Weekly LightBlast

Weekly LightBlast – Being Yourself

You are unique in your energy signature.  Like the snowflake, you are unlike all others.  You are God in form, Life expressing and expanding.  Each thought you think, breath you breathe and choice you make is Divine.  It is Life, through YOU.  You are a Being that was born eons ago in such depth of Love that from human perspective it is nearly unfathomable.  Love of such capacity that it is completely unconditional.  There is no behaving a certain way, looking a certain way or even smelling pleasant that is required.  The Love remains, fully flowing for All Life no matter what the conditions.  That is a level of Love that few even have for themselves, much less another.  There is no judgment or wrongness in that, it is merely a condition of 3D earthly Life.  As you love the conditions, you gradually express and expand your own capacity to Love.  With that expansion comes access to the next level of awareness.

Dear Blessed Being, your energy/information is part of Life.  You are a unique Being within a collective.  All that you emit is information that informs the system of Life.  Do you marvel at your creation of you?  Do you marvel at the mastery of the cells in the physical body, the profound connection of the emotions, the power of the mental expanse?  These are mere drops in the ocean of your Life as you become the Divine Being that you are remembering you have all ways been.  There is no regret from broader perspective.  There is no mistake that has not propelled Love.  There is no Being exactly like you.  As you allow your unique vibrational emanation to speak to the fields of others, you are informing the collective energy field of humanity.  This is the language that has the most information within it, far more than the words you speak.  It is a reflexive ‘language,’ meaning it speaks from all angles.  The actions you do or do not take, speak.  Your true intent behind your words or silence, speaks.  Your thoughts and beliefs speak.  As you become aware of this ‘silent’ language and direct it with the focus of a creative Being, you participate in the creation of your world with greater intensity. Life responds.

As we sit to Blast Being Yourself (Being Myself), we are allowing the flow of Self Love to permeate the air so that those that lack it can breathe it in.  We are appreciating the beautiful diversity within the unity of Life.  We are viewing the world from the perspective of love and transforming our physical into a vehicle of Love’s flow.  We are remembering the True Glory of All Life, such that its actions speak softer than the intent of Love.  We are the becoming the Wayshowers of Love’s grace, seeing it in the spark of Life that resides in All.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast – Expansion and Contraction

The opposites of life create the wholeness of life.  Expansion and Contraction are not just opposites, they are two parts of a whole.  Life seeks both, for it is One inclusive whole.  Are you inclusive by nature, allowing Life to flow through you in its opposites?  That which you oppose or resist creates a friction within your life force.  As you are inclusive, allowing the totality of life to flow through you, your own expansion and contraction flows with ease.  Contraction need not be resisted.  It is the focusing, the resting, the letting go and the allowing.  This is part of your livelihood, for without contraction, expansion has no platform for existence.  It takes strength to allow the contraction, for it is within the inner world that is unseen – the space of choice, before it comes to fruition.  Expansion is the visible result of contraction.

The outwardly-focused world sees the expansion side of life, placing little value on the contraction within. A focused beam of light becomes brighter. A beam of light that is not as focused will disperse out over a greater expanse, though not appear as bright.  It takes great energy to create the same brightness over the expanse. As you focus your beam of light on your internal creation (the subtle quantum world), your contraction creates visible expansion within time. As you allow the focused contraction within to combust into great expansion the natural power sources of life expel you outward.  Just as your nightly rest expels you toward renewal the next morning, so does your subtle focus.  Your contraction is not a punishment for lack of correct action, it is the natural cycle of life assisting you toward expansion.  Expand your thinking into a contracted beam of focused Love and observe the changes around you.  Love is an inclusive force and thus the natural flow of Life is Love.  As you align with Love, you allow the totality of the universe to flow through you.  You become the supernova you truly are.

As we sit to Blast Expansion and Contraction, we are allowing the full expanse of life to contract within us.  We are flowing gracefully through change and changing gracefully through time.  We are open to all of life, treading everywhere, for that is what Angels do.  We are fearlessly focused on all experiences and allowing our perception to create the next visible expansion.  We are Whole and separate, united and unique, One and many.  We are opposing no-thing, which is everything, and the paradox resolves within.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast – Accessing Totality

It is through connection and separation that earthly life continues.  Deep within your individual cells is the knowledge of the functionality of the whole, for each is connected and interdependent for its own survival.  You see evidence of the fractal reality as cells create an organ, which creates a system, which creates a self, which creates humanity, which creates choice, and life expands.  As you interact with life, you Access Totality through your profound connection and heartfelt understanding of the value of your separation.  Your allowance and choice is your access into the totality of life, creation itself.  It lives within you, through you and around you.  As you become aware of the invisible connection, the interdependence and the continual change that is born through you, you allow improvement into the world around you.

