Weekly LightBlast


We come to a few weeks of release to prepare for great expansion.  The contraction, the going within, the choice that gives direction and momentum to life formed anew.  It is the bold choice.  Look around you at the human angels that reflect your Divinity to you.  Do you notice that you move faster?  Do you notice that you move easier?  Do you notice that you love them more, even in challenge?  This is the way of it.  As you Love yourself more, you Love All more.  Remember that as we go within to the darkest place, warrior.  The place of shame.  You do not go alone, for there are legions with you.  They celebrate you in timeless wonder and Love.  Knowing each choice you’ve ever made as valuable to the improvement of Life.  Knowing you as the brilliant Light of Love that you are. 
There is a strength within that the empaths know.  It says, I carry you.  It says, I understand and I carry you.  Even if we go to the place of shame, I carry you.  For within shame is the deepest reflection of courage.  Have you the courage to see beauty when it does not smell sweet?  Have you the courage to see innocence in judgment or hatred? Have you the courage to see Love when pain would roar, seeking to separate?  You are the empath.  You are the warrior.  It’s time to let go of the burdens you carry and teach others to carry Love for All through Love of self. 
There is a beautiful quote by John Bradshaw on the difference between guilt and shame. “Guilt says I’ve done something wrong; shame says there is something wrong with me. Guilt says I’ve made a mistake; shame says I am a mistake. Guilt says what I did was not good; shame says I am no good.”  You see within this clear example that shame is an intense and abusive perspective.  It is self imposed, for you either allow shame or not.  If you have allowed it in the past, allow it to teach you now that you are Love, Loved and Loving; alchemizing shame into the reflection of Grace Empowered.  You are cradled in the arms of the Divine until you are sufficiently nourished.  You are walked next to, guided by the Divine until you are sufficiently strong.  You are cheered onward tirelessly and timelessly.  You are Known. 
Light is an active, powerful force.  Darkness is receptive to the Light.  It relinquishes to even the smallest spark.  You have that spark within you, it is the spark of Divinity that in truth is already a bonfire!  But here we go, warrior, into the darkness to bring the Light of the Truth of Who You Are to any speck of shame.  You are Divine Light in human form, formed, forming. 
As we sit to Blast Releasing Shame, we are igniting the spark of Love and bursting forth in a dynamic display of color and light!  We are remembering that what we once perceived as less than is really an opportunity for more Love and courage than before.  We are accessing the strength of will and the Truth of our Divinity to release any forgotten wounds that limited flow.  We are courageous enough to go within, for it is the foundation for the impulse expanding out.  We are shining brighter and bolder than ever before as we Know we are Divine through and through; equal to All in Source Beingness, unique in our courage to Love Life in all its forms and nurture them in the elixir of Love.  With that comes the strength to carry on, empath.  Blast on!


Oneness is a dichotomy within life on Earth.  We are separate beings, and yet interaction is constant.  Even if it is just the sharing of air, still the sharing is there.  Plants and animals share their lives with you (some quite literally!).  People share their lives with you.  You share your life with beliefs, ideas and choice.  We are constantly influencing others with Love, information and even disdain.  Freedom is also a dichotomy.  We are each ultimately Free, as we have the choice to love, to lie, to forgive or to withhold.  There are obvious lack of freedoms in life – if I choose to punch someone I can go to jail, but I was free to choose!
Freedom is a state of Being, for it requires more than just fact or action, it requires perception.  Ultimately, we’re talking about peace, patience, joy, Love.  You experience something as free or binding just by your perception of it.  Menial tasks such as doing laundry can be a burden or a moment of peace.  Perhaps a bit more challenging is finding a perspective of freedom within the emotional challenges.  Sometimes I need some time to pass before I get there.  Oneness helps me find that perspective.  When I can observe someone that I don’t like (gasp!) through the filter of Source perspective, which is unconditional love, I quickly get to the appreciation for the challenge.  We aren’t all similar, we aren’t all nice, we aren’t all honest; but we are all Divine Beings equal and treasured in the perspective of God and playing out different roles to remind each other of our capability, the power of forgiveness and that Love is what truly heals all things.  So even the most annoying people become a gift to be appreciated.  And let’s be real, especially after they’re gone!  You didn’t do something wrong to ‘allow’ their negativity into your life, you courageously requested their assistance on a soul level.  Do you see the full picture of that?  You are courageous and they are benevolent.  That is the Whole Truth.  The interaction may not be fun, but if you see it through the perspective of Oneness in Divinity, you move past it more quickly and with greater ease.  Ahhhh, the Freedom!
