The unity of the systems of All Life is a beautiful gift to those that see beyond the form into the yet unformed.  There awaits your opportunity to inform.  What instructions will you give the future, not yet formed?  Time is formless in its nature, it experiences form through you.  Your time passed formed you; your past informs this now moment.  Your future is yet unformed, pure potential.  It is your choice in this now moment that creates from potential, shifting the influence of the past.  You can only choose in the now; this is the power of now, this is the importance of being here now, for if your choice is limited by the burden of the past or fear of the future, you are not fully in the now. 
Your future awaits the alchemy of your powerful choice in this now moment. There is nothing more powerful.  You Know this Truth.  The choice for compassion, the choice for joy, the choice for a boundary that serves the nourishment of more than just the ease of now is what changes the future.  That is the wisdom choice, for the expanse of broad perspective (wisdom) sees through time to the choice that brings the greatest win/win solution. 
As a formless construct, time is an interaction on the subtle planes.  You can not poke it with your finger but you can perceive it with your powerful heart/mind.  Do you perceive it as beneficial, burdensome, overpowering or responsive?  Our mind is dependent upon time to analyze, for it uses comparison and categorization to choose.  Comparison and categorization are beneficial when they are used to serve growth and creativity, yet you have the choice to allow them to restrict your flow with self-degradation or fear.  Comparison through right or wrong allows the ‘wrong’ of someone else to pull you from the power of your joy to create.  Is political drama getting you down or inspiring you to create in joy?   Can you handle observing something undesired and still stay in your power?  Creating joy from the opposite requires the focus to see beyond the form of the moment into the potential of the future.  The Inherent Pull of Life is Love, that is our unseen, yet palpable, Divine Nature.  When you Know the engine of life is supporting you, you Allow the momentum. 
Forgiving Time?  Forgiveness is a vehicle; it is motion, it is choice, it is creative because it is directed out.  With the action of Forgiveness you are forcing that which is within and undesired/unbeneficial, out for renewal.  This is an act of creating the new.  It’s a form of alchemy – rapid movement (transformation through directed momentum) for something that would otherwise decay slowly. 
In this moment we alchemize Time.  We do not obliterate it, that is not possible, for it is a valuable and intrinsic part of Life on Earth.  We transform within, we integrate.  By containing All Time, we become Timeless, no longer bound by the past or future, but free to be in the now with complete ease of flow between past, present and future.  The past is appreciated.  The future is trusted.  The present becomes full of potential and ripe for the choosing. 
Forgiving Time is merely the act of releasing any unspoken or unresolved issues with time and opening to empowered, Loving interaction with All Time.  Time has been and will continue to become more fluid and understood through our perception rather than the one-track linearity of past was, present is, future will be.  Those aspects will still be there, just not as separate and solid as they used to be.  As we integrate more of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Wholeness, we will begin to experience Time Wholeness.  Our interactions will become fuller.  For example, with the food you eat, you will become more aware of its past and its effect on your future and you will find yourself making different food choices because the All Time of that food will be in your awareness.  This will begin to shift how you interact with people and the many different choices you’ll be making in your life.  We are becoming more circular with time, not just in the esoteric knowledge of everything is happening now, but really living everything IS happening now because All Time is Now.  The future will still be experienced in the future, you’ll just have more awareness of it as necessary in the now.  This serves empowerment and creativity as you become more self-sufficient in your creative abilities and more aware of your effect on the whole.  Choice.
As we sit to blast Forgiving Time, we are releasing blocks of the past and of the future that inhibit our Full Flow with the powerful Now.  We are opening our perception and our awareness to the fullness of time in all moments.  We are embracing the ability to choose with the wisdom of the past and the future in the now.  We are becoming Whole in our interaction, patient and appreciative of linearity.  We are remembering and creating simultaneously within the essence of All Time rather than the story of the past and the future.  We are observing the world around us and healing/Loving a moment (All Time) within, thereby creating a new future track of experience.  We are recognizing that All Time is within us in a moment, just as All Life is.  Blast on!

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