Accessing Totality is available to you within your biomechanism.  You’re constantly receiving vibration, perceiving experience and choosing your emanation.  Life is taken into the self, into the awareness, into the present.  It is then mingled with your perception – your fear, resistance, joy or allowance and finally your choice.  That perception then emanates out whether through thought, words or action.  As that emanation comes forth from the self, the totality of life responds.  Your own totality does not stop at your physicality, it continues and breathes into all of life.  Your Access into Totality is through your focus on the subtle and yet unformed – life that is available to your creative flow.  Breathe deeply of all of life.  Allow your focus to shift the information and form life anew.

As we sit to Blast Accessing Totality, we are remembering our creative nature and allowing the cycles of time to flow into form.  We are connecting with life so deeply that the outside is inside our heart and pulsing a new rhythm into life.  We are the wholeness separated into pieces of grace, supporting all into empowered creating.  We are so unified in the force of Love, that all is embraced in our forgiving heart.  We are united, unique in our choices, bold in our love and remembering that Life is Divine.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast – Being Present

To be present in the now moment, you need merely allow your attention to follow the data that is presented to you.  You have emotional, physical and mental reactions to all that you are experiencing.  As you perceive the data that is in your experience, your mind culls the previous data through all lifetimes and compiles it so that choice can be made.  When you do not let the fear of the past or future dominate, you have access to new choice or new information.  You are constantly making choice even if you choose inaction. Your awareness and your ability to perceive the data in your now moment IS Being Present.  It effects all that you do and all that you are being.

Even as you think upon at the past or the future, being present with your subtle response brings you into the present.  Choice is in the present.  Choice is your vehicle of creation containing all data.  You, as is all life, are energetic in nature and moving at all times, even in your stillness and inaction.  In the quieting of the thoughts there is great movement.  In the speaking of the words there is great movement.  Being Present is to allow this full information to inform your choice such that the movement of life continues with (easier) flow.  Being creative in the present allows habits and patterns to shift.  It allows the influence of the outside world to be shifted within the self.  This is Being Present – that the totality of all that has been and will be are courageously combined in the now moment to create your future that is but a breath away.  There is no fear, no resentment, no resistance, no overwhelming hopelessness.  Being Present, you inhale with great confidence and exhale with great love.

As we sit to Blast Being Present, we are full to overflowing in our knowing of the gift that our love brings to this world.  We are remembering the past as the wisdom that it now is and foretelling the future with the breath (breadth) of Love upon our words.  We are choosing from full information and allowing the creative force to flow freely through us.  We are courageous in our creativity as the life that we build has the unity of grace upon it.  We are aware and allowing as new choice creates new life.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast – Allowing New Information

Your brain, mind and personality construct is designed to process information into the dimensional awareness that is prevalent within its experience.  Your mind expansion allows access to new information, which in turn allows access to expanded dimensional experience.  You can get mind-boggled into details of what is ‘new’ or you can enjoy your expansion and allow the flow of Life through you.  Within that flow comes an alignment with new information that anchors an expanded awareness.  Without judgment of better or worse, you would then anchor a dimensional ‘upgrade’ or access into an expanded dimensional awareness.  As a creative being, you are constantly being pulled toward your creative expansion.  As your mind becomes aware of new information, your focus and densification of it actually allows enlightenment.  The paradox of allowing, newness and information is born within you.

Allowing is opposite to what so many are taught, thus your creative capabilities are tempered.  Temperament is taught as valueless, except that control becomes inherent in the system.  With such cunning control, one sees control as freedom and the brain system overtakes the nature of the heart, which is to Allow connection, flow and unity.  All Life is served by unity as one gives to Life for the connection as Life continues.  The creative flow is a connection into all other life, as the currents of time and space converge into the form you focus upon.  Allowing is a courageous Knowing that the Self is a vital, cherished part of the whole, there is no ‘giving up’ in Allowing, only giving Life. As the mental construct accepts this, the imbalanced ego is appeased into more balance.

