliefs that are founded in lack, in fear and insecurity.  We will be opening to Sharing, to Joy, to Understanding, to Creativity, to Love, to Freedom.  It doesn’t mean we will never have challenge, it means within the experience of Life, we will have more ease with change, more patience with manifestation, more Freedom to navigate our world toward Joy. 
We are asked to Blast ‘Allowing Access’ to Core Beliefs because we are Sovereign Beings.  Source does not choose what you believe; you were Created with a beautiful heart/mind and Free Will to choose for yourself.  I certainly do not choose what you believe.  You are not going remove beliefs that serve you or that you want.  You are Allowing Access to yourself and to your Higher Self, that part of you that resides with Source Energy, sees with a broader perspective, a Divine Perspective.  You are ‘Allowing Access’ because choice and free will are your Divine Birthright, because part of your journey will be to discern and choose through experience, not just a one-time shot of all your beliefs changing at once.  Transformation needs time to form, to refine, to adjust, to form again. 
As we sit to Blast Allowing Access to Core Beliefs, we are beginning a transformation toward our Empowerment and a world united in Love.  We are releasing that which no longer serves us and activating our Divine Potential to create anew.  We are remembering that we are created From Love, to Expand Love.  We are clearing our energetic field of that which blocks our creative ability and opening to new possibility and movement.  We are remembering that Life is to be lived with Joy and ease as the natural Pull of Life is toward improvement, even if challenge is the experience of the moment.  We are shifting the reality of humanity from struggle to cooperation.  We are accessing our Original Blueprint, our Divine Nature, our innate Power.  That Power is Love.  Blast on!


Expectation is another theme (just like last week’s Freedom) that resurfaces intermittently.  As I have watched surprising manifestations and changes over the years, I’ve noticed that expectations within fear will often limit the manifestation.  Certainly not all expectations come from fear, nor am I one who thinks we should have no expectations.  On the contrary, I expect improvement all the time!  But expectation out-of-balance is commensurate with limitation.  It signifies a lack of Trust in your capability, whether that is your capability to create, to transform or even to have patience, to name a few.  There is a time for specificity with expectation and there is a time for openness.  This speaks to the times of openness, where expectation nurtures improvement and fear and lack become obsolete.  There are three areas that we are guided to ponder, but they need not be your only focus.
The first area requiring openness is time itself.  This is a challenging one.  There are some things we expect, particularly around money and also relationship, in a certain period of time.  I know it feels like you need them in a certain period of time, it’s not just a selfish expectation!  But the truth is, with exception that is more rare than not, there is always an answer that comes within the time of necessity.  It may not be the most awesome answer ever (i.e. ‘I finally got enough to pay this bill this month’), but there’s always an answer for those that will hear it and heed it.  Most people don’t end up involuntarily out on the street.  Usually, time is something that takes care of itself, as the system of life (not the system of man – we’re creating a new one!) was made to continue flow toward improvement.  It is definitely a balance of focus on a positive and realistic perspective, inspired action and trust.  Trusting time and yet using time to your advantage is a vital point of balance as we deal with so much going on in our lives and really owning the power to create what we want to live.  Patience is helpful to living a peaceful, balanced and creative life. 
Also requiring openness are the ‘burdens’ of life.  As we participate in life on earth, there are some general items that can not be avoided.  Taxes are certainly one of them.  Death, too (Damn, that adage is correct!)  Challenging emotions.  Errands.  Bills.  House cleaning.  Preparing food that’s healthy.  The list is endless.  What is important is that your perspective of them is a healthy mix of understanding that there are times of participating in life that means you might not be doing exactly what you want in every moment, but that you do have the option to enjoy most moments.  I used to vaguely punish myself for a ‘to do’ list that was never-ending.  I had an unwritten list of things that needed to be perfect before I was ‘off duty’ and able to relax.  That kind of pressure doesn’t help maintain a joyful present moment.  It’s important to deal realistically with the things that must be done, progress towards completing projects and reward yourself by enjoying the moments along the way.  I’m now rather organized in a way that really suits ease and responsibility.  When I find that something is becoming overwhelming or I’m dreading it, I look at what’s behind the feeling.  I then find a perspective that I believe that will help me enjoy a little more (i.e. not ‘I LOVE doing my taxes SOOOO much!!!’ but ‘I appreciate my easy system and my tax preparer’).  We must take responsibility for our enjoyment, not wait for it to be presented.  Expecting ease and enjoyment in most moments of life is realistic, positive and focused toward improvement while being grounded in reality. 