Freedom is a state of being that keeps you open to flow. 
When you are free, you are aware, alert, discerning and decisive.  All of these flow easily from a state of openness and protection comes from wisdom rather than fear. 
When you are free, you are peaceful, detached, allowing, and patient.  All of these flow easily from a state of trust and detachment comes from deep love and respect rather than avoidance. 
When you are free, you are joyful, excited, interacting and confident.  All of these flow easily from a state of Love and your confidence comes from admiration for All Life rather than a need for approval.
When you are free, you are creative, supportive, whimsical and awed.  All of these flow easily from a state of Knowing that life is your playground and you were the first one chosen to be the captain of your team!
Oneness is seeing the Divine in each human.  Whether you agree with them or like them is moot.  The only thing that matters is each one of them is a reflection of the same Divinity you carry in your DNA.  Different gender, different race, different choices; again, moot.  All are connected and all are unique.  There is great Freedom in this perspective.  Thus, the ‘enemy’ becomes that which is ‘in me.’  I, the bold One, chose compassion, understanding and finally forgiveness.  That is what is now ‘in me’ thanks to the enemy!  Onward goes life in love.
As we sit to Blast Freedom Is Oneness, we are expanding our limits to infinite love.  We are remembering that reflection is the gift of Knowing through perspective.  We are understanding that the negative is pulled into form through the magnetic attraction of Love.  We are becoming courageous in forgiveness, for Freedom is the reward and Freedom brings new form.  We are seeing choice through Divine Grace and feeling safe with our ability to Love our opposite into Oneness and Uniqueness without avoidance or fear.  We are illuminating the darkness with each open eye, for it is the heart that shines through.  Blast on!


Hmmm.  Sometimes when these LightBlasts come through I’m like, ‘what?’ but then I always enjoy discovering why we are guided to look at something a certain way when I sit to write.  Exercising My Rights can mean a lot of different things, so find what resonates with you.  While you’re welcome to ponder some of the traditional ‘rights’ which are defined within the laws of a country, state, religion or society; we are going to discuss the inner journey.
Boundaries have been coming up more pointedly since around May (haha! Yes, you may or no you may not!).  If you find yourself feeling less able to keep your mouth shut and just endure, congratulate yourself on Exercising Your Rights!  Most current societies are based on control, and collectively we are only beginning to relearn to navigate personal freedom with respect for others, no matter their age or station in life (i.e. Do you treat the janitor the same as the CEO?)  As we move from suppression to healthy and wise expression (not indiscriminate actions, emotions and words), we are beginning to balance our personal needs with that of the Whole.  Wisdom knows that if you deplete, there is no more flow; and if you amass with greed, there is no more flow.  Boundaries should serve flow.  Are you nurturing yourself and teaching others with your words and deeds that all people are capable?  Are you sharing your unique Light and teaching others with your words and deeds that all people are valuable?  Are you courageously moving beyond your previous comfort zone and teaching others with your words and deeds that life is benevolent, even if some moments are challenging?  Thus maintaining your boundaries becomes a joyful sharing that supports you and those around you, all while you are Exercising Your Rights.
Let’s talk about right and wrong.  Truth not only changes, but it is personal.  Each individual holds their truth within, even if outside influences helped to form it.  What is right for you today, may not be right for you tomorrow.  What is truth for another, may not be truth for you.  You learn what is right for you by listening and experiencing.  Listening to your inner feelings, your heart, is very important and takes some skill in the beginning as you filter through societal programming and fears.  When you listen to your heart, you find your truth, and since it is coming from the flow of the heart, it can progress with you.  Experiencing your truth is observing the truth of others without needing to convince them of yours.  Experiencing what’s right for you is finding others that resonate and watching it expand.  Experiencing what’s right for you is listening to your inner guidance without allowing fear, shame, abandonment or need to suppress your enjoyment of Life.  I love to listen to others talk and observe how their words and intentions are affecting me.  If I find an emotional charge, it’s time to go within and strengthen my own Knowing that their judgments, choices and perceptions need not deplete me. Even by listening, I’m Exercising My Rights.
