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Weekly LightBlast – Accepting The Future

Following your heart is a road traveled by the courageous.  Listening to your heart begins the process.  First you must clear through the din of fear, insecurity and misinformation until you find the purity of the God Being you are.  Then you apply your Divinity into the dimensional expression you are currently in and the one you are moving into.  To work with the 3rd dimension, you have to honor the rules of its structure.  These include linear time and space, all else is merely the details of the story.  You apply your creative abilities within the construct of time and space.  Your life is lived with a starting point that builds to a sustaining point that builds to a culminating point and the cycle continues through many seasons of change.  To move beyond the wonderful 3rd dimension, you integrate the unseen, the timeless and the spaceless.  Within the next dimensional experience you will still see some rules, yet they are different and inclusive of all the dimensions that come before it.

Time is a vehicle of manifestation and choice.  It marks direction, but it does not influence direction.  It is your vehicle of manifestation and choice, for time is subtle energy that is born within you and permeates all of your Earth experience.  When you understand your vast nature, you recognize that you have been holding the tiny dot of Time in your hand all along.  Until you recognize that power, Time is a phenomenon of the outside world, visible in the cycles and physicality, but elusive by nature.  Time is God in point (form), God in movement (cycle) and God in evolution (you).  Time is for your creation, it responds to your will with a silent agreement that only your intentions whisper.  Words and will are only as effectual as the focus of intent.  Here then, we come to Accepting The Future.  It sounds passive, weak and the opposite of the creative force.  Yet see the unseen intent within it.  How does an empowered creator Accept?  By Knowing so deeply that there is a Universal Force of Love that reveres Free Will, so much so that the fabric of form is built with surrender.  That which has been vilified on Earth as a weakness that results in death of freedom is the secret to expansion.  If you do not surrender to Life, you do not receive the Love return.  If you do not shine your Light out, you do not receive the answer to your call.  Have you smelled the fragrance of a flower beckoning your eyes, your touch, your heart?  It surrenders to you, offering all it has to give for a moment in the sun of your gaze.

Accepting Your Future is open arms to the Truth of your intent.  Are you clear about what you want to inform the 3rd dimension and offer to the 5th?  It requires the gateway of the 4th dimension, Time.  Time becomes the dot in the hand of the master, and the expanse of the freedom of a Creator.  Time is a mental concept and it requires your understanding.  As you Accept Your Future, you are relaxing into the Knowing that All is Well, for your intent is building form.  When you understand that linearity is a Truth within a Truth, you see beyond what has been, what is and what has yet to be and you understand the connection of them all.  The past, present and future are here now; supporting you, teaching you and beckoning you.  You hold within your hand All of Time.  Past, present and future become wisdom, clarity and Knowing.  The 5th dimension, the currency of Love awaits your Knowing that it exists.

As we sit to Blast Accepting The Future, we are spiraling deeper into the clarity that Love provides, a freedom of Being that seeks surrender for release into the next level.  We are incessantly focused on the nurturance of Love, as greed gives way to peace in a world that begins to see the intent of war.  We are magnetizing a future that is Known in fabric of Life, that Love is the Truth of All existence, for it is the binding force of the universe.  We are Time walkers, culling the experience of the past for the understanding of the present with the Knowing that the future is here now, only invisible to the eye.  We are the workers of Light, vascilating between wave and particle as we shine our Love through time and space.  Hearts wide open.  Blast on!


