We continue integrating the full expanse of unity and uniqueness by balancing our ego.  One important aspect to Ascension is recognizing the Divinity within.  Jesus spoke of this when he said, ‘I and My Father are One.’  He taught Empowerment and he taught forgiveness and equality.  He taught that we are more than we see in the physical, that we are indelibly connected to Source Energy.  Not God up there, make sure you worship him correctly or suffer in the afterlife; but God Within, live your life as God would because you’re not truly separate.  Embrace each moment and recognize that you are impacting All Life with each choice to forgive, to stand Empowered, to Love, to perceive Life as benevolent and challenge as beneficial and easier and easier to pass through because you are more than you see here in the physical.  You are Source incarnate, separated into one unique Being and united with All Life.
Forgetting Who I Am takes us beyond the beautiful Self and unites us with our Whole Self.  Better stated it would be Selves because you become (more) aware that you really are more than you see here and the full impact of the complete past, the future, all locations and specific interactions become the Now.  You need not remember any of it, you need not figure out how to move past the challenge and implement the learned; you only need to breathe in the Whole and Know that you are God.  That is Full Unity, each breath taken upon the Earth, upon the expanse of Time, each moment lived beyond Earth.  You are not just this moment and you are precisely this moment, for it contains All and your interaction is implicit within it.  I Am implies now.  Cycles interact.  Cycles never end.  Even the cyclical calendars only represent part of the picture, for it is infinite, as are you.  Look past I Am and Know I Am All.  In this way, your impact is understood and honored.  As you begin to Flow intent to your moments that honors their full expanse, you begin to live a Life that is simple in its words and grand in its deeds.  Mere eye contact becomes a true gazing into the window of the soul.  This brings more truth into each moment, for your Truth is far grander than one minute of interaction.  I Am contains All.  Forget to be meaningless, separate and unworthy and remember that you are imbued with the power to choose and to direct a moment to nourishing Life beyond fear and degradation. That is Who You Are. 
See the dichotomy?  You must be only Who You Are in this moment, for you are unique in a separate body.  And yet you are always more than a moment for your entire past imprints your now.  Your fear or flow with the future and with the process of life is imprinted on your now.  As you focus your intent to remember your full expanse (unity) and honor your unique perspective (ego), you enhance your Flow of Love and you align with the natural Laws of the Universe (the Law of One and all of its subsets) and life changes.  You can paddle upstream and maybe even make some headway, but when you flow with the natural current, you travel much easier and faster.  That is what we’re doing.  Activating our full potential and releasing the vague and specific manipulations that inhibit the full flow of Love.
As we sit to Blast Forgetting Who I Am, we are remembering that we are a focal point of All Life.  We are looking past one singular moment and bringing all time into Now.  We are humble in our greatness because it is implicit in All Life.  We are forgiving because it is natural to Love Life in all its moments of discovery.  We are empowered because the gift of being human is an honor that we deserve because we are.  We are loosening the binds of definition to include the greater expanse of what the finite indicates; one valuable perspective of the Whole.  We are honoring our beautiful logic as a mere gateway to find more expansion, as Truth is always found in the heart and only defined in the head.  Truth, like You, is continually expanding and contains All.  This moment, it is unique; and yet, like You, it contains All.  Remember that.  Blast on!

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