Part of Releasing Expectation is releasing manipulation.  Manipulation comes in many forms and it always comes from a perspective of fear or lack.  As Lightworkers on the quest of Ascension, our work is finding the areas where we are not in complete integrity and authenticity.  This is not an indication of failure or being a bad person, just an area that is now coming up for clearing (or additional clearing).  Manipulation can be subtle or it can be obvious deception or coercion.  You can’t pick and choose based on the magnanimity of the outcome (i.e. it’s bad for the oil companies to manipulate emotions, but it’s ok for Greenpeace to manipulate emotions).  You can’t justify manipulation for any reason.  You can inform, you can want, you can prefer – but to manipulate indicates that there is a desired outcome that is not being presented honestly or is being presented to persuade.  Manipulation plays on the emotions (often to touch on the insecurities, but not always) and gives the manipulator some sort of benefit.  It could be financial, sexual or egoic, among others.  To manipulate is not to trust the force of Love to be enough to magnetize the life you want to live.  No matter what you want, you have potential to create it with full disclosure.  
As we sit to Blast Releasing Expectation, we are opening to the Free Flow of expecting improvement while being open to the path it presents.  We are no longer resistance to What Is, but appreciative of the opportunity to navigate change with greater ease.  We are remembering that the subatomic world, the unseen, is building anew upon the magnetic vortex of Love.  We are observing our blessed lessons of release as we seek to interact with this beautiful world through Love, where we once felt fear, blame, resentment, lack or shame.  We are opening our second chakra to create with Love, to forgive with ease, to heal with Joy.  We are aligning our heart and our mind as we no longer need to figure out how to get what we want, we just need to Love our moments, our selves, our life, our world.  We are detached and compassionate when the world around us still feels compelled to manipulate as we hold a space of Empowerment to Light the way to Divine Creation in human form.  We are strong in the Knowing that Truth is the answer spoken in the language of Love.  Blast on!


In 2011, we haven’t gone a full 2 months without some Freedom focus and here it comes again.  Freedom is a big one, it requires individual thinking in a world of suppression and marketing savvy.  I notice as all the bad news (or ‘good’ news?) goes on in the world around me and sometimes specific to my own life, I react and spin in my feelings about it.  It’s not that I desire to have no emotions about the things that go on around me, I welcome the emotions.  It’s that I desire not to be controlled by the circumstances around me.  This is where we find Freedom Is Mine.  Not everyone is going to have the same reaction or expectations from life.  Not everyone is going to choose honesty, altruism or even equality for themselves or others.  It’s fascinating to watch as we each make choices about life, about the world, about a situation; at times surprised by our courage or our vulnerability, maybe even some ignorance, too. 
Freedom Is Mine reminds us that we aren’t here to live cookie-cutter lives that are just like those that we feel we want to emulate, or that our parents, parishioners or peers tell us to emulate.  We are here to discover our uniqueness and continue the Flow of Life through our joy of living it to the fullest available in the moment.  That means listening to our heart when it tells us something different from another.  Most importantly, it means listening to our heart when it tells us something different than what we think we want.  That’s a hard one.  Sometimes we want something to fill a void that we have trouble admitting to ourselves, so we are essentially deluding ourselves.  Other times, it’s hard to differentiate between living for others – either through martyrdom or trying to impress them.  This is why looking at our motivations is an important exercise in life.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to be respected for what you do, but doing it for respect is a dead end street of looking for approval outside of yourself.  Freedom Is Mine is about finding that balance of giving/receiving with others, giving/receiving with earth, action/rest, yes/no, etc.  It is important to be Free within yourself and interacting compassionately with others.  If you are dependent on others to behave a certain way to please you, then you are not Free with them.   This is a fine line of setting boundaries and allowing others to be who they are.  Not allowing a friend to be emotionally abusive is a good boundary to set.  Not allowing a friend to believe differently than you is too dependent on the behaviors of others for your happiness. 
Freedom Is Mine is about living sovereignty.  As we live and breathe sovereignty, we teach it to children from a place of great love.  We teach it to business with an understanding of value.  We teach it to relationship with the ease of equality.  We teach it to money with the simplicity of joy.  We teach it to the systems that don’t work with our focus on Truth and Compassion.  Freedom Is Mine points to the knowledge that Freedom must be lived from within before it truly manifests out in the world.  As you are living it, you are teaching others to access it as well.  In my opinion, this is the greatest gift you can give another – access to their own self-respect, their own choices and their own understanding of their immense value.
As we sit to Blast Freedom Is Mine, we are remembering that the beauty of separation is the focus that it provides our uniqueness.  We are understanding that all paths have potential to lead to a wonderful life, no matter how winding, long or bumpy at times.  We are allowing Flow to show us that all change is good change as we move constantly along the river of life.  We are accessing our courage to value ourselves, our wisdom to trust ourselves and our vulnerability to push ourselves to greater heights.  We are recognizing the beauty in others as they choose and prioritize differently than we do, and as we recognize their inherent Freedom as well.  We are understanding that we are Free to feel each moment as we do and choose anew.  We are remembering that our grace is inborn and our action is a choice, starting from within.  Freedom Is Mine means Freedom for all.  Blast on!


