As we refine the limitations of the old way of doing things and establish new and personal guidelines for our path, we are often faced with emotional upsets, boundary setting, confrontations and wondering whether we made the right choices.  Boundary setting and confrontation doesn’t have to be a yelling match.  Though often there is an uncomfortable quality to it until you really start to feel comfortable in your new Empowerment.  Most often this state of Empowerment, which should be rather natural, is not what is taught as acceptable in society or even in some spiritual teachings. 
We are moving into a state of increased Love and Compassion for ourselves, others, Earth, animals, etc.  But dealing with life day to day with Love and Compassion can be confusing and challenging as we deal with what has been, what is and what we want life to be.  Each Lightworker is going through Ascension from a different perspective.  The Zen monk will have a different path than the person working in corporate world.  The pre-school teacher will have a different experience than the person interacting with drug addicts.  All of these perspectives are valuable.  Each requires a personal choice of boundaries based on what they are dealing with in order to maintain strength and compassion that best serves the moment For All involved.  Imagine that pre-school teacher only saying yes so as not to hurt a child’s feelings.  Not very effective For All involved.  Now imagine the teacher only says no because discipline must be maintained above all else.  Also not very effective For All involved.  There is a balance of boundaries and Compassion that speaks Love whether through yes or no. 
We are systems of interaction.  We emit and receive vibrational signals that speak and listen to all that is around us – people, animals, nature, food, cycles of life and death, choice, limitation, emotion, instinct…it is endless.  We are interacting with ourselves and our own perception and desires.  We interact with other people, with collective energy, with the impulse of our Spirit, with misinformation, with inspiration, with the past, the future.  The interaction never stops.  Our job is to interpret, evaluate based on our choice and interact with the maximum amount of Love, Compassion and Empowerment available in the moment.  That is Ascension. That is life.
It is our Acension path that beckons us to Empowerment within these interactions from a basis of Love.  To do that, we have to redefine what Love really means to us individually.  We have to redefine what Empowerment really means to us individually.  And then we have to live by those guidelines even if others don’t agree, observing whether we are acting with Love, Compassion and Empowerment.  This is why often during the process of Ascension we have friends and family members that are no longer in our life.  We change our habits, we enjoy spending time doing different things and we tolerate some things more easily while other things we will no longer abide. 
One of the misconceptions that is being refined is service.  It was seen as an act of love and piety to be in service and give up the self for others and/or God.  We are not here just to serve God, we are here to honor the perfection of what God created within each of us.  With that, the natural flow of the Love of God becomes every day life, whether that means saying yes or no.  Complete servitude doesn’t honor your unique gift of choice, perspective and Joy that teaches others the strength and beauty that is within them.  Sharing your Love, your bounty and teaching through Being Whole is true Service.  A mother and father serve their children by providing them Love, food, safety, etc., but an important lesson they also teach their children is how to nurture the self, how to set personal boundaries, how to respect the self enough to say no in a compassionate way because the needs of each person must be met to best of everyone’s ability.  It is the true meaning of For All.  We do this through our refined meaning of Love, Compassion and Empowerment.  At times we say yes, we compromise, we put the needs of others ahead of our own – that is the wisdom choice of the moment based on the circumstances.  At times, we say no, we hold a boundary, we put the needs of the self ahead of others because that is the wisdom choice of the moment.  All that are interacting learn something that takes them beyond the moment.  That each person can give and receive based on their need in the moment.  That each person can see through the eyes of Compassion and Empowerment within each moment.  That each person is capable of providing for themselves, of sharing with others, of teaching others to provide for themselves and of receiving from others.  The circle is complete.  One serves the All and the All serves the One.  Our perspective is through ourselves, but the reflection is through the beauty of others, through the beauty of the world Source created and then Empowered us to steward.  The system of interaction is so perfectly designed to remind of Love when forgotten, to teach of Compassion when called, to show of  Empowerment that is built-in to the beauty of all the systems and cycles of Life.
As we sit to Blast For All, we are opening our heart to the beauty within each person ever to grace this earth.  We are recognizing our inherent value that is infinite, not earned.  We are choosing to show others a lasting Peace within as they are taught in a moment and enhanced for a lifetime.  We are remembering that our equality with All is the Truth, no matter how others may judge.  We are taking the bold stance of Loving in the face of ease, the face of challenge, the face of anger or the face of pain; for these are all shades of Love to the wise one that sees each person as a powerful reflection of Source.  We are teaching others to remember their inherent Grace, that the Power of Love is their True Power.  We understand that our Love knows when yes or when no best serves All in a moment.  Through honoring the Self, we honor the All.  When Love is full within you, you can’t help but gaze through its Light.  That is beauty reflected.  That is the Truth of Life.  That is how you really change the world.  One person at a time, For All.  Blast on!

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