Oneness is a dichotomy within life on Earth.  We are separate beings, and yet interaction is constant.  Even if it is just the sharing of air, still the sharing is there.  Plants and animals share their lives with you (some quite literally!).  People share their lives with you.  You share your life with beliefs, ideas and choice.  We are constantly influencing others with Love, information and even disdain.  Freedom is also a dichotomy.  We are each ultimately Free, as we have the choice to love, to lie, to forgive or to withhold.  There are obvious lack of freedoms in life – if I choose to punch someone I can go to jail, but I was free to choose!
Freedom is a state of Being, for it requires more than just fact or action, it requires perception.  Ultimately, we’re talking about peace, patience, joy, Love.  You experience something as free or binding just by your perception of it.  Menial tasks such as doing laundry can be a burden or a moment of peace.  Perhaps a bit more challenging is finding a perspective of freedom within the emotional challenges.  Sometimes I need some time to pass before I get there.  Oneness helps me find that perspective.  When I can observe someone that I don’t like (gasp!) through the filter of Source perspective, which is unconditional love, I quickly get to the appreciation for the challenge.  We aren’t all similar, we aren’t all nice, we aren’t all honest; but we are all Divine Beings equal and treasured in the perspective of God and playing out different roles to remind each other of our capability, the power of forgiveness and that Love is what truly heals all things.  So even the most annoying people become a gift to be appreciated.  And let’s be real, especially after they’re gone!  You didn’t do something wrong to ‘allow’ their negativity into your life, you courageously requested their assistance on a soul level.  Do you see the full picture of that?  You are courageous and they are benevolent.  That is the Whole Truth.  The interaction may not be fun, but if you see it through the perspective of Oneness in Divinity, you move past it more quickly and with greater ease.  Ahhhh, the Freedom!
Freedom is a state of being that keeps you open to flow. 
When you are free, you are aware, alert, discerning and decisive.  All of these flow easily from a state of openness and protection comes from wisdom rather than fear. 
When you are free, you are peaceful, detached, allowing, and patient.  All of these flow easily from a state of trust and detachment comes from deep love and respect rather than avoidance. 
When you are free, you are joyful, excited, interacting and confident.  All of these flow easily from a state of Love and your confidence comes from admiration for All Life rather than a need for approval.
When you are free, you are creative, supportive, whimsical and awed.  All of these flow easily from a state of Knowing that life is your playground and you were the first one chosen to be the captain of your team!
Oneness is seeing the Divine in each human.  Whether you agree with them or like them is moot.  The only thing that matters is each one of them is a reflection of the same Divinity you carry in your DNA.  Different gender, different race, different choices; again, moot.  All are connected and all are unique.  There is great Freedom in this perspective.  Thus, the ‘enemy’ becomes that which is ‘in me.’  I, the bold One, chose compassion, understanding and finally forgiveness.  That is what is now ‘in me’ thanks to the enemy!  Onward goes life in love.
As we sit to Blast Freedom Is Oneness, we are expanding our limits to infinite love.  We are remembering that reflection is the gift of Knowing through perspective.  We are understanding that the negative is pulled into form through the magnetic attraction of Love.  We are becoming courageous in forgiveness, for Freedom is the reward and Freedom brings new form.  We are seeing choice through Divine Grace and feeling safe with our ability to Love our opposite into Oneness and Uniqueness without avoidance or fear.  We are illuminating the darkness with each open eye, for it is the heart that shines through.  Blast on!

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