Newness seems to be an oxymoron of fractal expression, yet it is within every thing.  Your brain awareness is unique to the totality of your time/space interaction and as you allow your focus to be fully open to flow, the new is swept into the focus of being.  All is new within your gaze as your perception informs your Life emanation.  New form is built upon your focus and the heart is connected through the subtle life line of Love – the ultimate allower of grace.

Information is the formation of life IN you.  You are the form, ever forming.  You are the I Am that I Am becoming ever more.  Expansion of Life is through YOU.  It is within the focus of your awareness that life is informed.  Do you observe and feel hopeless?  Do you observe and create desecrating energy within you as you judge as wrong that which has already formed?  Or do you find the thread of Love in every interaction and focus upon its growth as the seed of hope and connection that each separation offers?  Allowing New Information is your choice, and your choice is the vehicle of new life.  You are the conduit of creative change.  Do not become overwhelmed by the game.  You are a fractal of a Loving Whole that has the supernova at its stead.  Call upon your own quantum creative current and allow the flow of life forming anew its deluge through you.

As we sit to Blast Allowing New Information, we are becoming the conduit of Love’s power that our biomechanism cultivates through focus.  We are remembering our connection to All Life as nature points to interdependent interaction for life’s continuance.  We are graceful in our ability to see Hope dawning, brighter than the neon fluorescence, as the darkest night promises the deepest renewal.  We are that Light of Hope, gently beckoning the hopeful to their greatest strength.  We are allowing the flow of Life through the heart of Love, because that is who we are.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast – Excitement

Excitement is an excellent expanding force, yet it creates a binding.  How exciting is that?  The exact opposite is unexpected, yet a natural reaction.  If the universal forming doesn’t exclude its opposite, why then would you?  It incorporates the opposite, expediting form and expansion.  Expounding upon the idea of expansion, Excitement seems to be an emotional response, but it is much more than that.  Excitement is a quickening, a catalyst for movement.  When an electron is excited, it unleashes from its current bond and accesses new options.  The heat of expansion is the opposite of the cold of contraction, yet both are necessary for new life to bond.  Both are movement.

Excitement is one of your many states of creation, as all states are creative.  When you become excited, like an electron, you are hopeful beyond the current state of being, yet not resistant to it.  You are open to new form, though not yet experiencing it.  You are free in your ability to create, yet not the totality of the creation.  Excitement is a peacefulness that Knows All is Well.  The letting go of the old creation and the opening to the mysterious is the natural flow of life.   It’s Exciting when you feel confident in your ability to create.  It’s daunting when you feel that letting go or creating a new bond is a consumption of life force.

Your Excitement is not your only state of creation or movement, it is merely a rapid opening.  Yet to experience only Excitement becomes paramount to frenzy.  The continual state of being excited results in an unstable environment.  Thus the beauty of opposition…the natural, calming cohesion that builds form.  Allow your Excitement to be one avenue of growth, as your peace and rest is another.  Mutually beneficial, as all Life truly is.

As we sit to Blast Excitement, we are opening to the next creative moment, available right now in our release.  We are full of Life and Love to overflowing, that the next bond receives and renews – the great flow of Life.  We are duality in Oneness, the great mysterious paradox formed, ever opposite and united.  We are hopeful, letting go and binding anew; Knowing All is Well.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast – Discerning

Many have been separated from their discernment through guilt, doubt and control.  When you have the Fortitude to trust yourself, you are strong in your discernment, focused in your choice and flowing in your ability to create in this dimension.  Yet that does not preclude you from sharing life with others on equal ground.  As you participate in life fully, you are utilizing your Discerning mind to allow the flow of your connective heart.  You are a full system of interpretation that is capable of receiving information from your surroundings, incorporating the information with your internal preference, then choosing how you will emit/share/create with the world around you.  Life continues.

Your Discernment is a powerful tool.  Do not let it be diminished for fear that you are judging, understand the difference and choose.  The difference, which is mere semantics, is in your reaction to another or a situation.  If you find that your creative ability is dependent upon not allowing another to create freely, then you are in the negative expression of judgment (or discernment).  You need not control another.  Utilize your creative power.  Activate your creational abilities.  Choose!  Become a dominant influence in your life that doesn’t dominate over, but participates boldly with.  Influence your surroundings with your perspective, your Light and your choice.  Your choice, the subtle information you emit, begins the shift in the field of response which is Life.