Being One
The strength of your heart is renewing with each blessed awareness.  You call them Aha! moments as you breath in the ahh and exhale the haa.  What grace of connection that moment brings!  This is your work, to connect All Things; be it a physical experience, a mental concept, an emotional chasm or a spiritual Truth. Connection is what opens the door to the next connection, or what offers the next dimensional awareness.  It is by examining, understanding and giving Life to the unseen that you become a conscious participant in dimensional living beyond 3D.  It was always there, yet your awareness brings it into your experience in a way that you connect and interact.  This new dimensional interaction is available to you through the lens of connection.  As you realize that you are One with All Life, you open to Fifth Dimensional expression. 
Being One often begins as a mental concept.  When you hear it, you begin your mental review, finding explanations that reinforce your natural emotional reaction to it.  For those whose mental reaction is oppositional, as in ‘Being One is constrictive, suppressive and the antithesis of the freedom I seek,’ they are in a state of mentally seeing Earth experience as such – constrictive and suppressive.  There is no mental connection to the possibility of another definition for Being One.  To move beyond the mental concept, one finds the emotional chasm and begins to build the bridge.  If you can feel freedom (or peace or compassion, etc.) within a current circumstance, even if it is limited freedom at first, you can find a connection that unites you with Life around you.  As you become aware of your connective emotions, you then begin to understand a great spiritual Truth, that All Life is unique and united.  As you apply that spiritual Truth to all of your experiences, you begin to see every person as unique from you in their perceptions, choices and experiences; yet united with you in the human experience through compassion and understanding.  This is the inter-dependence you see in all life around you. Your physical experience then becomes interaction and connection through your inner world (emotional, mental and spiritual connection) even as you are conversing with someone outside of yourself. 
For the spiritual seeker, Being One is a practice of opposites delineated within a continuum of connection.  All is outside of the Self and inside the Self.  All that is negative has the potential of positive within it and vice versa.  Being One brings the power of the vast universe into the minute atom.  It is the holographic understanding of every sorrow leading to the desire for greater joy, thereby expanding the universe of the heart as you inhale the ah and exhale its reflection – ha.  You are All Life in a unique and united form, delineated through space/time and unified through Love’s grace.  When the power of the full capability of the electromagnetic force that spirals through you is utilized, you are mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically creating through choice.  Ahhh choice.  Haa! It’s that easy!  (and sometimes hard!) ;o)

As we sit to Blast Being One, we are opening our hearts with the courageous vulnerability that allows us to see past the pain of another and embrace them into sorrow becoming sovereignty.  We are looking past what is visible into the expanse of choice and finding our voice to call Life into form.  In this u-n-i-verse, we are becoming One separate only by the polarity of free will, as we each take part in expanding all directions.  We are the dichotomy giving birth through a unity that brings connection to life outside of Self.  We are boldly unique, benevolently oppositional and the charge that bonds new form.  Blast On!


Feeling Alone
When you come into physical form, you are faced with a sense of separation that is what the world around you seeks to overcome through physical means.  You see many seeking to validate the self through material items or outcomes.  When you look beyond what is seen in the visible world, you find a connection that is the same bond that creates form.  As you connect with the unseen, you are connecting with the Love that calls the atom to bond, no matter the opposite charge.  You are connecting with the subtle waves of Life that spiral forth seeking same, to experience in the next phase conjugate.  You are connecting your past experience with your future potential in the presence of your heart.  You are Nurturing your Heart into an ease of support that Angels choose to tread.  This is available to you within the depths of sorrow as you reach for solace in the embrace of the unknown.  That which is unknown to you is merely yet undiscovered, awaiting to reveal the treasure chest of Love to you.
Dear one, in those moments of Feeling Alone, you discover some of your greatest Truths.  Not the truths or distortions that others reflect to you, but the Truth of your soul, whispering quietly to you in a moment of solitude, nurturing you from within.  For those who know only sorrow in Feeling Alone, there is no solace of connection that can find their ear.  For those that understand the Whole Truth of being alone and never being alone, there is a whisper that speaks of a greater purpose, a greater connection, a greater Truth of Feeling Alone.  Do not deny your feelings their moment to surface, share their value and their Life.  Yet reflect, dear Lightworker, the Whole Truth.  Sorrow is an opposite charge to joy, and like an atom can bond new form into being – your Being.  Give Life to your sorrow that it has its moment of connection with All and introduce it to the full spectrum of Life.  Allow all experience the Life it deserves.  Does sorrow deserve to dominate your Life?  Or does sorrow deserve to inform your Life to its courage to be unique, strong, vulnerable or compassionate?  What new form will the honesty and clarity of sorrow honored bring into your Life?  Perhaps that great depth of compassion that allows you to support another owes its life to your sorrow integrated.  You are never truly alone in a world filled with the invisible flow of Love.

As we sit to Blast Feeling Alone, we are integrating the full spectrum of Life into our Being, such that strength and vulnerability are not opposite, they are reflective of each other.  We are building bridges of connection in all experience, such that those that disagree with us become our great teachers of unity.  We are integrating Empowerment deep within our Being, such that Life becomes an array of exciting creative flow with all experiences offering new hope.  We are the Lightbearers, those who are aware of the impact of the Light of Love, such that no dark night of the soul lasts forever, for the hope of a New Dawn is within.  Blast On!


