I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were embarking on a period of focus geared toward shifting our inner perspective, which determines how we perceive and interact with life.  A balanced, empowered ego is an important part of that.  We are often taught that ego is a bad thing.  Actually it is a vital part of being human.  Being egoless is the equivalent to no longer being human – we’ll all get there one day but for now our experience is to enjoy being human.  Many are responding to the issue of an ego that is out of balance as meaning there should be no ego.  This is also a reflection of the manipulation of it is better to give than receive and you should be selfless to prove your worth to God.  It is important to give and receive and to care for the self and others.  Each of the two energies support continued Flow.   What seems opposite (give/receive) is merely two ends of a full spectrum.  If you only give, not only do you deplete, but you deny others the ability to give what you could receive from them.  If you only receive, not only do you saturate, but you deny yourself the satisfying experience of giving to another.  Each interaction is not measured for exact equality, we are brilliantly designed to have clues when we are out of balance with our flow in general.  Our first indications are intuitive/emotional feelings. 
The ego is how we differentiate ourselves from others.  That is what life is all about.  We are here in separate bodies, with separate minds, with unique perspectives, experiences and choices.  Separation is real and valuable; it provides the platform for interaction and expansion.  Of course, it’s only half of the story, as we are also all united.  A balanced ego supports courage, growth, creativity, diversity, compassion, global community, acceptance, patience, encouragement, win/win.  I could go on and on. When an ego is out of balance, whether the person seems domineering or subservient, it lends to behavior that inhibits mutually supportive interaction (give/receive out of balance, passive/active out of balance, etc.).  There is a time for all things, and when our ego is balanced we easily move back and forth between the essence of the moment.   Is it a moment of teaching or learning, a moment of sharing your gift or receiving the gift of another?  If you really look at these, they are the same.  When you teach from a balanced ego, you learn.  When you teach from an unbalanced ego, you see yourself as better than the students, infallible and constantly proving your worth.  When you give from a balanced ego, you receive.  When you receive from a balanced ego, the giver has the joy of sharing that is missing from the person that is too self-deprecating to receive.
When we utilize our ego to Love ourselves, feel Compassion for ourselves and Empower ourselves – which means balancing ourselves, we become clear channels for that energy to Flow to others.  Imagine if everyone clearly lived their immeasurable value and easily supported the limitless value of others.  It would be a wonderful place of joyous sharing.  We’re working our way there!  It starts within you.  It starts with you valuing yourself and your needs and balancing that with the value and needs of others.  As you move past each challenge, you’ll find more ease and flow in life.  Patience will be natural as you won’t find the need to control, force or prove.  The talents of others will inspire you.  The joy of expressing your unique perspective (ego) and talents will have no need upon it. When you live life from a balanced ego, your individuality becomes an obvious extension of the Whole.  Separation is still part of life, that is the nature of form, but the Unity and the unseen become far more obvious as well.  A balanced ego expressing fills your life with the Flow of Love.  When Love Flows the world changes.
As we sit to Blast Resetting Ego, we are opening to Flow the unique Song of our Soul that compelled us to individuate into human form.  We are remembering that Unity is inherent in all separation and the gift of diversity applies to all Life.  We are appreciating our talents, our challenges and our choices as they all lend to improving Life.  We are recognizing the immense and innate value in All Beings as their glory is nurtured into manifestation with our open heart, our courageous compassion and empowering boundaries.  We are enjoying the journey of discovering our capacity to find Love in situations that seem opposite but are merely opportunity to increase the breadth of Love.  We are choosing to view ourselves, others and All Life from the perspective of Source.  We are remembering that All Life is united, unique and immeasurably valuable.  That is the gift of each moment that we experience with our unique perspective.  Blast on!

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