There are those that discern the world around them, often not even interacting directly with it, and focus intently upon its wrongness, its injustice, its immensity, its hopelessness.  They take in information, incorporate it into their being and find the self hopeless and choiceless.  Their creative ability is diminished by the choice to be choiceless, feeling no power of influencing the environment with prayer, with a vision for a better future or with inspired action.  The self, the physical body is changed by this, it is diminished in its expansive ability.  There is no judgment in that, merely physics.  Your physical body is a mechanism of vibratory response.  Subtle intent, thought and emotional vibration create a physical chemical response that floods your body.  Your chemical excretions influence the world around you.  Just as an animal responds to fear emitted from you, so does all life.  You are not incapable, you are so capable that the system of life continues to challenge you into an expansive state.  Your choice is so honored that you can choose contraction without judgment.

As we sit to Blast Discerning, we are focusing the mind away from duality and into the creation of the new.  We are using ‘what is’ to propel us to new creation.  We are receiving the current information and allowing it to mingle in our Loving embrace.  We are emitting a signal of hope that calls to us those of like heart and mind.  We are dominating our internal world with Love and watching for the signals of response in the world around us.  Like the Truth of Love, it whispers choice without need – just a quiet availability for those with ears to hear.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast – Receiving Love

Receiving Love

It seems counterintuitive, but many have a hard time opening to receive Love.  Often there was a disconnect in childhood that created a schism in the understanding of the nature of Love.  All Life comes from Love.  The connective force that continues Life is an experience of giving of the Self so that Life continues.  You see it in nature constantly.  Life releases and renews to the next cycle of Life, even decay and natural waste material feeds new life.  For many, there have been situations that caused a feeling of confusion with Love as they were protected and nurtured by the parents, family and community.  As a newborn, you understand the nature of God and Love, for you are fresh from deep connection prior to separation into body form.  As you interpret the energetics of those around you, without language yet still acutely aware, you deal with many inconsistent energies that don’t seem to be flowing Love as you interpret the unspoken emotional and mental energy of those around you.  For some it is even a physical experience of hunger, cold or abuse.  It can be confusing.  As you grow, you enter into a predominantly different brain wave experience that creates a forgetting of the information from very young childhood.  The misunderstanding of the Truth of Love creates blockages to Receiving Love.  When Love is unconsciously associated with pain, the biological system resists it.  As you are open to Feeling, you are open to the data of life flowing through you as you participate and experience life fully.  Quite often that takes courage, for the warriors of Light are battle weary.  Open then, and Receive the Love that flows through Life for you.  You are cherished beyond words and deeds.

As you open to becoming a flowing conduit for more Love, it is important to observe your boundaries and make certain that they are protecting and honoring the Self, while simultaneously keeping you open to the flow of interaction with others, even when some of that is unpleasant.  It’s the difference between a challenging situation that fosters change and a challenging situation that creates shut-down.  That line is different for each person and even varies within a person due to situation (i.e. good boundaries in work, poor boundaries in relationship) or sometimes just mood.  You are to observe yourself for remaining open and wise with honoring the Self.  It is the difference between avoidance and healing.  You need not immerse yourself in negative situations to heal them, and you need not run from them either.  Wise choice is Foregoing the Option to torture yourself into healing.  Wise choice is testing and increasing your strength in situations that won’t cause shut-down.  Receiving Love is a perception of safety in a situation, as you are aware of your ability to choose to honor yourself without consequence.

As we sit to Blast Receiving Love, we are bringing the invisible quantum bond into the experience of life interacting.  We are seeing the Light of Love in the eyes of all we meet, even when their pain speaks louder than their Love.  We are remembering the great mystery is within us, that the silence of Love can bond a moment, a friendship, a marriage or a planet.  We are choosing to listen so closely to Love that the heartbeat of the galaxy that sings unity is the same song of our soul.  We are opening fully to our birthright of joy, freedom and creative flow, as all life is honored with the free will to choose.  Will you choose Love?  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast – Foregoing Options

We revisit a topic that seemed odd at the time I originally channeled it, yet the information surprised me with its beauty.   I considered reposting the original one, but as I reread it, I fell so deeply in love that I couldn’t wait to delve more deeply into a topic that seems so mundane, yet is so rich with potential Love.  Ultimately, I forewent (is that a real word?) the option to be a little lazy, and to find a deeper expression of life within a concept.  Isn’t it the way of life?  You can experience on the surface or look deep into someone’s eyes and see the Divine looking back at you.  You can hear painful truths and respond with Love or continue a pattern of controlling, separating or assuming.  You have options.  They are internal, eternally evolving and you never get it wrong.