Nurturing the Heart
Blessed One, your courage to choose to incarnate in the physical during these times is not only appreciated, but supported on many levels.  You are continuously surrounded by the Love of past, present and future.  When you observe the natural world around you, you will see indications of your own nature.  The cycles, the inter-dependence and the separation of form and function are but a few examples.  Yet as you observe the unseen, you are connecting with the energy of Love, utilizing the heart of your Being to procure information that is then processed within the brain.  The 3rd eye does not connect, it defines into a format that relays information.  Your heart Knows the tree is a form on Earth and formless beyond.  Your 3rd eye reduces that connection into understanding through vision, words or emotions.  Have you felt the Love of a tree?  They stand patiently awaiting your hug, awaiting the opportunity for the embrace of connection, a nurturance that nature naturally exudes. Receive that nurturance every chance you get. 
You have incarnated into polarity and are growing beyond the bounds of the either/or of polarity.  You are coming to a time/space of inclusion as the 5th dimension begins to open its doors of connection. As your heart is nurtured, your intuitive senses begin to access all that is connected, both seen and unseen.  The seen connection becomes a depth of understanding as words spoken belie a truth unsaid.  The unseen connection becomes a truth now visible to a heart not hurt by separation.  Lightworker, you are powerful by nature, capable of storms that electrify, waters that cleanse, air that sustains and a Light that warms the darkest of caves.  As the angels nurture you from a dimensional distance, your openness to receive Love shortens the gap and you find yourself traveled through time to a present awareness of Love beyond separate form and function.  Breathe deeply, Beloved. That is the air of love beneath the wings of your Angels lifting you higher onto common ground. Fear not, for All is Well.  If not in this moment, in the opportunity.  Trust that the guidance of your heart connects all that was once broken.  Then follow your heart.

As we sit to Blast Nurturing the Heart, we are receiving the Love of a universe into the timeless nature of our soul.  We are nurturing the Self as we would nurture a child of sweet innocence, for that is the Whole Truth of our Being.  We are so courageous that we would walk into the great unknown of Life on Earth, agreeing to a collective experience with an individual strength so magnetic that the world responds to our desire for Love.  We are recognizing Love in its many forms, those which strengthen us through challenge and those which strengthen us through support.  We are renewing our vow to Light up this world with Love as we forgive and remember the Whole Truth – that Love heals All.  Blast On!

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Excitement is Growing
Your creative power is your birthright, as is your free choice.  Yet it takes wisdom to understand how to use it.  You are an individual within a collective.  Therefore, your free choice is subject to the collective, but that is only a limitation as you resist the flow of Life.  Your moment now is a creative result of moments past.  Your future is the creative result of current moments.  You mark time by manifestation, for it is a subtle experience that offers perspective and focus.  As you perceive your Now with the mastery of one that Knows All is Well as you choose the future into form, you are Following Your Heart to the Golden Age of Love.  You create that, Masterful One.  Does that excite you?
There is merely a perspective of difference between fear and excitement.  Fear is resistance to the unknown and excitement is a Knowing that All is Well even though the risk of the unknown is present.  Your mental faculties are capable of building a perception of safety, for survival is natural to your physical nature.  What is learned is the perception of danger when none is truly present and worry rules the moment.  Blessed Being, allow your connective, powerful heart to show you the potential of any challenge.  There are all types of experiences on Earth at any given moment.  Some of them are dangerous.  As those that are not in danger in a moment maintain their creative capabilities, danger begins to subside more and more.  There is no foundation for it, no support for it, no fuel for it.  This power you have within you.  Does that excite you?
You have passed a marker in time and space that heralds a new Light upon Earth.  As you have found, it is not the light of space ships rescuing you or the light of the beloved master Jesus rescuing incapable sheep.  This Light is the golden glow of your warm, open heart.  A heart so courageous that it would risk judgment, rejection, sorrow and fear to embrace Life anew.  A heart so focused on Love that there is no word, no government, no tragedy that can not unite people instead of separating them.  Are you a voice of separation or a song of support, even in a dark night?  You are powerful when you allow Love’s natural flow to connect the hearts of many.  Your capability is limitless.  You create this world, it is your experience.  Focus your Love toward improvement, be patient with the physical and allow yourself to receive the glory of your Love.  You are magnificent, magnetic and electrifying!  Does that excite you?  It excites electrons!