All can be accomplished with Excellent Communication.  I think it is so cute how this LightBlast came through.  ‘Excellent’ always seems so sweet to me, perhaps because Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was a fun, campy staple of my college years; there was such a joyful innocence to that movie, yet a nice message (Be excellent to each other).  Remember that courage from Allowing Another Within from last week?  Well, it ain’t over yet!  (Is bad grammar allowed in Excellent Communication?  LOL!)  Communication is a sharing.  In its fullest sense, Excellent Communication entails complete honesty.  As I’ve watched myself step up to the plate on more honest communication over the years (work in progress) I’ve realized I had to let go of manipulating through emotions, knowing when I’m reacting from my own insecurities and displacing them on another, standing up to a hard Truth that needs to be spoken as I hold my boundaries, allowing others to try to manipulate and calling them on it or letting them think I didn’t notice, as appropriate.  I’ve learned how to interact with people that will perpetuate negative or limiting beliefs and steer the conversation into a non-polarized discussion or just let them maintain their status quo without supporting it.  I’ve let go of gossip as daily sustenance (I still imbibe once in awhile – don’t judge!  LOL!) and I let go of continuing to mainly tell a negative story and focusing on ‘what is’ as the only valuable perspective.   
Excellent Communication begins Within.  It begins with being honest with yourself, forgiving with yourself and expanding your comfort zone to a new height of honesty.  Excellent Communication is a moment-by-moment interaction.  There are those that we communicate easily with – use them to appreciate how wonderful it can be.  There are those that challenge us with avoidance, degradation, manipulation, deception.  Use them to appreciate your inner recognition of where they are, where you are and where you want to be with your integrity and honesty.  Enjoy it all, for it is all serving growth.  Sometimes you don’t get to see another improve, but your honesty, your compassionate honesty, can help.  Being compassionate with yourself and supporting your own step-by-step improvement is also important.  There are those that we have such an emotional charge with that we may not have access to deep compassion for them yet.  There are those that are such poor communicators that we may not have expansive communication with yet (or ever).  These are all teaching us great lessons.  Progress is always happening when you are courageous enough to become aware. 
Sometimes Excellent Communication means the wisdom choice is maintaining silence.  Is it our job to point out all the rights and wrongs of another?  No, it is our job to maintain our own progress and Flow of Improvement, which means going Within, assessing our needs/motivations, evaluating Another’s involvement with it and expressing ourselves clearly, completely and Lovingly.  Sometimes that results in silence (or observance), sometimes conversation, sometimes confrontation.  Healthy boundaries are imperative to  Excellent Communication.  Communicating Lovingly doesn’t mean you’re a doormat, it means you wisely interact from a place of Allowing others to be as they are, maintaining your own boundaries of safety and fulfillment and choosing to create your life in an ever increasing Flow of Love and Empowerment. Confrontation doesn’t mean a rageful, abusive explosion.  It is best served as a calm, direct discussion, and getting someone to agree or even apologize should never be the goal.  Expressing yourself and holding your own boundaries is all that is ever necessary for your benefit.   
As we sit to Blast Excellent Communication, we are listening to our own heart and learning to Allow Love to be our response.  We are remembering that we are Empowered sovereign Beings that compassionately and assuredly hold our own boundaries.  We are understanding that the voice of Love has many words and actions that communicate constantly with an open heart.  We are activating our own Powerful Love that transforms the way the world shares and relates.  We are Lighting the way to a New Empowered World of Love as we Communicate clearly, honestly, patiently, compassionately and most Excellently.  Blast on, dudes!  :o)


This is a time of great empowerment if we are well with change.  Change is best served by listening to our heart and Trusting Love to Create.  It takes great empowerment because the world does not automatically reflect Love to you at this time.  It has been reflecting traumatic natural disasters, greed, abuse, lies, war, lack, blame.  Not easy stuff to Love.  You don’t have to Love it, your job is to Love Life.  Love the process that is before you; find the thread of Love, the thread of possibility for Love within it and loom a new fabric of Life.   This takes a courageous honesty that is not as common as you may think.  To admit to yourself that you are afraid, insecure, resentful, annoyed, confused, avoiding – these are courageous acts.  So many numb to them, deny them, avoid them or  mask them with ‘feeling only love.’  The inner work, the inner experience is something that takes great courage because our societies  mostly teach repression and avoidance of emotion, (often unless to use them for financial gain).  It’s a courageous person that unplugs from the machine.  The confusing part is we’re still living in the world.  This is ‘being in the world, but not of it.’