Exercising Your Rights really begins with an inner workout.  What is ‘right’ for you?  Are you holding onto someone else’s ‘right?’  Are you suppressing yours for fear of abandonment or for acceptance and admiration from others?   Are you trying to force others to adhere to what is right for you?  Examine your instinctual feelings (heart) and you’ll discover that your right is right for you even if someone else thinks it’s wrong!  You’ll move through the fears that held you back from self-expression.  You’ll release the needs that kept you pleasing people to your own detriment.  You’ll discover joys that feel like play instead of work.  Like any workout, you’ll be glad you did it and you’ll feel better for the journey!
As we sit to Blast Exercising My Rights, we are discovering our unique perception and experiencing the world through the filter of self-Love that sees All Life as unique and beneficial.  We are remembering that Free Will is bestowed implicitly because choice is the only way to True Love, all else is obligation.  We are finding our voice within and letting that resonate through the silence, nourish through the laughter and release through the tears.  We are perceiving ourselves through our inherent Divinity that All share equally within.  We are strengthening our Love to flow courageously through this beautiful, ever changing world.  We are honoring the gift of Life by sharing Love.  Blast on!


What a great way to end the month of 8 as we move into the month of 9.  The 8 represents the interconnectedness of All Life, the continual Flow, the Unity, the infinite nature of Wholeness.  The 099 (hmmm, interesting typo. Let’s receive it’s sweet message!)  The 9 is symbolic of an ending, yet truly it is just a completion, for the new is built into Life through continual Flow.  Death feeds new Life.  So that which ends, really becomes contained in the new form that is birthing.  I always see the 9 energy as a spiral, it has compressed to a point and that point leads to a new level, new expansion, the new form (10 – new beginning/form at a new level).  What’s the point?  Expansion. ;o)  Being Free In Love is the fastest vehicle for expansion.  Jump on the rollercoaster and have fun!!! (You must be this tall to ride) 
Being Free In Love is the reflection of last week’s Needing Nothing.  Releasing the resistance allows the compression (Tight whirly rollercoaster fun! Big wave is coming but not quite here yet!  Exciting anticipation!) to be enjoyed just as much as the expansion (Wooooohooooo!).  You can flow through the full spectrum of life without the drag of fear, hatred, anger, etc.  They become an interesting experience through the fullness and all life is embraced. 
Freedom contains a certain amount of detachment that we so beautifully opened to in last week’s Needing Nothing.  If you look at the experiences of extreme Love, like what you feel for your children (or spouse, parents, animals, etc.) it seems as if detachment is not only impossible, but dangerous.  There is no doubt that there is an attachment, but is that a balanced attachment that honors, or is it an unhealthy attachment that inhibits?  The difference is that detachment can step back when appropriate and Allow, yet always knows when to step in to guide.  Detachment can Allow freedom, but easily understands when too much freedom too soon doesn’t serve growth. Thus there is a focus on healthy empowerment, which recognizes limitations and limitlessness.  Consequence becomes choice-based instead of fear-based.  Freedom reigns.
As we sit to Blast Being Free In Love, we are honoring choice as the easy interplay that expands Love.  We are honoring ourselves and everyone else as Empowerment becomes a way of life for everyone, within the form of the moment.  We are remembering that Love is the solution, the release, the attractor and the Inherent Pull of Life.  We are Being the change we want to Free!  We are expanding, expanding, expanding into the next spiral of Life.  Enjoy the compression, too. Blast on!


The state of balance on Earth has inclusion built into it.  As we integrate, we balance.  When we avoid or separate in a fear-based manner, we polarize.  Inclusion naturally leads to understanding.  Understanding is the point of separation, for discernment and separation are functions of choice, and choice is a requirement of Love (at least on Earth).  Thus the Free Will environment offers us the choice to Love.  Not only Love, and yet only Love.  Love is inclusion, for it is the binding thread, the Living Source that is intrinsic in our Universe.   Love is how opposites attract.  Love is how like attracts like.  Love is how continual Flow perpetuates.  Love is Needing Nothing, for within Love, you already have everything. 
