Hmmm.  Sometimes when these LightBlasts come through I’m like, ‘what?’ but then I always enjoy discovering why we are guided to look at something a certain way when I sit to write.  Exercising My Rights can mean a lot of different things, so find what resonates with you.  While you’re welcome to ponder some of the traditional ‘rights’ which are defined within the laws of a country, state, religion or society; we are going to discuss the inner journey.
Boundaries have been coming up more pointedly since around May (haha! Yes, you may or no you may not!).  If you find yourself feeling less able to keep your mouth shut and just endure, congratulate yourself on Exercising Your Rights!  Most current societies are based on control, and collectively we are only beginning to relearn to navigate personal freedom with respect for others, no matter their age or station in life (i.e. Do you treat the janitor the same as the CEO?)  As we move from suppression to healthy and wise expression (not indiscriminate actions, emotions and words), we are beginning to balance our personal needs with that of the Whole.  Wisdom knows that if you deplete, there is no more flow; and if you amass with greed, there is no more flow.  Boundaries should serve flow.  Are you nurturing yourself and teaching others with your words and deeds that all people are capable?  Are you sharing your unique Light and teaching others with your words and deeds that all people are valuable?  Are you courageously moving beyond your previous comfort zone and teaching others with your words and deeds that life is benevolent, even if some moments are challenging?  Thus maintaining your boundaries becomes a joyful sharing that supports you and those around you, all while you are Exercising Your Rights.
Let’s talk about right and wrong.  Truth not only changes, but it is personal.  Each individual holds their truth within, even if outside influences helped to form it.  What is right for you today, may not be right for you tomorrow.  What is truth for another, may not be truth for you.  You learn what is right for you by listening and experiencing.  Listening to your inner feelings, your heart, is very important and takes some skill in the beginning as you filter through societal programming and fears.  When you listen to your heart, you find your truth, and since it is coming from the flow of the heart, it can progress with you.  Experiencing your truth is observing the truth of others without needing to convince them of yours.  Experiencing what’s right for you is finding others that resonate and watching it expand.  Experiencing what’s right for you is listening to your inner guidance without allowing fear, shame, abandonment or need to suppress your enjoyment of Life.  I love to listen to others talk and observe how their words and intentions are affecting me.  If I find an emotional charge, it’s time to go within and strengthen my own Knowing that their judgments, choices and perceptions need not deplete me. Even by listening, I’m Exercising My Rights.
Exercising Your Rights really begins with an inner workout.  What is ‘right’ for you?  Are you holding onto someone else’s ‘right?’  Are you suppressing yours for fear of abandonment or for acceptance and admiration from others?   Are you trying to force others to adhere to what is right for you?  Examine your instinctual feelings (heart) and you’ll discover that your right is right for you even if someone else thinks it’s wrong!  You’ll move through the fears that held you back from self-expression.  You’ll release the needs that kept you pleasing people to your own detriment.  You’ll discover joys that feel like play instead of work.  Like any workout, you’ll be glad you did it and you’ll feel better for the journey!
As we sit to Blast Exercising My Rights, we are discovering our unique perception and experiencing the world through the filter of self-Love that sees All Life as unique and beneficial.  We are remembering that Free Will is bestowed implicitly because choice is the only way to True Love, all else is obligation.  We are finding our voice within and letting that resonate through the silence, nourish through the laughter and release through the tears.  We are perceiving ourselves through our inherent Divinity that All share equally within.  We are strengthening our Love to flow courageously through this beautiful, ever changing world.  We are honoring the gift of Life by sharing Love.  Blast on!

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