Here we meet Allowing again.  It is a powerful, wise and open state of being.  The power comes from knowing you are resilient and capable, it’s the confidence that appreciates your limitlessness and your limitations.  The wisdom comes from access to multiple perspectives and discernment of what benefits you, others and the future.  Openness comes from trust that all is well and improving, as Love and change are the inherent pull of life.  One who allows, knows their capability so clearly that life can swirl into experience without fear of loss.  This is the power of vulnerability.  When you know your True Nature, you know there is no loss, only the perspective of loss.   Enter Truth. 
Truth is personal and changes along with you, it is your unique perspective.  The wise one interacts with the truths of others and allows them not only to be, but to teach.  It is received, observed through the inbuilt systems of discernment and processed with detachment as beneficial or not.  Thus the truths of others do not overpower, they merely assist in enhancing your own flowing truth.  The state of allowance supports the calm stillpoint of internal recognition.  As you appreciate the value in all truths, the fluid nature of truth is allowed proper flow and the future moment is nourished rather than resisted.   
Your heart speaks truth through emotion and emotion is a library of information in a succinct category.  Everything is a subset of Love as it all contains a thread of Love; from the emotions that seem similar like reverence and appreciation to the ones that seem so opposite like hate and fear.  Within the experience of hate or fear there is opportunity to find forgiveness and empowerment, to name a few.  Forgiveness is a love-flow mechanism and empowerment is a love-creation mechanism.  As you listen to the quiet voice of the heart, you allow compassion to open you to multiple perspectives, viewing truth through the eyes of another, through the eyes of fear, through the eyes of lack.  What do you feel now?  It’s no longer hatred, it’s Love in its myriad forms for one that is yet too afraid to see or behave past their pain.  That’s the wisdom to see the complete information, not just the words that were spoken or the actions taken. 
As we sit to Blast Allowing Truth, we are remembering that our power is within and it is the thread of Love that unites All.  We are finding our peace within chaos to allow the truth of the heart to be heard.  We are recognizing that others that lie or manipulate are speaking the best truth they can in the moment and supporting them through exemplifying authenticity and sovereignty.  We are widening our wisdom to encompass the truth of Love as it creates the world anew.  We are beckoning the new world with the call of Love.  Blast on!

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