But I need oxygen to survive.  I need, I want, I hurt, I hunger, I won, I lost…these are all valid and real.  Love can include all of that.  It is the activation of Love within the experiences that challenge or seem wrong that right them.  Right and wrong exist, and yet they are not truly separate.  What is wrong for one or wrong for a moment, is right for another.  They are avenues of growth, expansion and inclusion.  From this perspective of balance, wrong isn’t wrong, it’s right, and vice versa.  Yet they exist.  Inclusion is the reflection of separation; they must both be present within the world of form.  It is inclusion that holds separation together into form.  Thus it becomes not wrong or right, but wrong and right.  Separation and Unity.  The Whole Truth.
How do we get to Needing Nothing when we do have needs?    We include it with having everything.  Death?  It has Life.  Look at the system, it’s obvious.  Any form of death feeds Life.  It need not be avoided on any level.  Sorrow is to be felt when it is present, what a gift of honoring Life.  But as we expand to include All, we need not fear, resist or even experience.  All is Well.  From this balanced state, the negatives become integrated into Love rather than resisted.  Then we need not avoid them.  Death is included in the continuation of Life.
One would then ask, isn’t Love a polarization toward the Love side of the spectrum?  Yes and no.  ;o)  Love that really is more about need is polarizing.  I need to feel good about myself, so ‘I love you’ because you are sexy, smart, successful, subservient, etc.  I need to feel safe so ‘I love you’ when you are controllable, loyal, following certain tenets, agreeing with me, etc.   I need to experience only pleasant things so ‘I love you’ when you behave this way or when I don’t see the unpleasant.  I’m sure many of you have experienced people that are not grounded in reality and think they are only experiencing love, when really they are avoiding or suppressing.  Remember to include it with everything and Love them as they are, for they are opening at the pace and path that best serves them.  True Love has no fear, no need.  And yet if we do not include choice within that, we are not fully in Love.  I have a choice as to whether I will agree to share relationship with someone that is manipulative, for example.  Do I have to hate them for it?  That’s the difference.  I can choose to end the relationship while still remaining in a balanced state.  That balanced state may contain moments of anger, hatred, sorrow or fear.  All of those beautiful emotions serve a purpose that expands Love.  As I honor my anger, I begin to see it from a personal perspective of the power to maintain my boundaries rather than wallowing indefinitely in blame, hatred, sorrow or fear; which disempowers me.  Thus the perpetrator becomes an Angel that helped teach me my power.   Try hating your way to that same kind of resolution!  Love is the key.
As we sit to Blast Needing Nothing, we are opening to the inclusion of All Life as valuable and right.  We are utilizing our choice to integrate wrongs into a beautiful gift of righteous honoring of All Life.  We are understanding that unity contains separation and Love is the binding force of Life.  We are perceiving All Life through the lens of Love, allowing choice to right the wrongs and wrong the rights as Life continues.  We are becoming Whole within ourselves, united with all, unique and enjoying the Flow of Life.  Needing Nothing, for All is Well and choice is the catalyst for Love.  Blast on!


Freedom returns!  Over the years of LightBlasting it has been a frequent visitor.  I’m glad to see it, as we’ve been focusing so specifically on ego balancing this past month or so.  Freedom is the result of a balanced ego.  When you are not in need of approval from another and you are not resistance to the flow of life around you, such as disapproval of another, then you are Free.  Within the energy of Freedom you interact and relate to life with ease and flow.
