Freedom returns!  Over the years of LightBlasting it has been a frequent visitor.  I’m glad to see it, as we’ve been focusing so specifically on ego balancing this past month or so.  Freedom is the result of a balanced ego.  When you are not in need of approval from another and you are not resistance to the flow of life around you, such as disapproval of another, then you are Free.  Within the energy of Freedom you interact and relate to life with ease and flow.
Allowing Freedom To Reign is an interesting way of relating to it, and I’ve found that the specific words that are channeled through for the topic of the LightBlast are important.  Allowing denotes a passive state of not forcing, and yet To Reign is to rule over, to have power and control.  This is quite inline with the underlying focus of Ascension, which is integrating All, rather than avoiding any polarity.  Integrating ‘Reign’ in this sense is sovereignty within, the control over the imbalance to allow it healing.  Thus the passive/active is balanced, the give/receive is balanced, the yes/no is balanced, the separation/unity is balanced, etc.  Allowing Freedom To Reign is about being at peace with what is and understanding your power to ‘overrule’ the challenge of a moment through Love.  Thus any issue becomes integrated into the healing of greater clarity and ease with all aspects of life.  Avoidance is no longer necessary because you are free to move through instead of desperate to hold onto something, even peace (i.e. people-pleasing to avoid a conflict).  Worry dissipates because there is no fear of a moment being more than you can move through.  Aggression is pointless because your peace is not dependent on limiting another.  You are Free within, and life reflects that to you.  Sure, you may have moments of feeling less than free, those are the refinements of our full Knowing.  Embrace them and appreciate them as you move through them, understanding more and more of your True Power of Love.
As we sit to Blast Allowing Freedom To Reign, we are embodying our True Nature, Divinity.  We are Allowing Life to ebb and flow with grace as we know that we influence the tides of our Love.  We are seeing All Life as beautiful with the detachment of a deep Love that understands the power and infinite value of each individual.  We Know that we are Free to navigate change and perceive each nuance as beneficial.  Blast on!

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