So here we are then at Allowing Another Within.  We did Another Within about a month ago.  It was about our connection to All, to our Source Energy, to each other.  Here we take it to a new level of courage.  It is time.  How powerful are you to let Life live through you?  How powerful are you to embrace Life as perfect in each painful or joyful moment and Allow it, Release it, Improve it?  How powerful are you to not just tolerate others, but to Love them as they are? (Dang that’s a toughie sometimes!)  How powerful are you to maintain focus on the thread of Love in a situation that doesn’t inspire it?  How powerful are you to empathize with others, help them as appropriate and yet not take responsibility for them or feel guilty for not being as challenged as they are?   Are you courageous enough to maintain boundaries that support your wellbeing and empowerment?  How powerful are you to engage this worldly life fully and maintain your Divine Connection?  How much Divinity can you bring into each moment of your life?  It won’t all be rainbows.  Sometimes it’s the storm before the rainbow.  But storms always pass and rainbows always come, even if we don’t see them.  Can you endure?
What if it wasn’t about endurance?  The real question is can you enjoy it?  It’s not a matter of ‘yay, someone is suffering!’ enjoyment, it’s a deep appreciation for the process of Life and the transformation that results from the challenges.  It’s the understanding that the experience of Life is going through death and birth, and appreciating both for what they are.   Renewing, progressing, learning, improving.  This is the middle road, not the center of two extremes that are avoided, the all-encompassing understanding that embraces All for its unique perspective and finding Love within that.  That Another may choose differently, even if that choice is to suffer, hate or avoid – is the gift of empowerment that each has Within.  Can you Love them, even if it’s from a distance, for their possibility to find Love within the challenge or the choice of today?  It takes a courageous person to Love in the face of disdain.  Can you enjoy that?  You may be in a moment of storm with it – enjoy that, too.  It isn’t the fun part, it’s the part you appreciate for the cleansing, the release, the focus toward improvement.  And I don’t mean release as in, ‘I’ll be happy when…,’ I mean release as in letting go, even if that situation remains in your life. 
Allowing Another Within takes the great courage that Allowing entails, for it is not a space of control, it is the unknown.  It takes the great courage of recognizing that difference is a gift of each human, even if you disagree with their choices.  It takes the great courage of looking Within during a moment of storm and appreciating the benefits of challenge; the I/eye of the storm!  Look for that place of calm/neutrality Within.  It takes great courage to share in Another’s pain, release it and see them as empowered to do the same, even if they can’t find the courage yet.  It also takes courage to share in Another’s joy and embrace any feelings of lack or jealousy that come up Within you, so that your courage to Love heals pain instead of numbing to it.  This is a time of courage.  It’s a time of focusing the mind to serve the heart.  It’s a time of living your Divinity in a world that doesn’t just reflect it easily. 
As we sit to Blast Allowing Another Within, we are activating our courageous Divine Nature that Knows Love as a way of Life, a way of Expansion and a way of Healing.  We are recognizing the Divinity in All, not just the nice ones we agree with.  We are remembering that it is our powerful Love that changes the world, magnetizing new form based in Love that is building over time from the unseen to the seen.  We are embracing the Knowing that we are courageous enough to welcome the entirety of Life, Knowing our limit of the moment (Allow the storm to pass) and expanding through increased focus on the thread of Love.  We are opening our Sacred Heart to the Creative moment of Now.  We are Changing.  Ourselves, others, our World.  Blast on!


This is a powerful time of recognizing our potent creative abilities.  We have had this lesson all year as the December solstice and eclipses propelled us into a new level of personal responsibility and Creative responsibility.  It is our inner attention and emotional output that emanate a call to Creation.  Our heart is a powerful electromagnetic organ that speaks to us through emotion and communicates to the world around us via the electromagnetic field.  As we feel Love, we are emanating a vibration of Love that magnetizes more Love to us.  As we feel fear, we are emanating a vibration that magnetizes more fear.  Fear becomes a cycle of non-solution, victimhood and overwhelm.  Maintaining a perspective of Love (via F.O.C.U.S. on Gratitude and Trust) is important to your vibrational output.  Our brain is an electromagnetic organ as well, but not nearly as strong as the heart.  The brain is a beautiful machine of focus, categorization, comparison, understanding and choice analysis.  When it is used in response to the heart, it follows a powerful remembrance of our Divinity.  When it dominates the heart, it serves the systems outside of us, the worldly systems of survival and fear, the systems that are taught to us by others.  These systems aren’t all bad or completely wrong, they just tend to be fear-based and lack-based.  The heart has the capability to understand and interact with the systems of the world from a place of empowerment and sovereignty.  When the brain serves the heart, you begin to find solution within circumstances that challenge you.  You begin to find courage where overwhelm used to reside.  You begin to find compassion where anger or avoidance dominated your ability to Love. 