To Forego an Option is a choice for your Mastery.  It is Choice, which is Mastery.  The beauty of Life on Earth is available for your awareness in every experience.  When you discern the opposite (option), you are utilizing the awareness system that is in-built into your biology.  When you feel the opposite (option), you are connecting, also an in-built biological system.  Connecting with another, a situation, a concept or a question becomes an expansion.  That expansion is within the nature of the universe, the universe expands with your connection.  Feelings manifest creation, as does the logical discernment with the mind.  When you observe your Truth with that statement, what is your reaction?  Do you know the value of emotion and allow it to flow freely within you?  Even anger has a beautiful reason to flow, yet it need not deluge another.  When you feel anger flowing, your power, your boundaries are being denigrated.  It is merely a signal of energy (e-motion, energy-in-motion) flow.  Anger is a feeling, therefore, highly creative.  But what does it create?  Left unconnected through the conduit of Love, it creates a basis of boundaries and empowerment being denigrated.  There is no judgment with that because the ability of Love to connect is unending and the universe has no time constraints.  That which is Love’s opposite, is truly Love’s option.  You can Forego the continuance of anger and connect to Love, or you can continue to allow anger to beckon Love.  It is a matter of choice.  Your choice is in the matter.

All opposites (options) require not only expansion, but contraction.  What does that mean as it applies to Life?  It is a letting go, a release, a lessening or a contraction.  Foregoing Options has release, or contraction in-built as well.  In order to expand, you release the old.  You see this in day-to-day life as choice is made to discontinue a pattern.  You are aware that many change relationships, jobs or locations – only to experience the same pattern with a different fascade.  It is a fine line of balance and choice to break a pattern.  You Forego the Option to repeat a pattern when you take the steps to create a new, healthier pattern.  The contraction is you letting go when as of yet there is no visible expansion.  Trusting the Self and the flow of Life is creation in action.  You are creative by nature, and your cycles of expansion and contraction are also your nature.

As we sit to Blast Foregoing Options, we are letting go of small ideas of ourselves, our creative abilities and the power of Love.  We are releasing the binds of hopelessness and renewing our option to dream.  We are contracting into the dreamscape with such concentration that the force of creative flow cannot be contained.  We are breaking beyond the  confines of what has been done before and forging new ground of possibility.  We are the masters of Light, illuminating the world with the hope of new Life blooming.  Love is always an option.  Blast on!

Weekly LightBlast – Exceptions

Are there exceptions or are there not?  It seems that there must be an incongruency somewhere as the world seems to function with exceptions.  Why does this greedy one have that when we’re told that Love is powerful?  Why does war, abuse and greed continue?  It can seem sometimes as if Love is the exception, yet truly it is what makes Life exceptional.  Exceptions are of the root of delineation.  It is a separative function, even in its positive sense of being exceptional.  How then do you, Lightworker, find the unity in that separation?  It is your work, to Light the lost to shore, to Light the darkness to Life, to Light Love’s connective grace into all experience.  Expect miracles.  Where do you make Exceptions in your life? Do you find mental Exceptions, a behavioral Exception for one but not another?Find Love to be the exception and you will be amazed at the flow of creation through you.

Your logical left brain delineates, categorizes, analyzes, and separates.  With proper use it is exceptional in its ability to understand earthly life.  It is a function of form.  Your right brain unites, connects, and creates.  It is a connection to the formless that requires delineation to create form.  Thus the two halves of the same whole are a reflection of earthly expression and allow you to experience with a totality that is only available to those that utilize both.  There are those with a dominant usage of one or the other.  It can be so separative that those of other dominance are vilified.  Within the middle road is a perspective that understands the value of both and utilizes that to exceptionality. Grounded and capable with time, form and growth.  Weightless and unbound in an ability to gather new energy into form.  As you seek to utilize the opposite, you become atomically [sic] correct in your ability to extract the nebulous wave into particular form.  Your magnetic mastery is found within the compelling force of Love.  As you maintain the nucleus of Love within, the foundations that greed, war and abuse have built begin to pull apart.  Expect miracles.  Your Love is magnificently powerful.

As we sit to blast Exceptions, we are becoming whole within, able to understand separation and unity as the One expression it truly is.  We are diligent in our seeking of the invisible solution creating from Love’s attraction.  We are Love in form, delineating for greater refinement and connecting to greater expanses.  We are the exceptional, Lighting the spark of Divinity within All, not just the few.  Blast on!

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