Allowing Freedom To Reign is an interesting way of relating to it, and I’ve found that the specific words that are channeled through for the topic of the LightBlast are important.  Allowing denotes a passive state of not forcing, and yet To Reign is to rule over, to have power and control.  This is quite inline with the underlying focus of Ascension, which is integrating All, rather than avoiding any polarity.  Integrating ‘Reign’ in this sense is sovereignty within, the control over the imbalance to allow it healing.  Thus the passive/active is balanced, the give/receive is balanced, the yes/no is balanced, the separation/unity is balanced, etc.  Allowing Freedom To Reign is about being at peace with what is and understanding your power to ‘overrule’ the challenge of a moment through Love.  Thus any issue becomes integrated into the healing of greater clarity and ease with all aspects of life.  Avoidance is no longer necessary because you are free to move through instead of desperate to hold onto something, even peace (i.e. people-pleasing to avoid a conflict).  Worry dissipates because there is no fear of a moment being more than you can move through.  Aggression is pointless because your peace is not dependent on limiting another.  You are Free within, and life reflects that to you.  Sure, you may have moments of feeling less than free, those are the refinements of our full Knowing.  Embrace them and appreciate them as you move through them, understanding more and more of your True Power of Love.
As we sit to Blast Allowing Freedom To Reign, we are embodying our True Nature, Divinity.  We are Allowing Life to ebb and flow with grace as we know that we influence the tides of our Love.  We are seeing All Life as beautiful with the detachment of a deep Love that understands the power and infinite value of each individual.  We Know that we are Free to navigate change and perceive each nuance as beneficial.  Blast on!



It has been very valuable to me as I made the commitment to Ascension to view each person as somehow connected to me and each interaction as an indication of my balance.  If any sort of interaction is uncomfortable or has an emotional charge on it, it is my clue to look within myself to find the cause of my imbalance.  Usually by the interaction it would be easy to stop at ‘that person said or did this that made me feel this way.’  That’s not incorrect, they did.  I could even take that observance a step further and determine with accuracy, which is an innate gift we all have, whether or not their intention was to harm.  But that’s not the whole picture, because if I didn’t have something within me that was out of balance, whatever they said or did, whether it was meant to harm or not, would have no impact on me.  As I look within and heal, I find that interactions with people become easier and I flow through emotions rather than holding onto them. 
As we interact with each other, we are continuing the flow of life.  It is the way of it.  As you share your gift of Being, you are impacting others.  As you share your gift of appreciation, you are even impacting the plants and animals around you.  As you receive the gift of another, you are changed and so are they.  Life is about sharing, it is about honoring and experiencing each other.  The challenges then become a wonderful platform for forgiveness to do its masterful work of release and the flow of Love increases.  The joys become a wonderful platform for sharing and the flow of Love increases.  The how-tos and the whys are less necessary because you become One with the natural flow of Life.  They don’t completely disappear, sometimes there is value in those types of answers.  But instead of a ‘need to know’ that is based in worry, fear of missing something or getting something wrong; there is a Trust, a trust that if you need to know, you will, because inherent within you is the ability to flow with the natural current of Life.  The inherent Pull of Life is Love.  Love is the unseen thread of Source Energy that binds All Life.  You are One with All.  Being One is honoring that interconnection and your unique contribution to it, but by Being You.
As we sit to Blast Being One, we are opening our unique perspective to the Whole Truth of the Love intrinsic  within All Life.  We are remembering that Life is benevolent.  We are understanding our inherent capability to move through any experience with the peace that passes all understanding.  We are seeing ourselves in others and others in ourselves, as All Life is interacting for improvement.  We are taking each moment into the fullness of All Time, such that Now becomes more than a choice, it becomes a chance.  We are embracing our uniqueness, the value of each individual and the Whole of Life as perfect and ever changing.  We are Being the convergence, the harmonic of many into One creating the Song of Life.  Blast on!



We continue integrating the full expanse of unity and uniqueness by balancing our ego.  One important aspect to Ascension is recognizing the Divinity within.  Jesus spoke of this when he said, ‘I and My Father are One.’  He taught Empowerment and he taught forgiveness and equality.  He taught that we are more than we see in the physical, that we are indelibly connected to Source Energy.  Not God up there, make sure you worship him correctly or suffer in the afterlife; but God Within, live your life as God would because you’re not truly separate.  Embrace each moment and recognize that you are impacting All Life with each choice to forgive, to stand Empowered, to Love, to perceive Life as benevolent and challenge as beneficial and easier and easier to pass through because you are more than you see here in the physical.  You are Source incarnate, separated into one unique Being and united with All Life.