This exciting time of Ascension is all about bringing our Divinity into form.  It is the merging of the human and the Divine, a process of remembering what has been forgotten.  We were never without our Divinity, just distracted from it.  Your Divine Nature is the Source Energy within you that creates.  It is the glue of the universe, Love.  It is Love that unites the unseen building blocks of Life into form.  The gift of your Divine Nature is choice.  You have a choice as to whether or not you enhance your connection with your Divinity.  Your choice to interact with your Divine Love is your choice to Create anew. 
We create all the time.  It’s built-in functionality.  We are constantly receiving vibrational input and emanating vibrational output that interacts with the unseen building blocks of Life.  Choose your vibration and you have chosen to Create instead of re-create or re-act to what has already been.  This moment of now is as it is.  Your choice to find the thread of Love within it, the Power of Divinity, is your active interaction with change, with Creation.  That situation that is challenging you?  It is offering you the gift of choice to Create with Love.  Feel the anger, the frustration, the possibility, the relief, the hope, the Trust, the Gratitude…  When the mind serves the heart, it has access to a perspective of Love that sees the possibility of solution.  In this way, you allow your mind to serve your expansion via the powerful electromagnetic capacity of the heart as it seeks more Love, more joy, more excitement.  Challenge can either inspire change for the better or propagate more fear, disillusionment and disempowerment.  Choose Love and you’ve chosen to Create new form.  Choose Love and you’ve chosen to heal instead of repress or continue a destructive pattern.  Your choice to Love changes how you deal with everything around you, as the vibrations you receive have less fearful or disruptive energy to you and the vibration you emit magnetizes more Love.  That’s using the heart/mind connection to improve your life and the life of others you may or may not come into contact with.
As we sit to Blast Creation Within, we are allowing our mind to serve our improvement rather than being dominated by outside stimulation and demands.  We are opening our heart to lead us to greater Love and using our brilliant mind to determine a path.  We are feeding the world around us with the vibration of Love, the energy of Source, The Great Unifier.  We are remembering that we are powerful electromagnetic Beings that magnetize and emanate out via a field of unseen energy.  We are beginning to Love exactly where we are because it is leading us to exactly where we will be.  We are fulfilling our Soul Path to Remember Love, the powerful unseen building block of form.  We are remembering that Choice is our inner sanctum of Divine Creativity and the world is asking us to remember so we can shine forth a beacon of Love.  We are going within our powerful heart to teach ourselves and others that Love is the quest, the answer, the Creator of form.  Creation begins Within.  Blast on!


How bright is the Light Within you?  Are you feeling its warmth, the glow of excitement and the electricity of expansion?  This is Love.  Love is Freedom Aligned.  Love is the reason, the rhyme, the elixir and the flavor.  It brings each moment to Glory, it brings polarity to understanding, it brings release to fear, it brings Creation to your physicality.  Within Freedom Aligned, there is only Love.  Not just one feeling – All is Love.
What keeps you from Freedom?  Each day it may be a different focus that comes forward for your understanding.  I watch myself as I resist fears, resist emotions and resist movement forward so I can be assured of…what?  Acceptance?  Lack of failure?  Less negative emotions?  And yet courageously, I move beyond them at my own pace because I choose to move beyond them.  Some of them known and consciously avoided, some of them yet unknown – or at least undefined enough to remain unaware for a bit longer.  But through my choice to expand and improve they are eventually revealed.  Longing for the release as a lover longs for the beloved.  I learn over and over again to allow myself and others to each have a different pace, a different focus, a different choice.  With that, a taste of Freedom Aligned. 
Freedom is a moment, Aligned until the next moment of resistance, the next moment of withholding full Love for what is.  Freedom is a feeling, Aligned until the next moment of fear – realized, avoided or unaware, but still infecting the moment.  Freedom is the release from fear, the release from resisting even vaguely fearful experiences, like the unspoken judgment of another. 
Fear is a potent method of paralyzing Love Flow.  Fear in and of itself is not all bad, sometimes it results in Flow.  For instance, anger is an emotional response that masks fear.  It may be anger at someone that has wronged you, it may be anger at a situation like poverty, it may be anger at yourself for avoiding your fears (heehee).  Underneath the aforementioned anger may be fear of abandonment, fear of survival and fear of worthlessness, respectively (among other nuances).  Anger can move you to action.  Many people actually need it for movement because they can’t initiate through Love or receiving.  Sometimes, that’s where I am (anger need not manifest loudly – rage is a different story!).  Anger will allow you access to movement, even improvement, because you break past a wall that was holding you in.  Ever get so angry at a boss that you finally get another job?  Ever get so angry at yourself for not taking a chance that you take one next time?  Anger is like a wild wind, while understanding is like a gentle breeze.  They each have their benefits; sometimes it takes a wild wind to really clear the air, other times wild wind can be destructive.  Sometimes a gentle breeze is just enough to cool you off on a spring day.  Summer might require something stronger.  Eventually, you become accustomed to your new empowerment and you move gracefully past the types of issues that would have caused anger before.  For instance, you realize that the boss is acting out insecurities and fears and you need not plug into the emotions of it.  The gentle breeze becomes a way of life with no resistance to anger when it surfaces for resolution.
