What a great way to end the month of 8 as we move into the month of 9.  The 8 represents the interconnectedness of All Life, the continual Flow, the Unity, the infinite nature of Wholeness.  The 099 (hmmm, interesting typo. Let’s receive it’s sweet message!)  The 9 is symbolic of an ending, yet truly it is just a completion, for the new is built into Life through continual Flow.  Death feeds new Life.  So that which ends, really becomes contained in the new form that is birthing.  I always see the 9 energy as a spiral, it has compressed to a point and that point leads to a new level, new expansion, the new form (10 – new beginning/form at a new level).  What’s the point?  Expansion. ;o)  Being Free In Love is the fastest vehicle for expansion.  Jump on the rollercoaster and have fun!!! (You must be this tall to ride) 
Being Free In Love is the reflection of last week’s Needing Nothing.  Releasing the resistance allows the compression (Tight whirly rollercoaster fun! Big wave is coming but not quite here yet!  Exciting anticipation!) to be enjoyed just as much as the expansion (Wooooohooooo!).  You can flow through the full spectrum of life without the drag of fear, hatred, anger, etc.  They become an interesting experience through the fullness and all life is embraced. 
Freedom contains a certain amount of detachment that we so beautifully opened to in last week’s Needing Nothing.  If you look at the experiences of extreme Love, like what you feel for your children (or spouse, parents, animals, etc.) it seems as if detachment is not only impossible, but dangerous.  There is no doubt that there is an attachment, but is that a balanced attachment that honors, or is it an unhealthy attachment that inhibits?  The difference is that detachment can step back when appropriate and Allow, yet always knows when to step in to guide.  Detachment can Allow freedom, but easily understands when too much freedom too soon doesn’t serve growth. Thus there is a focus on healthy empowerment, which recognizes limitations and limitlessness.  Consequence becomes choice-based instead of fear-based.  Freedom reigns.
As we sit to Blast Being Free In Love, we are honoring choice as the easy interplay that expands Love.  We are honoring ourselves and everyone else as Empowerment becomes a way of life for everyone, within the form of the moment.  We are remembering that Love is the solution, the release, the attractor and the Inherent Pull of Life.  We are Being the change we want to Free!  We are expanding, expanding, expanding into the next spiral of Life.  Enjoy the compression, too. Blast on!

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