Forgetting Who I Am takes us beyond the beautiful Self and unites us with our Whole Self.  Better stated it would be Selves because you become (more) aware that you really are more than you see here and the full impact of the complete past, the future, all locations and specific interactions become the Now.  You need not remember any of it, you need not figure out how to move past the challenge and implement the learned; you only need to breathe in the Whole and Know that you are God.  That is Full Unity, each breath taken upon the Earth, upon the expanse of Time, each moment lived beyond Earth.  You are not just this moment and you are precisely this moment, for it contains All and your interaction is implicit within it.  I Am implies now.  Cycles interact.  Cycles never end.  Even the cyclical calendars only represent part of the picture, for it is infinite, as are you.  Look past I Am and Know I Am All.  In this way, your impact is understood and honored.  As you begin to Flow intent to your moments that honors their full expanse, you begin to live a Life that is simple in its words and grand in its deeds.  Mere eye contact becomes a true gazing into the window of the soul.  This brings more truth into each moment, for your Truth is far grander than one minute of interaction.  I Am contains All.  Forget to be meaningless, separate and unworthy and remember that you are imbued with the power to choose and to direct a moment to nourishing Life beyond fear and degradation. That is Who You Are. 
See the dichotomy?  You must be only Who You Are in this moment, for you are unique in a separate body.  And yet you are always more than a moment for your entire past imprints your now.  Your fear or flow with the future and with the process of life is imprinted on your now.  As you focus your intent to remember your full expanse (unity) and honor your unique perspective (ego), you enhance your Flow of Love and you align with the natural Laws of the Universe (the Law of One and all of its subsets) and life changes.  You can paddle upstream and maybe even make some headway, but when you flow with the natural current, you travel much easier and faster.  That is what we’re doing.  Activating our full potential and releasing the vague and specific manipulations that inhibit the full flow of Love.
As we sit to Blast Forgetting Who I Am, we are remembering that we are a focal point of All Life.  We are looking past one singular moment and bringing all time into Now.  We are humble in our greatness because it is implicit in All Life.  We are forgiving because it is natural to Love Life in all its moments of discovery.  We are empowered because the gift of being human is an honor that we deserve because we are.  We are loosening the binds of definition to include the greater expanse of what the finite indicates; one valuable perspective of the Whole.  We are honoring our beautiful logic as a mere gateway to find more expansion, as Truth is always found in the heart and only defined in the head.  Truth, like You, is continually expanding and contains All.  This moment, it is unique; and yet, like You, it contains All.  Remember that.  Blast on!



This dance between the expanse of separation and unity is fascinating.  Each week we are propelled in a direction of integration that assists in the release of what blocks us from appreciating the full spectrum of life.  This is the middle road expanding out to include all, it’s the peace which passes all understanding.  We are coming to a cellular understanding of the natural laws of the universe, All Life is interconnected and all experience serves the continuation and flow of life.  We are the microcosm of the macrocosm, and we contain the same within.  As above, so below.  We are united and separate, diversity animating the Whole into ‘singular’ form.  Here we move from last week’s Letting Go Of Pride, into what would seem it’s opposite of Realizing Greatness.  But in Truth, they are the same, it is perception that we are really shifting.  Instead of perceiving pride as bad, we discern the difference between pride out of balance and pride that puts all on equal ground, though each has unique talents, desires, focus, etc.  It is the same with Realizing Greatness.  As we perceive All Life around us as valuable, adored equally by Source, perfect as it is and ever changing, we realize how great it is, even the challenges. 
Realizing Greatness is an access way to sharing your Light joyfully with your world.  This is the way life was meant to be; interaction, expansion, continued Flow.   From this space of detachment to others’ opinions or approval, you are in complete freedom to express or observe without the hurt feelings that stem from perceived rejection or the temporary boost from approval outside of yourself.  It always feels good to receive approval and it isn’t as pleasant to experience rejection or disapproval from another, but free-flowing interaction in this world may certainly entail that.  We are pioneering balance, not reacting to a pre-balanced world!  Can you hold your balance in the face of opposition and in the face of support?  If you rely on either from an outside source (a place of need rather than experience), you’re not in a balanced place of Realizing Greatness.  That does not mean that it is wrong to feel the emotions of rejection and approval, on the contrary, you must be very honest with yourself about how you’re feeling.  It means that as you find yourself emotionally charged, look within and honestly determine how dependent you are on others for validation.  As we are becoming sovereign from our need for approval, sometimes the pot is stirred a little.  Allow your feelings to flow, but remember that they are an indication for you.  In this way, you come from an empowered place when the need arises to set a boundary rather than a place of fight or flight. 