As we sit to Blast Excitement is Growing, we are igniting our flame of Love to warm the Earth with possibility.  We are focusing our Light to fertilize the garden of the hearts of many as we perceive (fertile eyes) them as the loving co-creators they are.  We are building the playground that seeds many an imagination as we cultivate peace blossoming.  We are having fun discovering the beauty that resides in All Life, sensing that which may be hidden beneath the surface.  We are courage incarnate, co-creating our dreams into reality as we unabashedly love ourselves so fully that each Being’s beauty becomes visible.  Does that excite you?  Blast on!


Following Your Heart
You are an ancient soul indeed.  You have chosen and been chosen to embody within the time of great change because you are familiar to the challenge.  In a moment of pain, you resent the challenge.  In a moment of grace you appreciate the challenge.  When you Know the Truth of your timeless nature, you fear no judgment, no rejection, no outcome.  It is a lesson of courage, fortitude and focus to walk the path of forgetting and remember the Truth.  You are magnificent.  You have within you the spark of Love that is inherent in All Life.  Magnify it, magnificent Being.  You are that.  Be the Love you want to see in the world.  Be the experience of Love that shows another the power of Love. 
Following Your Heart can be an experience that has positives and negatives.  This is the spectrum of Love.  From the perspective of the Divine, the non-physical, there is an unconditionality that Knows any ‘negative’ experience is merely an experience and it has the potential to expand the spectrum of Love through forgiveness, creating a fortitude with vulnerability that allows growth.  This is why the masters learn and teach detachment, to allow experience to manifest Life with no resistance to what is.  We take that a step further into deep growth when we appreciate experience and focus on improvement that benefits All Life.  To follow Love goes against the norms of current societies that follow the separation that greed and domination foster.  Your true power is the power that All contain, Love.  When you Follow Your Heart in Love, you are changing your world and interacting with others with the power that creates worlds.  Connectivity.  Mutual benefit.  Sustainment.  Replenishment.  Support.  That is the power of your heart.  Follow it.

As we sit to Blast Following Your Heart, we are engaging in the dynamic spectrum of Life and viewing all experience as Love in its many forms.  We are unconditional in our perception and conditional in our creation in the physical world.  We are holding strong to our moral compass that guides us to the direction of Love’s grace in any situation.  We are courageous and compassionate, building a strong foundation of community within the Self and the soil.  We are the bold and the bright, shining in any storm as it offers the cleansing rains and winds of change.  We are the silence that hears the song of each heart in the grand symphony of Life.  Blast on!


Never Give Up
As Lightworkers we have been practicing using our manifestation/creative power.  At first it is overwhelming as you try to control every negative thought you have.  Eventually it becomes exhilarating as you find that every situation is an opportunity for improvement and you have the tools to perceive benefit in every challenge.  You become adept at seeing the silver lining to every cloud and you appreciate the whole cloud.  You have moments of less-than-Love, yet you bounce back to the balance of Love more quickly as you practice.  You find yourself able to handle situations that would have spun you out harder or at least longer.  You begin to appreciate just where you are, how your Life is and who is in it as you work toward the change you want to experience.  You find a new fortitude and a focus on Love that unites rather than separates. 
We have passed an important marker in time and space after 12/21/2012, yet most seems the same in the physical world.  Your work is still to Light the path of Love in physical reality and build the connection that Love provides.  When you are connected with Love, you have the strength of community, the support of Universal Law and the physical flow that is progressing you forward with greater ease.  Whether you are in a time of rooting deeper for support or in a time of reaching higher into the visible world, you are powerfully creating.  Keep your focus and Know that you are so deeply Loved that your free will is not only respected, but revered by a loving Universal Force.  You are a unique blessing that continues Life through your perceptions, your choices and your actions.  Allow that Universal Force of Love to support you and provide you the sustenance you need to maintain the path of creating your Golden Age.  You are honored, Lightworker, for embodying the time of change from the rule of darkness to the reign of Love.  Open your heart and find within you the courageous vulnerability that allows the transformation.
As we sit to Blast Never Give Up, we are Loving fiercely in the battle within.  We are forgiving and forgiving until there is no stone heart unturned.  We are holding unwavering Love with the fortitude of a warrior of Light.  We are the strong that have the courage to wield the Sword of Truth in any situation, even a silent one.  We are the silver lining, raining Love’s powerful grace on a thirsty world.  We are what the dark fears, empowered compassion that will not give up until Love is the currency that permeates the Earth.  Blast On!