So much of our fear is fear of the future.  We fear for financial safety, emotional safety, physical safety (health and otherwise).  These can be easily understood.  In looking at life in society today, it’s easy to understand how they have solidified.  They are further perpetuated by a cycle of greed that relies on fear to make money or hording to ensure safety in an unsafe and supply-limited world (lack).  The only way to move past these fears is to find the perspective of Love, of ease or sometimes of anger that moves you to change.  When I can find a perspective of the benefits of things that I fear, then I can embrace them.  Some are easier than others, so I recognize some and work on them, I recognize some and put them away for another day, and others I ignorantly avoid or don’t define until later.  But I choose to move past them eventually and Love is the only bridge to new land.  A bridge to Freedom Aligned. 
As we sit to Blast Freedom Aligned, we are seeking a new perspective past the fears that keep us bound.  We are opening to Love where Love was denied and embracing a new path.  We are recognizing that fear is money for many and we can stay grounded in reality and safety at the same time.  We are becoming sovereign in our emotions and our reactions.   We are becoming empowered within all interaction in life, even as others perpetuate habits of avoidance or lack.  We are crossing the bridge to our new Divine Beingness that Knows us as Creators of a Love-based world.  We are recognizing the beauty in the journey and the value of diversity and challenge as each moment offers new understanding of our capability.  We are releasing the fears of the future, the resentments of the past and allowing our ability to Love become the magnet for Freedom Aligned.  Blast on!



Peace is our gateway to neutrality.  Neutrality balances our inner power that magnetizes change for the better.  Without neutrality we are too polarized to allow change easily.  This can manifest as trying so hard to hold onto the ‘good’ that we restrict the flow of change, or trying so hard to avoid the ‘bad’ that we also stop flow.

There is a courage to peace that is often overlooked.  It is a balanced state of Allowing and Choosing.  Under the surface is a Knowing that the Inherent Pull of Life is Improvement; therefore, the circumstance of the moment is merely a platform for focus so the next level of improvement can be realized into form.  Choice without Allowing is merely force and isn’t truly free.  Force is only needed when there is resistance.  Forcing a circumstance to be one way or another is a fear-based reaction that seeks to avoid What Is, rather than use What Is to see all possibilities and expand for the better from a strong foundation.  Each moment offers the grace of experiencing a range of events that can teach much more than ‘I want this different outcome.’  For instance, as I sought my inner peace from loud music blaring in my neighborhood, I realized that I could establish inner peace that was unfettered by another’s choice for noise when I want quiet.  Avoiding life or getting angry isn’t the solution because I am the one that has lost my Inner Peace.  That is where Freedom is, otherwise I have a huge world to control.  Not only can I not control all the loud music listeners, I do actually want them to enjoy their lives and that music is serving to improve their life in that moment.  So I had to find a perspective of neutrality that enhanced my own inner well-being while letting people live their lives in the way they want around me.   When you do the inner work, the outer begins to form around it.  I noticed that life took a step towards improvement over time, but perhaps not perfection, then another step towards improvement and on and on.

The courage to be peaceful sometimes comes after the fact.  If I react badly then it is my inner work to find a new perspective.  Perspective is an active choice.  An affirmation that I don’t believe will have little to no effect on me.  But a perspective that I do believe will bring me great transformation, which results in empowerment.  It’s the equivalent of stair-stepping your way to improvement instead of trying to make an improbable leap.  Life is designed that way, we build strategically over time for the most stable outcome.  You don’t install a roof until the structure of the house is finished.  I seek an avenue to forgiveness or understanding that I’m willing to walk through.  So it may look something like understanding that the person I’m dealing with is emotionally scarred, or too scared to speak truthfully or inconsiderate because they have a wound that is louder than considering others.  Those same things apply to me at times, so it becomes about forgiving Another, by recognizing them Within myself, even if the extremes of the circumstances are hard to fathom.  I can always find a variance of fear or challenge that I can relate to within.  Once that fear is neutralized within me, peace comes, neutrality comes, new solution comes, freedom comes.  That is what makes peace so exciting – FREEDOM!!!!  It’s exciting to know that even though things may look or feel bad today, they are improving within the unseen.  New solution is building a foundation that will soon have a structure.  You are free to interact with life courageously because improvement is the natural progression of life.


There are two types of Mental Exercise.  One helps you create; positive thought, inspired focus, exciting possibility.  The other hinders creativity; negative thought, review and worry, thought circling within a small box of possibility.  As with physical exercise of the body, when you balance your strength with flexibility, you have greater health.  Our mental self (or body, plane, functionality) serves a great purpose of reasoning, categorizing and analyzing.  These are powerful and necessary functions, but they only fully assist when used in balance with creativity.