As we sit to Blast Realizing Greatness, we are perceiving ourselves and others through Source Perspective – All Life is cherished.  We are remembering that the joy of experience is why we chose to incarnate in human form.  We are finding value in the full range of emotions and reactions without holding onto them as the Truth of Who I Am.  We are supporting others as they share and allowing ourselves to share life without fear of rejection or approval.  We are Realizing Greatness as inherent to All Life and nurturing the growth of an empowered humanity.  We are bringing the peace that passes all understanding into daily interaction.  Blast On!



Last week we worked on valuing our beautiful gift of ego in its balanced state as we worked on Resetting Ego.  This is the equivalent to appreciating ourselves from the perspective of Love and Compassion.  From that balanced place, the infinite value of All Life is implicit.  Better than becomes unnecessary.  Less than becomes obsolete.  Equal to is sought in each interaction through Love and Compassion, even if the compassion of the moment means letting go or saying no.  It’s easy to Love the happy, fun times.  Our work is to Love in the moments of jealousy, anger or sorrow.  It’s a Love that Empowers each Being within, for there is no experience outside of the self that controls the balance of the ego.  Each individual is valued, each individual is supported and the Unity of All Life is enhanced as the Flow of give/receive is nourished within the energy of Love. 
Letting Go Of Pride is another layer of Empowerment.  Letting Go Of Pride is the release of the need for validation or approval from outside sources.  Letting Go Of Pride is aligning into a state of balance that Knows your worth as equal to the worth of all others.  There is no proving, no unspoken bartering for worth with charity, no hiding the self behind the guise of piety.  Charity flows in each moment as Compassion for All Life becomes natural.  Humility is the gracious balance of appreciating the self as equal to all others, not better than or less than.  Strength becomes the ability to maintain Compassion during a moment of challenge.  Letting Go Of Pride releases the sting of win/lose and reflects the Grace of each beloved human, innately Divine.  Letting Go Of Pride is Freedom to express the self through the joy of sharing. 
The need for validation has been a valuable construct for the right/wrong scenario.  Living life the ‘right’ way has been inculcated into all that we do and has been used to control and manipulate behavior for longer than history has been recorded.  The rules are endless and often contradict each other.  Some seem so unreasonable that it is hard to believe that one would accept them.  Yet the irony is that when you release the ego from needing validation or from being so disempowered that self worth is barely accessible, living ‘right’ is a natural way of Being.  It may not adhere to the vast majority of rules out there, but a basic alignment with the laws of the universe becomes easy.  Loves becomes second nature.  Doing no harm becomes second nature.  Understanding the transformation process of death and how it supports renewal of Life is second nature.  Flowing through difficult emotions brings greater depth of Compassion through forgiveness and empowerment.  Life is meant to be joyous, exciting and graceful.  That is easy with a balanced ego that has no need (pride out of balance).  Right becomes what each moment presents, wrong becomes a mere catalyst for more Love.  Pride becomes understanding, joy and sharing as we honor the self and others equally and enjoy the process of life on Earth – Spirit having a human experience, enjoying the diversity of the entire game of life, seeing each player through the perspective of Love. 
As we sit to Blast Letting Go Of Pride, we are remembering that we are perfect in every perceived right or wrong.  We are viewing each human and All Life as treasured and perfect in each moment.  We are valuing diversity as the elixir of new form and unity as the unseen Truth beyond the beneficial separation of form.  We are remembering that choice is available in each moment and there has never been an experience that is not valuable to the expanse of Love.  We are becoming more empowered as we Love ourselves Compassionately and Flow that Love out to each moment of Life.  We are integrating our Source Beingness that is the Unity that binds All Life.  Source is within you, within every human, within everything on Earth, within the Earth, within every moment – all in equal measure.  That is something to be proud of!  Blast On! 

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