We are moving into alignment with our Fullness.  This is a process of expansion; expansion of knowledge, expansion of perception, expansion of compassion.  The middle road expands to contain All.  This could be called integration, inclusion, understanding or Oneness.  We are opening to see the Whole picture, the unseen, the potential, the unity that contains the separation.  The Divine Balance, the Sacred Marriage.  It is within you, it is all around you.  You are unique, whole unto yourself and united with All Life.  As we progress the expansion, the connection through time, we are culminating to specific markers, like a graduation or a marriage is just a ceremony, yet it has effect and all that leads up to it progresses through steps.  It is the way of nature, and we as Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Starseeds and most importantly, humans; are becoming our True Nature. 
This time of Wholeness is the union between our Divine Masculine nature and our Divine Feminine nature.  This union is the fulcrum of creation, and as we unite into our Wholeness, Wholeness forms more easily around us.  The path is one of recognition and remembrance, as we internally perceive (re-cognize) the Whole Truth, allow it to gestate within and birth it out into the world around us.  The remembrance is the internal mechanism of Oneness and Divinity, the eternal Being exploring all facets; and the remembrance is the external mechanism as humans recognize the Truth you emanate as Whole, familiar (familial) and expand themselves through a resonant bond.  As the resonance is recognized, the union is remembered and the Whole becomes aware.  It is the path of those that seek to Know thyself, that they remember ever so much more than mere Self. 
Being One, it is Being Life.  Life is what you create and you do this through the eternal moment-by-moment cycle of birth, interaction, death; then begin again refreshed and renewed, ready for the next cycle, for the interaction has inspired improvement.  Creativity continues with the inspiration.  This is why focusing on improvement, focusing on the pleasant, focusing on creating in joy; is so powerful.  You see quite clearly that it is not the only way to create, as many create with greed and fear.   However, Life is intelligently designed to continue and to improve, as even destruction is saturated with Life as decomposition feeds renewal.  Anger, fear and greed can create, but what will it inspire within the Whole?  Unseen or unspoken in a moment, but interacting nonetheless, the interaction with the Whole has effect.  Free Will is honored without judgment, but it is honored for All Life equally, though you may not hear or see it in the moment.  Thus through the interaction, begins the decay, that the Whole system is fed. 
Through the wisdom of compassion, a single Being feeds recognition and remembrance into the system and the system reacts.  2 or more begin to gather and momentum builds.  Hatred and anger can unite, but they will trigger a recognition and remembrance of separation and the Whole system will not inspire new creation resonant with that vibration.  See the Whole.  Hear the silent Truth.  Hatred cries, ‘I want to Know (recognize) myself, but I can’t (remember) because I’m in pain/fear.’ Integrate through compassion for All Life, even the hatred and anger.  It is a mechanism that can inspire Love.  Forgiveness cleanses the system and Love is remembered.  Here is a moment.  What will you choose? 
As we sit to Blast Being One With Life, we are recognizing our connection to All, courageously plumbing the depths of separation seeking Unity.  We are recognizing the support of the Whole, though silent and unseen to the external for a time.  We are embracing the opposite as the reflection of the Whole, recognized through the grace of separation and interaction.  We are recognizing our strength to take Life deep within through the inspiration of renewal and expansion of Love.  We hold the memory of Love within the sacred space of the heart, embracing All Life as family.  We remember that All Life contains the seed of Divinity that awaits the Love that nourishes its growth.  We are that Love.  Blast on!

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