Creativity is Love Flowing.  It can come in any form you can imagine (haha!).  Working with numbers can be a form of creativity when you love the challenge.  Talking with someone can be a form of creativity when you love the exchange.  Certainly classic artistic endeavors like painting and music are Love Flowing into form.  The mental function either allows that flow or stops it.  It stops creative flow when an expected outcome becomes more important than the journey; like stretching our knowledge, listening to an opposing view or playing an instrument perfectly for admiration from others.  It supports creative flow when we use our Mental Exercise to enjoy learning through trial and error, finding compassion for another or finding beauty in something we thought was a mistake. 
Our mental abilities give us the analytical aptitude to discover solution.  When we are in creative flow, we discover new solution.  In order to discover new solution, we have to access our heart energy.  This brings excitement and joy to our solution.  This also brings in the need for Trust.  (cue the music: dun dun duuuuunnnn)  It’s a cycle that supports growth, yet requires courage.  The beautiful Anais Nin quote speaks brilliantly to this, ‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.  In the most rewarding aspects of life, it takes the courage to blossom, whether its opening to love, taking on a new or improved career (or even just asking for a raise), having children, giving your time to help people in need, healing your negative patterns, allowing your family and friends to be imperfect….  All of life has potential to be creative, yet we also have the choice to stagnate. 
Trusting in Life to improve takes great courage.  The mental mind accesses the past and brings it into the present moment.  It is a vast access point for knowledge from the past; this life, past lives, others’ lives.  The mental body is a logical functionality that works towards survival and improvement.  This is why we can go on autopilot and brush our teeth without concentrating.  While the mental body interacts with emotion, it does not originate emotion.  It merely analyzes, categorizes and applies them from certain experiences of the past and then advises towards survival and progress in the safest manner.  This is incredibly valuable for survival.  Where the mental function loses touch is connecting the present to the future.  The mental function does not like unknown.  Unknown is scary and could result in death.  The unknown is a survival issue, so the mental wants to play it safe.  This is why we aren’t all mental.  This is why we are hard-wired for Love with a beautiful fail-safe mental body.  Ever meet someone that hasn’t quite learned how to apply the Law of Attraction in a grounded space of reality?  They are so ‘focused on love’ that they are actually just avoiding reality.  They’re still remaining tight in the bud because it hasn’t quite become painful enough yet.  It’s not a punishment; it’s just a function of life.  We have to honor the space of the moment whether it is one of release or receiving, positive or negative, rest or action, challenge or triumph.  Mental Exercise working towards improvement asks, ‘How is this moment teaching me to access more Love?’  When the heart is open, that moment is a gift of learning, not a punishment.  The heart is the access point of Love Flowing, so it always has access to new solution.  It is a space of all time and no limitation.  It Knows us as the eternal Beings of Love that we are.  It is the perfection of Love, appreciating the beautiful gift of the mental plane to bring in preference, joyful action and learning. 
We live in a world of time, structure and limitation.  How these will enhance and expand you is your choice of interaction with them.  Time is a beautiful journey of discovery when you don’t drag the past along with you into a fearful future.  Structure is a magnificent foundation of sharing when you don’t resent the labor of love.  Limitation is an exciting opportunity of innovation when you allow challenge to improve you.  The worldwide tragedies that have been occurring with frequency are/were a limitation that has the capacity to expand compassion, courage and trust into a new experience for many.  How will you use your Mental Exercise?  Do you mind suffering a little on the path to improvement?  Do you mind being annoyed, judged, misunderstood or challenged?  Do you mind a new solution coming in after you ‘failed’ a few times?  All of these are merely a choice of perspective.  It’s not a matter of perceiving joy during a tragic event or even a minor challenge, that would be avoiding reality.  It’s what you do with all the moments of your life.  The mind working with the heart (Mental Exercise) allows each moment to have its place with the understanding that all of them are initiating change for the better, even if you can’t see it or feel it in the moment.   That’s the capacity of the heart, to feel great sorrow when sorrow arrives and to feel great joy when joy arrives.  Risking joy when sorrow may possibly be a result is where the mental must concede to the heart.  The promise of Love is that it makes life more flavorful, sometimes with the salt of tears.  And don’t those come with joy as well as sorrow?  The heart, in its access to all time, knows the future of Love is assured. 
As we sit to Blast Mental Exercise, we are allowing the wisdom of the heart to relax the mind into a space of calm where new solution is found.  We are allowing new solution to be birthed in a future of faith and appreciating the gestation.  We are stretching our brilliant mental capacity to focus our inspiration into action and our patience into rest.  We are realizing the challenges as opportunities for growth and remembering that the promise of new life arises each morning.  We are using our capability to transform our world into a future of empowered people, beginning with ourselves and emanating that out.  We are focusing our mental power to support the courage of our heart to Love and Love again, even when the moment is a challenge.  We are recognizing our Love reflected in each brave hero, each brave choice, each brave artist, each brave flower, each brave moment.  We are using our Mental Exercise to build a healthy world of Love.  That is a beautiful mind.  Blast on!