Allowing Love to Rule
As we build on last week’s Fortitude and Focus, we see the progress of new Life beginning.  There is no wrong and right in an unconditional universe, only growth as Life continues.  You live in a world of choice, therefore, there is an aspect of conditionality that begets direction.  While your conditions will require discernment to choose, they need not contain judgment for another.  As you become unconditional with the Forbearance of one who Knows All is Well, you recognize change as a benevolent truth that awaits your Focus.  You are a creator in your world.  Your truth is manifest in the world you experience.  Not just what you view, what you experience.  When you view a tragedy and you feel anger, anger is a Truth a in your world.  It need not be a judgment, your reaction in honesty is a refiner of your focus.  Anger can lead to Love for one that is willing to look deep into the courageous heart. Look within.
As a Lightworker you work is find the thread of Love in all experience and nurture its growth.  It is not the easy road, it requires the climb to the high road.  It requires the courage to forgive, the courage to speak up or stay quiet when your natural impulse would be to do the opposite.  It requires your fortitude to maintain your focus on Love when Love’s silent whisper is barely audible in the physical world.  You, Lightworker, are the bearer of the template of the Golden Age.  You don’t just speak empty words, you apply the words of Love into the moments that lack it – whether you speak them or not.  Allow the flame of your heart to Light the path of Love for those who seek.  You are a Lightbearer and a Wayshower.  The way is within your heart.

As we sit to Blast Allowing Love to Rule, we are opening the gate of the heart to allow access to the Golden Age.  We are beginning the transformation of pain into wisdom and camaraderie.  We are finding common ground with those we thought we were ever so separate from as we recognize God within all that we encounter.  We are focused in our ability to hear the whisper of Love and amplify its grace.  We are the Golden Age manifest as we seed Love’s connection in all hearts we meet.  Blast On!


Fortitude And Focus
Following your year 2012 is a review of your experiences.  With your clear perspective, many of you will find much release of the binds that restricted you and an opening to your own courage and fortitude.  Your abilities have always been in connection with your environment, as there is an interactivity that can not be separated, though it can be ignored.  With your new level of fortitude, you are able to interact with greater capacity and create as the powerful One that you are. 
Your creative abilities require your Fortitude And Focus.  Those that create war, suppression and distraction around you are utilizing that which is available to them.  You have the choice to utilize your creative abilities as well.  What do you choose?  When opportunity for Focus is presented, do you have the Fortitude to go against the norm of your societies and Love where Love has not been nurtured?  Do you look past propaganda, conspiracy theories and explanations and find the thread of Love and loom large with unwavering, courageous Love?  Not avoidance of the difficult, but deep awareness of the pain and disease within the scope of humanity through the lens of solution. 
Hold your nurturance of self to the standard of only the self, for each is at a different place of Fortitude and Focus, and that varies by moment and circumstance.  Yet with that, stretch the self, strengthen the self and allow the reflection of self to emanate out. 
Love is connective and nurturing by nature.  With it you heal that which can not yet be seen.  Those that separate and dominate seek Love through the disguise of power, for they do not yet know another way.  It is called service to self because it takes from another to serve the self, while service to others always serves the self as well. 
There is a fail-safe built into the system of Life that you need only have the Fortitude to Focus upon in times of challenge.  The fail-safe is Life continues.  All Life is connected.  Therefore all that seems separate or separative is merely part of the story, or illusion.  Even that which is service to self cedes to the continuance of Life.  Perhaps not in your lifetime, perhaps not in your dimensional limitation, but Life continues.  The system consumes Life for Life.  It is not for mere consumption, it is for renewal.  That which was one form, transforms.  Life continues.  You see finality, yet there is a larger truth beyond form.  Do you have the Fortitude And Focus to look beyond the loss of form and find the transformation?  Liberation and expansion are reached through the subtle until the focus of material is formed.  You know this as thought creating form, yet it also applies to form creating new form.  Find the Love and you find the connection, therein is the service to others. 

As we sit to Blast Fortitude And Focus, we are aligning our connection with the power of those that fear no sorrow and fear no change.  We are becoming the creative force that allows progress that serves All.  We are looking past the obvious into the unseen and recognizing all change as benevolent.  We are holding the vision of connection becoming visible in a world that serves Life.  We are the powerful force of Love Lighting the way.  Blast on!

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