Movement is constant; therefore, what is solid is transient and based on our perception of solid form.  As exemplified through time, there is not a moment of complete stillness for time never stops. Through space, there is also constant movement as rotation occurs in relation to cell, to self and to other bodies.  Thus in space/time there is constant movement.  Based on your perspective, you either see it or believe it, for some movement takes such a long time or is too small to see that you rely on the assertion of others that it is, in fact, occurring (or your internal time-lapse photography to realize it).  Time and space together are markers of progress, of form, of focus.  While they seem to function separately, and they do; space is a container of form and time is a reference of form, you require both because they influence one another.  They are the dualistic interplay of your perception and your intention, your reaction and your choice.
Form is as it is only in the now moment, thus space is always now.  It is influenced by the past moment as what is formed began forming prior to now.  It influences the future because your choice and your interaction with the form of the now moment will influence its change into the future. 
Time is as it is only in the now moment.  You are capable of remembering the past, even re-acting to it, but not reliving it (though you may repeat it of sorts!).  The time passed has served to create the now moment, but the now is the only moment you can experience in form.  That which is past formed the now that you perceive.  The future is awaiting its birth into form through time based on your interaction with the now.
Space is a function of heart energy and time is a function of mind energy.  As with all things, they can be separated for understanding, but there is no true separation for they interact implicitly.  Space is felt as you interact with form with your heart.  Your perceptions are then interpreted with the mind and you utilize it to determine preference and action.  This is such a simultaneous interaction, and the mind most often so much louder (in these times), that the heart is overlooked, but not participating any less whether you acknowledge it or not.  The heart is spacious because it is merely a container for Love in form.  Love is vast, quantum and powerful beyond All else, for it is beyond this earthly experience.  In death, form may die (transform), but Love does not; the container of Love is merely broken open to release Love into new form, for movement is constant.  The mind is timely because it is a reference mechanism.  It seeks markers, categorizes them and compares them.  Most are unaware of the vast referencing capabilities that work in concert with your entire body, but now we focus upon the mind.  It spans time passed to reference for time now.  In this way it seeks possibility that has been manifested before, as well as perceptions of danger and failure so that it may assist survival. 
The mind does not feel, it references and interprets feelings/emotions into chemicals via the electrical impulse/resonance of perception.  The chemical is the beginning of new form as your body is shifted in vibration based on its chemical components.  Thus as you perceive Love, do you vibrate, emanate and inform more Love.  As you perceive failure, tragedy and hatred, you vibrate, emanate and inform such into the future of time/space. 
Your space is your now, your perception is your vehicle of timely influence and your perspective is your choice that creates the future.  Perception is immediate, perspective is a choice that can be sought with aware interaction between the heart/mind.   We are only beginning to interplay actively with the future.  As you give heart space to your future time, you influence creation formed in Love.  As you release victimhood and actively participate in changing your world through the perspective of Love, you are actively creating with your heart/mind.  Perspective comes when you view form (experience, a moment) from all sides, from all possibilities, from all time.  As you view a new future, you utilize your heart to access a new possibility of Love, for your brain can only reference what has come before or be actively aimed toward interpreting Love or analyzing a new path via the heart.  Therefore, if you can not figure out each detail of action that will assure a Loving outcome, as an architect would utilize to build a sustaining structure, then use your brain to interpret Love without detail and release the chemical formulation that will attract more form to you with the emanation of Love.
On a cellular level movement towards the positive is constant when neutrality is great enough to balance easy flow between positive/negative.  It is the positive that attracts, so negative is ripe to its influence, swayed from movement forward to the compelling spiral of Love.  From the subatomic to the cellular, you are this in form, ever changing and ever emanating a new moment of form forming.  That which is solid is changing beneath the surface, unseen in the now moment, yet vibrating a resonance that draws more life to it.  Once enough time has passed a new moment is visible in form, taking up space. 
As we sit to Blast Solid Form, we are releasing our dependence on relating to the world only through What Is and opening to the perspective of New Solution based in Love.  We are recognizing our ability to create from within and manifest form through the gift of time/space.  We are focusing our intent within our heart space and allowing our mind time to formulate the appropriate chemical infusion of Love.  We are remembering that we forgot our focus, we forgot our power and we forgot that Love is the True Transformer of Life, the most powerful force on Earth.  We are remembering to feel our way to New Solution and to think our way to new space/time creation through the gateway of Love.  We are remembering Who We Are, solid in form yet ever changing as we spiral toward Love’s call.  Blast on!

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